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  • 19 Oct '19

yeah sure haha nice meme jax remember when we were supposed to get Feitoria 15 patches ago

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  • 23 Oct '19
 Jax — Community Manager

A loss of cognitive function in relation to days since a recent update?
Here ya go, enjoy the read

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  • 1 Oct '19

@Antoniokontos said:
so sort of how wow has a spawn every 30 seconds?


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  • 25 Oct '19

This forum must be VERY dead...

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  • 6 Oct '19

love when randomizer makes bodkin629760_screenshots_20191005093911_1.jpg

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  • 2 Oct '19

You know, I honestly don't think the decline in players has anything to do with maps or game modes.

None of either change the fact the games core mechanics are revolved around a lot of things, movement/footwork, timing, split second decisions. And you can get sent to the respawn menu in two shots if you fuck up a chamber or don't match an angle or some shit.

Reckon most casual people don't like that at all.

It was never going to be anything else than this, you've got a high skill ceiling game, heaps of people ragequit and uninstall, and the people who enjoy it stick around and get good. New people join and fight those people and don't stand a chance and ragequit even faster.

It's no different than Chiv.

What do you actually do about that? you can't change the fact this genre which is what, like 3-4 games, is so in your fucking face. That's where all this "toxic" shit comes from, you're right there with another cunt and you're trying to do everything under the sun to fuck him up. And that's just the nature of it.

Not many people have the patience to deal with that I reckon.

New maps and game modes will attract people sure, but just for a time I think. It'll just boil down to the same reasons they stopped playing before, no patience and not a real interest in devoting time to getting better.

I can't word shit right but yeah, I think it's just a type of game not many people enjoy because it's hard as fuck and it's in your face.

Real shame, but I reckon that's just what it is.

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  • 23 Oct '19

Drawn by hand, scanned with phone, messed around a bit in gimp (not ps cuz im poor)

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  • 20 Oct '19


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  • 1 Oct '19

@stultus_stulte said:
some old bad thing

Скриншот 17-02-2019 212220.png

Roman McRee with a sword and moist paper towel roughly bundled on his head?

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  • 27 Sep '19

Flesh wound should be set for everyone by default, it would make the game even more fun.

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  • 27 Sep '19

I really appreciate the new model of smaller, more frequent updates. Keep up the good work.

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  • 18 Sep '19

@Antoniokontos said:

@Aleihric said:

@Antoniokontos said:
id love to see a stand alone Sabre

That could be nice, but I don't know if it would fit or not. It feels closer to a colonial era sword. Maybe like how the Viking gear is the earliest, the saber would be the latest.

yeah by 1648 the Sabre became a common Weapon so would fit but would be close to that cut off

(Proto) sabers have been in use since at least the 10th century. You're talking about commonality in the west, but they were used way earlier in the east and middle east. It's well within the range of Mordhau's time frame, and also one of the most important and widely used swords in history. It deserves a standalone version imho.

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  • 19 Sep '19
 The Bird

The Bird wants a greathelm with a bird ornament.

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  • 16 Sep '19

@RizlaBlue said:
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This knigga's my favorite.