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@ZugZugNeverEnds said:
i mean... at this point, why would you even want to play the game lol, i mean that shit is hideous.

yah i personally play highly competitive video games for the visuals

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  • 18 Sep

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@andres said:

  • Give each team a side for attack/defend and use stopwatch as tiebreaker (unless both sides defend successfully, in whcih case you have a legitimate tie condition).

Flashback from TF2's Meet Your Match update

No, Mordhau is not a competitive gamemode where we need to know who's the "true" winner everytime. As long as the maps aren't stupidly unbalanced and fun to play (cough old version of Crossroad cough Mountain Peak Red last cough), it's ok.

The big problem with Invasion right now is how 64 players are all clustered on a single and small objective.

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  • 13 Sep

You heard him boys, drags are useless.

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@SWSeriousMike said:
I think many of you don't understand it. They are not making the game for YOU. They are making a game for themselves and their friends. You just can play the game as is if you are willing to pay for it.

It's their game and they can do what they want with it, but you should really, really stop buying into the small indie dev studio excuse. It's all deliberate.

Hitting the nail on the head as always Mike.

Here is something to add btw:

And this meme

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I think many of you don't understand it. They are not making the game for YOU. They are making a game for themselves and their friends. You just can play the game as is if you are willing to pay for it.

Do you feel like a customer when all your feedback is ignored? I see no accountability for anything. No apologies for horribly broken maps. No deadlines. No transparency in moderation. Almost no involvement in the community. If they really have only 2 programmers then the game development is likely dead during the next flu or holiday season.

It's their game and they can do what they want with it, but you should really, really stop buying into the small indie dev studio excuse. It's all deliberate.

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@Quenquentthebabysitter said:
Doesn't the Targe have a parry negation of 13 ? Can't check right now

Targe has 12. Buckler has 13. Messer also has 13, along with a few other 1h weapons (Bastard Sword, Mace and possibly others).

Imo some 1h weapons need a small nerf on that front. A light Bastard Sword having the same PDN as the Greatsword, Eveningstar, Zweicopter, Halberd etc doesn't make much sense. 13 is the best in the game. And the Longsword only has 12, less than the Bastard Sword!

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Well this was a pretty dumb thread.

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@Atlas-D said:

@SherbershLemel said:
if you cant defend yourself for 5 seconds should you really be playing ranked mode in the first place

Double digit IQ logic. If I'm fighting someone at my skill level, he could easily get 1-2 accels or drags off in 5 seconds, which could be all the time he needs if he happened to damage me enough to 1 hit kill. If I could easily defend everything my opponent does that'll mean I'm a smurf on a smurf account fighting people below my rank. Imbecile.

its much easier to defend yourself when you dont have to attack. and if youre going to throw insults at me over a shitty perk in a beta gamemode maybe you are the imbecile and need to calm down

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I think people forgot this cost 3 points.

Let's assume you run 3/3/3, you have 7 points left for weaponry (Greatsword, Longsword + Arming, or whatever you like for 7 points). If you take Flesh Wound, you are reduced to 4 points (Bastard Sword, Mace, 2 Arming, etc...).

Now you could have less armor if you want FW + better weapons, but that's also less hits you can take depending on the armor removed + weapon you face. It's one more hit you can tank for one more hit you can't. Having FW cost 3 points, which is the same cost as +1 armor tier everywhere, seems fair to me.

Now I can understand people find Bastard/Mace/Arming annoying to face (or broken), and even more with FW on top of it, but it sounds like it's more of a weapon problem than a FW problem.

I mean, if you put your opponent in FW state, you can go full defensive for those last 5 seconds (I know it can be hard if you are low on stamina, but they spent point on that skill after all : it must be an advantage for them in some parts). You can also, and I know it's easier said than done, finish him off with a headshot.

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  • 10 Apr

Stab feints being arguably less readable than in Chiv, but justified by ez-mode chambers, so that the optimal way of playing is to attempt a chamber on every single stab? What is even the point of stabs anymore? Is that ideal or just lazy?

Shields being as dumb as they were in Chiv, with same non-solution Tornbanner implemented?

And then 1vX being a riposte-spam fest where the 1 is forced to just passively read these broken stab feints without being able to use the mechanic that makes them reasonable, chambers, because chambers still have no protection or use in 1vX. But hey, the 1 can trade hits. That should be enough to get over the fact that they can't use the main tactic the game is based around.

All weapons feel almost identical, while Chiv, for the shit show it was, had all weapons feel unique and reward different playstyles. Tornbanner pulled that off by accident. Yet in Mordhau, with mechanics intending to do just that, like no-combo weapons and no-flinch carving knife, weapon variety is miles worse.

