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  • 21 Aug '19

@PartyClass said:
The real 'Toxicity' in this community is the amount of people whining like a baby who doesn't have it's favorite pacifier in it's mouth.

Not really. It's annoying for sure, but that's something the devs are simply asking for as long as they do one of the most important parts of their jobs - community care - THAT badly.

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  • 18 Aug '19

@Budd said:

@smug said:
The skill ceiling for this game in 1v1 is lower than Chiv, and the skill floor is relatively low compared to other niche games. There's no execution barriers like the elaborate drags in Chiv. Teamgames and 1vX currently has a higher skill cap, but the latter is currently broken meaning it's impossible for a good player to win a 1vX vs other good players barring the X making huge mistakes. Compare learning Mordhau to Quake or Tekken 7, there's literally no comparison. Just learning your movelist in Tekken is harder than anything in Mordhau, and that's not even including shit like learning the various ways to get up off the floor and understanding how that influences matchups. Also for a game that prides itself on you having control over your attacks, it's actually crazy how much control you DON'T have compared to Chiv.

People aren't leaving this game because it's inaccessible, people are leaving because it gets repetitive and Frontline is full of cancerous mechanics like fire bombs/horses/body shot Javs. Not to mention the maps are dogshit.

Agreed, like frontline is THE gamemode that shows up on match making and what new players are going to do first usually.

The games combat is really good but theres alot of broken weapon mechanics that just straight up get abused in frontline. Like ive never touched the bardiche literally ever, or any polearm because they're all fucking amazing, so amazing i was able to get 45-4 just from swings and drags. Its literal bullshit,

Not to mention garbage like Messer, Waraxe/Battle Axe, Maul and Halberd are all like THE frontline meta, spears cool but not really much more than stabbing you can do :/

Yeah, I dunno about you. But being a pc gamer. I’ve never used a matchmaking function in ANY pc multiplayer game when there is a server list available.

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  • 11 Jul '19


forget ranked 1v1 mode that further alienates the community from actually playing together even more
and forget the aunt Jemima patch too, that's so not even important at this time.

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  • 4 Jul '19

Various thinkers have pointed out that leftism is a kind of religion. Leftism is not a religion in the strict sense because leftist doctrine does not postulate the existence of any supernatural being. But, for the leftist, leftism plays a psychological role much like that which religion plays for some people. The leftist NEEDS to believe in leftism; it plays a vital role in his psychological economy. His beliefs are not easily modified by logic or facts. He has a deep conviction that leftism is morally Right with a capital R, and that he has not only a right but a duty to impose leftist morality on everyone.

Leftism is a totalitarian force. Wherever leftism is in a position of power it tends to invade every private corner and force every thought into a leftist mold. In part this is because of the quasi-religious character of leftism; everything contrary to leftist beliefs represents Sin. More importantly, leftism is a totalitarian force because of the leftists’ drive for power. The leftist seeks to satisfy his need for power through identification with a social movement and he tries to go through the power process by helping to pursue and attain the goals of the movement . But no matter how far the movement has gone in attaining its goals the leftist is never satisfied, because his activism is a surrogate activity. That is, the leftist’s real motive is not to attain the ostensible goals of leftism; in reality he is motivated by the sense of power he gets from struggling for and then reaching a social goal.

Consequently the leftist is never satisfied with the goals he has already attained; The leftist wants equal opportunities for minorities. When that is attained he insists on statistical equality of achievement by minorities. And as long as anyone harbors in some corner of his mind a negative attitude toward some minority, the leftist has to re-educated him. And ethnic minorities are not enough; no one can be allowed to have a negative attitude toward homosexuals, disabled people, fat people, women, and on and on and on.

Suppose you asked leftists to make a list of ALL the things that were wrong with society, and then suppose you instituted EVERY social change that they demanded. It is safe to say that within a couple of years the majority of leftists would find something new to complain about, some new social “evil” to correct because, once again, the leftist is motivated less by distress at society’s ills than by the need to satisfy his drive for power by imposing his solutions on society.

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  • 4 Jul '19

@SWSeriousMike said:

@jcdenton said:
You won't win arguments with delusional hyperbole. If think the threat is real, you'd take the opportunity to confront them with "the truth", to change their mind. Suppressing them, like squeezing a water bomb, only makes them over express elsewhere. This is the entire reason we have people expressing themselves in games now, because they squeezed free expression out of political sites and discussion boards. Reality is, you don't really care enough to do the actual confrontation and argument, you are just taking the opportunity to LARP for a lazy ego massage.

