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  • 24 Jan '19
  • The main discrepancy in the justification of this proposed change revolves around what a punish ought to be/what you think a punish is. Essentially what you are asking for is a guaranteed window of damage where your opponent just has to watch themselves take a hit for what I would consider to be a very very minor (and sometimes it's intentional) mistake. You can argue all you want about how the burden is then on the player that missed to dodge or do some cool movement as a way to react to this guaranteed damage window, but that isn't a practical/viable response (especially for new players). You don't seem to view forcing a cftp as punishment because it is a "slight stam disadvantage". I don't know about you, but losing 20-25 of my total stamina with just one move is a pretty hefty price to pay even more so if you're CFTPing constantly in a fight. That's fine though; the game shouldn't have stamina as the only punish because then it devolves into stamina warfare obviously. Coincidentally, however, forcing a significant stamina advantage off of a CFTP is not the only punish available to you. RB/Giru have already mentioned the punishes available to you, but you seem to dismiss these as punishes because of potential that you will be gambled. Morphing/dragging ensures that you aren't able to be gambled in scenarios like the ones you have in your video -- your opponent is parrying so incredibly early that you really should just be dragging or morphing him every time. It's no different than punishing a player who parries super early. Likewise, the potential to be gambled/read when you go to feint someone's combo windup certainly exists but that doesn't mean it isn't a feasible punish. That's like suggesting feints are ineffective because there always exists a chance that your enemy will just gamble into it. Regardless, that sort of interaction of potential gamble or them even reading your feint is good interaction, I think. This is the sort of depth RB was hinting at in his posts. In any case, as a player you always have choices/decisions to make in combat. This is no different: if you're concerned about the potential to be gambled/read, just take the stamina punish. Misses like the ones shown in the video, in my opinion, are not significant enough mistakes to warrant a guaranteed damage window. This would be especially brutal for new players who have little sense of range and constantly swing around missing. To be fair though I don't think in noob vs noob combat the noob would be punishing misses like these so the guaranteed damage window actually wouldn't be too bad. No way to be sure without watching noob gameplay/talking to noobs which leads me to the next point.
  • Similar to the feint thread that around a while ago, why are we speculating and putting out bold assumptions of what noobs are going to enjoy/feel/do? Based off of Shroud's gameplay, to me it appears that newer players don't really have any sense of punishment meaning that a guaranteed damage window or what we have now wouldn't affect a noobs intuition. Perhaps I'm wrong though, I don't really know -- I'm just going off of what I saw in Shroud's gameplay. Maybe we should ask some newer players about this supposed intuition to punish? This kind of change is derived from what you view as problematic with combat, not directly from what noobs view as problematic. You just talk about the intuition of noobs as a nice little supporting piece of 'evidence' for this change.
  • There are far-reaching implications if a change like this were to happen. I'll list them out and if you're confused I'd be more than happy to elaborate:

1 . Feels clunky
2 . Destroys a lot of important elements in teamplay
3 . CF window is already small -- you're taking away the ability to micro feint or even do a moderate feint thus leaving the player with only deep combo feints which is just taking away options/depth from the player.
4 . Happy feet would become a dominant/oppressive strategy with a guaranteed damage window like the one proposed. (1vx also probably fucked as a result)
5 . The only positive implication that I could think of would be a more grounded/methodical look to combat. Basically, players would engage more carefully and range play would have more merit. However, this would probably slow down the game considerably and discourage aggressive plays.
6 . Guaranteed damage never feels good (insiders, kick stun, etc)

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  • 16 May '18

These clips were put together fairly quickly and against players not who are not necessarily top tier (the exception being Shuugs, one of the best players). As a result, these are not the cleanest or most accurate portrayal of these mechanics. However, I do the exact same things to the best of the best -- anyone that has fought me can attest to this. Some clips are unrealistic (for example landing 3 waterfalls in a row) but the main point here is to show that waterfalls are viable and the footwork to deal with drags/insta hits. You'll notice there aren't that many chambers because what happens is the attacks miss me. They either miss or connect instantly. This is how I personally deal with the attacks that are tough to read. It's obviously not 100% consistent because that would break the game, but I can perform these maneuvers enough to what I would consider consistent.

