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  • 22 Jun '19

@esturias said:
Yes, these forums could be a lot better. But that would require a better forum software to start with and both basic moderation and basic interaction between developement/community team and the playerbase at least. Basically, it's as unfinished as the game...

Anyway. Whenever I play a multiplayergame, I like to engage with the community and often end up becoming a core member of it. I enjoy having a good banter as well as a good discussion about things, I try to help new players and I also like to dive into all kinds of OT stuff.
But I'll think twice about starting that here, with that many kids, ragers and trolls around. For now I'll wait until I can see how the game is going in the long run and I hope that the forum becomes a lot more active, so that the devs have a motivation to improve things.

edit: Those "hearts" are completely pointless for now.

This is a perfect example of it needing improvement. People active on the forum means more people playing the game and an overall plus for the community. This forum is not nearly as active as it could be and there's so much room to improve on in order to help this. Having people be able to judge your existence based on the stats in the sidebar is a huge part of the problem. Reddit doesn't do this for a reason.

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  • 22 Jun '19

@smellycathawk said:

@Gambit said:

@smellycathawk said:
The forums work perfectly well. The heart system tells readers what people's posts are worth reading thoroughly, and taking seriously.

In your case, a nearly negative 2.0 heart to comment ratio, reading the first sentence should suffice before the reader stops feeling obligated to continue reading, simply because your heart to comment ratio indicates low quality posts.

So it's a perfectly operational self-moderating system. (though you have to watch out for those who stack hearts in the off topic section)

The forums work,

After looking at your H/C ratio, this ^ is as far as I got... And I would have to agree! They work very well don't they?

Forum is well organised, and it's easy to check user history and easy to post videos and shit. Works well overall... a little slow loading at times for me I guess

There's even a "website and forum feedback" section you could have slotted this thread into, but I guess that's why his H/C ratio is where it's at...

I'm not begging for likes in every post by making some arrogant comment though.

The forum is far from organised. You have to scroll for 10 mins just to pass a section that could be listed in 3 lines and only display its latest post or few recent posts. Because of this, the only active section is General and everything else goes unnoticed. And with hiding all of a categories posts, you could fit 10x the amount of categories on the one page, each being way more accessible and accurately filled. The announcements section, the most important because it is listed first, is filled with posts you only read once. Most of which should be removed as they are years old. Bugs and glitches + feedback and suggestions should either be one section, one page or even just a single post. Off topic should come after general, not at the end. That way half the crap that goes into general will have a place and get noticed. Giant header images for each board are unnecessary and a waste of space. Pagination for boards should not require you to get redirected twice, as stated by OP. Most of the pinned topics are also barely relevant to the section and could be posted in a guides page.

These things honestly don't annoy me enough to make a topic about it, but for you to just ignore everything OP said so that you can take the piss out of him for a few likes really annoys me and really gets OPs point across even more.

I also imagine this isn't inhouse written software, but a 3rd party forum board. So I completely respect that updates like this are not feasible at this moment in time. Just saying it works is silly though as it is definitely something worth discussing and requesting improvements on.

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  • 8 Jun '19

@Mountainx said:
I'm new here but the outrage over a free map is ridicilous. True the spawn points aren't great but you can easily kill cavalry with a billhook or use spikes. It's a nice change from the normal maps / modes .. maybe even refreshing.

Being free doesn't impact the map at all, if people don't like it, they don't like it. You could just add loads of unfinished junk to the game and then say well it's free, what do you expect, the game would die fast.

People are saying it is just a filler map until 2 other ones are released but I feel they shouldn't have added it to the vote, they should have just had 24/7 crossroad servers.

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  • 8 Jun '19

This game is becoming worse and worse every fucking day. I can't go into a single goddamn duel server without seeing the same goddamn animation abuse that Chivalry had. Most of us STOPPED PLAYING CHIVALRY BECAUSE OF THIS SAME BALLERINA BULLSHIT!

What the fuck devs? You said this would NOT be a thing in this game? You SAID this game would be like Chiv, but fixed. No animation abuse, no animation exploiting bullshit, no ballerina spin to fucking win CRAP.

Yet here we are.

I am sick and goddamn tired of it. I am seriously about ready to say fuck this game and write it off as another garbage game that failed to deliver on almost every promise it gave.

On the grounds that you did NOT fulfill your promises in the game description as well as the trailers which showed NONE of this BULLSHIT, I am on the verge of demanding a refund and being done with it.

Every. Fucking. Duel. Server.

