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The Lutebot 2.0 Thread

This is it guys. The lutebot in a new and shiny version. What was originally a little project for a handful of alpha roleplayers has been heavily reworked to match the incredible release mordhau and its community just went through. I hope to be able to update and support it to bring the best out of mordhau's lute (and possible future instruments) for years to come using this new solid codebase and set of features.

See this new thread as a rework as well. Please read carefully through the guides below, they have been written by painstackingly collecting feedback from the new release users.

Join the bards guild discord server here to get troubbleshooting help, midis and more !

Check out this live midi input showcase, one of the novelties brought by the 2.0 :



What's the lutebot ?

The lutebot is a third party software that can read midi files (.mid) and mimic their content to the best of its ability using the lute in game. It uses console commands to communicate with the game.

Is it safe ?

The lutebot is born from a cooperation with the devs. They created the console commands for the lute specifically for this usage and fully endorse it. Furthermore, the code is entirely public on github (check the download section).

I have heard from moderators that some people have been trying to blame the lutebot after getting banned for third party software usage (actual cheats). Rest assured that the lutebot won't get you banned.

How does it works ?

The lutebot is built on the C# midi library by sanford that you can get here. This library plays midi files for the lutebot, which then intercept midi events when thrown by the library and turn them into console commands.

The lutebot's interface is made using winform, a somewhat outdated yet time saving tool for simple window interfaces.

If you like the lutebot and wish to support it, you can help me by donating to my patreon
Reworking the lutebot and adding live midi input was only the beginning, I have more features planned for the future (more on that on my patreon page !). But this is a time consuming project, your support will let me put more time into it.


You can get the latest lutebot version here

Or get access to the code directly on GitHub

Older versions :

Getting Started


Download and unzip the lutebot folder. As long as its content is intact, it will work regardless of where you put it.

Quick Setup

Start the lutebot by double clicking on LuteBot.exe. Click on options then on keybinding to open the keybinding menu.
From here, check the message displayed below the list of keybinds. It should look like this :


If it does, please Ignore the following section.

If this is not the message you're seeing, you need to manually set the path to mordhau's configuration file. Please do so by clicking on Mordhau Config then Mordhau Configuration Files then Set DefaultInput.ini Location. Then, select the file named DefaultInput.ini in your game folder. Its default location is :
C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Mordhau\Mordhau\Config\DefaultInput.ini
If you selected the right file, the message below should look like the picture above.

Now that the lutebot knows where your mordhau settings are located, you may use the automatic configuration that will set the console both in game and in the lutebot to PageDown for you.
To do so, please click on Mordhau Config then on Automatic Configuration then on Set up.

Then press Apply to close the keybind window.

The lutebot's OpenConsole keybind should be set to Next, and the next time the game starts, pressing PageDown should open the console. Take a moment to check if this is your case.

How to operate

To play a midi file (.mid) on the lutebot, click on Load Midi File in the main window and select a file. If you selected a proper midi file, it's title should appear one the window, and the buttons Stop and Play Should be now accessible. Click on the play button and you should start hearing music.

To play this midi file using the in game lute, go in settings and turn off sound effects here :

Capture1 - Copie.PNG

Then go in game, have a lute equipped in your hands, and press + on the numpad (the default shortcut to play) to start playing.

Warnings :

  • Do not use the play button to play in game, always use the shortcut.
  • Do not attempt to open the console yourself, let the lutebot manage the console.
  • Do not try to jump or crouch while playing.
The lutebot should now be ready to operate. Consult the detailed guide for more, or the troubleshooting section if you're still encountering issues.

Detailed Guide

Main Window


This is the main window of the lutebot that will always show while it is running. It is designed to look like a regular music player, displaying the elapsed and total time in the current song, a scrollbar that you can move around, a play/pause button and a stop button.

Clicking on the central button will let you manually load one midi file into the player.

The previous and next buttons will let you navigate in the playlist. They are only accessible if a playlist is currently active and it contains at least two tracks.

The Options button in the top left corner will let you access the settings and the keybind menu. The Window button next to it let you use the optional features of the lutebot described below. The focus button in the window menu will put all of the lutebot's windows back to the foreground, useful when having multiple windows open. Alternatively, clicking on the main window does the same.

