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  • 17 Sep '19

We also need a black skin so the police have something to do when there are no actual RDMers around.

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  • 10 Sep '19

Hello, I'm from the team.
Right now we're focusing on the other distros you mentioned so official out of the box CentOS is not a priority at the moment.
However I also think it would be great that you guys make it work on CentOS and it would be a good step towards full official support. I managed to make work on CentOS 7.6 by doing the following:

  1. Installing curl-devel: yum install curl-devel
  2. Replacing the with a version I complied specifically for CentOS here:

Basically I recompiled the library with the curl libraries available on CentOS.
This is the full guide of how I did it on a CentOS 7.6 fresh install:

Thanks for letting us know about this issue and will appreciate if you guys keep us posted!

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  • 31 Aug '19

It isn't broken, it's in beta, and it was announced as such. They know it needs tweaking, but they can't do that without data, which everyone who plays the "broken system" is providing.

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  • 21 Aug '19

Bump. We baguettes are still fucked over by this.

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  • 21 Aug '19

I only paid $30 for this game. I have other hobbies and games. The only reason you want this patch so bad is because you love this game. Go do something else for a while if it's 'unplayable' in it's current form instead of being impatient and making the devs feel like shit. The real 'Toxicity' in this community is the amount of people whining like a baby who doesn't have it's favorite pacifier in it's mouth.

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  • 21 Aug '19

Keep it to one thread.

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  • 10 May '19

Lute players sure are serious problem. Developers gonna nerf lute in the patches to come. Starting with one less string.

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  • 17 Aug '19

@Gambit said:

@Budd said:
I get why every ones looking at rust as an example but the thing is about that its all time low was 11k players and it never went back to that ever. It is hardly able to be taken as a "dead" era of the game.

Personally I burnt my self out on the game pooring hundreds of hours into a constantly developing world, well worth it but I sometimes give it a re-download, play with friends and dont touch it again for a month.

The difference here is that Rust's all time low took about 11 months, nearly a whole year after launch. Mordhau's decent was being seen in like 2.5 months. Thats what we call a not so pro gamer move.

They're different games though. A survival shooter is inherently going to be more popular than a medieval melee game.

I have a signature

100% true, its quite a niche genre but it definitely got way more popular that Chiv.

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  • 17 Aug '19

torn banner studios is sending out online counter-intelligence trolls to spread doubt and disinformation, what else could it be!

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  • 14 Aug '19

One of the most frequent suggestions for Mordhau is some kind of gunpowder arm to accompany the Renaissance and Early Modern cosmetics and armaments. This idea has led to lots of controversy and debate; certainly, it’s brought back some ugly memories of the unbalance in Chivalry: Deadliest Warrior and its pirate gunnery.
While it’s difficult to see muskets and pistols having any place in Mordhau at all, there is one firearm that could carve out a niche: the handgonne. A familiar friend to European militiamen and skirmishers from the 14th to 16th centuries, this primitive, hand-ignited, hip-fired gun is the perfect choice for a heavier, almost artillery-like weapon for the archers, a contrapoint to the regular bows designed less for sniper wars and more for supporting your team with powerful shots.

New Doc 2019-08-18 00.25.18_1.jpg

What does it do?
In short form: It’s a pricey, slow, loud, heavy special ranged weapon that behaves more like you’re carrying an Engineer artillery piece than a handy bow. Its power is very similar to the Chivalry heavy crossbow, but it’s rebalanced to be less of a point-and-shoot implement and more of a strategic, close-range weapon necessitating good positioning, timing, and aim- most notably, requiring steadying on a map surface for precise shots.

Why handgonnes and not the heavy crossbow?

  • Handgonnes are loud and smoky. Visibility is the trade-off for power; good positioning is thus a key skill to not get whacked. Heavy crossbows are far easier to end up as near-silent and uncommunicative of their presence and killing power.
  • Handgonnes have numerous effects (see Behavior in Detail) that are better communicated with the imagery of a gun than the crossbow. It's more difficult to, for instance, justify having to fire a heavy crossbow from the hip, or to buy an arrow messing with shields compared to a bullet.
  • A handgonne is easier to tell apart from the regular crossbow (esp. at a distance) than a heavy crossbow. It's its own shape and animation, same as the bows to the crossbow.
  • By making the handgonne its own weapon in its entirety, rather than a variant of the existing crossbow, variations can be achieved (see below in Extra Thoughts).

