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  • 27 Aug '18

Even more stupid perk ideas: extra-stupid edition
[1] Courteous - You get 50% less ammo from ammo boxes, but it stays open so that others may use it too. You may not use that ammo box for yourself during this time, and the effect can only happen every 30 seconds per ammo box to avoid abuse (multiple people with this perk).
[2] Turtle - While wearing a shield on your back, melee damage taken from behind is treated as if you're wearing heavy armor. Does nothing if you're already wearing heavy armor. Bigger shields provide a larger protection area.
[2] Rage - Temporarily increases movement speed upon taking damage from a projectile.
[3] Vaulter - Increased jump length while running at full speed and can grab and climb up ledges.
[3] Slippery - After being disarmed you instantly begin sprinting (like the 'Rush' perk).
[2] Focused - Never flinch when hit by projectiles, and +25% maximum aiming time with bows.
[3] Fearless - Hyperarmor effect decreased to 33%, but HP on kill can go beyond max life
[6] Caveman - Restricts weapon choices to club-like objects, but gives you active parry from patch 14 (also enables two hidden weapons: Cudgel and Greatclub)

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  • 6 Jul '18

I legit think there is something wrong with servers. The Brazillian server, when iddle for some time, becomes impossible to join. It is broken atm, this isn't even the first time. Seems like always that we here stop playing on it for say, a week, the server gets all broken and no one can join.

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  • 15 Jun '18
 Jax — Community Manager

The issue is that you guys are talking about 3P potentially providing a miniscule advantage in certain situations, meanwhile the main mode will allow complete noobs to get octo-kills against melee vets with a catapult by simply clicking lmb. If you want ultra-balanced and competitive play in Mordhau, you'll be able to go play ranked modes where 3P will most likely be disabled.

There is still obviously an element of skill to the game in any mode, even Frontline, but FL is already so chaotic with 64p, vehicles etc. that it's never going to be perfectly balanced, so we're focusing on making it fun. Casual players won't care about a tiny 3P advantage if it even exists, because they're going to be busy dropping rocks on each other's heads.

Frontline - fun
Ranked - competitive

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  • 28 Apr '18
 Sir Zombie

Might be something wrong here idk
Its on a max skinny, nothing else boi


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  • 29 May '18

This flipped cart has bad collision modelspoop (1).jpgpoop (2).jpg

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  • 21 May '18
 Jax — Community Manager

so atm there's a few tracers on the weapon that don't interact with the environment, these tracers would make a sound if they hit but still not collide

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@s522662 said:

zweihander is not a dueling weapon

Make zweihander great again

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  • 7 May '18

zweihander is not a dueling weapon

Baron 1551 2087

@JasonBourne said:
I think it has to do with balancing otherwise zwei would be op

The last update made the game better overall for everyone, but it got much much better for Estoc, LS and Messer users, who either didn't get a nerf or only got a slight one, making their top tier weapons even more topest tier, while the Zwei got the biggest nerf of all, with virtually nothing to compensate.

I can't say the Zwei is necessarily underpowered now, cause the secondary is strong in duels... just less fun. It plays just the same as Longsword or Greatsword. The playstyle I developed and enjoyed no longer exists. Was not OP.

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  • 6 May '18

As a zwei main, i feel shafted of late. I sacrifice most armor just to carry this thing, yet a longsword can use full armor, and carry an axe, either of which are better at killing than my zwei, which feels useless for anything aside from attacking people from behind in team fights.

The Zwei poke is what i used to rely on for duels. When the poke was actually really good the Zwei was still the hardest weapon to win duels with, even after all the hours I put into it, you had to work for it, it never fed you kills like BA or LS. Now the Zwei has about the most forecasted stab in the game, with a shorter release than even the short sword.

Something is wrong in dis gaem.

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  • 17 Mar '18

while being bored and having no choice but to play against bots as the NA servers are dead waiting for the update. I tried to get to 30-0 as fast as possible. I would enjoy watching other peoples attempts or hearing ur best time something to entertain me while I wait for update.

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  • 29 Jan '18

This is what I mean with drags readability, they are way too subtle and hard to tell the difference when done properly. Notice how when not in slomo, you literally can't tell the diference between a accelerated or a delayed overhead. The stabs are also hard as shit to read, but I'd say they are a bit less then the overheads, sometimes. This question extends itself to the whole combat system, with every weapon, with every attack angle; these on the video are just the most glaring ones imho.

What do you guys think? Imho, this makes so chambering becomes a gamble, thus if you want to play safe, you won't chamber but try to hard-read feints instead, as it is a safer option to deal with feints then chambering. Seriously, some fights I do like 3, 4 attacks, and if my opponent tries to chamber all of them, he ends up eating these 3 or 4 attacks, same when I try to chamber what they throw at me in a row, and I'm not even talking about the flinch thing, it truly is the lack of readability what is going on as sometimes me or my opponent doesn't even combo, but we eat the hit while trying to chamber it anyways.

