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 Jax — Community Manager

Patch #09 Changelog 30/08/2019

Added ranked Duel mode
Added Crossroads extension - now with two points, hopefully better balance and a new ruined tower
Added Veteran’s set - full armor set with 31 variations
Team damage in Frontline now disabled for 5 seconds after spawning
Friendly toolbox spikes now deal a maximum of 25 damage to teammates, fixing the griefing done by placing spikes in front of spawns. Enemy knockback is not affected by this, meaning you can still kick an enemy into spikes built by his teammate
Added autoban of 30 minutes for having 7 teamkills in a match. Currently only for melee and projectile weapons, excludes some things like catapult etc.
Added team damage % display on votekick
Raised votekick ban duration to 10 minutes
40% of people now need to partake in votekicks for it to have effect (50% previously)
Horse desync and hitboxes are now fixed
Horse riders no longer get a damage boost on the slower horse speeds, now only from gear 3 and onwards
Horse rider momentum damage now works both ways, so that infantry can one shot horse riders when hit at high speeds
Horse acceleration slowed down slightly
Horse bump knockback reduced slightly
Horse bump hitbox reduced significantly & fixed desync on horse turning
Horse bump slowdown reduced
Horse now slows down slightly when hit by a melee weapon, the unarmored horses more than the armored one
Riders on horses can now capture points
Horse respawn time reduced to 30 seconds
Firepots adjusted - fire starts much less damaging but faster - the fire is louder and generally easier to notice and react to
Toolbox destroyable walls now start with a foundation instead of a half wall
Battle royale minimum players to start reduced to 6
Removed walk debuff on Explosive Keg deliverables
Siege tower objectives now take two trips to complete
Damageable world collision will no longer ignore the weapon tip (non-damageable will do so still), which means things like destroyables won't ignore it, making it easier to hit

Fixed crouch hitbox “iframe” bug
All armory weapons strike and stab releases reduced 25ms - this will make attack releases slightly faster and more grounded/less floaty looking
Parry window reduced 25ms (this is mainly compensation for the new releases)
Chamber window for strike and stab reduced 50ms
Stab early release increased slightly (0.325 -> 0.35) - this will make stabs hit slightly slower out of the early release animation, making them slightly easier to read
Stabs now have 25ms smaller feint and morph windows than strikes
Combo feint window increased 100ms
Hitstop recovery is now 50ms faster (hitstop followup attacks can be started 50ms faster)
Added new dynamic feint lockout distribution based on feint time - this will make early feints slightly more punishable while making late feint followup attacks more reliable to hit and less prone to get double parried. Currently has only a very small effect, adds 25ms at the earliest feint and shaves off 25ms at the latest.
Morph to kick is now 25ms faster
Kick feint now costs 5 stamina
Kick range vs held block shields increased very slightly
Kicks now ragdoll people on ladders
Kick now drains 15 stamina instead of 20
Kick now gives 15 stamina instead of 10
Kick miss recovery increased 50ms (0.6 -> 0.65)
Parry turncap is now significantly less strict
Hand hitboxes are now disabled in parry window, this will fix some inconsistent hits trough parry
Bound upper attacks (overheads) are now 5 degrees more diagonal to make them easier to hit
Fixed active parry draining stamina - now gives stamina
Chamber disarm will now give stamina to the person who did the disarming too (same as parry disarm)
Stamina start regen delay raised to 1.25 (from 1.0)
Fury now gives full stamina on kill
Flesh wound now costs 3 points
Chase mechanic range increased slightly (4.5m -> 5m)
Chase mechanic activation time reduced to 500ms (from 1s)
180 Turn sprint momentum mechanic is now very slightly stronger, making it a bit harder to turn 180 and run in an instant