Weren't guns shitty and annoying in Chiv: Deadliest Warrior?
Yes, they were- and they were also comparatively modern flintlock weapons dating to the 18th century. The big difference that makes- they're self igniting, so you can just point and shoot them, as well as aim down the barrel. There's no difficulty scoring kills with those kinds of weapons, and they wouldn’t really be a good fit for a regular Mordhau arsenal item.

The handgonne, meanwhile, is more of a handheld artillery piece than any musket. It’s very difficult to use as a point-and-shoot implement, and suffers significantly from damage and velocity falloff at range, necessitating close range placement and timing. Its best use is when it’s steadied; however, the gunner must still keep a watchful eye out for archers, as he’s very vulnerable to Huntsman counter-archery and close range attacks.

Behavior in Detail
The handgonne would cost 11 points, coming with 8 rounds of ammo and a powder horn on your hip (counting as a quiver for Huntsman purposes).

To start attacking, you must ignite the handgonne. This involves holding the handgonne with one hand, and inserting a lit match into its touch-hole with the other. Once ignited, the handgonne smokes and hisses for a set period of “fuse time” lasting 2.5 seconds, before finally firing. You may cancel the attack up until the moment of ignition, after which the weapon must continue the sequence.

New Doc 2019-08-18 00.25.18_3.jpg

Aiming may be done before ignition and during the fuse countdown. Unlike the bows, handgonnes lack a sweet spot for aiming, and always sway significantly during normal firing. The handgonne may be steadied (a 500ms action for placing and removing the weapon) against map surfaces such as windowsills and short walls; in this state, you cannot move, but the sway is significantly reduced, enabling more accurate firing.

New Doc 2019-08-18 00.25.18_4.jpg

Firing kicks up a big boom and a cloud of smoke. The handgonne bullet travels at 1.5 times the speed of the crossbow bolt, and is extremely powerful; at point blank, like the heavy crossbow from Chiv, it insta-kills any armor tier save T3 with a headshot, and T0 and T1 torsos with one hit. However, it is affected by falloff; as it travels, the bullet loses damage and velocity, becoming significantly less threatening at range.

Within 20 meters, if striking a raised shield, it will knock it away identically to a normal disarmament. Planted pavise shields struck by a bullet within this range will be knocked over as well.

Visually, handgonne bullets are slightly different from most tracers; they are a bold yellow, and whistle in passage. Like any other projectile, they can be parried.

Reloading the handgonne is stationary, and involves a minigame; you must repeatedly hit LMB to ram the bullet and charge down. Though dependent on user speed, the minimum time required is 4.5 seconds.

While the topic of gunnery in Mordhau remains controversial still, I remain confident that it can be done in a satisfying and balanced way. I hope that with this suggestion I’ve made my two cents in a way that advances and improves the discussion yet. Feel free to leave your thoughts, questions, and responses anywhere it’s found.

Here is a Google Docs version of this suggestion for cleaner viewing/posting elsewhere. Figured I'd include it for completeness.

Extra Thoughts
Ideas of mine I’ve thought up in relation to the handgonne. Not necessarily as fleshed out, balanced, or able to fill a niche, but still worth including as a footnote.

New Doc 2019-08-18 00.24.45_1.jpg

Tiller Gonnes cost 8 points. Compared to the regular handgonne, the tiller gonne is much weaker; it can’t instakill T1 torsos at any range, and may only knock away shields within 10 meters. It cannot be steadied against map surfaces at all. In return, it’s noticeably faster to aim, ignite, fire, and reload, and sways moderately less when firing from the hip. It can be thought of as the “recurve bow” of handgonnes.

New Doc 2019-08-18 00.25.18_6.jpg

Bombards are artillery vehicles similar to Catapults, and are pushed and aimed in much the same way. These primitive cannons fire solid shots on a flattened arc. The cannonball, unlike the catapult, does not deal splash damage on impact; however, it is capable of body penetration, and will sail through enemies it hits, instantly killing them and continuing on its path. It deals extremely high damage to wooden structures of all kinds (doors, ballistas, barricades, etc.) making it ideal for besieging defenders.