Waterfalls are not the only way to bypass parry, there are a plethora of unique things you can do. I chose waterfalls because they are a basic and well-known move that stems all the way from early chiv days.

I have also included two bonus clips for those interested in what it looks like for stabs (the footwork for stabs is near 100% consistency):

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  • 13 May '18

I don't get the gloominess about "lack of playstyles". Chivalry had: SoW feint spam, Maul spinneroos, Messer spinneroo and feint spam, MAA dodge and stab, and Vangaurd spinneroo and feint spam. The options you have in Mordhau are not only more numerous but actually viable. Chivalry, the lack of FHF and parry being the only defensive option (thus making yellow bar stupidly important) actually limited a lot of potential playstyles.

Wanna play facehug with an axe? Go for it.

Wanna play facehug with a rapier? Strap on that full plate armor and go for it. Wanna play distance, pokey, and bait-and-punish instead with a rapier? Strip off some armor, go for it. Same weapon.

You've got a lot of options with versatile weapons like the 2h swords. Aggressive feints and chambers for a fast style. Defensive attrition play for a slow one that capitalizes on enemy mistakes and puts them on the ropes with low stamina. Mix it up with drags. Mix up the drags themselves. One particularly good one is to stab low and, if they chamber stab but DON'T morph it, counter stab chamber UPWARDS and do a sky -> head stabdrag while they're still aiming down. There is NOTHING like that in Chivalry.

Defensive and aggressive playsyles are so much more pronounced in even the top levels of Mordhau. Chivalry's a lot more rigid, you'd know this if you ever played up there past 2012's "feints are too cheap" meta.

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  • 27 Apr '18

@Koda said:
Standing still is the best way to demonstrate the combat mechanics in the game as they are. Footwork just mitigates the broken-ness of it.

This is a huge misunderstanding on your part.

The game is footwork + combat mechanics.

He wouldn't have been able to pull off this attack without employing footwork himself. You employ your footwork to counter his footwork and deny him an effective deception. Stop crouching and you won't have issues, you're quite literally gimping yourself by not utilizing a huge core mechanic. The only real issue here is the visuals of the attack, which is a thing that can be talked about, but gameplay wise there's no problem here.

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  • 19 Apr '18

hello reithur, good luck

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  • 9 Feb '18

tried it out, if you do it on a chamber correctly you can make your chamber feints unpunishable but telegraphed to look pretty convincing. You can always do it correctly if you just make a macro btw so it seems kinda gay but maybe thats just me being homophobic

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  • 23 Dec '17

these are the only ones I saved but it happens pretty often to me, where you seemingly get parried when your weapon was nowhere near your opponent. Also some desync issues in the last clip.

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  • 21 Dec '17

After a few hours with the patch I've found it to have some questionable changes. I'm curious how other people feel about this stuff too.

Last 15% of strike release tracers now no longer deal damage
Good idea, poorly implemented. Now it feels like the beginning of your attack and end just ghost through enemies. An animation change is needed here to go along with this.

Strike chamber/parry window reduced by 50ms
These changes were made to compensate for the drag changes but I feel like this hurts chambers more. With the drag changes it was mostly large, overzealous drags that were removed. These were never a problem for chambering because they were either easy to read outright or left you with plenty of time to ftp. This means that they removed something that was irrelevant to chambering but nerfed chambering anyways. Now slash chambers are down to 200ms. Factor in ping plus the fact that drags don't really beat parries but rek chambers makes this the first stage of making chambering obsolete. But there's more.