Weapons & Equipment
Buckler stamina negation increased by 1
Targe stamina negation increased by 1
Timed block shields no longer give stamina on disarm
Kite and Heater shield now have slightly stricter blocking turncap
Held block shields now always have a movement slowdown of 3/3/3 armor when equipped in hand, ignoring armor values (does not stack) - this does not change much for armored shield loadouts, but significantly nerfs light armor with held block shield combinations.
Longsword main mode strike release increased 25ms
Longsword strike turncaps slightly more strict
Longsword main mode strike raw damage increased slightly, this will greatly improve HTK against armored legs
Longsword main mode strike combo speed 25ms faster
Messer strike stamina drain increased by 1
Waraxe strike combo speed slowed down by 25ms
Waraxe strike turncap slightly more strict
Waraxe strike stamina drain reduced to 20 (from 21)
Executioner sword damage against armored legs buffed very slightly
Estoc strike turncaps slightly more strict
Greatsword main mode strike headshot damage vs plate armor to 48 (reduced from 50)
Greatsword alt mode strike releases reduced 25ms
Zweihander strike turncaps slightly more strict
Zweihander main mode strike combo 25ms faster
Shortspear strike & stab turncaps slightly more strict
Shortspear strike & stab releases reduced 25ms
Bastard sword strike turncaps slightly more strict
Halberd alt mode stab turncap slightly less strict
Spear alt mode turncaps more strict
Javelin damage vs plate torso reduced to 45 (from 50)
Removed flourish emote from pavise
Toolbox now starts with 6 ammo
Fixed some leg damage values being wrong (1H axe, Greatsword & Zweihander halfswording)
Poleaxe now has stricter turncaps
Poleaxe now has 5cm more range
Poleaxe alt mode is now the same range as the main mode
Poleaxe main mode strike combo 25ms faster
Poleaxe strikes now have better damage vs armored legs
Poleaxe stab headshot damage vs plate helmet reduced to 45 (from 50)
Heavy Handaxe now has stricter turncaps and faster windups, making it less floaty
Bardiche main mode strike turncap slightly more strict
Bardiche main mode strike combo 25ms faster
Battle Axe main & alt mode strike turncap slightly more strict
Battle Axe main mode strike combo 25ms faster
Billhook strike turncaps slightly more strict
Eveningstar strike combo 25ms faster
Added new experimental longbow sway
Crossbow sway now stable for longer before it starts swaying, making it more reliable to use

Maps & Gamemodes
Lowered pillar on Contraband
Fixed out of bounds exploit on Contraband
Fixed all reported map exploits on Taiga

Visuals & Misc.
Added new Emblems: Carcosa, Melee Slasher, Purgatory, Raptor Rider, Royal Pug, Tempest Knights
Fixed missing gold & XP bug
Fixed a bug where loadouts could be written over when in face customization and going back to mercenary list
Fixed a bug with firepots that caused performance issues and damage against wooden structures higher than it should be
Fixed buckler passive projectile box being too big
Fixed fist falling animations in first person
Fixed a bug where the catapult could be turned faster than intended
Fixed the spawning naked bug in Skirmish
Certain buildables will no longer perform depenetration, fixing cases where players would be teleported around and could break certain maps. Can cause players to get stuck as a result if they stay in the spot while it's building
Adjusted hitstop attack blending for new recovery
Fixed characters bouncing around on ammoboxes
Removed flying horse from FFA camp

Improved Footstep & human awareness sounds volume and distance - they are now louder and can be heard further without the sounds being LODed
Sound occlusion is now less extreme, meaning you can hear sounds behind walls or around corners louder and clearer

Added rudimentary chat filter toggle (Disabled by default)
Added tabs to post match screen on Duel mode (this setup will later be applied to other modes)
Added and/or updated the following languages: Chinese traditional and simplified, Italian, Korean, Spanish, French, Russian, German
Added new translators to credits
Split matchmaking modes into Ranked and Casual tabs
Players leaving and rejoining the server will now also have their kills/deaths/assists restored, not just score
Updated Bot and Credits backer attributions

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 Jax — Community Manager

In light of recent publicity on the state of MORDHAU’s community, we would like to discuss our stance on toxicity and the topic of gender and race in our game.

First and foremost, Triternion does not, nor have we ever, had plans to add a customization option that would force a white male default. This is an absurd idea that stems from a misunderstanding in a recent interview by PC Gamer with two of our artists. These artists, both uninvolved with character development went into a verbal interview with minimal PR experience and ended up answering some of the questions in a misleading way, which combined with a lack of context, led to some very controversial statements. Again, we at Triternion do not, nor have we ever had any plans to implement any kind of ethnicity toggle on potential future character ethnicity customization additions.

The responses given were referring to the gender part of the questions, which were based off an old controversial "gender toggle" idea, with the intention being to give the player options to play the game with only female characters, only male characters, or both. This concept was brought forth by one of our developers and posted prior to the game’s release as a response to a large number of heated debates regarding the topic of realism. The idea to give players this ability was simply a theoretical solution to a difficult problem and was never intended to be the official stance of Triternion on this topic. This is a lesson for us that we must be excessively prudent with the wording we use in the future as it can be easy to misconstrue an individual’s opinions and ideas as officially sanctioned.