New Doc 2019-08-18 00.25.18_5.jpg

Serpentine Arquebuses are a form of basic matchlock gun. These would best be suited as map pickups, being the closest thing to Deadliest Warrior style point-and-shoot guns- aimed from the shoulder, they’d have crossbow-style sweet spots and very little ignition fuse time (on the order of half a second). Compared to the regular handgonne, they are significantly weaker; the bullet suffers somewhat less from falloff, but cannot defeat shields at any range and may only instant kill on headshots to T1 and below. Of all the guns this is the most iffy and isn't really necessary as a niche gun in the main arsenal.

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  • 12 Aug '19

You can always mix it up. Bug fixes should get deployed in small updates. Content can be released in larger chunks.

Shit like the out of bounds capturing in Grad shouldn't have taken weeks to get fixed. Server labels should have been taken care of months ago. Also Crossroads fixes should be deployed before Feitoria is ready.

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  • 10 Aug '19

Actually friendly works on both dealt and received team damage:

It also stacks, so if you pick it and your teammate picks it then you take very little damage (plus the official servers already have a team damage reduction of I think 50%, so it can go all the way down to 12.5% if both players are using friendly).

To manage team damage yourself, wearing a pavise shield works very well, it also blocks a lot of enemy fire unless you're directly facing them. Wearing a pavise shield also incentivizes your enemies to change targets, so they won't even bother trying to shoot at you.

Just abandon 5v1s, there's very little benefit to being an additional teammate in this situation, you'd do your team much more good by preventing reinforcements reaching the 1 or making the enemy 5v1 you somewhere else. If you see any engagement other than a 1v1 then you should really consider whether you're actually helping the team by joining it. You'll find you get team hit a lot less if you avoid these gangbangs.

If you want a perk which matches the kind of person who would use it, then how about "Unfriendly", where your character always takes and deals 100% team damage, but they will automatically attack any teammate who has hit them before...

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  • 7 Aug '19

It's probably an Arduino hidden in a Starbucks leeching off the free wifi.

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  • 11 Mar '19

When Perks were first added it was an interesting and welcomed experimental change, but since then they've not been refined at all and at this point feel very tacked-on and unnecessary. There are a few perks that fundamentally change gameplay (Rush, Flesh Wound, Dodge, and Peasant) - but everything else can be reworked into the base gameplay or removed entirely.

Here are some examples of removing perks and naturally baking them into the game:

Cat, Acrobat, Rat, Ranger, Tenacious

  • Wearing lighter armor will give you decreased fall damage, lowered stamina cost for jumps, faster crouched movement, faster movement while aiming a ranged weapon, and faster life-regeneration outside of combat. These bonuses would scale depending on armor usage, so the more / heavier armor you wear, the less passive benefits you get. Additional ideas for buffing light armor here.


  • While using a ranged weapon (reloading, aiming, shooting, and for a brief period after any of these actions), you will take increased damage from projectiles. Alternatively, this can occur anytime you're simply holding a ranged weapon, though that may encourage players to constantly switch to a dagger to avoid taking extra damage.


  • Should be the default behavior. It's dumb that you're unable to take someone's shield just because it's on their back.

Wrecker, Smith

  • Having the toolbox in your inventory could make you passively better at building and breaking things. Additionally, certain weapons are already much better at destroying (maul) and repairing (blacksmith's hammer), so these are really not necessary.


  • Spiked Gauntlets or Caestus. They could even be a passive item that you're always wearing.

Second Wind, Fury, Bloodlust, Friendly, Fireproof

  • Generalist perks that are good in basically every XvX situation really have no place in the game.

As mentioned prior some perks do change gameplay enough to be a separate feature (Rush, Flesh Wound, Dodge, and Peasant). However their current form does little to make the game more interesting, and with so few of them it doesn't really justify having a whole perk system. A trade-off system could be the way to go (like Flesh Wound reducing maximum HP). This thread isn't about that though, so I'll leave that for a different discussion. The point is to illustrate that most Perks, in their current form, feel very tacked-on and unnecessary.

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  • 31 Jul '19

It would be excellent if this were done, the first thing it makes me think of is the possibility for people play competitive team matches more often. Currently, higher level players have to arrange matches between themselves manually if they want more even fights in team modes, whereas a separate program could at least set up some random teams once enough players confirm they're ready to play.

I'm guessing the very simplest implementation would be to have a queue on some website/Discord etc. and when it's full, give each player a console command to paste into Mordhau which joins a server (and give them a password or have the server whitelist the chosen users if possible?)