Brought back riposte feint with a small feint window
Adjusted feint lockout - early feints are now less clunky and easier to use for chamber baits
Riposte feints. Who even wanted these? They were removed once before and now they've been brought back. When I read the patch notes I thought nothing of it, figured they'd just be micro feints that are easy to read. So far this is not the case at all. Sure maybe they are micro feints, but they are micro feints that are coming from the fastest move in the game. Hell, if you put some work into it you can actually feint quite late. Factor in the fact that you can start your attack inside your enemies body means that, no, these are not as readable as I thought. Good luck reading this shit in the heat of battle.
Then you think, hey, feints are beat by chambers right? just gotta chamber the riposte (which btw was already barely possible, only time you could ever chamber a riposte was when the enemy was predictable) Even if you manage to read the riposte angle and go for a counter chamber it almost doesn't matter. If the enemy has a weapon of similar speed or faster than yours they can actually punish you before your counter chamber even lands thanks to the feint lockout change. Feint into attack will hit before a chamber attempt now which is it's own fucked up thing.
You can't compare riposte feint to chamber feint. One takes skill, is much slower and more choreographed, and (was) countered by other chambers.
Also I lol when I think about all the noobs that complained about feints in chiv. You had an excellent counter to feints that, even if it took a lot of skill would have made the casual audience much more accepting of this game. But guess what guys? If you thought feints were bad before wait 'til you try our game

No changes made to stab drags
The fact that I can take any weapon, release a stab on the right side of someone and bring it all the way around and hit them on the left is ridiculous. Of course I'm not saying they should be removed, just toned down.

So to summarize:
Chambers are harder to do. Pulling off this difficult move now only rewards you with some extra stamina. Parries are better than ever. Ripostes are better than ever. Feints are better than ever.
Feints and ripostes will become the meta, with chambers taking a backseat.
What game am I playing again?

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  • 17 Dec '17

Some thoughts on Archery. I think it should be quite simple.

Arrows cause damage to all armor types. Heavy offers the most damage reduction (as it should).
Arrows can 1 shot naked heads. Damage is increased towards the head of armored opponents.
Arrows flinch enemies right before the engagement. (This was a huge benefit of having a good archer on your team).

There is no need for an option to remove archers. In Chivalry, if no one wanted projectiles, it was agreed upon b4 match.

Bow sway would make archery immersive and add more skill depth to it. You could 'learn' your bow.
I'm not opposed to a cross-hair, but in my experience - learning to shoot without one actually helps you learn how to aim.

Archery should not be 'nerfed' simply due to the potential of them being OP. Archery is the perfect antithesis to melee. It spices things up and everyone hates them. It would also make Heavy Plate armor/Shields more useful.

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  • 17 Dec '17

@Humble Staff said:
I remember a post (that i think Furst did) in one of those searing hot archer debate threads and back then it sounded quite nice, and still kinda does in my mind.
It was along the lines of "ranged weapons deal significantly reduced damage at extreme range". Furst implied that this should not make naked and light armor feel safe at all, like, less damage but still dangerous while medium would be able to soak a few more shots. I think he suggested that for heavy armor, it would deal very low damage or none at all (of which im not fond of) all of this accompanied by no flinch (maybe medium benefiting of no flinch as well). I'd say that reducing the damage to like 25% or 20% sounds fine, especially since Triternion doesn't aim for super powerfull archery. I know heavy meta is a problem but this way i think melee only players would feel a lot better in their heavy armor, sniping is hard by nature but also having reduced damage would mean that an archer would have to be insanely good to wear a heavy player down let alone kill him from far far away.
At closer ranges, even in point blank seems fair to me that plate armor reduces quite a chunk, again, because of triternion's approach to archery. At point blank you may be able to do more harm to the plate user if you have a blunt secondary but shooting at him from a few meters is safer given that you have inferior armor. Sounds like a good trade of to me.
I see it like having to fight a heavy user with light armor and say an arming sword, you have chances of wining althought quite low.
I know i'm a noob at melee and a trash tester atm but this sounds like a fine compromise in between absolutely hard counter and archery raping everything.

Having range based penetration values for different armor types would be cool to see and I have no issue with it.

To deal meaningful dmg to a heavy user with a bow, depending on which one obviously, would require you to be within like 20m or something.

The only issue this would cause is inconsistency, but that could be solved with 2 methods.

1) making the penetration mechanic only count on body and leg hits, leaving headshots alone. This would increase the skill gap between meh archers and good archers because they would have varying effective ranges with this mechanic. This isn't fully realistic obviously, but the impact hitting you against your head, even if not penetrating the helmet, would often be enough to hurt you bad if it was a straight on shot undeflected. Then again, the game's far from realistic anyhow. Obviously the damage still changes depending on helmet armor type, it just bypasses the extra protection added for range by making a difficult shot (obviously a little bit of luck is involved but it's the same for every feint, gamble, drag, and chamber we do as well. Our success relies on our opponent and our luck in either case, which is also a factor of our own inherent talent).