Configuring the LuteBot



The following settings affect which parts of the lutebot's interface will be open when starting the lutebot :
  • Show Playlist Menu on Startup
  • Show Soundboard Menu on Startup
  • Show Track Selection Menu on Startup
  • Show Online Sync Menu on Startup (unfinished)
  • Show Live Midi Input Menu on Startup

Sound effects : lets you switch between playing in game or playing using midi sounds (useful to try different instruments and tracks settings beforehand).

Automatic Console System : lets you change the way the lutebot interacts with the console.

  • Old : The big console will open once when you start playing, and close when you pause. This console mode prevents you from moving entirely when playing, and is slower (meaning that the note cooldown needs to be set much higher for it to work, 50 is recommended for this setting)
  • New : Opens the small console for each command. The small console closes automatically upon inputting one command, which allows the lutebot to input commands at a much faster rate. This is the recommended setting. Warning this setting won't work if the console key you're using for the lutebot can input characters (like Tilde). PageDown is recommended for this setting.
  • Off : the lutebot will not try to interact with the console at all. You have to manually open the big console before pressing play. Just like the old setting, it is slow and require a high note cooldown.

Note Conversion Mode : Turns on and off the note transposition feature. Due to the lute's limitations in game, the lutebot has a transposition system applied to notes outside of the lute's range. Turning it off and enabling sound effects lets you use the lutebot as a regular midi player. Useful to listen to original tracks before attempting tweaks.

Lowest Note ID : The lowest note id mordhau's lute supports. This setting should not be modified, please keep it to 0 at all times.

Note Count : The number of notes mordhau's lute supports. If mordhau's lute gets updated and receive more notes, you can set this setting so that the lutebot will take these changes into account.

Note Cooldown : This setting changes the cooldown in ms applied after a note has been played. 50 is recommended when using old or off console modes, while 30 or lower is recommended for the new console system.

You can check for updates in the bottom right corner of the settings window.


To change one of the lutebot's keyboard shortcuts, simply click on one of the keybind list's items and press the desired key to set the shortcut.
Do not forget to apply or your change won't be saved.

Here is a detail of all the keybinds and their functionnalities :

  • Play : Start/pause the current song.
    Next : Load the next song in the current playlist.Previous : Load the previous song in the current playlist.
    Ready : Currently unused (related to online sync).OpenConsole : Is used by the lutebot to open the console for you.
    *LiveMidiListen : Toggle listening to your selected midi input device.

As explained in the Getting Started section, the keybind menu is also capable of setting your console key properly for you. Please refer to this section for more details.


Each of the main features have their own window, so that you can customize the lutebot's interface to your liking.



The playlist window lets you create a list of midi files that will be played one after the other. You can also skip to the previous or next song in the playlist using the buttons on the main window, or use the convenient keyboard shortcuts (/ and * on the numpad by default) to go from one song to the other without even leaving the game.

You can use the Add to Playlist button to add a midi file to the playlist.

You may also save the playlist as an xml file for later use using the Save Playlist button, and load a previously saved playlist using the Load Playlist button. Note that when you open the playlist window, it will automatically open the last playlist you saved.

Warning: Do not attempt to load a soundboard xml file as a playlist.



The soundboard lets you create up to 9 song shortcut. Pressing the associated key will instantly start playing the associated song. Consider using this feature to avoid alt-tabbing to switch between songs. To modify a shortcut's keybind or song, simply right click on one of the 9 buttons.

Just like the playlist, the soundboard can be saved as an xml file, and loaded later. Opening the soundboard window will automatically load the last soundboard you saved.

Track Filtering


The track filtering window lets you remove some complexity out of a midi file to make it sound better on the lute. Some midi files may contain a lot of instruments playing at the same time, which is undesired for mordhau's lute limitations.

You can tweak the content of a midi file simply by ticking boxes off to remove either instruments, or tracks. Tracks are a series of commands in midi files that may or may not contain notes, removing some might not have any effects depending on how the current midi was made.

When you think the tweak you applied suits your needs, simply press Save Song Profile to save your changes. As opposed to the soundboard and the playlist, you cannot choose where you save song profiles. They will be automatically stored in a folder and retrieved if they exists when a song is loaded (manually or using a playlist or soundboard).

Live Midi Input


The live midi input window is the most important feature of this new version. It allows you to take full control of the lute using either a midi input device plugged to your computer, or your keyboard directly.

Check the drop down menu to see the list of available devices. Keyboard Mode will always show up in the list on top, any midi input device directly plugged into your computer will show under it.

Once you selected the device you wish to use, click on the listening button. Your inputs will only be taken into consideration when this button is green. You may also use the . (or del) key on your numpad to toggle it while in game.

