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@Trevz TheCuz said:

why does the fucking dancing crab meme always get me

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I had a vivid dream where I was at work, carrying out my duties as normal, getting stressed out about this and that. In my dream I worked a full 8 hour shift.

When I woke up, I was exhausted from all of the work in my dream but then I realised - it was time to go to work.

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worst of all that bitch ain't even black, i'd say chocolate at best

dude however is proper black, what an inspiration

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Posting this because it actually made me laugh instead of that small exhale through the nose that everyone uses as an excuse for laughter.

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@ThunderDuck said:
priscilla creation.jpg

Cucked by the devil

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I've got a steven king novel of a dream, don't steal

I was on some kind of nature trip and was sleeping at night in a cabin. I was woken up by strange metallic noises like a vibrating metal. Strange anomalies opened up in my cabin - they were places where light didn't reach and were completely dark, but they seemed to move. I wasn't able to put my arm through them despite looking like holes. I then saw amorphous dark red creatures with enormous jaws come out of the wormholes, as if squeezing their entirely too large bodies through them, and they began eating people. We ran until we reached a helicopter pad where military men were waiting for us. They said that an alien presence called "the Zurm" had begun their invasion and that they were taking us to the last safe place on Earth, where all the nations of the world were huddled together. We got to an Island surrounded by naval warships and experimental VTOL aircraft, and walled off with huge guntowers like a metal castle. Inside there was a city that seemed relatively normal. Everyone in the city was paranoid and scared at all times, though they tried to hide it. After trying to go to sleep again thinking it was safe, I heard the metallic noise again and was immediately afraid. They came into my home and ate my roommate, and I went running out the door. People in the city were running too, and the sound of gunfire was everywhere. The monsters seemed to be unkillable no matter what was shot at them.

Eventually I was eaten as well, but instead of dying, I found myself in a strange dimension with green energy figures. They were surprised that I could see them. I asked them what their purpose was, and they collectively said in multiple voices, "we are what you've called the Zurm. We harvest your fear as energy. We do not have empathy like you do. This is not personal for us. We need you to live." It was at that point I realized they literally needed us to live. They aren't killing people, but sending them into nightmarish comas and inducing amnesia so they can harvest fear. I was placed into multiple subsequent dream sequences with the monsters, but rather than fear them, I walked straight into them each time and let them kill me over and over again. Eventually I figured out that I could see the Zurm's real form between the dreams because I had gained psychic powers from resisting their thought manipulation, and woke myself up in the dream from their nightmares. I then entered the Zurm's real dimension on purpose this time, confronting them to say "there are better sources of energy than fear which are more easily available and which can be self generated, without the need to torture others." I then psychically transmitted feelings of happiness, love, and empathy, and this scared them. Their green bodies were breaking apart, like a constantly shifting wave, so seemingly the feels were killing them. They eventually agreed to stop harvesting energy from people and leave everyone alone. I woke up back at the cabin and saw everyone else still asleep, and felt happy that I just saved humanity and they'd probably never know it. Then the metallic noises came back and the monsters re-appeared from the wormholes, so I got really mad because they tricked me and I was probably in another dream of theirs. Then it ended for real.

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"In left carseat born and raised ,
On the parking lot where I spent most of my days,"

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"Got in one little crash and my mechanic got scared, said
Your moving your car to the lot upstairs"

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 Jax — Community Manager

people don't think it be like it be but it do

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@Nikosawa said:
Horses are meant to be op against infantry, thats what thy are suppost to be.


Things be that way sometimes because they is.

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it be how it do

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stouty u small brain boy that is x2 ko but is not real irl x2 ko i gonna double ko my balls in ur throat if u post this again is double fake ko @Stouty

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( ͡~ ͜ʖ ͡°)

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