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Everything is fine and then suddenly someone "Hi Jax" the thread.

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  • 19 Feb

I've been thinking that it could be better for teammate swing-throughs to become glancing blows on the next enemy target. This makes it unlikely that you're gonna be killed by a swing-through, ensures that you don't get fucked up in a 1vX if you parry a swing that ends up hitting their teammate and it discourages people from swinging-through even if they technically can.

This should keep the 1vX benefits of swing-through, while severely reducing the Xv1 benefits. It might also be worth making glancing blow free to parry (assuming they aren't already)

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@TheCutestOTTER said:
Ive honestly been the victim to the Maul on countless times. Ive played Mordhau since it launched and its the only weapon I have an issue with. Currently atm, the only folk who I see wield the weapon is anyone over lvl 100. Ive seen a few level 200's run around with it as well.

A quick feint and overhead wins the fight all the time. Ive watched a maul user do 1vsX on many of occasions just due to bloodlust.

Some would say the Maul is a high risk, high reward weapon due to lack of armor. But considering any "oops" that you may have in fighting one, you're dead. There is no second chance with going up against a maul unlike any other weapon in the game

I believe the maul would feel more reasonable to everyone if it couldn't 1 shot a specific armor type. This would give you the chance to survive and actually fight it. Fighting a maul can be as frustrating as playing against a sniper in a video game who is currently sitting in 1 spot with his sights on your spawn time. Giving you no chance to react.

Even if you're backing up in light armor of if you use dodge, you'll still be pegged by them.

Just chamber.

Even if you're backing up in light armor of if you use dodge, you'll still be pegged by them.

This is nonsense. If you're in the right position and have good timing, even a max armor person can dodge a maul riposte by running away from it ASAP

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  • 2 Feb

@esturias said:

@λze said:
I main maul. Here are my thoughts.

Are you really trying to sell a completely broken statspadding weapon as something "good"?
Sorry, but that doesn't work.

I did actually state a few nerf ideas for it. Maybe you should read my post again.

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for special ed, maybe

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@✵ Legate Lanius ✵ said:
Honestly check the discord, some cool previews there it’s nice to see.

You mean wade through a sea of spam and shitposting to see a few pictures/dev comments?
I honestly don't know why those snipets can't be pasted here. They did it in the old days, there even was a thread for it called "development dump" where devs posted that stuff and even some funny experiments or moments of development. I don't even know why they stopped. But this has been said time and time again and we always get the same answer so yea, the best we can do is hope our feedback serves for something and believe that they do read everything.

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  • 16 Feb

Just turn the filter on.

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I refuse to play a game that limits my right to say the word Nachos

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  • 18 Feb

@Jax said:
We post a lot more on discord

Why though?
Why would you use a stupid third party portal if you have your own forum?
And even if you keep doing that, what is so hard about doing some copy/paste, which would take mere seconds to do?

That being said, I read almost everything on here, I just simply don't have the time to respond to everything.

That would be completely ok - if we would get responses to anything to start with. Or... more than one answer to a random thread every week or two.
It's just completely pointless to share feedback. It's a complete waste of time. It was fun and interesting to discuss all those ideas and all that feedback last year, but since it just starts to rot in the depths of the forums sooner or later without any use, it's just pointless, so people pretty much stopped that.

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In the current state of the game, the best dagger for backstabbing people is a 7 point maul.
I was thinking about an "assassin move", backstab or throat cut animation that can be utilized with daggers. (and maybe other small weapons like short sword)
Upon thinking about this I instantly worried about balance problems that it brings. I'll get into it and adress those as good as I can.
The idea is an animation that grabs someone from behind and sticks a blade in their throats, beneath the helmet.
For the duration of the animation, the character needs to be frozen in place. There should be also a possibility to counter it, it should take like 1- 2 seconds to grab a person to prepare the move. Also if the person turns around in that time and performs a kick, backstab cannot be performed and it leaves the backstabber without the ability to block for a short duration. When the grabbing movement is initiated, the grabbed player's is frozen so if he tries moving he'll figure. If he's standing still or walking back, and not turning, there's no way he'll find out.

