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  • 14 Sep '17

I changed it in the .ini files. Works good.
Did something like this:

Steam folder -> mordhau -> input.ini -> ConsoleKey=F9

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  • 13 Sep '17

As much as Im enjoying Mordhaus FX and mechanics, a part of me really misses the smooth momentum of Slasher.

The releases in Slasher were slower than Mordhau; it made combat feel smoother and you could be more 'cereberal' about reacting to attacks release than solely the windup.

Right now it feels like windups are easy to read, but releases are unnaturaly fast.

With the releases a tad bit slower, the animations mid-release would be much smoother looking and thus make combat more fluid.

Of course this would bring back some crazy drags, but they werent broken in Slasher, just needed some polishing.

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(EDIT8: 17-june-2019): I updated this guide but it may not be perfect. The original post (up to EDIT6) can be found here.

1) Add port forwarding rules for the required ports

You'll need access to your router/modem control panel to add some port forwarding entries.

Add ports 7777, 27015 (UDP) and 15000 and forward them to the LAN IP of the computer running the dedicated server files. UE3 also needed an open 7778 port, and one of the .inis in Mordhau server files also has this 7778 port (listed as PeerPort) so you may want to add that one as well just in case.

15000 is the beacon port (Patch 4). You can override it with a different open port on the server start-up command line: -BeaconPort=<port>.

If you have any weird firewalls you may need to add exceptions or tweak them accordingly.

(Short) Connection troubleshooting:

Most issues are caused by faulty port forwarding. There are multiple websites for checking if ports are open on your network so use them ( or the netstat command.

If your server is not appearing on the server browser, make sure 27015 and the beacon port (default: 15000) are properly forwarded.

The server may be running on your LAN but not accessible to external players.

You can test this by opening up the console in-game and typing:

  • open <local_IP>:port

  • open <external_IP>:<port> (the external IP can be found inside your modem/router Control Panel or through

2) Install Mordhau Dedicated Server files


EDIT: According to Crushed, it's advisable to host this server on a PC different to the one where you'll be running the game itself. Some bugs may occur but basic server functionality can be achieved just fine.

3) Edit the server's Game.ini

If this is the first time you're setting up the server:

You'll need to run the server at least once for it to generate some config files. Run MordhauServer.exe in
<unit>:\SteamLibrary\SteamApps\common\Mordhau Dedicated Server\

Wait a minute or so, then kill the application in the Task Manager. It's usually listed as "Mordhau" (the process actually points to MordhauServer-Win64-Shipping.exe in \Mordhau Dedicated Server\Mordhau\Binaries\Win64\)

Next, let's edit Game.ini. You'll want to make a backup in case you change something incorrectly.

This file is located in

  • <unit>:\SteamLibrary\SteamApps\common\Mordhau Dedicated Server\Mordhau\Saved\Config\WindowsServer\

Basic Setup:

This is what your server lines should look like. Most of them are self explanatory.


MaxSlots=<number of slots. Default: 16>
ServerName=<Your server name>
ServerPassword=<OPTIONAL. Only players with this password may join your server.>
AdminPassword=<Password required to log-in as admin.>
Admins=<STEAMID64 of your user> (add multiple Admins=xxxx lines for multiple admins).
BannedPlayers=()**Not sure how this works, but it may be a list of banned users, set up by listing their STEAMID64s.

Some other settings can be customized as well. Check Patch#3 notes for further info (new .ini lines)

Map and Game Mode Rotation:

You can change the default map rotation by modifying the MapRotation lines, adding new entries or whatever.

Game Mode prefix codes:

  • FL = Frontline
  • BR = Battle Royale
  • HRD = Horde
  • SKM = Skirmish
  • FFA = FFA/Deathmatch
  • TDM = Team Deathmatch

Current map names (29/04/2019)

Contraband; ThePit; Grad; Camp; Taiga; MountainPeak; Tourney. Note that Frontline maps have 48p and 64 players variants. (Some maps do not support certain game modes).

For example, if you want a Skirmish mode only server, your file should look like this:


Changing the server's default map:

Inside the same folder where you changed the DefaultGame.ini file, there's also a DefaultEngine.ini file. Inside it you'll find a bunch of complicated looking lines, like ConfiguredNetworkSpeed, MaxInternetClientRate, NetServerMaxTickRate. These will affect the server performance, and you may want to check Vin¢'s thread for more info. Alternatively, you may want to check how other UE4 engine games are set-up.

The only thing we'll be changing now is the ServerDefaultMap line.

By default it's:


If, for example, you want a map "SKM_Contraband" to be the default map, change it to this:


4) Run the server executable through a shortcut

You may want to see the server console log window while the server is running. To do this:

  1. Make a shortcut to "MordhauServer.exe" (this file is in the root folder of the Mordhau Dedicated sv files)
  2. Go to properties on the newly created shortcut
  3. Under the target field you should have a path that starts and ends with a qoute symbol"
  4. After the last one add -log

    "D:\Programs\Steam\steamapps\common\Mordhau Dedicated Server\MordhauServer.exe" -log

You may want to add more parameters to that line. Here's a full list of arguments supported by UE4.

