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Why isnt’ the lute louder?

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  • 22 Jun '19

Too lazy to see if anyone else has posted this, but if you can't find midi files for songs you want there's a really simple way to get them for free and get them to work with Lutebot with not much effort.

Download TuxGuitar, it's an open source program for guitar tab.

Go to or any other site that has Guitar Pro tab files available. For Ultimate Guitar look for whatever song or artist you want. Then click the Guitar Pro tab, these are the only ones that will work. Using this link as an example, scroll to the bottom and click the "Download Guitar Tab" link. Use TuxGuitar to open it or set it to default.

Once you've got whatever song you're looking for open, go to the bottom and delete and drum or percussion tracks. These typically are what you're trying to filter out in LuteBot, but this lets you delete them directly instead. From there go to File>Export>Export Midi and save it with the rest of your midi files.

Sounds more complicated than it is. Takes me about a minute to convert edit and convert any song I'm looking for and I've found the files sound way better than most midi files I was just finding on midi sites since you can remove the drums and stuff without trying to filter them within LuteBot.