Unfortunately we don't know how much will be superseded by the upcoming matchmaking plans. But if that's just focused on public ranking for specific game modes, then a separate program would be great for queuing scrims, community events/leagues and custom game modes (maybe it's even best to compete against that matchmaking system to see which one people prefer in the end!)

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  • 26 Jul '19

I still have much to learn, but I hope you will enjoy my tribute to this amazing game. 1vX, matrixing, jump drags, fisticuffs versus weapons - this video has it all.

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  • 19 Jul '19

Greetings gamers,

SDK (mod tools) for Mordhau isn't out yet, but one of my teamates managed to create a playable map already !

Plouplou did a sick job to achieve this and bypass the lack of SDK.

He contacted the devs to make sure this would not lead us to a ban or something, they actually enjoyed his work and allowed us to use & share the map, and even more, the knowledge about creating maps without modding tools.

This means that everyone is now virtually able to create playable maps !

Here is a video to showcase the first community map, the Berzerker Arena (a duelyard, WIP) :

A discord has been created (Mordhau Community Content), in which you will find :

  • Tutorial & files to help you create new maps. Plou is ok to share a working basis, so you won't have to repeat all the work he previously did to be able to integrate an Unreal project into Mordhau.
  • The Berzerker Arena map, downloadable.
  • Mappers will be able to share their work with players on this discord.
  • Servers with community maps will be listed there.
  • Modding will also be discussed here.
  • Everyone is welcomed !

Link to discord :

Thanks & congrats Plou !

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  • 19 Jul '19
 Jax — Community Manager



In this post I’ll be discussing some plans for the future of Mordhau, and what the team has been working on recently. Please note that most, if not all features and content covered are in varying stages of completion; everything is Work-In-Progress and may change prior to its release or be canceled. As for timelines and estimated release of these things, we focus more on ensuring they are up to our standards as opposed to setting hard deadlines, so things will come when they’re ready.


Content / Maps

Our main priority post-release has focused around bringing in additional content to help keep the game feeling fresh - while a handful of weapons, cosmetics, and the map Crossroads were added, our artists have been hard at work on fully-fledged maps that will be playable in all game modes.

Feitoria is a sprawling town and accompanying village that will alternate between crowded streets, chokepoints, and more open areas and will have an emphasis on verticality and interiors as well. Currently, progress is going well on Feitoria, and our level designer is working on optimization, interior/background polish, and configuring the map for game modes.

Castello on the other hand, is a southern-European/ Mediterranean inspired castle keep and walled courtyards. It will have a similar feel to Grad, but with a more involved castle section, including portcullis control and close-quarters fighting. At the moment, Casello has begun its final art pass, along with some fine-tuning of the lighting and post-process effects.

Existing maps aren’t being forgotten, however - while we’re prioritizing new maps over spending all of our time tweaking the existing ones, we’re aware of balance and gameplay issues on existing maps, especially Crossroads, and will be improving them.


Game Modes

Recently, we have been hard at work on implementing ranked modes into Mordhau, as we feel it is a perfect fit for the high-skill gameplay that Mordhau brings to the table. You will earn a distinct rank - here’s a quick preview of them:


In addition to Ranked, we’re also working on a 64-player attack/defend mode which will capture the feeling of a medieval battle, with sieging and progressive objectives. We’re calling this mode “Invasion” in-house, and we’re in the process of designing the mode. It’s important that we’re able to retroactively add this mode to existing maps, as our levels are designed to be usable in all game modes when possible. This mode will not come next patch, but in the future.

We’ve been listening to your feedback, and we’re aware that Frontline is a bit of a polarizing topic - some people love it, others hate it. We’ve been looking into ways to reduce stalemates and make Frontline have more of a back-and-forth “tug of war” feel to it, and increase the player’s feel of involvement with the objectives. Nothing on this front is set in stone, but we’re looking into ways to improve the game mode nonetheless.

Balance & Gameplay Improvements

We’ve been listening to your feedback on game balance and frustrations with the game, and we’ve identified some areas that need a bit of work in this regard. Horses feel a bit too powerful and unfun to fight against and we’re looking into ways to make horses fairer to fight against, adding more risk to the horse riders while keeping them deadly and powerful. These potential changes include things like momentum damage against the rider, a smaller and more accurate horse flinch hitbox, fixing the desynced horse hitboxes causing players to hit through them and making horses more fragile against bigger groups of infantry, and more.