These are all useful parameters to add, esp. if you're not sure if you've set up the proper ports or you want to override them without tweaking the .ini files.

-USEALLAVAILABLECORES -log -port=7778 -queryport=27015 -peerport=4778 -Beaconport=15000

ALTERNATIVELY: Just double-click the MordhauServer-Win64-Shipping.exe executable in <unit>:\SteamLibrary\SteamApps\common\Mordhau Dedicated Server\Mordhau\Binaries\Win64\.

Btw, if you need to report a bug or server crash, these server logs are stored in \Mordhau Dedicated Server\Mordhau\Saved\Logs\.

5) Join the server in Mordhau

To log-in as admin, you'll need to open up the console and type "adminlogin YOUR_PASSWORD" (w/o quotes). Now you can restart the current map, kick players, change the map to something else, etc.

NOTE: If you can't get the console to open in the client (default key is Tilde) it's probably due to having a different keyboard layout.

To fix this:

1. Go to Mordhau's client location: <unit>:\SteamLibrary\SteamApps\common\Mordhau\Engine\Config\ and open the BaseInput.ini file (notice it's the folder where Mordhau was installed, and not the server files).
2. Locate this line:


3. Change "Tilde" to a different key, for example "J" (a key which does nothing in-game iirc), and save the file.
4. Restart Mordhau.

Admin Command list:

  • adminlogin <password> // required to perform any other admin command

  • adminlist // lists current admins

  • addadmin <STEAMID64> // adds a new admin to the adminlist (I believe this id is saved in %appdata%/Mordhau/.../Game.ini)

  • removeadmin <STEAMID64> // removes specified admin from the admin list

  • changelevel <map name> // Changes the map

  • restartlevel // restarts the current map

  • addbots <integer> // adds desired number of bots

  • removebots <integer> // kills desired number of bots

  • kick

  • ban

  • unban

  • banlist

  • slomo // slow motion (added as an admin command in Alpha build #2). slomo .5 will get you 50% speed. slomo 2 will get you 200% speed.

  • exit // exits Mordhau game program

Here are additional console commands that probably work on single player only. And here's how to change the game gravity on your server.

6) In the future...

I hope Triternion adds RCON Admin Tools to remote admin your server.

It would also be great if more command-line arguments were supported. For example, a basic one, -DEFGAMEINI=<customini> would make switching server name and rotations a lot more convenient (you'd just have to save and modify different ini files which would act as a preset)

Here's a somewhat outdated video to walk you through the process made by [InX] Atropos Orbis

EDIT: Added a little more info. Thx to Meph for finding out how to keybind the console properly.

EDIT2: Thanks to Vinc for helping me while I was figuring out how to get the rotation to work.

EDIT3: Fixed grammar and some corrections to the default map part.

EDIT4: Potential fix for when your rotation gets stuck: Add a "+" sign at the beginning of each MapRotation entry. If you have multiple admins or banned users, also add a + at the beginning of each line as well.

EDIT5: Fixes and additions.

EDIT6: Added some further info. Not entirely up to date.

EDIT7: Changed some things for the current version (from release date) of the dedicated server files. Some stuff may not be entirely correct.

EDIT8: Added some new info, parameters, etc.

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  • 13 Sep '17

Even at the very lowest setting of 0.01 the mouse speed is still very fast compared to most games. It would be good to have a much lower limit or change the turning values so they are lower.

For example 0.01 sensitivity at 800 dpi is only about 12 inches for a full 360 degree spin. Most games allow you to set the turning speed much lower than this. Like 100 or even 1000 times slower. This allows more precise movement with lower in-game sensitivity and higher mouse DPI.

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It resets every time I launch the game

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  • 12 Sep '17


@Industria said:
So they wont launch early access? No hype then, pointless ;(

They did launch early access but you either didn't support during the Kickstarter or didn't know about it and didn't support because of that. Hopefully they sell some more keys before the end of the year though.

I don't think at this point it is even legal for them to do so due to Steam ToS. Pretty sure that's what got the forum store shut down, as you can't host a game on Steam in a pre-release state while not selling keys for said game on Steam. There was close to a quarter of a year to buy into Alpha and Beta, I don't think many excuses can be made at this point aside from only finding out about the game after both sales ended, and even then all that can really be said is 'Tough luck'.

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  • 11 Sep '17
 marox — Project Lead

It's almost here folks, and yes, that's 2017, we're not delaying it by another year. We will unlock Steam keys tomorrow by the specified time, which will then appear in your forum account, and you'll then be able to activate them on Steam. If you haven't activated your purchase on our forums yet, go ahead and do that (we've sent out emails with the activation link some time ago!)

We can't wait to have you guys get your hands on what we've been working on (and what you've been waiting) for so long. See you guys tomorrow!

PS: regarding the recent outbursts on the forums.

The situation on the forums has been, well, rather tense the past few days. We made some decisions that clearly riled parts of the community up. If we were to do it again, we'd have handled it differently for sure. We've been working day and night to make sure everything in the alpha is working correctly, and that it has as much content as we can reasonably put into it at this point.

