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  • 26 Aug '19

@Yomohofo said:
3rd: The patch. Wow. So much fuss over wanting a patch. I remember when you bought a game (for the amiga or C64, whatever) You NEVER got a patch... lol... I mean.... how fucking entitled and spoilt are we now?

Remember when we used to live in dirty caves and were riddled with lice? Now we want clean houses with fresh water. How fucking entitled and spoiled are we now?

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  • 2 Aug '19

Yes. It was too balanced when it was released so they adjusted it to better fit their vision.
When Taiga was overhauled the game was lacking a completely one-sided shitshow map. Crossroads was made to fill that void. And I have to say they outdid themselves with it.

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  • 3 Aug '19

@Budd said:
Why use a longsword when you could use something like rapier and heater shield, Why use a evening star when the maul is just a better version of it.

stopped reading lmao please do not comment on the state of the game when you have opinions like this

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  • 31 Jul '19

@ToLazy4Name said:
I like game

I hate projectiles, horses, shields, crossroads and people who hate mean words enough to complain about it


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  • 31 Jul '19

I like game

I hate projectiles, horses, shields, crossroads and people who hate mean words enough to complain about it

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  • 31 Jul '19

No text walls, just state one thing you love, and one thing you hate.

Take this free template.

I really enjoy:

I really dislike:

I really enjoy Greatsword, good animations, good drags and accels, nice stamina drain, just a respectful duel weapon that I don't feel like I'm bullshitting my way through a fight. Based GS best weapon. Feels so balanced and respectful in comparison to most everything else.

I really dislike, not having a toggle option to disable peoples battlecries in the audio menu.

Have at em'


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  • 27 Jul '19

Average Mordhau Matrixing:
tenor.gif eddie.gif
Lux Matrixing:
goku dodge.gif
Nearly every one of those clips has Lux evading one or more attacks with just enough minimal movement and camera turning. Nothing erratic nor exaggerated just to limbo out of the way of a sword. No wild camerawork or baton twirling during drags.

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  • 26 Jul '19

Riposting gives you initiative, and you can drag them like any other strike. If you don't riposte, the enemy can often keep initiative or at least has more options available to them.

Also, ripostes are one of the core 1vX mechanics since they cannot be flinched.

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  • 27 Jul '19

i once kicked a builder into his own spikes

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  • 26 Jul '19

are you mad because you're stupid or are you mad because you can't control yourself

either way you're mad

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  • 19 Jul '19

Jax said on his stream that he doesn't like your feet and that's the reason you aren't a mod. He's really into nail polish so that might be your chance.

Source: My vivid imagination.

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  • 27 Jul '19

no mention of tomato

Leave these forums and return only when you've thought about what you've done today.

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  • 27 Jul '19

Rock - Standard skin

Glove Garlic - 500 gp

Horse poop - 1000 gp

Pear - 1500 gp

Apple - 2000 gp

Polished Rock - 3000 gp

Salad - 4000 gp

Lemon - 10'000 gp

Golden Nugget - 50'000 gp

  • z - z - z - z - z -

Throwing Knife - standard skin

Spoon - 1000 gp

Fork - 2000 gp

Leek - 5000 gp

Banana - 200'000 gp

  • z - z - z - z - z -

Arming sword - standard skin

Thin branch with leaves still on it - 1000 gp

Wooden training sword - 2000 gp

  • z - z - z - z - z -

Heavy Branch - standard skin

Horse Leg/foot - 5000 gp

  • z - z - z - z - z -

Flail - standard skin

Stick with a rat attached at the tip - 40'000 gp

Flail with an human head - 80'000 gp

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  • 26 Jul '19

I still have much to learn, but I hope you will enjoy my tribute to this amazing game. 1vX, matrixing, jump drags, fisticuffs versus weapons - this video has it all.

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  • 24 Jul '19

I can't motivate myself to play when I know I'll just get stuck playing the same repetitive, boring, unbalanced frontline maps I've played dozens of times already.

I'd like to play and improve, but frontline bores me to tears. The mechanics can only hold the game up so much when the map and game mode design doesn't service them at all.