I wonder why I can only read your "truth" in a forum with totally overwhelmed moderators and why you never provide any sources for your outrageous claims. Why does your truth hide in the outer rim of the internet where the sun doesn't shine if it is so glorious?

There was no hyperbole by the way.
And I'm confronting your bullshit at this moment. Just as you told me.

But please go on, tell me your "truth" to make a clear case for your forum ban. I will gladly quickly glance over it before I report it. I promise!

What is my "truth"? I've not expressed a political opinion other than favouring free speech.
Charlottesville doesn't make it a realistic possibility that people chatting in a video game are about to "start openly murdering people in the streets".. and if you believed it was a realistic possibility then your solution - to censor the ingame servers - only underscores your delusional and/or dishonest motivation.

If one death in Charlottesville warrants supressing free speech.. then the millions of deaths that can be blamed on the supression of free speech In Germany and the Soviet Union and China much more strongly warrants never supressing free speech.

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  • 3 Jul '19

You guys remember how people used to talk about playing Mordhau on the forums? That was a fun time.

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  • 3 Jul '19

@CocyxTheGaySkeleton said:
the problem is that u end up muting the entire server cause the slurs/dumbass forced counter-culture opinions become the focal point of discussion for a while. it's not like these ppl are shouting into the void, it's a small chat room, ergo it's an actual discussion. so basically u need to cripple your online gaming experience by shutting off chat, which kind of defeats the point of a competitive game like this, at least for me because i like discussing what is actually happening in the game as i'm playing it. it's meant to be a social experience right?

Did you not saw the "Method 2" you fucking retard?

How more simple you want it?

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  • 3 Jul '19

@Clyde said:
No you act like the left isn't trying to push this in every medium they can

They are, but this isn't the left pushing an agenda here. Stop being so rabid and fucking think before you start ranting about shit.

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  • 3 Jul '19

@PinkerStinklage said:

@Clyde said:
By skin I mean most games like this are the same its a texture over a basic idea, this is a texture of an arena shooter or melee fps with a european identity, I would like it to stay that way if you think otherwise sure go for it. I'm not going to support a multicultural intersection game where sub-Saharan -African women characters can be made in full gothic armour that's absurdly cringe and ruins the game for me and I won't play or support it. I want my specific experience, identity and theme that I bought and expected at launch not to be defrauded and given a different one after release caused by hordes of leftist demands and threats at the developers to change it to suit their political agenda.

Celebrate your heritage by reading a fucking book, this is a VIDEO GAME. Females and other ethnicities are already in the game files, just not up to snuff for release according to devs. Getting worked up over a video game not being your last bastion of hope to celebrate your heritage is absurdly cringe.

No you act like the left isn't trying to push this in every medium they can including books, I will not give up a single medium, tv show, comic, movie, game, etc that expresses white identity to leftist hordes. Not happening man. Pop culture is important in modern times and you know it. in influences political change which is why the left. wants to impose their intersectional egalitarianism into it. They want to wield power and deconstruct white identity. I will voice what I want as the consumer what my interests are, and you can't do anything to stop me.

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  • 1 Jul '19

@LumpyCustard said:

@ToLazy4Name said:
just fucking quit holy shit you're starting to make these threads like botas does no one gives a flying fuck

You're pretty fixated on this Botas dude, do you have a crush?

when there's a retard running around on the forums that everyone knows is retarded why wouldn't you use him as a comparison

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  • 1 Jul '19

They gave you a timeframe, it's called "soon." Beyond that, grow up. Fuckin TWO MONTHS and youre posting demands lmao. Drama less. Adult more.

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  • 21 Jun '19

I don't think ranked should be a priority.

imagine this.

you are a higher ranking player.
you join a server with other high ranking players.
all the fights are either long and drawn out or everyone is hitting through team mates to get the killing blow on an enemy.

on the flip side, the lower ranked servers will just have noobs running around swinging wildly, there will be a few people who get it though and will slaughter them all until they rank up enough to be put into the higher ranked servers.

when chivalry added these lower ranked servers i often found they were nice and full and the other servers were empty.
it splits the player base.

just leave it as it is and work on making the maps more fun to play.
forget about this competition esports crap and focus on having fun with the killing and the dying in funny ways

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  • 21 Jun '19

@CatR said:

@Salted said:
You guys are the reason cyberbullying exists. "Oh no! He called me a cunt. I'm gonna cry now. That really hurt me feelings".

Not the bullies?

No, the bullies would be harmless if your skin wasn't thinner than paper... unfortunately you choose to take offense, which makes it funny for the bullies whom will continue having a go at you, which makes you cry even more, and thus the vicious cycle is born.
not because someone is calling you a cunt, but because you fucking cry about being called a cunt.
if you didn't cry about it, nobody would think its funny to call you a cunt, you cunt.

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  • 21 Jun '19

@alonesilverwolf said:

@ToLazy4Name said:
Devs should focus on countering mean words instead of new content and fixing issues with the gameplay, I agree. Mean words are far more important than the game itself. I bought Mordhau to chat with people, after all.

You do realize that they can still work on content yeah? There are different people working on different aspects of the game. How people don't understand this in 2019 is beyond me.

not if they waste their time muting and banning people because people like you are softer than raw cotton.
this is a guarantee... if they spend time on shit like banning ebil nazis it goes without saying that they will have less time to focus on improving the actual game... how you are unable to see this is honestly stunningly hilarious... does your mom force you to wear a helmet in public or something?? do you have velcro shoes instead of shoes with laces? what is your major malfunction, sir.

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  • 15 Jun '19
 Longboard Guedes

It would be cool if they put some gay voice actor too...

Gay voice insult:
"Your hair seems like a rat nest"

Gay voice respect:
"I used to be a warrior like you, then I took dick in my eveningstar"

Gay voice hello:


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  • 13 Jun '19

@Esselbink said:

@ToLazy4Name said:

@Esselbink said:
The name calling, even teamkilling, vote-kicking and the, for real really nasty ass, trash talking is growing rapidly. I've played 80 hours or so now and I've definitely seen it grow.

how do you people find trash talking worse than actual griefing? I can't comprehend this shit

You people? Yikes.


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  • 30 May '19

@Botas said:
No imbecile, you are the ones claiming "it's easy to deal with spams and i am an incompetent because i am unable to do it" YOU need to prove ME wrong, YOU re the ones claiming that i am an incompetent at the game and that you are really good, so good that stab spam is ot a problem for you, YOU need to prove our BS.

No amount of mental gimnastics is gonna save you.

You're calling me an imbecile? Seriously? When you literally cannot read the thread nor understand what burdon of proof is, even when I gave you the definition. In the OP @takemura claimed first that:

@takemura said:
If you come here to say "but yu kin chimbir it ind then acciiil a side slish!" take your BS outa here, you can't , it is impossible...

He is claiming that it's impossible. He needs to prove to us that it's impossible, not the other way around. I'm really sorry that you are not sharp enough to understand this concept.

You saying 'mental gymnastics' (and spelling it wrong twice ITT) is your way of trying to avoid the argument put to you whilst also showing that my point has you confused. Just because you don't understand my point or how a debate works, doesn't mean you can dismiss the argument by calling it 'mental gymnastics'.

Yet you have the audacity to call me an imbecile when you are the one exhibiting all the qualities of one in this thread. Well done.

P.S. I would like to add that just because you nor the OP can fight against a stab spammer does not mean that the methods explained to you do not work. Just because you cannot yet perform these moves does not mean they don't work. What it does mean is that you lack the skill needed to defeat a stab spammer.

Git gud scrub.

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  • 30 May '19

@Christian2222 said:

@unabridgedpenis said:
So many improperly used and misspelled words in a post that tries so hard to sound smart.

Amination isn't really a misspelled word, it's more of a typo, there's a difference. Maybe give the guy a fucking break?


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  • 30 May '19

@unabridgedpenis said:

@Christian2222 said:

@unabridgedpenis said:
So many improperly used and misspelled words in a post that tries so hard to sound smart.

Amination isn't really a misspelled word, it's more of a typo, there's a difference. Maybe give the guy a fucking break?

"in regards too" should be in regards to. "geometric" should be geographic. "refereed" should be referred. "inquiring" should be incurred.

I'll assume you're American and, therefore, are poorly educated.

"American" should be Freedom-boi and "educated" should be "learninated"

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  • 30 May '19

"Community is toxic, so i'll be even more toxic and insult the whole community" - great logic retard.

Also, how people know that you're trans? It's the fucking internet, keep your shit private.
No one knows how do I look like, what's my real name, what do i do in my free time, what's my sexuality and much more.

You need to learn how to keep your information private, it's fucking important dude.