I want a statement from the devs about this crap. Tired of the exploits, tired of the fucking silence.

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  • 8 Jun '19

Yep, like I said in a previous topic: if the devs are smart they'll release mapping tools, rather than releasing jokes like Crossroads that they call a map

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  • 7 Jun '19

I bet 99% of people who want women who are not women themselves watch anime

Jokes aside, I personally couldn't care less as long as it's something you can toggle off. IMMERSION MATTERS

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  • 6 Jun '19

@SushiFish said:

This is actually a great post OP, and there are some interesting flaws you are pointing out about the said animations.

I hope the devs look into this thread.

Much appreciated <3

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@Cheto said:

@ŁoɍdRαƴmund said:
Watch the video on youtube by Lloyd Le-Mar called: On Mordhau & Women. Then decide if you still want female characters. Im not saying i dont want female characters just that you should take his considerstions in mind.

Edit: Here is link

Great video.

Male and females are different it is a fact, men only entertainment is not bad, male and females need their own spaces, women can still play Mordhau with a male character qhats the problem?, no one is checking who is female or male and preventing them to play, so there is no need to ruin the game by adding unnecesary "features".

This double standards are dogshit, when a game features only a female protagonist etcetera and males ask for a male optional character to play as, they are called "sexists" and all kinds of buzzwords or falacies, but when women do the exact same shit the mangina developers run to please the WAHmen as fast as possible, it is just mind blowing how pussified the world is right now because men are allowing females to take control of everything.

We need to put women in their place again.

well, people like me who would like to play as a female character have already made female (♂ ) characters that are pretty passable, so adding female characters with the option to disable them would actually help people who don't want to see any female characters at all, because it will significantly cut down on the number of twink knights running around.

i fully understand why some people don't want female characters and i'm fine with them playing with females turned off. if the game was more historically accurate i would feel the same way about female characters. i wouldn't want a video game that's supposed to be historical, like kingdom come deliverance for example, to have female soldiers. but i think mordhau doesn't take itself very seriously with historical accuracy, so women wouldn't ruin the experience for me.

but yeah, this thread was just supposed to be about sharing mock ups of female characters using the INI tweak.

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  • 6 Jun '19

Provide video so we can tell if you're actually having issues or if you're just mad and bad

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  • 6 Jun '19

@SushiFish said:
Bastard Sword, Arming Sword and Shortsword.

I have a thing for one-handed swords since I used to main Man-at Arms in AoC.

Have you considered taking a falchion instead? Your loadout seems to be lacking in the slashing department. When outnumbered I wouldn't trust any of your swords.

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  • 20 Jul '18

I would love to see Medieval traps as utility/perks in Mordhau. It can be balanced in a way where it's easy to disarm like picking up a weapon so only unaware enemies will fall for it. Or maybe only people with peasant perk can use it I don't know. Traps can do damage/get people stuck for a period of time. One example of traps would be Caltrop.

Caltrops were among the most commonly used medieval weapons and were also known by various other names such as caltrap, galtrop, cheval trap, crow’s foot, and others. Caltrops were among those medieval weapons that were designed for defence purposes.

Uses of Caltrop:
Caltrop were used as foot traps for foot soldiers/Cavalry. A handful of caltrops were placed at a target location and spread over a small area. Since these were small medieval weapons, the advancing armies could not detect their presence until it was too late. Thus a medieval caltrop effectively served the purpose of defence.



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  • 20 May '19

Should add the Shepard’s sling7FEA2B2F-D887-496A-A712-C68A7DFE0477.jpeg

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  • 1 Jun '19
 Humble Staff

@wierHL said:
What if we take the stats of the peasant's club, slap a more professional looking skin on it and give it to regular mercs?
Italian bar mace alternate skin and wa-la.

@Humble Staff said:
So i was just trying the new two handed club for a bit, and it feels way more serviceable than most of the other peasant weapons, and statwise looks like what i always expected a two handed club would be like in Mordhau
¿Couldn't we get the club both as a peasant and a normal weapon like the qstaff, the bear trap, dagger and so on? ¿Maybe the mercenary version while the same stat wise, has some worked/carved/shaped wood skins? basically, the peasants will only have acces to the current skin and the regular mercenaries would have less branchy looking ones.

