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99 little bugs in the code
99 little bugs

take one down, patch it around

127 bugs in the code

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  • 10 Jun '19

even just including player statistics in the vote kick (team damage percentage, ping, etc) would go a long way to improving votekick

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  • 10 Jun '19

From my experience the majority of votes will pass even when both the person who started the vote and the one being voted don't say anything. If one or more players claim the person is TKing (doesn't matter if false or true), then that person is most definitely getting kicked. I've seen this being abused by people who would start votes just to troll someone, and while a report system could be implemented to revoke a troll's rights to start votekicks or simply bann him, that'd probably be too much work for the moderators and there's a much simpler solution.

Just show us the amount of recent team damage done in the votekick infobox. Chivalry did that and I've never seen people abuse votekicks; if the vote was unjustified everyone would know.