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  • 3 Jul '19

Triterion just wanted to make a game about swinging sword, and they did. It wasn't a game about minorities or women, it was a game about having a sword and swinging it.
This game was so popular, they tried their best to make as many people as possible enjoy it,. Some people wanted females in the game, so they tried to add that to appease those people, then people said they didn't enjoy women in their game, so they tried to add a toggle to remove women. Then people wanted racial minorities, so Triterion said "sure, if that makes the game fun for you", and added that. but, of course, people complained, so they wanted to add a switch for that too. Then people complained the switch was racist, so they removed that.
Now all people talk about in their game about swinging swords is if there's a racist/anti-racist agenda in the dev's minds.
They're not trying to censor you, they're not passing some mysterious agenda, they're not trying to erase your race from history and they aren't blackwashing history
They just want everyone to enjoy this game about swinging swords at each other, so please, PLEASE shut up about race and gender and swing the damn swords

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  • 3 Jul '19

I approve of this message.

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  • 20 May '18

I have played Mordhau for over 300 hours now i've fought against attacks that are faster than human reaction speed dodged more firepots than a match of cod seen a crazy gay dude with a dagger easily beat a knight clad in full plate mail watched people be killed by a single combo with no chance to defend themselves from said combo and seen basic mechanics just fail to work only to simply shrug and say "that's the game"......

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I walk in the shadow of my mind trapped in this hell scape with brief glimmers of the void masquerading as light to poison me with hope please lord piggott take pity on your unworthy child and save me from this torment I wish to repent for my sins but cannot until chivalry 2 reveals its self to me

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  • 3 Jul '19

@TheKingInTheNorth said:
OK you all know I'm one of the most leftie cucks on this forum and even I don't find any offence in the title of this thread.

Carry on.

my knigga

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  • 2 Jul '19

@ЖIMrPlanetacLeBoeuf said:
Let's rename this thread "Post your Kniggas", because all of our loadout deserve a capital letter !

Thanks to @Pubzybobo, you really are a great fella



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Let's rename this thread "Post your Kniggas", because all of our loadout deserve a capital letter !

Thanks to @Punzybobo, you really are a great fella

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  • 3 Jul '19

How to deal with

racists, sexists, and toxic players

in other words: people that you don't like.



Individual method - deal with individual toxic players.


Simply left-click on the toxic player in your chat box, which will open up a menu.

You have 3 options from here:

  • Mute - This will simply mute the player, hiding their nasty messages from sight.
  • Motivational Mute - This will convert all of the bad things they say into good things.
  • Votekick - Not recommended unless the player is actively teamkilling, hacking, etc.


Bulletproof method - never deal with toxicity again!


Simply go to your options and turn off chat. Simple as that!

Mordhau is not a game where seeing chat is necessary, and often times simply turning chat off can make the game more peaceful and relaxing. If you're easily offended by certain words, and never want to see them again, this is the premiere method!

There, was that so hard?


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  • 22 Jun '19

@bruhmoment said:
Seeing the chat full of "funny" racist spam from shut-in 4channers has gotten really old, really fast.

Can't see the chat if chat is off.

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  • 2 Jul '19

@Fragility said:

@ToLazy4Name said:

@Fragility said:
Wait, wait, wait. So, if we were to label the thread "Unseasoned White Folks", "Show me your Colonizer", "Crackers in Plate", "Show me your Dylann Roof" or "President Trump sucks" you'd be OK with that?

idk if i'd be okay with that because those seem extremely unrelated to posting characters while "kniggas" is a tongue in cheek play on people using the word "niggas" as a term for friends, boys, etc and the word "knights" but I certainly wouldn't be angry about it or complaining lmao

Edit: I blame my response to this obvious bait on the fact that i've had some alcohol tonight, forgive me for my sins brothers, Punzy will now lead us in a group prayer

So, using a racial slur is OK because you're using it to denote "friends, boys, etc.". It's a fucking racial slur and you dressing it up in a KKK hood doesn't make it better or more acceptable. Of course, you wouldn't complain about it because there's no comparable to the N-word. There's nothing analogous for white people to compare it to. I wish you would say that shit in front of me. You'd best be packing because I'd pop your ass right in the mouth. I never understand why ya'll hate us so much but ya'll insist on listening to our music, copying our style, watching our movies, mimicking our culture, etc. This is the providence of white men. In contrast, you don't see none of us going to your rural wasteland of joblessness and listening that banjo shit ya'll pawn off as music. And, prayer? LOL. Ya'll monsters. Monsters don't pray. Let's hope you don't immolate when you fold your hands and genuflect. Enjoy your white game.

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  • 23 Jun '19

Maci, who is bullying you? i'll fuck them up >:^ (


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  • 16 Jun '19

I don't think you know what RNG means, but I do know what "bad" means and hoo boy my man have I got something to tell you

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  • 16 Jun '19

I was so close to actually giving a fuck

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  • 7 May '19

Remember when men could enjoy a game without SJW Incels crying because they don't have woominz being in their game?

Let's avoid the SJW politics entirely. Focus on actual meaningful gameplay.

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  • 13 Jun '19

So I was playing on a duel server today when, and you won't believe this (trigger warning) like 10 or so fucking Hitlers and other Nazis and KKKs showed up and I'm just like I'm just literally fucking shaking right now and I can't believe this is happening in 2019 this is so scary and wrong on so many levels you really need to permanently ban these people from the internet for the safety of peoplekind as a whole!


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  • 25 May '17

@FluffyDragon said:

@Punzybobo said:
Do we just assume all feminine looking things are men?

In japan, and online virtual avatars, yes


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  • 21 May '17

@.Wolf- said:


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