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@HalldeiMaul said:
Heck, if they made 50.000 Gold for 5 EUR DLC a thing and people ate it up, bless them for any extra money they get.

You can unlock anything you need to start weapon wise through Gold optained by doing the tutorial (5 x 500 Gold weapons or 8 300 Gold weapons e.g. and then one new weapon per round played essentially).

Go buy a fucking tshirt. The last thing i want when escaping reality is for my escape to remind me of my real life bank account every time i visit the armory.

Microtransactions don't belong in real videogames.

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Shields arent broken at all. The simplest way to counter them isnt to kick at all, just kite them out. Bait an attack out and just hit them during recovery. You can also jump stab around a shield if the user is a noob. Most of these "x is OP" threads just stem from people not having enough time ingame to learn the core mechanics, shields simply punish bad footwork. Spears are often called OP by new players for the exact same reason.