Some dude on reddit said that attacks should not be 100% readable otherwise the game becomes stale. Ok, that makes sense, but what is the treshold? For me, this is way too unreadable, it is unreliable to try and chamber attacks tbh.

Does the new animations affect this particular readability thing with drags? Honestly, I have no problem to tell the direction the attack is coming from when I try to chamber. What fucks with my chambers attempts are A) these animations that are really hard to tell the difference and B) goddamn 240 system having it's own will sometimes, lmao.

Thanks to Frise for helping me on this noble quest for science and development, mankind should benefit greatly comrade gud video u did tbh jesus probably loves you, I'm not really sure.

I think it is worth mentioning, the method we used to make the video and reach these conclusions was simple, I asked Frise to chamber everything I throwed at him, so I did normal overheads without manipulating the tracers, accels and delays and with no order and without telling him what I was going to do, so this way I forced him to hard-read my attacks. Same with the stabs.

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  • 23 Dec '17

Hey that is me! I'm famous now lmao xD

Totally agree friseman, this makes me panic parry sometimes even. Everything that I don't understand, my reaction is to parry lmao

Hey post that cool fight we had yesterday with the clash thingy why dont ya I wanna see it from your point of view

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  • 20 Dec '17

Funny you say that, because I saw Frise fighting yesterday, and his drags seems to be normal. I asked him if it affected him, he said that it didn't really, aside from the retarded spins he loves to do lmao.

Yesterday, playing with bots, I could drag them normaly as well. Specially with the LongSword. Idk man really I can't tell, I need to play more imho, but as a first impression, I see no practical effect on any legit drag.

You sound like a real drama queen with the whole uninstal thing ya know, lmao. Did you knew that we are at alpha? Things will change a lot tbh stop the drama imho it won't make your argument better in any way, shape or form.

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  • 24 Nov '17

I'm sorry but the current choice between leather shoes and pointy bitches is kinda sad.

This style of sabaton wasn't even used in combat, they were ceremonial and taken off when the user got off his horse. pls devs

This style of sabaton would be greatly appreciated

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  • 4 Oct '17

Drags are part of this game, but like reverses, I think that wessex or "frise" drags should be removed if possible. It's unintuitive and will drive off new players. Somebody will post a gif of it when the game is released and everybody will say it's just another chivalry.

Drags are good, but stupid unintuitive broken looking drags are bad

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  • 4 Oct '17

@Frise said

Your argument basically make little sense.

I'm arguing the animations are too sudden and have terrible interpolation, plus a severe lack of frames dedicated to refreshing the weapon model, rendering some attacks invisible. You want invisible attacks in the game? Okay...

Practice, footwork, reads, whatever. It all boils down to the way you see things and how readable the animations are. No attack from the real world looks like those spear drags.

It's not even a matter of skill ceiling. If you're a noob and the game makes no sense to your senses, you won't play it. Or you'll call them exploits, and Chivalry (minus desyncs) drags never looked as poorly as some of the ones in the video.

And if you try to be competitive, you can't do shit if you can't even make sense of it.

For the Wessex, if you see that your opponent is doing a slash and aiming high, you know right there that he is gonna Wessex you.

You are aware that in order to parry you need to look at the weapon attacking you, right? You can anticipate where the attack will come from, but in order to parry it, you need to see it. I've told you, repeatedly, that those drags are there and the next second the weapon is gone.

This drags are the part of the game that is the most expressive, interactive, interesting and complex.


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  • 4 Oct '17

This kind of stuff makes no sense to me. I want to get good but I can't parry an attack if it's shown for 30 frames and it's jumpy af.

Frise does this drag where he starts a lower swing from left to right, aiming at my right side, where I anticipate the attack to land, only to see it barely jump over my head and hit my left side in the last portion of the release. The weapon model literally disappears from my view, so I only manage to parry a few of them by turning to the other side and only if I'm lucky to time it right.

The sound cone also makes no sense, because I hear the swooosh coming from my right, I parry, nothing happens and I get hit on the left. Except the swooosh never crossed to my left ear channel.

Here's some ascii to illustrate how I perceive the height of the incoming attack and the basic direction of an attack in Mordhau.

wind up_________early release___________mid release___________impact
___________________ ->___________________?__________________

And here's some footage.

I know I'm not used to the animations yet (not that I have any faith I'll get to know them, ever) so I just trust my old man senses.

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  • 23 Sep '17

@JasonBourne said:
Why was parrying better in slasher ? I never played slasher so I dont know.

Parry windows were much smaller and aiming strikes/parries was an actual thing. Right now the parry windows are much bigger, if you aim for legs but a guy protects his torso, then the strike still will get blocked. If it was Slasher the strike would easily hit the legs

I have personally had some moments when a guy parried backstabbing using some wizardry, which proves that the parries are still not fully polished yet

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  • 26 Sep '17

Fully reproducible bug.

While in first person, if during your death, your camera gets jammed up against an object, it will decouple from your body.
It occurs at any camera distance setting.