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Not sure if I'm the first one to suggest in a seperate thread but I think the Bloodlust meta is getting out of hand. Either you're playing Bloodlust with a onehit weapon like the majority of people or you're playing another game entirely.
It's really clearly OP and many players on the battlefield use bloodlust, at least in frontline.

EDIT2: Just remove all healing on kill. It would benefit the game greatly. However that's never gonna happen, so here's the rest of the proposals.

EDIT: After several months and countless replies, I think I got the nerf proposal finished.

Bloodlust and Peasant perks get merged. Still costs 8. The drawback for using Bloodlust is no armor and peasant weapons.

Bloodlust doesn't affect players on horses (Horse kills don't count as melee)

Bloodlust fully heals on kill but life regeneration has no effect.

Reduce cost to 4
Bloodlust grants 25 extra health on kill (a total of 50)

Increase Cost to 7
(the worst solution imo because people are just going to save the points on perks or armor and still get their setup)

Bloodlust can only be triggered every 10 (20? 30?) seconds.
(to prevent players from healing twice in a short period of time)

Bloodlust grants 5 life on every unblocked (+chambered) hit. (no life on kill)

Bloodlust and Peasant perks get merged. The drawback for using Bloodlust is no armor and peasant weapons.

Reduce cost to 3
Instantly starts health regeneration for 3 seconds on kill (can only be interrupted by enemy hits. Regeneration continues if you walk slowly after 3 sec)

Reduce cost to 4
Gain life equal to the last hit's damage on kill (more random, gain almost nothing on some kills if the enemy was low hp.

Bloodlust has 3 stacks. After healing 3 times, the stacks are depleted and you need to die in order to get new stacks.
(Stacks and cooldowns could be displayed on the bottom / top right)

So far I like number 3, 5 and 6 and 7 the best. Tell me what you think about the different suggestions and if you think bloodlust should be nerfed or not. Also more than 1 of those are possible and all kinds of combinations, however we shouldn't try to make it too complex.

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  • 13 Feb '16

...well, yeah... it's supposed to be.

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Need more to quench my thirst for content. Thank you for placing the stepping stone for map creation WITHOUT AN SDK.

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  • 19 Jul '19

Greetings gamers,

SDK (mod tools) for Mordhau isn't out yet, but one of my teamates managed to create a playable map already !

Plouplou did a sick job to achieve this and bypass the lack of SDK.

He contacted the devs to make sure this would not lead us to a ban or something, they actually enjoyed his work and allowed us to use & share the map, and even more, the knowledge about creating maps without modding tools.

This means that everyone is now virtually able to create playable maps !

Here is a video to showcase the first community map, the Berzerker Arena (a duelyard, WIP) :

A discord has been created (Mordhau Community Content), in which you will find :

  • Tutorial & files to help you create new maps. Plou is ok to share a working basis, so you won't have to repeat all the work he previously did to be able to integrate an Unreal project into Mordhau.
  • The Berzerker Arena map, downloadable.
  • Mappers will be able to share their work with players on this discord.
  • Servers with community maps will be listed there.
  • Modding will also be discussed here.
  • Everyone is welcomed !

Link to discord :

Thanks & congrats Plou !

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  • 20 Jul '19

please don't spell "Berserkers" with a Z.
otherwise, it's nice to see people working on their own maps now that the devs are too busy dealing with social justice "issues".

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  • 11 Jul '19

Don't let the left tell you what to do, this has happened in TOO many videogames recently, and quite frankly I'm sick of it, you shouldn't have to change just for the 0.00000001% demographic that's female.

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Please, for the love of all things normal, don't conform to what the Libs want. I personally will stop (and along with many others) playing this game and encourage others not to buy it. I hope to God for your sake and your game's sake that you respect 95% of your audience's wishes and keep the game as-is. I have always loved Mordhau, and I would hate to see it throw away everything it had because some salty libtards wanted the community to conform to it's unjust censorship.

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  • 16 Jul '19

You people are grasping for straws

Although some darker skin tones alongside Arabic gears and maps would be pretty nice, medieval Muslims were pretty dope

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  • 12 Jul '19

A ten year old game with multiple modern competitors has 4x the people playing...

I think he's right:

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  • 19 Jul '19
 M E L E E G O D

No SDK? Disappointing.

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Don't feel bad Triternion. It is to be expected that almost every and any company would succumb to anti-white pressure from abroad, for it has become the way of the land - especially for the past 30 years. It requires a special kind of strong to resist it with guaranteed repercussions, repercussions which most businesses wouldn't want to endure, and is exactly what Donald Trump is and why he is so hated and so loved. As a business operation I can completely understand that it's a delicate and sensitive balance when we're talking about a game based on a historical era while at the same time keeping everyone happy including the few loud squeaky wheels, so don't worry Triternion, we all completely understand. The world we now live in is basically like Naziism but from the polar opposite end. In the end, you and every other business must embrace and comply with this new modern version of anti-white/anti-christian Naziism, or as the Bible long ago foretold - you will not be able to buy, trade, or sell unless you do.

