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  • 21 Jul '19
 crushed — Art

Its a bug that is fixed next patch.

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  • 10 Jul '19

Central Asian race option WHEN?

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  • 6 Jul '19

I know the devs are just a group of ten people, but development is way too slow. Dealing with the more annoying aspects constantly with no fixes in sight is just making me want to throw my hands up and stop playing. Could we at least get some kind of update as to what's being worked on? This is the exact shit that killed For Honor.

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Journalists are scumbags, nothing new. Devs, yall are great. I was in alpha and enjoyed every bit of it and got 360 something hours clocked while constantly learning, teaching and enjoying mordhau with new players and friends.

Like holy shit, some bad players who just say bad things is an issue in every game. Like god damn


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  • 3 Jul '19
 M E L E E G O D

Just let boys be boys. People that can't take banter will be filtered out. Begone with the SJWs.

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  • 10 Jun '19

From my experience the majority of votes will pass even when both the person who started the vote and the one being voted don't say anything. If one or more players claim the person is TKing (doesn't matter if false or true), then that person is most definitely getting kicked. I've seen this being abused by people who would start votes just to troll someone, and while a report system could be implemented to revoke a troll's rights to start votekicks or simply bann him, that'd probably be too much work for the moderators and there's a much simpler solution.

Just show us the amount of recent team damage done in the votekick infobox. Chivalry did that and I've never seen people abuse votekicks; if the vote was unjustified everyone would know.

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  • 16 Jun '19

@smellycathawk said:
The devs have no time to work on maps, mechanics, or game modes. They are busy adding in female characters.

They put a ton of man hours into making Cleaver and Dagger 3-shot T3 armor, give them a break.