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Bows, female characters, black characters, horses, throwables, new gamemodes when

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Combat is stale and whether some players like it or not. completely broken.

I know most people and ppl from chiv are going to rage hearing this. But facts are facts.

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  • 27 Sep '17
 crushed — Art

After the attack animation updates which will also make drags easier to see/read, we'll be looking into some of the more problematic drags.

Currently eyeing the left over spinning (360, non reverse) that is still possible in an edge case as well as crouch delay drags, we will probably get rid of both as they do not add anything good to the game. They are very easy to deal with as skilled player so all they do right now is allow some cheese against noobs while looking awful/wierd/broken ontop. Ofcourse, crouch accellerations will still be possible.

As for regular drags we think they will be in a good spot once the animation updates are in, as well as the recent max. release time change.

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  • 26 Sep '17

I'd just like to make a point that regardless of game balance or preference, it is worth nothing how upsetting the base mechanic of the parry window feels to new players. The issue is that reacting fast leaves you with big feeling windows where you have control of your character and your brain is witnessing the incoming damage yet your character can do mostly nothing.

This is the issue that makes people upset and go complaining to the forums. Oh, I saw the swing coming at me, I reacted to it, and oh look, it didn't hit me yet, now I can maybe duck or run around but I can't do anything and I see this weapon coming at my face, and dead.

I realize that the entire game is centered around defeating that parry window and playing with it would lead to some dangerous set backs. I think it is worth still thinking about making it 'feel' nicer.

I'd wonder how it would feel if there was a 'panic parry' window, if you parry right after a parry you get 'the worlds shittiest parry' that you still take 90% damage, hit stun so you can't retaliate, maybe stamina damage. But you get some sort of animation and sound effect, and you might as well have been hit there, and maybe you even wanted to get hit there, but you can do something.

So basically still suck and you've failed, but you get the illusion of having done something at least.

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  • 26 Sep '17

@Sir Zombie said:
But drags are meant to counter chambers

From what I gathered morphs take that role. And Morphs weren't able to chamber until now, and that alwas forced you to feint into parry.

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@Flippy said:

@DrEpochノಥ益ಥノ said:
Face it this game is a game of rock, paper, scissor and then there's a random fucking shotgun called a drag that shows up some times

So you're just gonna willfully ignore a page of people telling you you're wrong, got it.

You're gonna ignore the post after post from other people saying its retarded. That "slow" weapons have 3 second damaging swings?

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What about a hold-able parry. Or at least a quicker recovery, And make it cost like 50% the stam a morph with that weapon costs. So instead of being SOL if you parry at what should be the correct time, but just because someone is using a slow weapon you can either hold your parry. Or have time to get off a chamber or another parry (but you've lost 2x the stam from spamming parry)

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  • 23 Sep '17

I noticed that dragging diagonally, rather than vertically or horizontally is quite a bit faster.
Maybe I just observed it wrong, but to me, this seems to be the case:

Turn cap is locked in X and Y direction, you can't move the mouse more than (let's say) 1.
But diagonally those numbers add up like vectors, and the result is, that you can turn 1.41 times as fast.

What I believe the current system is:

Possible solution:

What do you think? Please confirm or deny, as this might be just a false impression to me.

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  • 22 Sep '17

I understand dragging is a part of the game and unfortunately won't go away, but is it possible to make slow drags do less damage? You shouldn't be rewarded with 100% of the damage because you made your sword swing slower than an actual swing. It should have some form of diminishing return.

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  • 18 Sep '17

Until they implement a better 240 system, my hype for this game is going down.
I didnt play Slasher, which as I can see, seems like a pre-pre Alpha of Mordhau, with a similar angle system like in here.

The thing is, doesn't matter if you have X experience on Chiv or Slasher - the 240 angle command imput in this game is UNRELIABLE by itself in this current state. Then, plus all the retarded shenanigans player are abusing and weapons unbalacing, make every login into Mordhau a complete stress.
There is no way of "git gud" in this moment, since practing is futile when the system reads your imputs the wrong way.

Now, one exemple that most eveyone here already experienced:
To win:

  • just go full heavy
  • eveningstar/zwei/polecancer,
  • look down (to force the system lock),
  • facehug and
  • spam lower swings.
    If it fails, put some LMBs here and there.

There is no "Duel" at the moment. People are playing for trolls, not testing.
It's frustrating as hell.