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  • 9 Jul '19

@SWSeriousMike said:
Would you be fine if the default was female black and you had the option to enable and disable everything else?

yes, had the game not been set in medieval europe?

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  • 9 Jul '19

If all the characters were black then we wouldn't be having any conversation on the topic at all. Why? Because you would have only sold a hundred copies instead of a million and you would have a dead forum and dead empty servers. Those hundred copies are the loud squeaky wheels which have brought THIS topic to life and that's the real tragedy here.

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  • 9 Jul '19

@Whitefox_YT said:

@SWSeriousMike said:
Would you be fine if the default was female black and you had the option to enable and disable everything else?

yes, had the game not been set in medieval europe?

Yeah a fictional setting is obviously medieval Europe. Are you Mordhau's lore director? You seem to have information no one on the planet could possibly have.

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  • 4 Jul '19

@Erwinicus said:
Mount&blade had female characters and the world didn't end.

Mount and Blade sucks.

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  • 18 Jun '19

you won't be missed.
also, women are strictly anti-medieval fighting game bullshit, as that was STRICTLY PROHIBITED during the medieval age.
implementing female "warriors" into this game would be the same as admitting they don't give a rats ballsack about historical accuracy.
its gonna make every single historically accurate piece of armor and weapon laughably stupid looking, as you see one realistic thing, and then hear a screaming bitch running around in circles, sporting heavy boobplate and a zweihander thrice her size, next to you.

no joke, if they ever implement female models into the game, i am going to start a personal crusade, with the aim of starting a perpetual war between male model players, and female model players.

i scoff at your salt, sir.

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  • 9 Jul '19

I've seen some still doesnt get that people are OK with women added, we just need a fucking switch to turn them off - this is not a discrimination, am I not allowed to see what i want to see lol ? Ability to choose is an attribute of mature person and this is just healthy and fine.

Also i highly doubt that all those progressive people will keep playing the game, also i highly doubt that there are any significant amount of them compared to normal people numbers. They're loud, yes, but listen to them = to lose alot of people playing the game.

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  • 9 Jul '19

@Badass_Ben said:

@Erwinicus said:
I'm sorry that you magical force field has a weakness.

It is a shield?
How is that magical?
TECHNICALLY, shields are infact WEAKER in game than in reality

The fact that the shield hitbox extends a foot or more past the actual model of the shield is what makes it magically retarded.

What a great idea to make a game based nearly entirely on timing and then add held block which completely negates all timing based mechanics. Truly galaxy brain game balancing right there.

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  • 8 Jul '19

I recently read that Triternion was accused of all the possible nonsense. As old players I know that Mordhau was made in order to retranscribe the reality as close as possible to the medieval wars of the center of Europe.

And indeed, at that time, women had to cook, copulate and take care of children, and nothing else.
There were no Asians, Africans, dragons and heroines manga.

True fans of Mordhau love this game because it takes up some of the real story, and I do not understand how one can dare to criticize that, it's insane and very selfish.

I wholeheartedly support Triternion for their excellent work, and I hope that he will never submit to the request of people who do not respect anything, neither history, nor our past, nor people who like it.

Those who go against it are dictators in their minds.

Thank you Triternion, please continue.

ps : Translated with google

Soutien aux accusations contre Triternion.

J'ai lu récemment que Triternion été accusé de toutes les balivernes possibles. En tant que vieux joueurs je sais que Mordhau a été réalisé dans le but de retranscrire la réalité la plus proche possible des guerres médiévales du centre d’Europe.

Et en effet, à cette époque la, les femmes devaient cuisiner, copuler et s'occuper des enfants, et rien d'autres.
Il n'y avait pas d'asiatiques, d'africains, de dragons et d’héroïnes mangas.

Les vrais fans de Mordhau aiment ce jeu parce que il reprend une partie de la vraie histoire, et je ne comprends pas comment on peut oser critiquer cela, c'est insensé et très égoïste.

Je soutiens de tout cœur Triternion, pour leurs excellents boulots, et j’espère qu'il ne se soumettront jamais à la demande de personnes qui ne respectent rien, ni l'histoire, ni notre passé, ni les gens qui aiment cela.

Ceux qui vont contre cela sont des dictateurs dans leurs esprits.

Merci Triternion, continuez ainsi s'il vous plait.