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So I guess this is a good place to dump my feedback for the update where it won't get drowned out as fast.

Not sure what to say about the rest of the update, but my first two matches playing either of the new invasion maps breezed by with ease in favor of the attacking teams.

The timers seem way too generous for how vulnerable the objectives are.

  • With the time collected through my playthroughs of mountain peak INV and Castello, both rounds ended up with about 17 minutes on the clock by the last objective (same lobby both matches).

I thought the steal treasure objective in Castello went by too fast

  • The way IC can just spam grab the gold piles feels too easy on them. Also, the second to last objective with the portcullis went by in about 15 sec while I wasn't looking (had to check back in my recording to confirm), lol.

In mountain peak invasion, we had 16+ min to kill a king(warden) that died in 1.

  • Mountain peak INV's objectives seemed alright for the most part (what does IC need piles of corpses for?). As I stated earlier, the timer seems to tack on too much time for each objective completed, which makes it so you have a situation like the match I was in where it basically ended with well over 10 min left after the first blows on the king/warden.

I can't comment in more detail on things like map design because I still just started playing the update (my experience might also be skewed because of the lobby I was in), but so far those were the most glaring issues with the levels that I noticed in my playthroughs.

EDIT: "Maybe instead you have them grab the piles and they then have to take bags of the stuff with them back somewhere." Just noticed the treasure chests near to the gold in Castello. Still think the objectives are too ez tho

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Turned him into frise

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I genuinely don't give a shit about the maul. Slow, low range, expensive.
I hate retarded stab weapons & bows more than I hate the maul.

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Hahahahahahahaha How The Fuck Is Dying To The Maul Real Hahahaha Nigga Just Walk Away Like Nigga Hit Shift Haha

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@Xanith said:
never seen anyone complain about the maul

In that case, this avatar fits way better:

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@esturias said:

@SWSeriousMike said:
This topic will be moved.

I don't think we have a dedicated subforum for unnecessary threads with unfunny content that has been discussed to death already.

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@SWSeriousMike said:
This topic will be moved.

But where? I don't think we have a dedicated subforum for unnecessary threads with unfunny content that has been discussed to death already.

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Haha discord bot go brrrr

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Having played the alpha, I can with certainty say that deadlines just do not exists to these devs. You can safely ignore every date and estimate they give and just keep waiting. I am not typing this as a joke post or anything like that, this is true.

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me when i catch a rabbit in minecraft

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@CarnifeX said:

What is best in life, brother?

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some more recents. I believe I haven't uploaded these before but correct me if I'm mistaken.

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There are not enough drugs in the world for me to begin comprehending this thread.

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Alexander the Great


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Full transcript from Crush now:

"shortsword will be cheaper than cleaver and dagger next patch"

"theres been a point system rework"

"48 points instead of 16"

"everything else is bumped up in relation so most things are the same but some things have been made cheaper so more combinatons are possible"

"yes estoc is the same cost as longsword now"

"same with battleaxe"

"eveningstar and bardiche is 7 now, halberd spear and zweihander 8"

User question: Are perks being made cheaper or more expensive in general?


"halberd is a bit faster, zweihander has better drags"

"no armor has same cost"

"zwei halberd and spear now have a movement slowdown if you use them combined with plate armor, so you can go full plate but youll be slower with them, hence why they are cheaper now"

"no changes to t1"

"t2 chest is slightly slower now, but still faster than it used to be before the buff"

"plate helmet is more tanky now and a bunch of weapons had their two shot against it removed"

"and plate chest in general takes a bit less damage (same hit to kills though)"

"team hitstop change is reverted next patch"

"understab will be removed"

"its a temporary solution until stab animation improvements come which take more time"

"fixing missing on purpose and 1vX buffs via easy parry"

"but thats not for next patch"

User question: will there be more than 3 weapon slots


User question: Will there be an xbow skin?

"theres one in the works yeah"

"zwei is 24"

"8 in the current values"

"on the live build"

"4htk would be bad"

"maul is unchanged in damage"

"no changes to GS, messer had its two shot removed against plate head"