PS: You guys who claim to be "god" like - if you want to be usefull for this community, do a in-depth tutorial vid on how to imput commands rightly with this shit 240 angle system. (Since the game didnt provided it itself).

Sorry for the rant, Thank you very much.

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  • 17 Sep '17

@marox said:
Please give more details, no need to pull any punches.

Compiled (edited/paraphrased) list of gripes or statements/suggestions from a few anonymous users. (INCOMPLETE LIST)

  • The customization list (for armor) is confusing in terms of organization, it lacks basic options for sorting armor tiers, or even alphabetically, a much better system would be to select the armor tier first, defaulting to a standard, then selecting the model type from there. You can look back to the third dev blog for an example of such a system.

  • Mordhau needs either visual GUI or 1st person animation feedback in so players know specifically what attack angle they'll activate using a swing before the windup.

  • Some of the armor imported from slasher looks awful and very out of place (Bassinet and Sabatons)

  • You get knocked back a bit too much when you're hit

  • Mordhau also needs deadzone options or whatever system is being used to determine attack direction adjustment options as currently having hard keybindings for the attack directions is better, at the cost of making some players limited in their attacks.

  • Stabs are awkward using mouse directional stabs, as you'll often get the incorrect stab attack angle out, being forced to rebind each stab attack angle to mitigate this issue is not a solution. We need options to adjust our mouse dead zones, and either UI or animation feedback before the wind-up to know which direction we'll stab at.

  • Parrying is very easy at the moment, and feels more akin to chiv as an all-compassing hitbox, rather than something that needs to be aimed at an opponent's weapon. It's also a bit too easy to fall back to a parry if you've made a mistake.

  • Many animations, especially animation blends with fast weapons confuse players as the wind-ups look very similar to each other. Players have also mentioned that a stabs are being camouflaged as swings, as the wind-ups for certain weapons look similar.

  • The wind-up mechanic for weapons is awkward as the attacks themselves are very quick. It's gotten to the point where a majority of players aren't reacting to visual cues, but rather the auditory grunt to parry. The wind-up also presents another issue that due to certain wind-up animations looking similar, players may easily attack angles for other types of attack angles, the is exemplified when an opponent attacks from the side, jumps, crouches, and/or adjusts their torso angle and brings in their attack to further confuse their target.

  • Don't lose stamina with a missed swing if you hit the ground or an object

  • Under Swings being able hit behind an opponent's legs

  • Thrown mace does more damage than the other thrown weapons

  • Stabs are too fast, stab visual model doesn't match up with the stab tracers (looks like you're still stabbing but the hit tracer ends) stabs need a more aggressive visual animation to signify and convey solidly that the stab is no longer active to the player; forcing your stab's wind-up into another player for instant connection/no time to react.

  • Acceleration making mordhau awkward with a lot of exploitable movements, makes being aggressive the better option. Being able to use the attack acceleration to greatly enhance speed such as when sprinting, or to even avoid attacks. Silly techniques such as "In & Out" in which you can use the acceleration to get out of an opponent's attack range, and then get back with-in your attack range. Stupidly useful in group fights allowing you to quickly change targets, making one opponent miss their swing, whilst hitting another. Also makes footwork a lot more awkward to judge as players can "zoom in" increasing their attack range amazingly with the acceleration.

  • Wind-up with lightning fast attacks, weapons like the arming sword up close have very fast attacks, to the point where players are listening to the audio grunt rather than reacting to the actual attack animations

  • Wind-up mechanics actually make drags a lot more effective for slower weapons, coupled with the faster swings

  • Parries way too easy to perform

  • Zweihander being too effective, especially against plate armor, no one using the alt-grip, everyone just spamming it whilst speeding across the map

  • Alt Longsword (mordhau grip) stabs too fast and does a bit more damage than it should

  • Stabs coming from the side often look like weapon swings

  • Combat getting bogged-down/delayed, resulting in players either having to gamble or feint to progress combat

  • Often after an opponent's parry, an opponent's weapon will visually look completely still then they'll swing after a very short wind-up. (Clarification: Riposte overheads whilst looking down connect almost instantly especially when the weapon-hitbox activates inside the player or right after the short wind-up)

  • Forcing your weapon models into opponents so weapon hitboxes instantly connect

  • Certain two handed weapons, such as the zweihander, can cover close to 360° of a player using an overhead rainbow

  • Difficult to tell what attacks your opponents are doing up close due

  • Feinting~parry and morph~parry meta

  • Chambers greatly unrewarding

  • Still able to do very effective waterfalls

  • Quarterstaff animations up close are very "spastic" and difficult to understand, especially due to the small wind-up, and very fast swings.