2) for this to work, you would have to show damage values over targets on hits however, so you could tell how much dmg you were able to do. Otherwise it becomes a big guessing game for the archer and makes it harder to provide Intel to your teammates

This way plate feels heavy and armor actually works to an extent, but it's not completely undefeatable without ruining your loadout. I am fond of this suggestion.

Edit: one easy way to tell if it procced or not would be to have arrows bounce off with a different sound when there was no penetration, and instead of having scaled damage, just have two set damage values for a penetrating shot and one that didn't make it through. I'd say like a third of damage for a nonpenetrating shot, so if the best bow in the game took 3 bodyshots on a knight or something, it would take 9 with no penetration or headshots. These are arbitrary values made up for example

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  • 21 Oct '17
 int | bada

My name is bada and I support this message.

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  • 21 Oct '17


What is "mordhau dodgeball"?

Mordhau dodgeball is a community gamemode in which players fight to the death by throwing weapons at each other in a team setting. It's played in the skirmish mode on the map contraband and features 360 no scopes, slam dunks, and sheer fun. You can play with as little as four players, or upwards of 16, or really however many you can fit into a server.

How do I play?

Community member Naleaus has kindly dedicated his private server to the new dodgeball game mode. You can find this server (which is located in NA) named as "Dodgeball - Thrown Arming Swords, No Armor" (server name may be slightly varied, I will try to keep it updated).

Here is the current rules list: (subject to change, and always willing to take feedback)

-All players must have a loadout that has no armor pieces whatsoever and three arming swords.

-There is absolutely no parrying allowed at any point during rounds unless otherwise noted (view exceptions below).

-Each team must remain behind their side of the pillars at all times unless otherwise noted (view exceptions below).

-Avoid staying in the tunnels or long alley of the map, you should be in the middle 99% of the time unless otherwise noted (view exceptions below).

-Never use any kind of melee attack with the arming swords under any circumstance.


-When there is one remaining player on either team, teams may then cross the pillars and venture to any point on the map. Players may also use fists and parry other fists during this time. Players may still use throwables, and are encouraged to, but don't necessarily have to in place of fists.

This rule also applies if there are less than 20 seconds remaining before the end of the round.


This is a community driven gamemode, and as such, it's important to respect these rules so that it's fun for everyone. Admins will kick if need be, and that's really only as a last resort. Just play nice and enjoy the game.

EU people should come play - the high ping isn't too bad. Crush was able to top frag many games, so don't be deterred by the ping.

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  • 13 Oct '17

Your question assumes the issue is an issue without first making a convincing argument to show that the issue is an issue. You just kinda say it is and then imply it is by asking how to fix the implied issue.

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  • 8 Oct '17

bolded texthello my name is rob and i have 187 hours in mordhau right now, this is going to be feedback based on my experience so far. i will mention stuff that other people have told me too. I'll try to organize it based on stuff i noticed when i first started playing and not talk about stuff i didnt really dabble too much in.
since i've been playing, i used directional only. Lmb with cuts/strikes, thumb button for stabs (my scroll wheel is really old) and the other thumb button for a kick, f also kicks just in case. Im trying to atrophy chiv muscle memory, so scroll down is still overhead and scroll up is stab even though i dont use it. my settings are all on low