Selecting Keyboard mode will allow you to simulate a midi input device using your computer keyboard. You can bind individual notes to each of the piano keys below by clicking on one then pressing the desired key. Pressing those keybinds while in the game and with listening enabled will play the corresponding notes.

You may use the - 1 Octave and +1 Octave buttons to change the note range the lutebot is focusing on. Pressing a key on your midi device that plays a note outside of the displayed range will automatically transpose that note to the range. Alternatively, checking the box below will causes notes outside of this range to be simply ignored.


Before reading this section, please read carefully through the quick start up guide first. Make sure you're operating the lutebot properly.

The lutebot immediately spam the chat and open the team selection menu when I press play

This typically happens when your console key isn't set properly. Check that the lutebot's OpenConsole bind in the keybinding menu is properly set to the key you use to open the console in game. To rebind the console key in game, please check the quick start up guide. Alternatively, you can consult the official discord (by typing !c console in any channel of the official discord) to know how to bind it manually.

Command not recognised appears in the console when playing

This can happen for multiple reasons, please refer to the two sections below for more information.

A character appears before every command, causing the command not recognised error

This happens because the key you have set your console to can input characters (like tilde writing ~). You need to use a key that cannot input characters, like PageDown.

The i is missing, equpmencommand is being written in the console, causing the command not recognised error

Check the keyboard windows is currently set to. Make sure it is set to qwerty (EN should appear on the taskbar), or azerty (FRA on the taskbar).
Any other keyboard type is officially untested thus support cannot be guaranteed.

The lutebot start spamming the chat and opening the team selection menu in the middle of a song

This can happen for various reasons. Make sure that you don't jump, crouch or sprint while playing the lutebot.

If this happens with the big console (console mode off or old) then you need to set the note cooldown higher than it is. 50 ms is recommended.

Midi Files

I will post here the various midi files that people have edited to work with the lutebot.

Thanks to @Fohshizle for his work, you can get his midi files (here)[]

Also try FloridaMan's Collection

Special Thanks

Marox :

For making the lutebot possible in the first place.

Milosh_Obilic :

For putting together the tutorial videos as well as the various showcases. Stay tuned for his modding work once the sdk drops!

My testers, JasonBourne, PlouPlou, Iodine, Madcow :

For helping me figure out what I lacked in music knowledge, and reporting various bugs since the first version.

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  • 8 Mar

@Xatrian said:

couple weeks


Hey, relax! Jax said it's only coming in a week or two or three or four or a month or two or three or maybe a week again or maybe three months but also kind of four and a half but maybe just a month or two

Somewhere around there

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  • 3 Mar


Come on, again?! He already has enough bombs, damnit. At this point he's gonna turn into the Unabomber, or something.


Max tries to wield a trident, but then remembers that they didn't add tridents to the game. He ponders his existence.


Oh god. Oh god... not again. NOT AGAIN. It's gonna be just like last time...

Some more jolly co-operation from various tributes. Interestingly, it seems like the God of Order, Marox, has teemed up with his opposite, Rob the Dark God of Chaos.


Red Lobster accidentally buys into a Baba Ji scam and is riddled with bankruptcy, HIV, bad vibes, etc.


I think this is the first big gang of tributes we've seen, and what a group it is! Two streamers, two forum regulars, and a serial spammer. The stuff of legends.


It's a long, long way from SA. Speaking of which...




District 7 is the first to be totally annihilated, leaving Humble as the sole representative of SA still in the game. Will he pull through?



Some more jolly co-operation. Spook has thrown in with the spammers of District 8... to his benefit, or to his demise?


Good luck, bud. You're gonna need it.




Red Lobster finally gets their first customer! Jax is welcomed into the makeshift diner and offered a steaming plate of fried shrimp. Wait, where'd he get those?


Alas. You might be the Dankest Meme on the forums, but you're no match for a god with a sharp sword and a sharper temper.

One Christmas Hat remains...


...heh. This has meme potential.

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  • 2 Mar

Alright. Now that I have everyone riled up, time to delay this indefinitely.

The games begin... now!



The horn sounds, and everybody scatters in different directions, with surprisingly little fighting going on.
Though, elweb, I gotta say, that lighter and rope combination is HELLA sus, dude. Just what are you planning on doing with those?


Vanguard SEIZES the means of destruction from Runagate! With his newfound power, all private property at the Cornucopia will be forcibly redistributed... to himself.