It could be utilised to kill unaware archers or builders, but also knights if all they do is stand still in a doorway.

I have no Idea why we really need this, other than giving the dagger more flavour and custom functionality like billhook.

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You might be wasting your time.

PC recently informed the devs of the inferiority of their product and then biked away into a cold and efficient german sunset.

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  • 17 Feb

hello jax here, watch my streams

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If you're winning (blue team, duh) you're kinda just fighting your own team mates for kills. It's boring. I can't understand why really good players ever go blue, it's so boring unless you're taking the final red cap. Archers should be hella fun on this map, but the proj speed is too slow to hit people from the castle reliably. The ballista is great though... unless you're on red team.

And ofcourse playing red fucking sucks unless you hold the castle somehow. It's just MISERABLE, no like totally miserable getting farmed by snickering blue guys in 1vX as you climb the ladders or come up the back stairs after walking 5 miles from spawn... while blue guys spawn 15 feet away as if it were their final control point... Well it should be their final conrol point.

MY SUGGESTION: Make the back of the castle blue's spawn, the top of the castle their first objective and make the market square at the gates the central objective everyone fights over.

So Red now has the choice of attacking the castle to flank and get to the mid point or fight through the currently unused frontgates/citywalls to take the mid point. And when they have midpoint, blue can swarm the castle head on or from the flanks... blue team spawn when holding the midpoint should be just outside the city gates, so they can choose which way to cap the final objective and have some walking distance.

The map would be less blue sided but not so badly as to be miserable for red. AND unused portions of the map would now have a use. It makes far more sense for blue to have the castle to the bitter end anyways and for the blue castle to be their spawn. You can even give the mortar back to blue, since it wouldn't have a direct shot at spawning red players.

I would also recommend buffing archer projectile speed for obvious reasons. If it makes them too powerful then archery damage should be nerfed for obvious reasons. Archery should play a key role in defense on this map but it can't with current limitations.

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  • 12 Feb

@PC_Principal said:
That basically leaves me with 2 viable options:
1) become a looting vampire
2) buy awp (maul) to oneshot vampires

Only if you're bad. I do fine without bloodlust and a greatsword, I can rack up a 4.0 k/d more or less. Sure, bloodlust needs some changes, scavenging bloodlust needs changes. But the game is still playable.

I played both those to a small extent, I'm not quite good enough to make proper use of them honestly (never got 100 kills in a game, probably because I'm not into vampire RP that much)

So you aren't qualified to talk about balance.

Someone (Aze?) made a weapon survey thread and listed the weapons used, but to me it matters more what weapons pop up in the killfeed and what weapons players use to kill me. And the maul is so problematic because you'll have to reliably block this slow ass weapon or you'll be almost dead.

That survey was only based on the servers he joined, so that isn't a reliable piece of data in any way shape or form.

Also stop bitching about the maul. It has so many glaring weaknesses. If the maul user ripostes 2 feet from facehug distance, someone in max armor can literally run away from the riposte and the maul has no combo-block to respond to it. It has awful range. It's slow as hell and you get gambled. Your chambers get gambled. It doesn't cleave. It doesn't cleave through teammates. Exe sword, war axe, eveningstar (and most other 2 hitter quitters) completely outclass it. Headshots are hard to hit against competent players and/or low armor players, and even if you do land some headshots, the weaknesses are still glaringly bad.

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  • 14 Feb




oh, new patch!

But it's just a screenshot competition

couple days after a month since last patch

can't fool us anymore with this stuff

get it going or let it go

give mod tools

we'll finish the game for you

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In a year. Not sure which one though.

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  • 14 Feb

Would be stupid to introduce weapons like that without adding corresponding maps and stuff.
Maybe, if the game is somewhat finished and polished in a couple of... year... err... decades... maybe then we might get a nice update with different weapon and map themes.

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You need to sneak up and quietly tie one of Mordhau's legs to a nearby tree before starting it.

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