MAIN MENU : It looks real good, headtracking on the cursor was a cute little feature. The UI was incredibly easy to understand, i tried to navigate the game with the densest possible mindset, i tried to get lost and not know how to do stuff, but it wasnt easy. the user interface is the friendliest, you can change your fps in the options menu for god's sake, no need to .ini edit.
SOUND : Footsteps on enemies should be louder, but not on teammates or every skirmish spawn would be a herd of galloping horses. Would be pretty skill based to fine tune your hearing and realize an enemy is approaching your rear instead of a teammate depending on the sounds intensity as it approaches. Hopefully the arrows make loud enough noises too so you can bock them via the ears. Parries, chambers, clashes, ripostes if possible, should have some difference in sound, perhaps for ripostes the yell should be different.
MAPS : The maps i played thus far have impressed me. I personally dont feel like i hit walls on grad even though the spaces seem small, but i have noticed other people complain about that so eh. The maps i've mostly played are contraband and pit, and i love how crouch actually lets you crouch under stuff, in Chiv you had to exploit with the duck command and that sometimes let you walk through walls. Weapon pickups are a lot of fun, but its sad that they get replenished only upon map change, should be after rounds for non-deathmatch modes. All maps look good and so i dont repeat myself i'll only really mention things that kinda stand out. I like that the clouds move.

  • -Grad some nerds use it on their duel servers and the courtyard of it is reallly small for all those nerds trying to duel. I havent noticed anything thats an eye sore besides the ufo, and the whole map is actually pretty roomy, i've dueled in those spiral tower things and they seem small, but i never hit a wall in them. it is good map.
  • -Pit is a pretty big map, without a chase mechanic you can watch intense races between fast and slow boys. the sound of the moving leaves sometimes cuts out, or i think its the sound repeating, either way i only notice it when im picking my character. There was a tree by a wagon that i could actually go inside of and hit through. I have not been able to reproduce that, so maybe the server was 120 tick?
  • -Contraband is good for 3v3s and 2v2s, map exploits getting fixed really quickly. you can drop weapons through the archway walls, and then pick them up through the walls.
  • -Camp has a fenced area thats a bit small, but its not hard to jump on the fence and mitigate that.+


  • Movement: No complaints on the footspeeds, but chase mechanic is very much looked forward to. Jumping feels good, you get good influence over your movement mid air.

  • Parry: Parry can be exploited a bit too much on the sides, especially with riposte.

  • Active parry should be a bit more obvious. Naleaus had the good idea of giving it orange sparks so you can identify it better.

  • Windup: The animation of windups kinda all blend together if the windup is too fast. You see very little of an attack angle at an awkward camera angle and you dont know if its a slash, overhead, or undercut for its corresponding side. Pole weapons have all their left attacks kinda smear together during windup, you have to wait a whiiile to see if it goes low or high, but if its fast like battle axe alt grip, then you gotta be reeeeal quick to see.

  • Chambers: I think they need to be too precise right now, i've been doing pretty gross things with my character to try and force a lot of chambers. Their concept is great but right now a bit too risky. Out of a chamber, you can accelerate, delay, feint, morph accelerate, morph delay, morph feint, or kick. If it were more possible then the rewards would be more noticeable. Animation fixes could slightly buff chamber abilities. Maybe including the actual Length of the weapon/the weapon itself during windup as the chamber box could make stab chambering more accurate. You could counter people stab delaying you with more consistency, and maybe pull off some teamate-saving-strats with your long weapon.

  • Attacks:

  • Strikes/stabs: Ghost swings still happen to me but its less frequent. On stabs it happens mostly at the very end of release. Overhead leg drags are very very powerful at the moment, very safe to do, its hard to strafe dodge it if you are heavy. Jumping is effective but can look silly. Kick gambles are also good but depends what weapon you fight.

  • Kick: At the moment kicks feel like a counter to predictable playstyles and slow weapons who facehug. Someone who tries to run in your face and pretend they riposte is a prime target for kick, you can just read that they didnt riposte and kick. Someone with a fast short weapon who is going to facehug a lot to hit you is not going to be countered by kick. The timings are not in your favor. A slow weapon who doesnt riposte instahit is gonna get kicked ez. Rapier facehug man is going to stab your shoe. Kicks can also land against people who backpedel, its more than likely the player model. When doing something like windup, the arms can move forward slightly and the boot can connect.
  • Riposte can be really difficult to read, hopefully animation update will fix that. Current animation has the wrist spin a bit and settle on an angle, but with enough camera movement, the angle becomes a mystery and chambering becomes a gamble. Hopefully it will be telegraphed enough to make a difference.
  • Clashes feel better now after the recent change, feels less impossible to outclash a faster weapon with a slower weapon.