A true Frenchman through and through. Ready to start some riots.
And that's the end of the so-called "Bloodbath", folks. A sum total of zero deaths around the Cornucopia. Let's keep going!


Frise, for whatever reason, decides that this horrible patchie-mutant abomination should continue on living its horrible, miserable life. He lets it flee into the trees.


Jesus fucking Christ! Our first death of the games, and it's none other than Humble fucking bodying Ratt to death. I'm a bit disappointed; I thought Ratt was destined for great things. Sayonara, my drunk Russian artfriend.


"release... fuckign... game already, stupid pigdog," he mutters under his breath as he peers at Elwebbaro through the bushes.


Marox and Max team up to try to find any scraps of leftover Kickstarter money.


Jax accidentally leaks game info on a live stream! -5 HP!


...a shack out of which he immediately begins selling some delicious, piping hot Red Lobster™ Cheddar Bay Biscuits™! Seeing as he's alone in the woods, nobody takes him up on the offer.


That;s not double K.O! hunger Games shit! is a fucking joke..




Rough times for the Christmas Hat Guild. I had high hopes for them!

The first day has come to a close with only two deaths, surprisingly. It seems the forum-goers are more averse to conflict than we were led to believe... but will it last?



The twilight hours find most of the tributes questioning their lives and their sanity.
:( poor Geach, I want to give him a hug right now...
Also, looks like Jax got fed up with some of that SA shittalking. Frise Frisedrags no more!


91={{9001187393}} water dehydration problem solution baba ji in PANEM


"Where.... p...patchie..." twitch twitch


Spook pulls out the banhammer and eradicates communism from the Internet. Ohshitsorry runs away in panic, lest he himself be wiped from existence.

Rest in peace, Vanguard. Forever liberating the wage-slaves in our hearts.


The implications of this conversation are pretty terrifying and I don't really want to imagine how it went down.


"What if... what if Double KO isn't the point of all this? What if I've been wrong this whole time?"


Brutal, some infighting among the devs. Poor elweb just wanted out of there, but alas, nobody runs from the art czars.


And it looks like Marox finally found that Kickstarter money! He's had a chance to hide it from Max while Max was out murdering their colleagues. Will they keep working together, or will one betray the other?? Find out next time on the Mordhau Games!!

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  • 1 Mar

Come one, come all!
Come and see the highly anticipated spinoff to the unfinished sequel to the acclaimed visual masterpiece, The Mordhau Games!

You may be asking yourself, where is Valmirius? Well, he died. But never fear! We here at Mordhau Games, Inc. are so grateful to Valmirius for his massive contributions to the cause that we've actually exhumed his corpse to preside over the games! See for yourself:


Given that many people demanded a sequel to the Mordhau Games, and some apparently thought I was the one that created it in the first place, I've taken it upon myself to bring satisfaction back to the forums in these times of woe.

Hold on to your butts, everyone. The games will start tomorrow, abruptly and without preamble. At a time of no particular significance.


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  • 14 Nov '18
 marox — Project Lead

@Stouty said:

No offense intended to Crush or the devs, if I didn't believe the game had huge potential or wasn't already in a superb state I wouldn't bother giving detailed criticisms

Thanks for making the video! I don't generally agree with the points made regarding what exactly is the problem, but the examples are pretty telling on their own. Over time we've remedied aspects of this problem, but the issue at large persists. It mostly has to do with attack manipulation in the early part of the release, it doesn't specifically have anything to do with animations or release times. Sure, changing those can affect this somewhat, but it would also affect other parts of the game where this isn't a problem. Instahits occur when the velocity of the hand/weapon inherent in the release animation combined with the mouse-look manipulation produces a velocity that's above a certain threshold. Of course attack animations in that early state come out quite fast, but that's how these things generally look physically, and add to that attack manipulation, where turncaps are lax enough and you get a speed that's quite excessive. On their own, both of those aspects are fine, attacks need to look physical, and turncaps need to be lax enough to not feel restrictive. The problem is just when these are combined in the early part of the release.

I'll make the point again, as you can also see in the video, the problem is the velocity in question, not the time when something hits you. Doing an overhead while looking at the ground is fine. Performing the looking down while that overhead starts to travel is the part that's problematic, because suddenly it moves at an insane speed. There's various procedural tricks we can try to remedy this, so we'll play around with it a bit and see if something can be done tackling the issue from this angle.

