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  • 14 Dec '19

@TombstoneJack said:
sweet this means were gonna be anther happy animal thread when he coms back

blessed cade and bunno.jpg

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  • 11 Dec '19


This one just filled me with some kind of joy.

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  • 26 Jul '18

@vanguard said:
Lmao nice roleplay retard

Personaly I don't use discord because I find it a shitty model of conversation tbh

Then what are you doing in this thread idiot xdddd

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  • 1 Nov '19

Your toenails frighten me D:

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Each PC is built to accommodate different needs, which is why purchasing one that is prebuilt is a terrible idea. You would end up with a machine that is far more efficient both in terms of performance and in terms of pricing if you choose all the components yourself. Moreover, prebuilts are a way of getting rid of one or two components that are not selling well, by bundling them with some nicer components.

Building a PC is nowhere near as daunting as it used to be. There are online tools and resources for everything you would like to know, and everyone has at least one friend with experience in building a PC they could consult for help if needed. Here are some nice resources off the top of my head:

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oh hey I have some new rats


Your stuff always looks fantastic Ratt. Just out of curiosity, you plan on doing more animation stuff?

actually yes

I even recorded a voice line for the first guy

Can't wait to see it, if you're planning on sharing it with us.

NPC response

Have you heard of the High Elves?

Did you hear about the chapel attack in Anvil? All of Dibella's priests and priestesses, murdered.

Good day.

Oh, it's YOU again...

You see those warriors from Hammerfell? They've got curved swords. Curved. Swords.

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  • 30 Oct '19

You have to click "Close program".
I hope that helps and makes the window go away.

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  • 31 Oct '19

stop being french

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  • 29 Jul '19


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@Lord Commander Guts said:
and to be fair, this is just shy of a months work. I'm sure the Mordhau devs might have other jobs too.

If they had other work then they'd have even more money to hire someone. If they had other work then there would be no reason for this early release.
I'm tired of the excuses. Small dev team, no money, unreal engine, steam, niche game, biased media, free speech, no politics... I wonder if there is any excuse that wasn't used now. This is just ridiculous.

I don't see any room for growth as long as they can't admit to their mistakes.

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  • 22 Oct '19

I'm afraid you devs are entering that communication shutdown that many people denounced against Torn Banner back in the day. We need Jax and game developers to be less enigmatic and more honest about things and entering into normal conversations with people.

Those sporadic messages are killing the confidence or the necessary chemistry that aligns players with the dev team.

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  • 22 Oct '19

You know your games slowing down when the entertaining shitposts even come to a stop

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  • 22 Oct '19

It's just the fucking communication

As to what's going on, we don't need dates anymore.

We just need someone to tell us or show us what's happening in regards to development, screenshots of maps/information on weapon changes/why those are being changed.

When Jax became Community Manager I had so much hope for this. But man you guys can't keep a community and your game alive with infrequent communication and bareballs answers to questions, a weekly update with just a paragraph and some random pictures of what the art devs are doing on one of the maps. What changes are happening in regards to weapons and why they are changing.

I honestly don't play Mordhau much anymore. just log in and the games the same as it was months ago, with no information about what's going to happen, or when it's going to happen. (when isn't so important, just knowing what the story is)

Joined the Official Discord like last week, and saw screenshots of some of the maps and crap that was being worked on.

Why the fuck can't someone post that shit here? just delete the forums and post everything on Discord if that's what it takes.

Official Forums


Fuck you man

Love this game but just absolutely over this bullshit, absolutely no reason to browse these forums other than to read threads about gold/xp loss and chuckling at the frequent shitposters.