  • Flinch: The flinch window is huge but needs to be so you dont get gambled really really hard during your combo. The only thing that makes me gag is the inability to chamber someone who has hit you with a delay and combo into an accelerated attack. You are still flinched and forced to parry. It is the worse with mild delayed stabs on fast weapons like rapier, because they can combo into another stab and you are left unsure if you are still flinched, it all happens so quickly. Maybe a Dynamic Flinch mechanic would make this feel less clunky and would make chamber attempts less of a gamble by making you certain/confident you can actually chamber a combo. This could be based on the combo speed of the weapon that flinches you, or maybe how late in a weapon's release you get hit, or both, or something that i'm not thinking about. Either way, a flinch that is more dynamic would make the game feel less clunky, just like a feint that is more dynamic (which is already a feature).
    (Monsteri had a great idea for flinch, it is in the comments).

  • Instahits/drags: You can Reeeeally speed up attacks like a lookdown overhead, hopefully animations let each attack be telegraphed enough to give players enough time to read and react, being able to tell the difference between accel/deccel mixups.Recently, i've noticed the effectiveness of stab dragging against potential stab chambers. it seems almost too effective and too safe, especially when using Zwei or Halberd, but is safe/effective even with Bastard sword and Rapier, low risk really high reward. There seems to be no risk to stab dragging besides maybe missing or it just not working, but the reward for it working is a free hit to combo off of into other mixups, and all the enemy can really do is try to read, rest in piece if you have high ping. One way to maybe solve that is have the length of your weapon actually count as the chamber window, instead of your chest, so you can follow a stab drag and actually try to counter to a more involved degree, making you feel slightly more in control. It might not be possible though because the 1st person anims are not the same as 3rd person, so maybe there can be another method, but hopefully something gets added to make it seem less one sided, unless of course it ends up not being an issue or no one else thinks it is.

FORUMS : I just accidentally published this thing when i tried to click preview, so a " ARE YOU READY " when you try to publish would be an excellent feature

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  • 7 Oct '17

Alpha Build #8
Thoughts since launch:
I'm currently 145 hours in and loving every second of Mordhau. The gameplay feels unique but familiar to fans of the melee genre. I'm still improving every time I hop on, and that's a very good feeling. I can't wait to see what archery, objective modes, and ranked MM brings to the table.


  • Server queuing would be a huge QOL boost. It's a huge area of frustration to try and join a full server - have it send me to a loading screen that spits me out back in the menu with an error.
  • Customizing the menu - I would love to be able to customize my main menu screen so it's how I want it to look when I launch. Being able to select which character will be displayed, with a selection of different backgrounds from in-game map locations would be great. I would also like to be able to right click and spin my character around in the menu.


  • Headtracking is too responsive - it sticks to players who are fairly far from the player, and sees players through obstacles.
  • Third person spectate while locked on a player is very jittery.
    Would love for this to be resolved as I cannot record or watch other players in this perspective without feeling a headache from the jittering animations. It would also be great if while in third person spectate locked onto a player that you can use the scroll wheel to zoom in/out.
  • Desperately in need of a proper implementation of votekick. I will copy and paste a post from way back when on the subject:

    Votekick should exist but it can be implemented much better than in Chivalry.
    Example: In Insurgency if someone calls a votekick, it requires multiple people to go through the menu and try to votekick said person before it shows up on everyone's screen for a vote. Usually requires at least 3 or 4 people to initiate. This removes all of the rage votekicks people will put up on one accidental tk. It won't stop groups of players from abusing that though.
    There are Chiv servers that have votekick disabled. I avoid these servers because they become home to the players who like to tk, or for hackers because no one can remove them. No votekick requires constant admins to be online, which isn't a realistic goal.

  • AFK auto-kick for idle players. As I typed this monstrous post I've been sitting in a server because I forgot to exit. Woops!

Combat mechanics

  • Chambering leg strikes is frustrating.
    The current way to chamber an overhead/horizontal leg strike is to crouch and move into the strike while chambering. The reason this is an issue is determination of a leg strike. At the moment it either comes from someone incidentally telegraphing their intended target too early, or knowledge of player behavior. Trying to do this on reaction - I usually notice the sudden change of target from high to low but at that point it's too late to rectify the chamber attempt and instead requires a panic ftp.