Shortly after launch and in internal discussions, the concept of a gender option toggle was dismissed as it would undermine the customization players work hard to create. The two artists featured in the interview were ill-informed of this decision, which was a major mistake and miscommunication on the side of Triternion; and in combination with a question on a sensitive issue of which they were underprepared to answer, strongly contributed to this misunderstanding. Our official stance is that these toggle options are out of the question.

In regards to community toxicity, we do not have prior experience managing communities of this size, nor the manpower or resources that established studious can leverage. Our team consists of 11 first-time developers working remotely and volunteer moderators who try their best to curb this toxicity and behavior across all platforms, including in-game. At the moment we are stretched thin with major important content additions and unfortunately we do not have the staff nor systems in-place to moderate everything to our intended level of standards. We plan on improving in this regard. We hope our players understand our situation and will continue to place their faith in us, as improving these things will take time.

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I mean, yeah, we could. But we shouldn't have to. Dozens/Hundreds/Thousands (i have no real idea) of us are either buying servers or hosting on our own machines to facilitate this game being awesome. The least the devs could do is give us the tools to actually manage our own servers. I adore this game, and have been waiting years for it, but some simple QOL things would make it massively more enjoyable for us who host.

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This will be a brief guide on doing some basic mods for your server. Do this at your own risk, I am not responsible for anything that happens to your server. If you find something that you feel is an exploit, I advise you to report it rather than abuse it.

This guide requires that you have access to your server's Mordhau files. For an example of what can be done see the video below.

In general, you can take things out, but you can not replace or add things in (few exceptions).
Try to keep that in mind when you are thinking of ideas you'd like to try.
The majority of what you will be doing is simply deleting, or renaming a file. E.g. BP_Longbow.uasset -> BP_Longbow_rem.uasset. You only need to be concerned with the .uasset files

First find your Mordhau Contents folder on your server. The majority of files you will be concerned with are in the Blueprints folder.


Make a copy of your Blueprints folder so you have a clean copy as a backup. I suggest making a copy of your clean Blueprints folder and starting from there every time you want to make a new modded Blueprint preset. This way you have multiple setups to swap between easily as well as a clean starting point.

If you want to remove weapons or other items

  • Misc: Contains items such as healing items, medkits, and toolboxes.
  • Ranged: Archery weapons and certain ranged throwables.
  • Shields: Shields.
  • Thrown: Thrown weapons.
  • Weapons: Specific folder contains all of the weapons and the WeaponAnimationProfiles folder contains the animation profiles for the weapons.

Let's say you want to remove the Dagger from your server. You would navigate to the following:


From here you would delete or rename the BP_Dagger.uasset file.

Players will still be able to select the dagger from the loadout menu when they join the server, but they will not have it when they spawn as the server does not have the weapon.

The same concept can be applied to the majority of weapons, items, and other equipment. However bear in mind the following:

Some weapons are based off of others, and as such require that they exist in order to work. If A relies on B, and B is removed but A is not, your server/game will crash on startup

One example is that BP_Maul.uasset requires BP_Battleaxe.uasset. Removing the Battleaxe while leaving the maul in will result in a crash. So this means you could have a battle axe only server, but not a maul only server (using this method) as the maul requires the battle axe.

FL_Grad has 2 NPCs that each have weapons. Their weapons require the BP_Mace.uasset and BP_Maul.uasset to exist, so if you remove them make sure you remove the FL_Grad NPC weapon counterparts or your server will crash upon loading FL_Grad.

Navigate to


If you remove mace, also remove BP_MaceGradJailer.uasset.
If you remove maul, also remove BP_MaulGradCommander.uasset.

Doing this will make the NPCs spawn in without any weapons and you will be able to play FL_Grad on your server still. You can see the grad commander using fists in the video above.

There are also some potential crash issues with removing Thrown Weapons. In general if your game/server is crashing after you remove a thrown weapon, go and double check the UniqueWeapons folder above to see if there is a horde counterpart. If so, remove that file too.

You can also not remove fists (as far as I know) using the same method as above. Instead, we will remove the animation profile for fists. The result is that players will see themselves punching on your server, but your server does not "see" it, so they are ghost hits and harmless.


Rename BP_FistsAnimationProfile.uasset

If you want to remove armor


This is straight forward, just remove or rename the Tier0/Tier1/Tier2/Tier3 folders as needed.

  • UpperChest: Contains the folders for chest armor.
  • Legs: Contains the folders for leg armor.
  • Head: Contains the folders for head armor.

