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  • 2 Aug '19

Parry has retarded leniency in general..

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  • 30 Jul '19

I don’t rly have a problem w messer. Enough ppl use it to be used to the range/animations by now. However, I think reworking it’s hitbox so you aren’t hitting/being hit when it doesn’t even contact you would be an acceptable change. It does seem to be larger than the actual model.

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Honestly, I don’t think cavalry needs to be nerfed per se, they should buff anti-cavalry weapons. For instance have arrows/bolts do more damage against horses, have spikes kill horses, add a “stance” for spears and pole arms that roots you in place but deals damage to cavalry, etc. that sort of thing would make certain weapons and load outs more viable. Especially archers.

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  • 13 Jul '19

@Gambit said:
There's no point in this. Long weapons are slow, short weapons are fast. Why should long weapons have another disadvantage?

So slow you can bring a zweihander a full 360 degrees before the thrust of a longsword can connect to someones back. A thrust that started before the zweis horizontal did. Weapon accel pretty much eliminates any real downside to high damage, long weapons. The minimal differences in swing speed are virtually meaningless outside of high end duels.. which is not the games primary game mode. That's why the majority of any given Front Lines matches are Zweis and Execs, there's no downside to using them and they can two shot everything. No significant disadvantage exists for these weapons in the games primary mode.

The game play of a long reaching weapon should revolve around you keeping your opponent at range. The advantage is you get to engage first and can be dangerous to them before they can be dangerous to you, if you fail to keep them at that range then you should be on the back foot. A spear or halberd should not be 100% effective at hugging distance and max reach, you should not be able to spam zwei and exec swings while running in circles and you should actually have to care about maintaining distance when using these weapons . This is one of the games biggest weaknesses and the core area of the gameplay that's just half baked.