  • Tracer detection for team hits is unforgiving.
    With the current animations (both horizontal & high angle overhead strikes) it's very easy to tap the player next to you at the tail end of your strike. This makes fighting next to your teammates a messy affair at 100% team damage w/ flinch.

  • Team damage
    I know the devs have spoken about having weapon stops on team hits. I would really like to see this soon! I've noticed several problem players already beginning the habit of "sacrificing" teammates to secure last hits on enemy players. Particularly the spear wielding fiends.

  • Shields are currently too difficult to deal with in 1v1 - there doesn't appear to be much counter play. Trying to kick a back pedaling shield user doesn't work as all they need to do is turn sideways, have lighter armor than you, or jump back to avoid it.

  • It is hard to determine what is choked up / choked down with the Q-Staff at Camera distance = 0 (Default setting). Grips can be confusing in the first person perspective for certain weapons. Some form of UI notification of stance would be greatly appreciated.
    Ex: altgripuiex.jpg
    This UI notification can slowly fade, it's just meant to briefly let you know what grip you currently have. Perhaps a toggle-able UI element for those who don't have this issue?

  • Kick morphing
    Currently you can morph into a kick from an attack, and morph out of a kick into an attack. Against good players you can bait an aggressive chamber by starting an attack and morphing into a kick which your opponent will in this scenario - run into.
    However if you start a kick and morph into an attack, well, the amount of times I've ever felt the need to do this in combat is about zero. It doesn't really do anything in particular. I've never tricked anyone with this, or had anyone trick me with it. What has happened though, and very frequently, is that I intended to kick my target and started queuing the combo for my attack off that kick "too soon" and started to morph, causing me to lose that opportunity. Sometimes this mechanic will get me killed because I was relying on that kick. At the very least I would like the option to disable morphing out of my kicks, because I will never use it but it has screwed me over quite a few times.

  • Disarmed!
    Currently it doesn't feel very punishing because of the loss of initiative. If the disarming player hesitates to see what their opponent will do and they pull out a weapon, there is no punishment. Why would the player who did the disarming hesitate to punish? This is because after disarming a player, they will have initiative. If the disarmed player intends to punch, they have first strike. A fist hit is ~30 damage, which is not something to be ignored. To add to this, the animations for fists are currently very placeholder. Determining a windup can be extremely difficult in certain lighting situations (think interior of grad, or in the shadows of contraband), or if your opponent uses some form of torso rotation to hide the windup.
    An example of a player who forgot about the loss of initiative after disarming his opponent: giphy[1].gif
    While you can with some skill avoid these kinds of situations, it doesn't seem to make a whole lot of sense that after disarming your opponent that YOU must be careful since they have the first move.

  • Determination of swing angle
    Swing angle is easy to determine assuming your opponent fights in an upright posture. The issue currently is that swing angles can be easily masked by using torso mechanics. Combined with drags, determining an angle and time for which an attack will land can become even more difficult.

  • Drags
    Currently a hot topic in this community. My current impression of drags (2h drags in particular) are that they remind me of what I disliked most in Chivalry. What I feel epitomizes Mordhau combat mechanics are two rapier players fighting. The combat is fast, exciting, and features some small real time swing manipulations to prevent constant chamber warfare. I feel the gameplay should be more chamber-centric and feature less delayed drags.
    Example of where I think Mordhau combat shines
    Example of where Mordhau combat reminds me of Chivalry
    While not the optimal play style to constantly delay, and very much so punishable, it's a noob mower that will inevitably hurt player retention when new players see what appears to be exploitative crouch-looking into the sky delays. These complaints should not be ignored.

  • I'm not sure how I feel about the vampiric life/stam on kill currently implemented. It doesn't really bother me unless my nearby teammates are running around naked trying to help me kill an opponent. Those naked players then become easy one shot health packs for the enemy. There is however, a huge benefit of getting some health back on kill when fighting multiple opponents, and seems like a necessary mechanic to keep players in the fight instead of doing the health regen walk after every fight.