The base skin could be something very simple yet less crude looking, maybe with some cloth or leather in the handle to give it some more semblance of elaboration. Like this:
simple club.jpg

Some could have studs embedded a la Chivalry:
Chiv's cudgel.jpg
studed club.jpg

or these fellas from the maciejowski bible:
maciejowski good shit.jpg
maciejowski good shit too.jpg

Or metal shods/rings reinforcing or adding some weight. No spikes tho, to set it appart from the eveningstar and making it obviously blunt looking. Like this:
ringed club.jpg
or this
Kingdom come club.jpg

These designs could be used too for a one handed club, the only difference being size.
Devs pls hear my prayers.

me like you :)

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@SushiFish said:

Great work considering you had to do these through adjusting numbers in the .INI file. How long time did it take you to make these?

At first glance when I just looked at the pictures before reading, I thought these were some leaked photos.

It would be cool to see more of these.

no its nothing like that, all you have to do is change a line in the game.ini file. the game.ini has a list of all your classes you've created, and theres a line that says something like "female=False" and you just change it to true. from there you can go back in game and customize them.
but it looks pretty horrific with the wrong slider settings.

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  • 5 Jun '19

Devs: nerf archers because they allowed for bs 1 shot kills and were in general OP and detracted from the main gameplay loop of skill based melee combat

Also Devs: Horses that werent playtested because they played 5v5 Skirm/Duel all day, allowing complete autists to get 1 shot kills on you, while bumping into walls AND STILL getting away because they have unreasonable acceleration, Ballistas, Catapults, Lutes, Huntsman reducing the skill cap of archer vs archer because we hate them anyway amirite.

Devs aimed to remove the retardation, but it just got transformed into other areas that arguably take less skill than archer.

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  • 5 Jun '19

The majority of Mordhau's animations are smooth and beautiful, definitely of AAA quality. However some animations are lack luster and leave more to be desired. I've put together a list of some of the animations I think should be improved on, so that the game can feel and look even better.

First Person Bow Running Animation: From when I first saw this animation I knew it looked rather odd. The movement is too stiff, and doesn't move side to side at all, I think it should be made to look more like your player is running with a bow, not moving the bow up and down with their hand. However the running animation for the bow when the arrow is knocked looks phenomenal.


First Person Fists Running Animation: This animation looks a little strange, because as you run the fists kind of move out to the side, which makes the animation look weak and not as real. I found a base for what I think it should look like more, and that is the running animation for when you're holding a fire pot. The movement on this looks perfect, and the fists running animation should be more like that. The fists should be brought out to the side of the screen more too, just like the running animation when you hold a fire pot.



Horse Mounting First And Third Person Animations: When you mount a Horse in first and third person, the animation makes you jaggedly hoist yourself into the saddle, with a choppy camera cut. I think the Developers should focus on fixing all the horse mounting, and dismounting animations and camera animations, for each side of mounting and dismounting the horse.



First And Third Person Bow Knocked Differences: In first person when you press R or Left Mouse Button, you knock the arrow onto your bow, but when you do this in third person, your character only pulls an arrow out from the quiver and holds it with his right hand. There should be an arrow knocked animation for third person too, so that there isn't any inconsistencies.



First Person On Horseback: When you're on horseback in first person, there are a lot of uncomfortable inconsistencies with third person, for one your legs are in a different position in the saddle, they're pulled back. Your left hand is nowhere to be seen, and is not holding the horse's reins like your third person character is doing. You can only see a fraction of your legs. When you get on the horse initially and look down however, a whole lot more of your lower body is shown, then it is pulled out of camera view. When you move your camera and look down in first person, your character's entire torso looks down, but when in third person only the head moves, this is confusing because when you try and duck an attack from horse back it does nothing, because you're really not moving your entire torso. The first person experience on horseback should be more aligned with these points mentioned for third person. Also when on horseback, you cannot see your Bow, Firepot, Smokepot and Rock until they're thrown, when holding them they are hidden out of view. All these should be brought into view when on horseback.



The brief second you mount your horse and look down you can see more of your lower body, which should be made the norm


Notice how I have the bow and fire pot selected but they are not in view until used to attack with.



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@SWSeriousMike said:
And I'm sure your answer would have been brilliant. But unfortunately now the world will never witness it. What have I done?
I wasn't flaming by the way.

genuine question: who made you such a flaming cunt

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  • 1 Jun '19
 Jax — Community Manager

average score and time spent in the match
we may do some changes to make it more based on player performance in the future though

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  • 5 Jun '19
 Jax — Community Manager

@ToLazy4Name said:

@Jax said:
average score and time spent in the match
we may do some changes to make it more based on player performance in the future though

Average score of the entire team/lobby? wtf kind of commie design is this shit

so the game gets all the scores and averages them, if you're above the average you get more, below you get less