If you've been following us for a while, you know we tend to obsess over details and nothing is ever good enough. This remains true even for an alpha, and will remain true in the future. It's simply how we operate as a team. Unfortunately, everything has its downsides, and it sometimes costs us foresight when it comes to other aspects, like keeping you informed of our on-the-spot decisions, or being able to stay true to deadlines. That said, we think you'll love it. And ultimately, that's really why I think we're all here. Thanks for your patience and support, we'd never have made it without you.

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  • 7 Sep '17

Looks like some of the mods won't be doing their jobs anytime soon. Shitpost while you still can.

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  • 7 Sep '17

@Spanky said:

@LuxCandidus said:
That is unquestionable, but I do not think what he is doing could be considered playing. It is only tedious testing.

Crush himself said the alpha was fucking ready, if it's ready why aren't we all playing?

Christ dude stop fucking whining, I've never seen sometime shit their pants this bad over having to wait a little bit and I know some pretty sassy three year olds

It's honestly pathetic

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  • 29 Aug '17

Disappointed but completely understandable. Everybody needs to understand that two weeks is a short delay in terms of game development. I'm definitely seeing both perspectives here and giving the developers breathing space instead of insulting them is probably for the better. We all knew even before the kick-starter that a delay was likely. We've seen a proof of concept and the developers constantly engage with the community. This isn't vaporware. There is reason to wait.

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  • 7 Aug '17

@Ulkenstride said:
Tbh what Marox and Mordhau are doing to Chivalry :)

Marox kills Chivalry while riding Mordhau.png

Animated per Ulkenstride's request:


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  • 31 May '17

@Qwampa said:

@Smokingbobs said:
That forest map is damn near perfect. And my god it has a mine on it too.

If it only could like a little like this:



(Pictures originally posted by Jax)

Isn't this the wieliczka salt mine? I'm going there is about a month so it's kind of surprising to see it here.

It is! Make sure to take some pictures and post them for level design when you get there.

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  • 30 May '17
 marox — Project Lead

We've been busy! Work is progressing towards our Alpha milestone, which means getting critical bugs sorted out, putting UI in place, and deciding which content will make the initial cut. Along with this, we're also taking care of some optimization to make sure we get rid of any nasty framerate spikes during gameplay and that we're able to hit stable framerates in battles of various sizes. Being a melee game with a reliance on timing, the input has to be really tight, and there's not much room for framerate dips. Being a graphically intensive game on top of this can make things quite challenging.

We leverage level of detail (LOD) functionality heavily to this end. The simplest of its kind is a reduction in polygons as characters move further away from the screen, like in the example below.

1 (2).jpg

This reduces some load on the GPU, but doesn't do much when the CPU is struggling, so we have to resort to many other tricks. For example, a big culprit are our characters because they are comprised of many different parts, each part requiring their own texture. If you add up all the gloves, arms, shoulders, chests, helmets, coifs, skirts, legs and boots that a character can wear at any time, you end up with a staggering number of parts. These make each character truly unique, but are also quite expensive for the CPU when it has to tell the GPU to draw them. To alleviate this, when characters are far away and when this sleight of hand is not noticeable, we switch to a different construction that is very efficient for the CPU to pass around, and it looks a bit like this:

2 (2).jpg

We're also adding other optimizations on the CPU side of things, and letting players really lower the CPU load. One drastic measure we're taking is that we allow CPU code to run at a lower FPS for content that is further away from the player. This is typically done in games for animation, which ranks among the most expensive, but we generalize this approach and use it across the board. When this setting is cranked to extreme levels, it can have the effect of watching something in the distance in stop motion, but it can help lower-end rigs run the game at a reasonable framerate, and it does wonders for when you have lots of characters on the screen fighting.

However, work continues on other aspects of the game, too. More and more wearable items are being added to the game, check out the character below and see if you can spot some never-before seen gear!

3 (2).jpg

And last, but not least, more map environments. We're trying to make some new, pleasant environments for you to murder each other in. Here's a shot of some more recent work, it's one of the larger maps containing among other things, a fort and a mine. Take a look!

4 (2).jpg

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  • 29 Mar '17
 Ruby Rhoderick

I love what I'm seeing here, but there was one bit that upset me: the third person perspective clearly provides better peripheral vision than first person. It's crucial third person not be allowed in the official servers. Regardless of how you tweak it, there will be advantages between the two.

You can see what I mean here:

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  • 22 Mar '17

@Sir Zombie said:

@Void-1777 said:

@Carlo_Mano said:

You should be ashamed...

And banned


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  • 13 Mar '17

I like what a youtuber said about Mordhau:
At worst, Mordhau will be a better Chivalry. So it can't fail.

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  • 9 Mar '17
 Sir Zombie

80k bois

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  • 8 Mar '17
 Jax — Community Manager

This game has blown me away at every turn, and I'm excited for you to make both yours and our dreams come true. Triternion not only knows how to make a good game, but they have the transparency, willingness to listen to feedback, and overall a level of attention to detail that you simply don't see in most indie or even AAA development studios. Because of this, and the fact that I fully trust where you are headed with development, I pledged $420 to you. $420 specifically for the memes, of course.


Good luck, Triternion!!!