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  • 1 Oct

@stultus_stulte said:
some old bad thing

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Roman McRee with a sword and moist paper towel roughly bundled on his head?

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  • 27 Sep

Flesh wound should be set for everyone by default, it would make the game even more fun.

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  • 27 Sep

I really appreciate the new model of smaller, more frequent updates. Keep up the good work.

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@Antoniokontos said:

@Aleihric said:

@Antoniokontos said:
id love to see a stand alone Sabre

That could be nice, but I don't know if it would fit or not. It feels closer to a colonial era sword. Maybe like how the Viking gear is the earliest, the saber would be the latest.

yeah by 1648 the Sabre became a common Weapon so would fit but would be close to that cut off

(Proto) sabers have been in use since at least the 10th century. You're talking about commonality in the west, but they were used way earlier in the east and middle east. It's well within the range of Mordhau's time frame, and also one of the most important and widely used swords in history. It deserves a standalone version imho.

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  • 19 Sep
 The Bird

The Bird wants a greathelm with a bird ornament.

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@RizlaBlue said:
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This knigga's my favorite.

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  • 15 Sep

if you're done then why would anyone respond to your autistic thread

bye weirdo lmao

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The last update introduced chat bans. Certain players that have been reported in the past for racism or similar offenses but were never banned for it have instead received a chat ban for a week or so.

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  • 15 Sep

Finally installed the lightsabre mod ...
Mordhau Lightsabre.png

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  • 14 Sep


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This shield thread may die but this is only Phase I of the Final Solution.

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  • 11 Sep

Can you change your nick to Punished Mike?

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  • 10 Sep

Automatic mod downloads will go a long way to keeping the game fresh. Good patch.

now tell Vesanus or whoever is in charge to get off their fucking ass and give us Feitoria already holy shit

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  • 11 Sep

@Antoniokontos said:
i hope one hand only swords DON'T become Messer Skins

Oh, the messer? No, but it could make for a nice falchion skin though. Hell that's even better for me!

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  • 10 Sep

As much as I think 3/3/3 Bloodlust builds are cheap and corny, most of the time it's not really an issue. Guys forget that they actually have to kill people in order to replenish their health with Bloodlust.

I rarely see these builds wreak havoc on anyone, because 95% of these guys couldn't 1vX against toddlers.

All these builds do is promote erratic and bad playstyles, spamming LMB and disregarding teammates. Bloodlust itself is a detriment to the game.

Too many guys not retreating to heal, trying to gank your kill to replenish their health, only to give you a TK. That's if he doesn't TK you first.

Frankly, Mordhau would be better off without Bloodlust.