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  • 14 Sep '17

@Voco said:
Quick questions:
Is there a way to put my FOV higher than 130?

Can I turn on the weapon tracers?

  1. I don't think so. I'm sure they want some kind of limit so there aren't players with 360 views, lol.

  2. Settings > Game > Draw Tracers
    Tracer Stay Time will also dictate how long the tracers stay on screen.

Now my own question: Is anyone elses music for the main menu not looping? After it plays once, the menu is just silent and it kinda takes away from the epicness.

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  • 29 Aug '17

@Uncy said:
Just fucking tell us how long, we deserve it man, i mean exact date, cause half a month is incredibly long

Don't be such a little bitch and wait. You don't "deserve" shit lmao.

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  • 29 Aug '17

I'm honestly not even fussed about a delay, you guys take all the time you need and don't feel like you gotta rush it :^)

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  • 11 Aug '17

@SkyCaptain said:

@Smokingbobs said:

@Ulkenstride said:
Tbh what Marox and Mordhau are doing to Chivalry :)

Marox kills Chivalry while riding Mordhau.png

Animated per Ulkenstride's request:


someone needs to upload it on steam Artwork of chiv.

Do it, I can almost guarantee you'll get banned in less than 2 minutes. The devs get so triggered by stuff like that, it's hilarious

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  • 11 Aug '17

I'm laughing like a retard at this wtf

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  • 11 Aug '17
 Humble Staff

i will not deny it is fun as fuck

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  • 11 Aug '17

Lmao watching it on the chiv artwork page makes it that much funnier

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  • 11 Aug '17

I've uploaded it onto the chivalry artwork section. Upvote while you can

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  • 3 Aug '17

@drizz said:
Shame that I didn't buy a key in time.

Kill me.

I won't be able to kill you cause you won't be in the game.

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  • 2 Aug '17

20060522230205_fat_man_snail_web copy.jpg


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  • 1 Aug '17
 Jax — Community Manager

lol that's masochism right there Sky

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  • 1 Aug '17

While it was painfully obvious the game is going to start on the last days of the month I still hoped it would happen like mid-August. The update itself is pretty sweet, glad to see that models are getting better and better with each update (compare the overly fat plastic looking plate from previous builds to this)

At least it's pretty clear there will be no more delays and we can finally stick to a somewhat clear (haha) date

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  • 13 Jul '17

@SIEGE said:

Is Marox an outcast Hounskull???



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  • 5 Jul '17

Only nerds care about this stuff tbh regular people dont give a shit about what era the armors are from.

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  • 4 Jul '17


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  • 30 Apr '17

@DerFurst said:

Kylo Ren anyone?


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  • 30 Apr '17
 marox — Project Lead

We've set up a web shop where you may pre-purchase Alpha/Beta/Release versions of Mordhau similar to the Kickstarter, but without Kickstarter exclusives. We also support PayPal, check it out here:

*Please note, that in Europe, the price is higher than on Kickstarter due to VAT. Unlike on Kickstarter unfortunately, there's currently no way for us to absorb that cost since we're using a 3rd party marketplace (Gumroad).

Additionally, we've begun sending out reward links to our Kickstarter backers via e-mail. These will let you link your rewards to an account on our website, where you'll be able to claim rewards as they become available. Presently, this will give you access to forum titles only. In the future, you'll find Steam keys related to your backer tier and fields to supply us with info needed (e.g. credits name, bot names, emblems...)

In other news, we're hard at work getting the game ready for Alpha. At the moment, we're integrating with Steam and doing preliminary testing of the suitability of Azure Cloud servers for the game (thanks Microsoft! <3). We're also adding more art assets to the game, check out some fresh stuff below!


Check the entire imgur album here: