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  • 12 Jun '19

also OP your evidence is extremely weak, no one is going to care about him saying "white power" or anything, you need to get him actually griefing or something

thankfully i've personally met the retard and he actually griefs, but yeah

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  • 11 Jun '19

Holy shit, what a fucking coincidence. I ran into this guy a couple of days ago and he accused me of hacking in our first game, then the second game he switched teams, teamkilled me and vote kicked me claiming I was teamkilling.

Interestingly enough, he also said he was going to contact Jax and tell him I was hacking, and when I asked Jax, somebody did actually contact him about me. lmao what a fucking clown world

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  • 11 Jun '19

Millennial, can't handle a troll. Just mute him for f**ks sake instead of running to mommy for help. Or you can just vote kick him. Sigh.

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  • 12 Jun '19

One advantage of Chiv 2 existing is that it may act as a sacrificial salt magnet and pull the rusty whiners and madbads toward it's (likely) more casual gameplay, leaving Mordhau slightly cleaner with a pleasing scent of pine.

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  • 12 Jun '19

@Dialectic said:
That chiv 2 trailer looked fucking awful. Tri can rename the mercs to 2 groups of knights in like 5 seconds if need be, and I guarantee they are working on modes and maps.

That chiv 2 trailer looked more visually interesting than the entirety of mordhau's development and current life cycle. If they were to simply rename the 2 teams to some form of knights, it wouldn't solve anything. The problem isn't that the teams aren't knights, the problem is that the teams are just that. Teams. Within each team there's virtually no cohesion, and between the 2 teams there's no uniqueness. And no, one team being red and the other being blue does not make them unique or cohesive.

Those maps they're working on. If they follow the current trend of maps in mordhau, they won't improve anything.
And the modes they're probably working on, current rumors put them at just modified versions of frontline.
So modified versions of a mode we don't like, on maps that don't interest us.

Its an indie team. Nothing moves at light speed with indie teams. For fuck sake not even AAA games get large updates in 2 months lol

Apparently this was not conveyed strongly enough in the main post.

At this point, most people understand just how long it takes developers to make and update games. They may not have any context as to how hard or complex it is, but compared to years ago, people nowadays are much more understanding of the plight that game developers suffer.

This post was not a "UPDATE YOUR GAME REEEE GIB GUD CONTENT" thread. No.

This post was a clarification and condensification of the current issues of the overall experience that mordhau is supposed to be. And of the experience a large, large number of people, wanted it to be.

The gameplay of the game is good. We all agree on that. However, the quality of the gameplay doesn't matter when the overall experience is an uninteresting, uninspiring, and boring one.

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  • 12 Jun '19

Goise I started playing around with 3D printing and holy fuck it takes long to print someshit

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  • 11 Jun '19

@PinkerStinklage said:
i attempted to make Aguirre awhile back, made it this far. wish i still had the files, i'd definitely try and finish him in time for the workshop or something.


i see you have a taste for true patrician cinematography

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  • 11 Jun '19

yeah this server just lost my business.... good job wranrgling him in...

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  • 11 Jun '19

Official rules are enforced only on official servers. The rules of private servers are up to their owners. I am not sure why you would play on his server to begin with if he is mistreating you.

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"girl gamers 1v1"

admin with furry weeb profile picture

most successful in NA

this post

I don't know what's the most hilarious thing out of all these

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  • 11 Jun '19

It's his server lmfao just go to a different server hahahaha

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  • 3 Jun '19

@King Sinclair The FluffyDragon said:

@Punzybobo said:
do you actually laugh at these or do you post them to get a rise out of people

Should i post big nosed hebrewd rubbing hands together and the same communist flag circle emote memes and something about 13%?

That a great way to farm likes


13% monkey chasing 50% goblina.jpg

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  • 10 Jun '19

infantry knight.png

My go-to longsword knight with medic bag.

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  • 8 Jun '19

yes devs and fucking 2h elitist .. . remove the real time swign system ...... make skyrim pool noodle combat .. that way i can play medieval cookie clicker and win game instead of lose, cry and have aneurysm on forum ...... ...

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  • 10 Jun '19

but that's a good thing

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  • 10 Jun '19

It would be a PR NIGHTMARE if the MEDIA found out that people were LITERALLY SAYING WORDS on the INTERNET

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  • 10 Jun '19

Maybe if you spam threads youll get banned and then the forum will improve a bit.

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  • 10 Jun '19

oh hey I have some new rats


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  • 10 Jun '19

it shouldn't one shot them because it makes me mad and I don't like it and that's why it shouldn't do it