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  • 17 Jul '19

Simple quality of life suggestion that would be nice to have:

Add an option/toggle in the load out customization screen that allows us to see what our character will look like in frontline on red team or blue team.

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  • 15 Jul '19

If smoking causes cancer, why do people that don't smoke get cancer too?
Checkmate, atheists!

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  • 8 Jul '19

What if it was never about realism and in reality it was an emotional reaction stemming from neophobia and then internally these people have rationalized it as an issue of realism while in reality they simply applied the concept of realism to it because they couldn't internalize that they have a fear and possibly dislike of social groups they don't consider themselves a part of because of their highly tribalistic upbringing.

I mean there is the alternative that they're all just lying bigoted pricks which is equally possible but I like to give some credit. At any rate bring back Battlefield 2142.

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  • 9 Jun '19

While we're at it, can we have turd on peasant weapons list too?

there's gotta be a better purpose to it... can it be thrown?.. try throwing it at a horse, occupied by and enemy or something.
maybe it'll stop it or something

You can couch with carrot on horse. And it can be thrown.
But somehow it has a different stats than carving knife(which it looks and sounds like).

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I've been thinking about some perks idea following what Crush said on Discord (momentum damage on foot)

[3] Boar : gain 4% bonus damage for each second you spent sprinting (max 20%)

[3] Shoulder Bash : performing a kick after sprinting more than 5 seconds will allow you to do a shoulder Bash over a short distance. The first enemy you hit will ragdoll

[1] Spring : you recover faster from ragdoll (you could take 1 hit instead of 2)

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  • 18 Sep '18

@Xatrian said:
people who sacrifice leg armor are the ones who die to bear traps


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  • 28 Aug '18

Jump kick perk. Self explanatory.

Brawler now increases kick damage. Now it's no longer a purely meme perk.

These two and Acrobat would synergize well together for people who want to incorporate taekwondo into their Mordhau play (I mean shit, we already got horse archery which is a super Mongolian/Korean thing moreso than European).

Cat should increase the fall distance before you take fall damage too.

Maybe only people with Rat perk can crouchwalk through bear traps instead of anyone.

How about Scavenger += extra slot available lolol. And, as others have said, extra ammo pickup. e.g. picking up a dead person's bow would grant you 6 shots rather than 3. For people who really, really like their utility items from dead people. Hell, I'd probably use that for pub objective play.

Feign Death - Ragdoll on command (you do NOT gain the ragdoll armor, however). This replaces the suicide button. Pressing suicide button while ragdolled results in actual suicide. Press any other action to recover from ragdoll.

not related to perk, but maybe when you kick someone with shield held up, rather than stunning the shield guy, you just disarm the shield + do the usual stamina and health damage. This punishes people who blindly shield and "opens" them up for aggression, but it doesn't straight up stun them for instaloss and punish them for using shield in the first place rather than just 1h'ing unlike in Chivalry.

In a way, I kind of wish Second Wind would be removed.

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  • 8 Jun '18

@ColonelMustache said:
Ooh, glad to hear perks are still a thing. I'm still hoping for a perk that starts you off with a random environmental weapon (i.e. you might spawn with a shovel one life, a pitchfork the next, etc.).

There is a perk that lets you choose from any of them but ur limited to light or no armor it's called peasant perk I think

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  • 3 Apr '18

@Huggles said:

...So weapon balance and "instant" attacks will be resolved by basic knowledge of footwork, positioning, and attack angling.

Come on, Huggles. Look at battleaxe stabs being absurdly quick for no reason. Look at how weapons that are supposed to be slow such as the bardiche can be accelerated to where they swing faster than an arming sword (not an accelerated one). I cannot find that video showcasing ripostes which last like three frames, but I have encountered quite a lot of those in this patch.

People think it raises the skill ceiling but it does the complete opposite. It feels like someone is pressing the fast forward button at random intervals whenever you are up against a weapon that is expected to be slow. This one issue with the game bleeds into everything else: you cannot wait until the last moment to parry an attack because attacks can suddenly go faster than you can react to, so you have to panic parry a lot of the time. This also makes dealing with feints tremendously worse, and so on. Current attack speeds are also something new players could not even comprehend. Learning the game while up against someone who knows how to swing three times faster than you does not make for a fun experience.

I think the single best thing the developers can do for the game is limit attack acceleration. A close second is making the release phase last much longer.

