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  • 16 May

wip trying animation

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your mems are all so spicy. Here's a mild one for the kids :)


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  • 14 May

I heard that if you die in Australia you die in real life

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@Trevz TheCuz said:

@Lincs said:
My face, don't make it weird I'm kinda shy xxmaxresdefault.jpg

You fucker... now song will be stuck in my head for another week

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  • 10 May

You are not worthy

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@RingMaster said:

@Survii said:
-See pretty decent girl around
-Damn seems trendy
-Aight lets get her number
-Can't approach her properly, been trying a week but honestly so blueballed now I'm gonna do it next time I see her
-Aight I'll check her Facebook in the mean time, friend knows her name
-Almost no posts or results
-One of the only results is:

TBH this made me angry as fuck, not laugh. But you guys might.

I bet you thought this up in the shower.

posted live tbh

so many things could potentially happen if I get her number though
where do you stand politically?
uh well minorities have it bad COUGHso why should we be oneCOUGH
capitalism is bad COUGHbut so it communismCOUGH
yeah diversity is cool COUGHso lets keep it all rather than melting potCOUGH
yeah the (((elites))) and media are bad COUGHbut they are also the ones pushing communismCOUGH

what music do you listen to?
-puts on playlist


tbh I gotta get this girls number, it would sure be an entertaining and high intensity relationship

also gotta acquire her means of reproduction tbh

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It makes a sound, similar to the sound for when you successfully parry someone in Dark Souls 1.

It is barely noticeable normally, but when I use my headphones it is very loud. Can I have the option to turn this off? It doesn't seem to be tied to any physical thing actually happening in the game, so it is immersion breaking. I don't need to hear the soul leave the body.

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  • 5 May

Mordhau when?

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  • 4 May

Black people are a low priority in mordhau they need to take the back of the bus in terms of what's important right now.

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  • 4 May
 elwebbaro — Art

Very low priority right now so can't give you an ETA. They have to take the backseat for more important stuff.

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  • 4 May

I really want to respect women in game with the evening star