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  • 14 Nov '18

Update: new patch has largely fixed the issue

No offense intended to Crush or the devs, if I didn't believe the game had huge potential or wasn't already in a superb state I wouldn't bother giving detailed criticisms

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  • 23 Oct '18

crush the liar.PNG

ok so he claims to have banned me for insulting people

giru cuck talk.PNG

giru cuck talk 2.PNG

giru moron talk.PNG

giru shitter talk.PNG

giru dox.png

yet Giru has always been able to do whatever he wants

crush banned me for offending his friend and then he deletes my thread and lies about it

Baron 1607 5104
  • 23 Oct '18

Why do y'all think it's okay to silence an upset community by censoring the posts and moving everything to private chats where you can freely bully the person questioning your ban? And don't try to deny it, there's ample evidence out there of Crushed bullying and trying to intimidate the victim of an unjust ban.

Seriously, if you silence all the criticism, we'll never be able to tell you when you're taking things too far. We'll never be able to say that vou need to take a step back. Because you've made it so that in order to make any change at all to your conduct, a forum member has to approach you in a position of weakness and you in a position of power, and from my guess there will almost certainly be no bans overturned.

This criticism isn't just going to go away because you delete threads. It's going to keep happening and getting louder. Take a look at your actions.

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  • 26 Oct '18

I think the devs should make an official announcement about the test build. I was trying to play mordhau last night at peak time and saw 0 players online, but before that I had been able to consistently find full lobbies at peak time and it was glorious!

So I checked the forums and saw a thread, not even by a dev, about the test build. It's like they want it to be a secret club or something. So that explains why there's a split in the already tiny playerbase and I can no longer find games. I don't understand why they can't just update the base build as that's what everyone agreed when they signed up that it would be for testing.

But if you must do this test, isn't the more people who play it the better? Even the people who aren't constantly browsing these forums? Now those people will just think the game is dead and probably give up on it as most of the playerbase already has.

So why not do an official discord and website announcement to get everyone aware? Those who don't want to play in a shaky environment might remain on the base game, but I think the vast majority of players would prefer to have full lobbies in the test build and deal with the occasional issues. Especially because if you only take feedback from the top players who are always in the loop then your game won't end up enjoyable to anyone else. All feedback is important.

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  • 25 Oct '18

Mordhau heated codpiece?

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  • 24 Oct '18


Internal builds are now live, patch 18 preview test build can now be accessed on steam. To download, right click Mordhau in your steam library and go to Properties, under Betas opt into the testing branch. Everyone has access to this, if it does not start the download, restart Steam.

Internal builds may have experimental changes and unfinished stuff

Heres a bunch of changes to test:

-Huge loading time improvements
-64 player mode enabled
-Various map improvements including grad expansion
-Sound improvements across the board & 1 new voice
-Performance improvements
-New weapon: Cleaver
-Bubble is no longer sticky
-Morph matching removed
-Morph window reduced 25ms and stamina increased
-Ripostes now have strike release curve
-Parry/Block box depth reduced by about 50%
-Shield backpedal nerf
-Movement friction snappier by 1
-Stab early release increased
-Chamber lockout bug fixed
-Chamber window reduced 50ms
-Some animation improvements (polearm handles, combos, horse rider attacks with 2h etc, feints, blocked/chambered animations)
-Big ragdoll improvements
-Miss & Wall hit recoveries reduced 100ms, hitting walls no longer puts you into walk
-Third person camera adjustments
-Archer adjustments
-Crossbow buffed
-Longbow & recurve bow draw times slowed down slightly, sway adjusted
-Switching from a archer weapon to melee now has a switch slowdown ontop
-Huntsman perk nerfed for throwables
-Various more changes

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  • 23 Oct '18

It's called coherence of the style. It's realistic and medieval, or it's a weird distortion of reality (and so it breaks immersion).


Duchess 781 3458
  • 19 Oct '18

there is no historical setting

the gameplay is unrealistic

the armour and weapons are unrealistic

but you draw the line at wamen fighting? hhahhhahhhh you the type of dude to go to womens ufc and yell out THIS IS IMMERSION BREAKING

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  • 19 Oct '18
 Sir Zombie

@Duguesclin said:

voice acting is shit so it doesn't matter to make to it more shit

Cherry picking one spamming of some troll isn't quite an argument. Voice spamming will be even more annoying with female voice.

This isn't even the most annoying voice. Why are you arguing about things you know nothing about?

Duchess 781 3458