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  • 10 Jul '19

@link_mah_boi said:
Mordhau's playercount is at 4,629 right now just in the first 2 months,

Dude, Mordhau's fluctuating between over 10k to about 5k constantly (probably when NA or EU wakes up/goes to sleep) and considering the game this was heavily inspired by, its doing pretty well for itself.
Also trying to imply that the game is bleeding players because muh women is hilarious. All games have a massive first turnout, then lose a substantial amount until they finally normalise. The bleed of players over time is usually due to lack of new content. If anything, this game needs the mod tools out round about now along with the customization and maps they have.

Man this whole thread is just pointless. Can we go back to talking about a comp format that isn't just skirmish?

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  • 3 Jul '19

@Cynath said:
whereas here I bet it will be a bunch of half naked chicks running around

What's the problem exactly? You're sounding kinda SJW bro