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So why is Ranked mode so important when it only appeals to a portion of the community? How do you plan on getting back the players who wanted to play the game for the fun of it and not go full Comp mindset on the game? This only backs my theory that the game was built for Comp players and no one else. How can you even have a ranked mode if there are still issues with the core gameplay? Once again like i said in an earlier comment.. New content is not worth a damn thing unless current content works properly. I was stuck with dual servers for 2 years in alpha when i wanted to just play the game, getting repeatedly shit on by people who don't do anything else with their spare time other than play Mordhau over and over in a game i bought for casual play is beyond annoying. It was nice to have that influx of players after launch and to finally be able to play other game modes but that lasted all of maybe 2 months before player numbers dropped and the people left were Comp mindset players who came to Mordhau from Chiv after launch and very blatant smurf accounts. It honestly feels like the same shit again just with even more people.. i really hope you have something else you are pushing out to appeal to casual players if you hope to make anymore money off this game because i am sure as hell in it's current state not recommending it to anyone until then.
At this point this game to me is just an updated Chiv because the same toxcity and dumb ass combat styles and broken weapon meta's are settled in and people are taking full advantage of it. Players don't like it and they don't like seeing lack of fixes to these things either.

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  • 18 Aug '19
 Jax — Community Manager

The reason before this is that our backend systems for progression are pretty broken - there's not much we can do to fix the current system, as it's just not designed for what we're telling it to do.

That being said, it's looking like the next update will most likely introduce a new backend system that will fix these problems and be much less prone to errors.

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  • 18 Aug '19
 Jax — Community Manager

At the moment we're doing heavy bugfixing for ranked and a lot of the new tweaks that are incoming.
The way it's looking is that we're most likely going to drop an update with ranked, gameplay/general improvements and quality of life features first (also probably a bit of a rebalance to xroads), and then release another update relatively soon afterwards with the new maps and anything we didn't get sorted for the first one.

Our reasoning for potentially doing it this way is that there's no good reason to hold up Ranked and general improvements for the maps. As for the maps, there's been more of the same, a lot of optimization work and now we're also setting up gameplay logic (like frontline objectives, spawn points for game modes, different playable areas for each, I'm pretty sure Horde/BR setup as well). A point to note is that Feitoria needs a lot of work for optimization, since it's such a big and visually dense map with interiors and stuff - that's not to say the map will run badly, but that it needs a lot of optimization work so it doesn't run badly. This optimization work is time consuming, but it can't really be 'sped up' by throwing the whole art team at the problem; it just takes time.

As for the SDK and Invasion, these are long term goals we want to start working on ASAP. We're focusing on the short-term stuff (maps and ranked, etc.) because we realize there is a lack of content currently, and we want to fix that before starting work on the big things that will take up the bulk of our manpower. Mod tools will be awesome as they let the community make the content they want, but if it takes us a few months or more to get an SDK working it doesn't make sense to drop everything else and work on that, while the base game is sorely lacking in content. Invasion is something that is currently in the 'on-paper' design phase, and while it will be a big task to make, it shouldn't take forever, as we're most likely using existing maps for it.