Is this really what ya'll wanted Mordhau to be? Since you're saying that combat isn't a priority and you just wanna get Frontline out.

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My shield thread has devolved in to Bastard Sword discussion between South America's best player and some noob with 8 likes.

Shield Thread X: Reloaded: The Final Solution, Phase II: Part 1 "Crush Strikes Back" coming soon.

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  • 13 Sep

@Quenquentthebabysitter said:
Devil's advocate :

  • A million good solution, where do you start ? So many ideas but so little time, where held shields might not be the priority.

2 years is a lot of time.

  • What guarantees those are good solutions ? As far as we know, any solutions proposed here (including mine) can be absolutely awful.

Common sense. Even if they didn't work, as a developer you have to try things to find the right answer. Even if none of them worked, they would all still be better than the idiotic, lazy way that Crush is attempting to balance shields. Handicapping their stamina does NOTHING to solve their fundamental issue, and kicks having more range against them is just copying the same useless idea that Tornbanner used to balance them (so much for being better than Tornbanner, right?).

Crush justifies health regen in comp by saying "health regen is good because it lets you regen". His incompetence is not even a discussion anymore.

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  • 12 Sep

awful post

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  • 10 Sep

Invasion turned out to be pretty much Frontlines with an asymetrical start, so that's a bit meh. Not much difference. I expected siege engines and breaking stuff...
But good to see that modding is on its way.

Now... what about fixing the scoreboard?
And maybe the servers, too, since this all has been horribly laggy again...

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  • 10 Sep

Automatic mod downloads will go a long way to keeping the game fresh. Good patch.

now tell Vesanus or whoever is in charge to get off their fucking ass and give us Feitoria already holy shit

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  • 10 Sep
 elwebbaro — Art

Invasion & Mod support

With this update, we are shipping the Invasion game mode on three existing maps: Grad, Taiga and Camp. Invasion is an epic, asymmetric, objective-based mode where one team defends and the other attacks. The remaining maps will be adapted for Invasion in the future, including the two new maps we’re working on - Feitoria and Castello.
Also featured in this update is automatic mod (map) download when connecting to a modded server. This is only the first step in mod support for MORDHAU, as the official SDK is not ready yet, although our resourceful community has managed to make maps regardless.

Stay tuned for more updates in the near future, Feitoria is just about ready for release!

Patch #11 Changelog 10/09/2019


  • Added a whole new asymmetric objective-based mode called Invasion. Currently available on Grad, Taiga and Camp. Mixed in with existing Frontline rotation on official servers.
  • Added automatic mod (map) download on connect and integration (workshop)
  • Server owners can specify their auth token in the ServerModAuthToken field in Game.ini which they get from Any mods subscribed by the user will be automatically downloaded & updated by the server on startup.
  • Reduced waiting for player time in duel from 120s to 90s
  • Fixed kill credits being assigned to teammates for teamdamage (e.g, even if the enemy suicided or died otherwise) causing a teamkill
  • Players on vehicles now count for pushing in push objectives (e.g. horses etc)
  • Getting auto-kickbanned for teamkilling (5 TKs) no longer applies a global matchmaking ban of 30 minutes, it now only bans you from that server for 30 minutes.


  • Adjusted axe head bonus stamina drain vs shields to be slightly weaker
  • Held block shields global stam negation increased by 1
  • Held block shields block turncap slightly less strict
  • Reverted Horde changes from last patch except for the projectile damage change
  • Horse respawn time increased to 2 minutes
  • Spinning in the opposite direction and trying to “backswing” will no longer work, now causes glancing blow

Weapons & Equipment

  • Eveningstar main mode strike combo slowed down 25ms

Visuals & Misc

  • Made thrown weapon trail a bit less squiggly
  • Fixed perma ban message showing when trying to search for a match after a temp ban expired
  • Fixed inventory not refreshing between matches when staying on the same server
  • Medium horse now gets random colors and patterns assigned on spawn, and will assume team colors when mounted in a team mode.


  • Polish on objective icons look and feel
  • There’s now a fixed amount of closest objective icons that show up, preventing too much clutter
  • Objective icons now display in the map spawn screen
  • Added mute, unmute, mutelist commands for server admins; prevents players from sending chat messages; global on official servers
  • Banlist command now includes globally banned players on official servers
  • Fixed profanity filter not applying when checked (having to be re-checked)
  • Synced up duel UI countdown better with the server
  • Fixed top rank next icon breaking in duel