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Educate them by giving an example instead of opressing them just how they're doing with you.

Nobody is oppressing them. They turned off the chat completely but still refuse to play the game until everyone has their chat taken away. They are oppressing themselves and blaming everyone around them...

Who's "them" you're talking about? By "them" I meant those who are being disrespectful with non-binaries, and by "opressing them" I mean by regulating the chat and kick/ban use of some words.

"instead of opressing them just how they're doing with you"
Just how they are doing with you"
^ this is what i took umbrage with.

I don't agree that disrespect, or words alone are oppressive. Oppression is oppressive. Which means controlling the way someone fucking talks, or thinks.
Nobody is controlling little Constance. Nobody can oppress you through the fucking chat in a fucking indiegame lmao.

Constance and company are taking a fact of life that everyone has to deal with, and magnifying it for themselves through their snowflake lens of specialnsess, and projecting it onto every fucking thing they touch. Our current political climate gives people like this a lot of power, and some are willing to abuse the fuck out of it...

So the oppression is totally 1 sided here as far as i can see. Of course if you lean left far enough you might just see the oppression of straight males to not only NOT be "oppression", but actually see it as an ideological achievement.