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  • 2 Aug '19

I like the options to play support like toolbox and medbag
I dislike the lack of SDK

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  • 31 Jul '19

I really enjoy: The concept.

I really dislike: Dragging around a parry to hit the feet of your opponent.

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  • 19 May '19

Official server rules apply to official servers, not to community servers. Community servers can moderate however they want to.

If words on a game chat bother you much, you can turn the chat off. Also, an optional chat filter will be added soontm.

I wouldn't let edgy children stop me from having fun with this game if I were you. Of course, it is different if people are griefing on duel servers etc. In that case I recommend you keep looking for better servers.

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  • 20 May '19

oh and cav should be OP
maybe have server options to disable them but they should be OP
they were OP in real life.

look at the mongols
mobility and power is very important in battle.
they were the medieval tanks.

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  • 19 May '19

Sorry for the wall but I wanted to provide a clear argument toward not nerfing cav based on my experience in this game and from being a very long time cav player in other games such as m&b and war of the roses. Unfortunately there is not a tldr summary, thank you for reading.

I do not consider cavalry as a class when balance comes to mind. Cavalry in its current iteration is not a class as you cannot start with a horse to build a class around. Yes you can pull out a spear, if that is your preference, and hope that someone doesn't spawn closer to the horse than you but because of the gameplay design there is an artificial limit to the amount of horses in play and those that are in play are available to the community.

I see cavalry by gameplay design as medieval tanks. Tanks that require group effort and/or specialize builds/weapons to take down. For example the Ballista and Billhook. You can take correlation between how horses are designed and expected to be dealt with as you would with tanks in the Battlefield series.

Cavalry has its own issues. To put it simply horses in this game behave more like they're lathered in gorilla glue with skates for hooves. I can see the devs were going for simulated weight of the horse when making turns and stopping but it just comes off...weird...with horses veering off at weird angles during collision and sticking to a rock in the ground or the cloth of a banner.

Combat off cavalry is extremely hit or miss, the same ground mechanics do not accurately apply on horseback. Weapons slice through parries that are blatantly accurate, and perfect chambers seem to be luck based. This likely has alot to do with movement on horseback in relation to targets on the ground but its still a problem.

Cavalry does require skill. Yes, when a player on cav hits its target its a quick kill, but that kill requires precision and timing especially when not using a lance/spear. Its very easy to get tunnel vision when concerning yourself with one target you're trying to time for. This tunnel vision affords the opposing team to take advantage of the situation and act, don't blame the cav player if your team doesn't act on threat of the medieval tank like they're suppose to. Lets also not forget that the cav player has to learn how to swing their weapon that doesn't behead their own horse.

Cavalry is actually easy to avoid/take out. Jukes & Crouch, learn it. crouching against a Cav charge is extremely effective, the cav doesn't expect it and they will have an extremely difficult time adjusting for it from their elevation, even with a Zweihander. Lets not also forget that while you're crouched you can still time an effective stab. Jukes or the ability to deceive your enemy into anticipating the incorrect direction you actually intend to move toward, works well against lances/spears and coupled with a well timed crouch will get you out alive many times over. Lastly remember to work as a team, looking at you archers, if every archer on the team had the horse as their priority cav would be overwhelmed instantly. Remember, horses do not heal.

I want to be as unbiased as I can but I felt that the perspective of a longtime cav player was needed for this thread. I believe that if the devs balance cav to the degree that many on this thread seem to want then it would only be fair that cav is available to all on certain maps and not at all on others, depending on size of the map. Thanks again for reading.

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  • 19 May '19

The devs adjusted shield block area and tightened that up some (not quite enough yet, IMO - I've had shields block my stabs while facing the other way sometimes...), so I'm sure they are listening and will tweak horses and counters to horses soon enough. Until then, I say throw whatever ideas you have out there. There are no bad ideas when brainstorming.

I have been killed plenty of times by a well placed spear stab when charging someone down (note to self - if they have a spear, maybe don't charge at them when they are looking at you... The horse doesn't like being stabbed in the chest...), and I think they are probably OK, besides maybe tightening up flinch distance so stabs and strikes can more reliably hit the horse. And arrows could be faster, for sure. If that makes archers OP, well then we do have shields at our disposal to run them down. I think. Most of the problem is that the player base is new (like me) and doesn't usually counter things well. Nerfs shouldn't be considered if the problem is actually players just not using the tools at their disposal, or just simply not being good enough with the mechanics and timing yet.

Just my opinion, as a lowly newb with about 25 hours in the game (and loving it)

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  • 10 May '19

Unless you're playing competitively who cares. There's no elo or anything you lose if your team loses, and the other team probably has their own players fucking around as well. Just have fun

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  • 10 May '19

@Zedb0a587635ff04bdd said:
Do you think cavalry is fun? Does anyone think cavalry is fun?

I think cavalry can be fun. It's little bit too risk-free at the moment for my tastes. But the concept of strong flanking potential is good and important for frontline.

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  • 13 May '19

The system needs to display information of the person, the percentage of damage done to team. That way uninformed players that haven't been paying attention to the chatlog can make an educated decision instead of randomly deciding Y/N depending on what the just saw in chat. Saying that we should wait until the numbers dwindle down isn't a solution. And if High Pingers are a problem why not just insert a Ping limit?

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  • 13 May '19

I can't believe this is even a thing. Today I was playing with a group of 6 friends and got to the top of the team with 36 kills and 6 deaths. I had only teamkilled once, a guy happened to rush the same guy I was attacking and got the strike of my sword. The casual oopsie TK that I apologized for and he was ok with. The game had about 100 tickets or so left and my team had well over 350 or so. After cutting through 9 guys 3 of the kills were the same guy who continued to rush me. I got the notification that the same guy was voting to kick me. My friends pointed it out and quickly declined. However the guy types in chat "He's team killing." and seconds later I got kicked. I couldn't fucking believe it, how is this even a thing? NOT only should they not be allowed to vote for the other team but the surely shouldnt be able to start the vote in the first place. My friends pointed it out in chat and their team voted him out as well but still. I Have enjoyed a great 75 hours since launch with this game. I've been trolled by people spawn killing or even blocking me in spawn. Killed off my horse by a teammate because they wanted it or kicked off the side of a castle by my teammates. I understand trolling and can deal with it in games. However, when the opposite team can kick me just because I can kill them and the become sore losers. That's when I have to severely question what the hell the developers were thinking. You've taken so much inspiration from Chivalry, why don't you take a note from how their VTK system works. I hope something changes soon, because I play this for fun and getting punished for doing good isnt fun.