  • SDK needs to be released during the beta

  • Overheads often not connecting with players despite the 1st person model clipping through an opponent.

  • Players getting pushed way too far when they're hit by an opponent's weapon.

  • No incentive to not spam crouches

  • No looping animations

  • Spamming attacks seems to be very effective combined with attack acceleration.

  • Plate armor extremely effective, especially due to attack acceleration which greatly extends attack range, but is often used to enhance movement speed and allow plate armor users to zoom in and out of a melee easily switching targets and dodging attacks.

  • When you go naked with a spear and spam stabs and no one can reach you or catch up with you, zoom zoom.

  • Kicks being ineffective tools to prevent facehuggers, especially due to attack acceleration

  • Overhand and underhand attacks being difficult to interpret up close due to the wind-up animations, especially when someone is turned sideways at you or morphs into it.

  • Some weapons like the halberd have very slow wind-ups but very fast attacks making them especially difficult to counter when feints and morphs are involved, or when they force their stab wind-up inside of you.

  • Almost no-one uses the alt-grip on the Zweihander, Battleaxe, Eveningstar, or Greatsword as the drag and range is a lot more effective and useful than the increased swing speed.

  • Map-pickup weapons don't respawn

  • Overhands and underhands are difficult to read due to the wind-up animations, and it's gotten to the point where a lot of players are only just chaining those attack types whilst dragging or fainting/morphing using four keybinds. It looks silly, it plays silly, but it's very effective and awful to fight against.

  • Mordhau will often crash if you play on fullscreen and ALT TAB


  • No descriptions for the weapon types?

  • No bloody footprints when you walk through a blood puddle /refund

  • WTF, how come the kickstarter stuff was available in an earlier showcased build of Mordhau but not now?

  • Many of the one handed weapons, such as the arming sword, are lighting fast and is extremely difficult to parry up close, as often the attacks themselves only last for 3 or 4 frames when they connect to you. This is especially bad when either the wind-up is obfuscated, looks awkward due to morphing, or the weapon model is forced into a player during or right after the wind-up.

  • I keep missing my stabs because it comes out in the wrong direction, and by the time I swing it into an opponent they either zoomed off to the side, or the stab ends even though my stab is going through them.

  • No point in clash fighting as the faster weapon will win

  • Lack of Dev interaction besides crushed occasionally hopping into discord

  • Feinting/Morphing too effective

  • Being able to spam jump/crouch attack spamming without issue

  • Can't ever safely connect my kick against someone when they're face hugging me, sprinting at my side using the attack acceleration

  • Have to mash my inputs after being stunned

  • Sometimes combo attack queuing will ignore my cancel inputs even before the wind-up of the next attack will commence

  • Spamming attacks is really good at the moment since you fly across the map with speed

  • Being able to flourish into a stab or a stab morph

  • Shields a bit too effective especially combined with plate armor

  • Players fighting like jackhammers on crack spasming out to try to confuse you, with morphing and feints it's way too good

  • Awkward to judge an opponent's attack range due to the attack acceleration

  • Feinting and morphing animation spam up close confuses my old man brain

  • The jump feels like you're on the moon

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  • 21 Sep '17

I have only played a little bit, but yeah it felt to much like chivalry.
Had a short experience with chivalry, but that game felt really bad.

Mordhau in my experience, felt to slow paced and not really back and forth gameplay as i thought it was gonna be.
Fighting more than one player at the same time felt bad aswell, maybe cuz you have so small mobility. Either way, lots of things to improve if this game is gonna become good and fun.

What I probably would like to see are movement-kind of attacks, you use your "wasd" and then hit the mouse to do different attacks.
The dragging of the mouse can work but would like to see the effect reduced so the player cant "dance" to much around, feels unnatural and more of "tricking the system" type.

Feinting is not a fun mechanic either, especially if thats the way to attack. If that will be the case i cant see this game being good ever.
When you do your attack, and the enemy parries you and then its his turn to attack. Something needs to be done here as well, it shouldnt always be
I attack->enemy parry, now its his turn. And then you repeat.

Also, sometimes you should be able to do 2+ attacks in a row. So we have actually "combos".