If you want to remove Horses, Ballista, Catapults, or Camp RNG Trebuchets


For Horses navigate to the Animals folder.

  • Remove all horses by removing BP_HorseSpawner.uasset

For Siege navigate to the SiegeEngines folder.

  • Catapult: Remove BP_Catapult.uasset or BP_CatapultSpawner.uasset.
  • Ballista: Remove BP_Ballista.uasset or BP_BallistaSpawner.uasset
  • Trebuchets: Remove BP_Trebuchet.uasset

This should be enough to get most people started. The above is just based on my findings experimenting with my own server, nothing is set in stone. if you find something useful, feel free to share.

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@Mendoza said:
I start a mordhau clan so i had to register. its not your glorious work to bring me here young men.
You can leave now because you dont do anything else than piss on others company. a root server can be same price level than a single gaming server? shocking! good support, an customer panal to easy manage the server without any linux fuck text, and the time to manage the server is something worth. if you dont think that you dont understand shit how economy works.
stop bitching arround and let others busines be what they are, a good option for gaming clans without any knowlege of server administrations.

You signed up cause OP told you to, cause nobody is giving his shitty business a second look.

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I just dont understand why they wont acknowledge this .. a post a tweet anything. Maybe a new pr team.

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  • 21 May

I would LOVE to see some tools for admins....Today the only way to moderate a server is living in-game all the time. The WORST part of this IS that none of the devs say NOTHING about it.

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There is an Enable cheats command that seems to work. Unfortunately "CheatScript *Scriptname[Fstring]" is not very clear to a non dev for how to get any cheat commands working.

How about you guys get transparent with the community and let us know how we can get this "God" command working? Surely there is a working command that your team would of used before?

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Comparison of server administration from Age of Chivalry (AOC) to Chivalry: Medieval Warfare (Chiv), to Mordhau. History of what works and Chivs failure if in game and remote server administration. Easy configurable setup and easy in game and remote server administration is paramount to having a successful server and a successful game. AOC had the best server administration of any game I have ever used for ease of player admin to locking down the server and setting it up for a scrimmage to map changes. This single handed, helped to create and maintain a competitive scene. Chiv completely dropped the ball on server adminstration when the games popularity was at it's highest by having the worst server administration and not even porting remote administration until the 3rd year. Too little, too late.

Admistration: AOC
AOC being a Source engine game completely benefited from both the in game ease of server administration as well as outstanding 3rd party server administration and plugins. AOC had a admin file on the server where admins could be added by their steam ID so that once an admin joined the server, the server automatically logged them in as an admin. Third party programs allowed admins to have levels of permissions so basic admin would allow kick/ban/map change. A higher level admin would allow kick/ban/map change/lock server, and a full admin could do all of that and more to lower level admins.

So when an admin joined, they could bind a key to "admin menu" there would be overlays of button options and sub menus that allowed a wide range of server options. Similar to this:

Admin Menu (keybind - auto logged in when server recognizes admin steam ID)

        KICK (player list - steam ID - IP address)
            - duration (Time options)
        BAN (player list)
            - ban by steam ID (check box)
            - ban by IP address (check box)
            - duration (Time options or Permanent logged in a config file)
        UNBAN (banned player list - deletes banned player from config file updated on map change)
        MUTE (player list)
            - Mute voice (mute/unmute)
            - Mute Chat (mute/unmute)
        SWITCH TEAMS (player list)
        SPECTATE (kicks player into spectate mode only -enable/disable)
            - Current Player list
        GIFTS (player list)
            - Health (# amount + or -)
            - Stamina (# amount + or -)
            - Speed (# amount + or -)
            - Invisible (enable/disable) 
            - NoClip (allowed player to move anywhere in the map in 3D space)
        PUNISHMENTS (player list - some with 3rd party admin plugins the punishments were very funny)
            - Slap (# amount damage) 
            - Kill (Kills player)
            - Freeze (Freezes the player for a duration of time covered in ICE and could easily be killed)
            - Inebriate / Drug
            - Chicken (turns player into a small chicken with a dagger until killed, fast, no health)
            - Ignite (lit player on fire - fire pot damage)
            - Rocket (launched player high into the sky and explode like a bottle rocket)
            - Uber Pimp Slap (would spam slap player with 1 point of damage till they died)
        PAUSE (enable/disable - pauses the game)
        MOTD (Message of the Day)
             - HTML Text or images or website link for rules and info about the server
             Next map
             Last Map
             Restart Map
             Change Map
                 - List of installed map as buttons
                 - game mode (if applicable -FFA, -LTS, -TO)
                 - change map (launch map change)
             - Password
             - Lock/unlock (on map change not on server reboot)
             - Log chat (on/off - could access file in browser for copy/paste)
             - Team Chat (enables/disables team chat so that only the same team can read chat)
             - Team Voice (enables/disables team voice so that only the same team can hear voice) 
        GAME SPEED (# amount + or - Changes speed of game)
        GRAVITY (# amount + or - Changes the physics of gravity)
             - Reserved Slots (player list to add players to reserved slots - number of player reserved slots)
             - High Ping Kicker - ping range for kick and time at that ping for kick
             - Reboot (reboots server)
             - Add user to admin (# = level of admin permissions)
             - Remove Admin (deletes admin or admin permission level)