Fire bombs can also be frustrating at the moment, and we’re working on ways to fix these as well. We’re currently re-working the way fire damage is applied - it will start out much less damaging and faster, and standing in the fire will cause the damage to ramp up, making it behave more like one would expect from a fire. This will make the fire bombs less punishing when players only “touch” the fire shortly. In addition to this, the fire will be louder in volume and generally more noticeable. Players will still have to respect the fire as an area denial, but situational awareness will be increased and avoiding them will be much easier.

At higher levels of play, especially in duels, we noticed that the buckler can be overly powerful. We’re looking into removing the 30 stamina gained when the buckler is disarmed, but increasing the usefulness of the buckler when it comes to stamina costs when blocking weapons. We’re also looking into making swing manipulation look better overall without compromising the skill of the game, and adjusting a few weapons turn caps which are a bit too extreme at the moment (For example, Spear in short grip), making the game a bit more grounded. There will be many more adjustments and improvements, including Javelins among other things, to help fine-tune the already amazing combat.


Quality-of-Life / Miscellaneous Improvements

As we’ve discussed in our statement recently, we’re taking toxicity and racism seriously. At the moment we are discussing and experimenting with ways to add more tools to the game to help curb unwanted behavior. One area of focus is on preventing griefing and vote-kick abuse; we’re interested in adding more information to vote selection screen, such as the player in question’s team kill amount and team damage ratio, as well as a reason for the kick. We’d like to add an easier user interface for starting vote kicks, as the current method via the console is functional, but not exactly the easiest or most polished method we could implement.

A client-side chat filter is also in the works; while muting players removes anything they’ve said, you can only do that after they’ve said it. We plan on adding a filter that will automatically remove inappropriate or offensive messages before you have to see them, which will help to curb toxicity quite a bit.

In terms of griefing, we’re looking into ways to easily identify placed structures and their team/owner, so it’s more apparent to see if a teammate is intentionally placing structures to disrupt gameplay, and who exactly is the one doing it. We’re also looking into other ways to prevent griefing with toolboxes and firepots, to prevent players having to rely on votekick to deal with them in the first place.

While the majority of progression/gold issues have been fixed, there are a few persistent bugs remaining with our backend system. We’re looking to switch to a more reliable backend system that will handle player inventory, purchasing items, and player progression to resolve these issues for good. Additionally, we’re looking into server improvements to help reduce ping and latency problems.


Mod Tools / SDK

We are also well aware of the high demand for modding tools, and it is not something we are ignoring. At the moment, development is focused more around our short-term goals of increasing the amount of content that the base game provides and we’ll look into an SDK and mod support in the future.

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  • 2 Jun '19

So far I only see two problems with frontline:

1- Balance
-I feel like spawns are not well adjusted ,and the red team is closer than blue on most cases to the next objective (not always ofcourse)
-Also, on CAMP, the blue ballista is behind the spawn so it's barely used, and when used, it's used by the enemy team.
You can destroy it, but you know.. why not move it at the edge of the wall or something to actually not defeat the purpose of having one?
And on GRAD on the other hand, the ballista has direct sight in the stable point, not too op or something, but at least it's not useless.

2: General Team management
Coordinating a team is pretty difficult because:
-You need to have a squad defending your point, and another squad attacking the next one, so that your team doesn't lose because of the enemy capturing faster, basically it makes it very hard to do unless you got a clan or something.

I don't really think there is much of a fix for this, so yeah, it's more of how the gamemode simply is.
the "SIEGE" gamemode, which I hope it's literally Team Objective from Chivalry, would solve this. The objective is simple, you only need to focus on one task at hand and can be played with a lot of players easily.

Also, what I have observed is that 10v10 on Frontline works a lot better than 32v32, due to better team management in general and it feels a lot more competitive and less of a one sided fight. (I had matches that turned tides while we were at 450-150 and lost for example)

-Snowballing and bad spawn time. You have two teams fight each other in a large group, a massive badass battle. One loses, then the rest of the team spawns one by one, fights the group of the enemy team and die, one by one, therefore the enemy team having the number advantage in every confrontation since people don't spawn together and attack together. (like Verdun, Tannenberg, use wave spawning). People don't really pay attention to how many friendlies they have near each other while engaging, so they just die 10v3 or so repeatedly because they just spawn at different intervals.

Anyway, just my two cents on the matter, if you agree or not, please leave your thoughts bellow, fellow kniggas

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  • 17 Jul '19

o shidd sorry