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  • 24 Jul '19

Those weapons seem "OP" in the hands of a new player because stabs look more difficult to read than swings. The reason you're doing well with them in Front-line is because similarly new/bad players don't take advantage of just how easily countered stabs actually are. They're very easy to dodge or chamber.

Once you reach a certain point I can guarantee you'll be saying the exact same opposite. Farming people in Front-line is a lot easier with big, swing-focused weapons that kill enemies in 1-2 hits. Stab-focused weaponry on the other hand struggles in 1vX.

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  • 23 Jul '19

lol the dodge is tiny when you try to use it but seems huge when fighting sum1 doing it, don't see how that's even possible tho.

if you think dodge is what's wrong with the game and are fine with 12 ft swords you are part of the problem sadly.

You find a way to turn literally every single post into complaining about zweis lmfao.

Funny thing is the real good players don’t even use that trash and you’re just bad.

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  • 23 Jul '19
 Jax — Community Manager

This pretty neat

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  • 16 Jul '19

Greetings all,

My name is Ethan ( obviously ), and I am the founder of a new platform After seeing the effects websites like and mobafire had on the League of Legends community, and being a huge fan of Mordhau, I decided that I wanted to develop a platform that can help newcomers and veteran players alike connect with others in the community,elevate their game, and get solid information regarding Mordhau Mercenary builds and overall gameplay.

That being said, allow me to introduce

MordhauGGBanner.gif is a web application that allows you to do the following...

  1. Login with your account and Create Mordhau Mercenary Loadouts
  2. Link and Share your (or other player's) Mercenary Loadouts.
  3. View detailed Weapon Statistics without having them unlocked in the game, or just on the go ( including alt modes, gold cost, etc ).
  4. Search for specific Loadouts by searching Loadout Name, Weapons Used, "Class" ( Fighter, Archer, etc ), and even usernames.
  5. Up/Downvote builds...Downvote the trolls, Upvote the builds that lead you to victory.
  6. Add short descriptions to your builds to let users know how the build should be played and used.

A few use cases...

  1. Share builds with your friends without taking screenshots.
  2. Twitch and YouTube content creators can share links to their Loadouts, or use the chat bot commands to allow users to find links in your Twitch Chat. No more pausing your game to show off your builds or linking to twitch clips.
  3. Link Mercenary Loadouts of players in your tournaments so your viewers know the weapons and armor being used by each player.
  4. Ask for feedback on a build from other players before testing your luck in upcoming ranked and Frontline, or see what other users are upvoting after the latest patch.
  5. Easily find a specific build for "Archers" or "Fighters", adding a defacto "class" system to make it easier to find specific builds, and filter out unwanted weapons.
  6. Easily search Loadouts for weapons directly, allowing you Rapier shield one-tricks to have the burden of looking through real builds removed.

Please understand that this is a BETA build of and I am one person and...

  1. is NOT run by a clan and is not officially related to, thus, both financial and technical support is limited.
  2. Because this is basically a solo project, There WILL BE BUGS THAT WILL TAKE TIME TO FIX.
  3. Web Servers cost money, but I will do my best to make ad free, cost free, and self funded, as long as I can.

Some of the known bugs including things such as weapon cost being off on some weapons, typos when inputting stats and names, and showing damage tables for shields and non-damaged items...These bugs will be fixed in the near future, but I must remind everyone that without community feedback and support, I will not be able to make the changes that are needed to provide a solid platform for a cool community.

I plan on adding a few features in the future such as...

  1. Ability to edit and delete builds. In the Works currently ( HIGH PRIORITY).
  2. Ability to upload YouTube videos and Twitch Clips to your builds, Added formatting options for the description panel, and screenshot upload, allowing for a more engaging user experience ( MEDIUM PRIORITY ).
  3. User Forums ( MEDIUM PRIORITY; Awaiting user feedback ).
  4. Some Secret Stuff :)

If you are interested in helping with or just wish to leave me feedback on the platform, please feel free to PM me here and I'll get back to you ASAP. I hope to get some good feedback and show me where I can improve. Thanks for taking the time to read.

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  • 21 Jul '19

You have yet to say a single thing about shields that isn't a strawman lmao