All of this was done in AOC and in game. Simple, add player's steam ID to the admin config file have them bind an admin key and everything happened in game. The same is true with kicked and banned players where they would be added to a config file for easy remote admin.

Speaking of remote administration, There were fairly simple 3rd party remote admin apps that would allow an admin to log into the server remotely and do all of the above commands as well as chat to players in game and input console commands. There were lots of plugins available for all types of 3rd party fun.

Administration: Chiv
Chiv used the UDK3 engine and did not have the advantages and 3rd party apps that the Source engine had available. That is not to say that they couldn't have built and in game server administration menu as well as auto login for admins via steam ID. For the first year they barely released any information on server setup, let alone console and server administration commands. As far as I know there is not a full complete list of server commands and console commands. Worse off, at the height of the games popularity with 20,000 players playing with almost 30+ clans wanting to have organized matches It was like the wild wild west for server admins to try and admin, kick/ban players, change maps and having to reboot the server every time a change was made like simply locking the server. As a server hosting admin for the last 12 years on both AOC and Chivalry, for the first 3 years in Chiv I could end up spending more time typing admin commands than actually playing the game.

Basically TBS screwed up big time and instead of fixing server admin they created the bubble patch which broke the game and had a massive player exodus shortly after that they never fully recovered from. While the bubble patch was bad enough it took almost another year to port Chiv to allow 3rd party remote admin, Big Brother Bot (BBB) and it was horribly implemented.

Remote admin for Chiv
There were two 3rd party admin tools created for Chiv by players, not TBS, The Chiv Rcon tool and Chiv Admin. Both had advantages and disadvantages. The Java based, Chiv Rcon tool had lots of options similar to all the AOC admin options, easy to set up but sadly the app was not stable and when it crashed would have to be stopped from the Task Manager. It also ate up the single Rcon log in. Chiv Admin was very stable had less options and was still a bit buggy as some commands would not work. And finally there was BBB. This pile of shit was very hard to configure specially on a rented server if you didnt have the ability to install applications and use putty. Although it was configurable with lots of options, most server admins were not able to use it. Thus none of the remote administration tools were perfect by any means. TBS was lazy and really dropped the ball.

Administration: Mordhau
Mordhau uses the UDK4 engine and may suffer from some of the same issues that Chiv had. This doesn't mean that they cannot create a menu driven, INI backed, in game, administration menu similar in function to AOC's in game admin. I strongly encourage the Mordhau DEV team to consider making the in game admin, a priority for game design as it will be the fan base that will host the majority of servers. No server host wants to spend more time dicking around and having to reboot the server and typing commands to simply kick/ban a player. Trust me we would much rather play the game and create a comp scene with easily admined scrimmages than dicking with the server.

Please.... Please... Please....
I cannot state how much easy server admin will add to the game, the comp scene, and longevity of the game. If you actually get a menu based in game admin working correctly, there will be little need for Remote Admin tools and this will give you time to port it for a 3rd party app to be developed later down the road and not lose the momentum as the game is released.

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@Taki7o7 said:

@ĶiĻăƦesrumpMcBøøgerballls said:
UPDATE EDIT: added new 64 player maps
For those hosting servers, here is the know list of maps and modes with the correct syntax for the maplist in the Game.ini
*NOTE: when creating your maplist confirm that there are no blank spaces after a map name or between the = sign. It has to be all together, otherwise it may crash your server.

Hey how much players do fit on the non 64 TDM maps? And what happens if i have 64 Slot server, starting with 64 map and next map is one without 64 in the name?