@Huggles said:
Also, you say that you shoudln't have to have 100+ hours to git gud but really the game has no depth if this isn't the case. Of course, you can't pin all the problems on "git gud" and here is what I agree with.

No no, it should definitely take hundreds of hours to get anywhere close to the top, but people either take this too far and think basic concepts like parrying should also take hundreds of hours to learn, or they use it to excuse broken mechanics, such as when people defended bad animations because it takes more skill to read them.

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  • 29 Mar '17


You've been making an average of 11 posts per day for 336 days on a forum about a medieval game.

Next time you walk in front of a mirror take a good look at your face, friend.

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  • 26 Mar '17

This is a less serious suggestion, but I think it would be cool to have tankards as a pickup weapon. The strikes would be smashing the person with the tankard, the stab could be the iconic cheers/toast and if a tankard clashes/chambers with another tankard then a splash of ale comes out. Alt grip could be throw, or drink mode where all attacks just cause you to start chugging, the more you combo the more you chug. The only reason I suggest this is because mod tools are inevitable and therefore a tavern map will be created and people will want to roleplay. Alternatively this could just be a pick up with no attacks and you just hold it/throw it. Hopefully there is another Kickstarter update soon, I'm too bored.

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  • 23 Mar '17


Cost: Pick-up
Use: Go underneath castle walls.

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  • 22 Mar '17

@Humble Staff said:
besides that, we have some pretty decent voice actors here!

@rob_owner said:

Im especially impresed by this one in particular, the voice is so deep, i fucking love this kind of voice. But then what he says goes so wrong with it lmao.

sorry about that its hard to get into character sometimes

I tried to better fit the words of a medieval man with this clip

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  • 18 Mar '17

It took me like five seconds to read the forum rules, and aren't these threads supposed to mostly stay on topic, rather than be a few pages of legitimate discussion followed by a few pages of people basically trolling each other?

I admit that I'm new here, but color me intrigued.

On topic, I disagree with the idea that having women fight will somehow break immersion. We're talking about a video game, not real life. Sure, in a real battlefield historically (not that this takes place in real history) you wouldn't see many females. Women have historically fought in battles back when physical strength was far more important than it is today, but very few cultures allowed it, and even those that did would come up against the fact that women are "on average" far less physically capable than men. So even if women wanted to be warriors, there would be far less of them.

But why not simply believe that the few women you might fight are simply the few women who were capable of becoming soldiers? Is the very idea that a woman could possibly be as physically capable in combat as a man totally unrealistic to so many people's eyes? I mean, there are tons of female body builders out there who are stronger than many men ever will be (for many of these men, even if they also trained), so it isn't as though women being capable of feats of strength is unheard of. Sure, at the extreme levels you'll find more strong men than strong women, but not every soldier needs to be the strongest - just strong enough.

Now if you want to make the argument that women wouldn't "want" to be soldiers, or that men might not allow them to be soldiers, than those are separate arguments. But since it's a game, and we represent the characters being played, that basically means that if we want to play as a female character, then female characters want to be soldiers in the context of the game.

If someone having a high pitched voice breaks your immersion (relative to average), then what about the men with higher pitched voices? Would it be acceptable if women in a game had voices just as deep as men? I am actually curious here, these aren't rhetorical questions.

At the end of the day, all we are using in a video game are virtual avatars. If people enjoy pretending that they are a woman as opposed to a man, then I can't see any reason to not allow them that choice. I might be surprised with how many women I find on a battlefield in a game compared to how many I would expect if this were "real life," but then I can just remember that it isn't "real life." It's a video game, and a multiplayer video game at that, where player choice and the overall experience are more important than worrying about your immersion being broken by something so trifling.

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  • 17 Mar '17


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  • 17 Mar '17
 crushed — Art

Fists work exactly the same as regular weapons in terms of mechanics except that you cannot block regular weapons, only other fists, and you can hold the block.

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  • 16 Mar '17
 Neo — Webmaster

@Stumpy said:
Gold Teeth would be 30% of 4000 population (1200 players)
Longsword would be 7.675% of 4000 population (307 players)
Gilded Gloves would be 2.75% of 4000 population (110 players)
Royal Helmet would be 1.325% of 4000 population (53 players)

note that we have 2483 backers so far.
400 people do not get skins due to packages below Alpha. 16% of backers do not get skins.

You are assuming all Kickstarter backers will always be online. All these items will actually be much more rare.