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  • 5 Nov '19

I finally found the issue! I don't remember anyone mentioning this problem before, so I hope it helps somebody else.

It was the SSD, not performing properly. I figured it out by opening task manager and checking performance tab. I kept alt-tabing when I would get a freeze and noticed that disks were overloaded. After updating the SSD firmware, freezing stopped! I can finally play the game properly.

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  • 30 Oct '19

@The Bird said:
You declare that The Bird is incorrect, yet offer no evidence to support your claim. The Bird finds your lack of adaptability deeply unsettling. You are not a developer, you are a consumer. The Bird suggests you remember your place!




I present the hotfix as evidence. The human suggests the bird let's the more evolved species do the thinking. :P

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Feitoris is beautiful. Very scenic...

BUT it lacks focus in Frontline. Sometimes getting lost headed to the objectives and I often get gang raped in corridors from both sides of a previously empty room/hallway or balcony, etc. Love the idea of the map, multiple routes and things to parkour... but even at 48 players sometimes you can get to the objective with 0 resistance... or find yourself in the one passage way the entire enemy team decided to take.

Map just needs less routes and more focal points for conflict.

Invasion mode plays great but somehow I expected more objectives. Maybe it needs a hella lot more villager NPC things in the final objective? Or one more objective after? Mortar can be mildly annoying in both modes.

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  • 5 Aug '19

That answers the question.