You can fit 64 players on any map, it will just feel cramped. In the case of the "64" maps, they have expanded the areas as well as added more spawn points. There are only two game modes of them anyway of 6 maps total, so test out if you want to use them considering that not all 64 player servers are full all of the time so the larger maps may not make sense.

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  • 12 May

^Yes! I am stuck on cinematic cam as well. Help pls.

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  • 12 May

Honestly, if someone could post a tutorial on how to do all this that would be much appreciated.

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UPDATE EDIT: added new 64 player maps
For those hosting servers, here is the know list of maps and modes with the correct syntax for the maplist in the Game.ini
*NOTE: when creating your maplist confirm that there are no blank spaces after a map name or between the = sign. It has to be all together, otherwise it may crash your server.

Map file extension is .UMAP

Front Line:

Frontline 64



Skrimmage 64:

Team Death Match:

Team Death Match 64 player:

Deathmatch/Free For All:

Deathmatch/Free For All:


Battle Royal:

Test Maps:


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Good day, I figured I'd post a new topic as I fear posting on a "necro" thread will catch flak.

So at the moment the config file I have access to has limited ability to alter settings. I remember Chivalry was similar in what could be changed and as time went on more was customizable. Such as; changing the round time and goal score.

Is this a simple addition I could add to the Game.ini file?

Here is the current game.ini setting:


ServerName=Moordhau Skirmishers - Gracious Welcome

Many thanks. I did a search n' couldn't find this answer.

  • also would be great if Mordhau had what Chivalry had originally but then appeared to have removed in a far later patch.
    The ability to restrict player chat to the team they're on only. This is something I would highly recommend having added for the server side settings. "AllowNonTeamChat=False"
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More options would be great, particularly:

  • Disable/Change Idle Kick
  • Disable Team Autobalance


  • Change Minimum Players Needed ("Waiting for players")
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I'm certain all developers are busy with the launch but may we please get a developer response to Barons thread & the features below?

Additional features needed:
1) Reserved slots.
2) Custom automated server messages & custom formatting (color, etc).
3) Custom Message of the Day (MOTD) at least in text and with clickable hyperlinks (steam group pages, etc) but ideally a custom image (see Chivalry or a dozen source games).
edit: Great point (#4) from @Corsario
4) Autokick last player in when admin joins, as alternative to reserved slots for servers that don't want to limit their space.
- edit:
5) Easily accessible map vote list with custom parameters (vote threshold percent, time allotted, etc).
6) More accessible player vote kick with custom parameters (vote threshold percent, time allotted, etc).
7) Column sorting in the server browser(!?).
- edit:
8) Server join queue for full servers.
9a) Favorite section of the server browser.
9b) Ability to favorite a server from the browser (as well as to favorite a server [within] a server).
- edit: More great point. This time from @U.F.O.
10) Editable auto-kick client idle time config parameter.
11) Rcon support in order to develop + implement tools.
12) Ping kicker with threshold and duration for which the threshold is hit (over seconds or instant).
13) Map victory conditions tied to editable config parameters!!! This one is huge, do not leave Mordhau like the game "Squad" of which one cannot edit any of these params because they're stuck baked in to the map. We must be able to edit things such as game mode parameters for FFA=time and/or score, FL= tickets,ticket bleed rate & time, TDM=total score, SKM= rounds.
14) In-game logged-in admins ability to kick and ban through tab / scoreboard player list.

- edit:
We (server hosts) are happy to pay top dollar to rent high quality servers so that Triternion does not have to bear the monthly expense, so long as your studio meets us half way by offering the features we need. Without these features (and ideally more), we have less of an incentive to pay money, monthly, for game servers.
I really hope your studio understands that all of these points above are not merely some wish list but rather that they're essential features in 2019 for any game which makes dedicated servers available. These features should be [expected] by community organizers in this era.

The value proposition, for your company, is clear. By empowering community organizers & server hosts, your company gets free monthly servers and thousands of gaming community owners acting as corporate evangelists, promoting your product (Mordhau), and studio, to thousands of unaware or on-the-fence players. Marketing 101, the only promotion better than famous faces ("influencers", eyes roll), is the endorsement from friends. I know Barons group (the Moorland Skirmishers) and ours (Field of Regard) both directed hundreds of people (on day one) to your Kickstarter page of which dozens of people from our groups contributed (confirmed as we played the alpha/beta with all of them).
Over the lifespan of your product, our groups small effort will be dwarfed by what thousands of other groups will provide for your studio with the tools we all need to help our communities and your company as a result.