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  • 17 Sep '17

@afiNity said:
Jump stabbing is fine tho

Imagine this scene if one of them just kept bunnyhopping and thrusting lmao

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  • 17 Sep '17

@SpreaderofCheeks said:
I don't understand what you mean by ballerinas. Please elaborate.

They seem to be rare but in short they are blade manipulators and overhead spinners etc. They aren't TOO hard to fight against (just use a longer weapon) but they are immersion breaking and require you to also do some kind of stupid counter ballerina move like jump stabbing etc.

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  • 18 Sep '17
 Anal Error

In this game is 0 focus about archery? wtf ? who cares about feints... and other bullshit, melee combat is already compromised ... all pro players feints and parry... constantly... very boring... 0 draw matches... and i payed 50 euro.

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  • 20 Sep '17

@BEACHES said:

The game is supposed to be a "fixed" version of Chivalry.

Says who? Says you?

I saw nowhere in any single one of their videos or on kickstarter page that Mordhau was trying to be a "fixed" Chivalry. It was said in the kickstarter video and as the OP stated they are inspired and influenced by multiple different titles.

further the genre. Why would they limit themselves to what Chivalry accomplished or "almost" accomplished? That's thinking small.

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  • 20 Sep '17

@Runagate said:
Mordhau now is also an unfinished alpha you mong. It also has none of the bullshit exploits of Chivalry.

Also chambering is a thing.

If people are practicing and learning the game now, forming metas and most effective ways to fight the devs are going to build the game around that. It will become THE WAY THE GAME IS PLAYED, there will be no other options since popular opinion will win in the end. OP is right, as it is mordhau is a feint,morph,drag simulator AKA Chiv(minus morph).
I look forward to more game updates and features and pray we haven't seen the bulk of the game.

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@BEACHES said:

@UnderPepeGrillosControlΦ said:

@UnderPepeGrillosControlΦ said:

The game is supposed to be a "fixed" version of Chivalry. I'm not sure it will be that yet, but it's in a very good place for an Alpha.

Sorry but I can not find this at the kickstarter web where I bought it.

Where did you read this, please?

Before this, the developers worked on a chiv mod that fixed alot of the imbalances that Torn Banner refused to fix. The entire comp scene used this mod. Since TB is refusing to make Chiv 2, or fix anything about Chiv, I'm pretty sure that's what spurred on this project.

The majority of people supporting this are former chiv players, who also think they can do what TB did, just better.

So this is what you think about Mordhau. Not me, I did not have any notice about this because I did not know the existence of the mod you are talking about.

So this is not a "fixed version of Chivalry" because of it is not explained at Kickstarter web page. They talked about they have played whole of medieval games. It made me think a mix of ALL medieval games. :)

Knight 39 51

So this is just an opinion:

I have bought the game because of the kickstarter video, just because of the words that a creator says in the kickstarter video:

" team, driven by a pasionate for melee games in the medieval era. We acumulated thousands of hours of playtime in similar titles, and we are using this experience..."

I have played those titles:

  • Mount & Blade +- 2600
  • Chivlary +-1950
  • Kingdom Come +- 140
  • Of Kings and Men +-200

So in my opinion, Mordhau is just Chivalry with 2 new features: Morphs and clashing swords. Not new at all, the other 3 games methioned before have it.
First days of my experience was good. Nowadays people only use feints and morphs. There is no fun and beauty in a fight anymore.
I like feints, I really like, but if there are feints I need to be able to respond, like in Mount and Blade, Kingdom Come and Of Kings and Men with directional blocking.
I like tons of features of those 3 games, like:

  • Keep your attack ready from wherever you want, directional atack (Mount&Blade, KingdomCome, OfKingsAndMen).
  • Block from wherever you want when you want with no recovery time (Mount&Blade, KingdomCome, OfKingsAndMen).
  • Weapon clashing (Mount&Blade, KingdomCome, OfKingsAndMen).
  • Breacking shields (Mount&Blade, KingdomCome, OfKingsAndMen).
  • Horse fight (Mount&Blade, KingdomCome, OfKingsAndMen-Development).
  • If they hit you at high speed you fall off the horse (Mount&Blade).
  • Ship fight (Mount&Blade).

So Chivalry allways had the simplest fight, and Mordhau is following the same way.

" team, driven by a pasionate for melee games in the medieval era. We acumulated thousands of hours of playtime in similar titles, and we are using this experience...", so I thought this game will be different. Disappointed :(