  • The role of chambers
    I rarely use chambers as a means to strike, but more as a set up for performing a series of morphs, feints, and drags to bait parries. Players can usually parry a chambered attack with ease based on just sound cue. Maybe when stamina becomes more of a factor in fights with actual parry negation values for weapons will using chambers as a form of winning the stamina game become valid, but at this time they are best used with feints and morphs.

Weapon balancing

  • Poleaxe alt grip damage winds up being almost as effective as an evening star, with the added bonus of being a poleaxe for powerful stabs, reach, & axe head for light armor. In my opinion the blunt should be a two shot with one headshot & one body or leg hit.

  • Rapier HTK on medium armor could use a bump up of 1 htk. At the moment a rapier headshot stab and torso stab will two shot medium armor, which with the rapier speed is frightening for anyone not in plate armor.

  • Billhook is in a woeful situation. Clearly outclassed by any weapon of similar function.

  • Zwei/Halberd - have incredible damage, delay potential, strong accelerations, and reach. So where is the weakness? Slow windups are not a weakness in games with timing based parries, as it adds to their drag potential. I feel like the damage should not be so high because much like a spear, they have very formidable reach. The way I see a zwei / halberd is like a spear that uses slashes instead of stabs as a primary attack.

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  • 5 Oct '17

@Frise said:
The issue is that they look stupid and they can be incredibly frustrating to newer players. But I'm talking about just the combat.

that is a very big issue IMO. that was fine in Chiv but if Mordhau wants to be taken seriously I think "extreme" drags should be off the table.

yes it raises the skill ceiling, yes it adds depth and yes it can be countered with skill and is difficult to pull off, but I don't think it has a place in this game.

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  • 25 Sep '17
 Maxilatorn — Art

You can hold your parries with shields.

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  • 21 Sep '17
 crushed — Art

@Kaiowa said:
I was hoping they would fix everything that was wrong with Chivalry, that's probably the expectation most people had when backing this, but you can still basically face your opponent backwards and start an attack hiding your hands movements completely and still hit him. That's exactly what was wrong with Chivalry.

Reverse hits (someone hitting you while he's facing you backwards) aren't possible in Mordhau, unless there is a new bug we are not aware of in which case footage would be greatly appreciated. They do no damage and you can parry them. There was a bug which let you still do them in some cases which was fixed in Build 2.

I guess what you probably mean is the edge cases where people can still spin, do a full turnaround and hit with the end of the swing. They are not anywhere near as bad as actual reverse hits, but still bad, as they are annoying/unfun to fight against and look dumb. Currently thinking of a solution to get rid of them without destroying some other aspects of the game, but we will sort them out.

As for noobs, you have to keep in mind that this alpha is the worst possible entry point for them, as there is no matchmaking, and no rating system, no ingame tutorial and things are currently unbalanced/with some possible cheese existing. On top of this the vast majority of players ingame are melee veterans. Mordhau is most fun when played against equally skilled opponents, like any other skill based game that uses matchmaking.

As for feints, the game is definitely not balanced yet and in the future it will be a bit easier to defend against feints (currently thinking about possible backpedal changes and chambers being more consistent). As for feints being OP in lower skill levels, keep in mind the noob fights youre describing arent actual noob fights, in actual noob fights, there are no feints. And if there are, they are usually very badly executed.

What you are describing is someone figuring out how to do good feints against people who have no idea how to defend against them or even do them themselves. This is a common thing in skill based games, someone figures out a strategy which works against players of a certain skill level, and they use it to win games, climbing up the rating. But eventually they will hit a cap with this strategy where they are fighting people who can deal with it or do it themselves, where it balances out again.

Except that currently there is no "climbing up" and and its very rough, you have to fight the same people over and over and its an uphill battle right from the start, instead of a natural skill progression as it should be

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  • 20 Sep '17

Light armor is supposed to be inferior as it will cost less in the perks system. It shouldn´t be balanced to be as good as the other armours.

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  • 15 Sep '17
 Spook — UI

Here's the patch notes:

What do you guys think of the changes? Discuss them here!