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  • 4 Oct '19

fucking normies stop replying to based Anal's genius threads if your IQ isn't high enough to understand the intricate mechanics he is suggesting

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  • 25 Aug '19

Analgrinder. Not the hero we deserve, but the hero we need.

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  • 4 May '19

double ko klan wassup

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  • 4 May '19


It's real.

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  • 4 May '19

There even is an achievement for double KO!

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  • 6 Sep '18

As a huge fan of chivalry, melee gaming, and all things medieval, I do not find this system fun. When I think of mordhau now the first things that come to mind are: slow, limiting, restrictive, boring.

I enjoy games like chivalry and rocket league because they are extremely simple, and at the same time infinitely complex, because they are dynamic physics based games where the gameplay is emergent for each player.
You have a car. Make it hit the ball, super high skill ceiling.
You have a sword, make it hit the guy, high skill ceiling.

A few basic mechanics to compliment a physics based system is what's fun. Cause the physics are what make it dynamic and interesting.
With MORDHAU they've missed the mark on this. It's a fuck-ton of unnecessary (balancing) mechanics, completely overshadowing the fun physics to the point where there might as well be static swings like dark souls. Movement feels slow, and swing manipulation has such a miniscule affect on combat that it might as well not even be there. They've focussed on balance and untested ideas of their own over simplistic fun.

They completely failed to focus on fun FIRST and then balance that out. When you play a game the first thing you are going to notice is whether it's fun or not. You don't walk away from the first time you played Chivalry saying "oh wow that was so unbalanced!" You learned it was because it was so fucking fun that you played it for 2000 first! You don't play rocket league and go "oh yeah imma play that all day tomorrow because it's so balanced!". That's dumb. Not saying balance isn't important, but if you go into the project focussing on making a "balanced medieval game" that you try to make fun, instead of a "fun medieval game" that you try to make balanced, you get... well you get patch 17 mordhau. Slow, restrictive, limiting, boring.

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  • 3 Sep '18

@Anal Error said:
Add double KO perk !

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  • 17 Jul '18


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  • 5 Jun '18

Imagine if Aanalgrinder said something that changed everybody's mind simultaneously. He has the tenacity, and a way with the English language, a wizard poet on the keyboard if you will, so if it is possible he will find a way

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  • 28 May '18

Yeah because as everyone who watches UFC knows, a double KO happens like every 3 fights, right??? It's super frequent and not rare at all, and totally worth implementing into Mordhau as a legitimate mechanic!

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  • 25 Mar '18

just add the spins and overheads and we might reconsider adding the double ko

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  • 21 Feb '18

Double KO!


Fucking hell I love you dude

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  • 15 Oct '17

How you get the title under the avatar? because i wanna reach King state on Mordhau forums..

Profile > Preferences > Title and flair.

You only get the title you paid for in kickstarter. Cant climb the ladder to king if you didnt pay for it.

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  • 23 Sep '17

I think that hits should have some kind of momentum, kind of real life, so, if two opponents swing at eachother without caring about defense, both hits should count. or at least with heavy weapons with the point of making your hits rewarding when you outplay your opponent, and not when you have the luck of swinging a bit earlier and inmediattley stoping the others movement. I was saying that because that's how it works in real life. I'm still with this idea, and I don't know whatyou guys may think, personally I find it logical, but htere may be things I'm not seeing.

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  • 21 Sep '17

we need Double KO because is not realistic to not have double KO
go youtube type "Double KO" you will see what I mean
devs I support this game kickstarter and I want only one thing is too much too ask???
is very realistic not like now is only PC game and will be only pros and low player base so please make dobule KO if players hit each other at same time but different body parts!!

No hit trade but double KO is needed and else game will low please is not realistic else!

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  • 5 Sep '17

In my humble opinion I believe weapons such as flails and/or whips would be a very interesting addition to the game such as the fact that they could be used to disarm, trap, or move the opponent. Second I wonder about fragility of the equipment as how many hit cod something take before it breaks. Let's say if someone kept bashing your shield when would it break. I really think that people should be able to make more than one setup for how they feel like playing instead of making a new one every time they want to switch. Can't wait for ending them rightly.