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  • 3 Jul '19
 Jax — Community Manager

In light of recent publicity on the state of MORDHAU’s community, we would like to discuss our stance on toxicity and the topic of gender and race in our game.

First and foremost, Triternion does not, nor have we ever, had plans to add a customization option that would force a white male default. This is an absurd idea that stems from a misunderstanding in a recent interview by PC Gamer with two of our artists. These artists, both uninvolved with character development went into a verbal interview with minimal PR experience and ended up answering some of the questions in a misleading way, which combined with a lack of context, led to some very controversial statements. Again, we at Triternion do not, nor have we ever had any plans to implement any kind of ethnicity toggle on potential future character ethnicity customization additions.

The responses given were referring to the gender part of the questions, which were based off an old controversial "gender toggle" idea, with the intention being to give the player options to play the game with only female characters, only male characters, or both. This concept was brought forth by one of our developers and posted prior to the game’s release as a response to a large number of heated debates regarding the topic of realism. The idea to give players this ability was simply a theoretical solution to a difficult problem and was never intended to be the official stance of Triternion on this topic. This is a lesson for us that we must be excessively prudent with the wording we use in the future as it can be easy to misconstrue an individual’s opinions and ideas as officially sanctioned.

Shortly after launch and in internal discussions, the concept of a gender option toggle was dismissed as it would undermine the customization players work hard to create. The two artists featured in the interview were ill-informed of this decision, which was a major mistake and miscommunication on the side of Triternion; and in combination with a question on a sensitive issue of which they were underprepared to answer, strongly contributed to this misunderstanding. Our official stance is that these toggle options are out of the question.

In regards to community toxicity, we do not have prior experience managing communities of this size, nor the manpower or resources that established studious can leverage. Our team consists of 11 first-time developers working remotely and volunteer moderators who try their best to curb this toxicity and behavior across all platforms, including in-game. At the moment we are stretched thin with major important content additions and unfortunately we do not have the staff nor systems in-place to moderate everything to our intended level of standards. We plan on improving in this regard. We hope our players understand our situation and will continue to place their faith in us, as improving these things will take time.

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  • 6 May '19
 elwebbaro — Art

It's been one hell of a ride thus far, and it's only been 7 days. None of us would've expected this reception in our wildest dreams.
As of today MORDHAU has sold just shy of 500.000 copies and we have reached a peak of 60.000 concurrent players yesterday. These are just mindblowing numbers to us, and we still haven't fully realized that MORDHAU is currently among the top played games on Steam.

Unfortunately the launch wasn't as smooth as we had hoped. Server performance was abysmal and reward drops such as Gold and XP, as well as unlocks were not functioning properly. We are still in the process of seting up new servers in regions that need them and as a result the Matchmaking can still be spotty. There's also some other Matchmaking related bugs that prevent parties from joining the same game, or BR lobbies to populate very slowly, but we're on top of that. All things considered, the majority of launch issues have been resolved. As for compensation of the lost Gold and XP. We have not forgotten about it and will be shipping it via the next patch.

Right now we are addressing some of the more frequent and critical issues, like the "Ghost Bug" among others, as well as some map exploits. These past few days had been very hectic for us, but things are starting to somewhat get back in order.

Looking ahead for future updates, we've got a couple new maps in mid-production: Castello and Feitoria. Here's a few impressions on the latter.

On top of that we will start looking into Ranked/Competitive modes, starting with duels. However we cannot give an exact timeframe on when you can expect these updates to be rolled out yet. We are terrible when it comes to estimating things, I'm sure our alpha players can attest to that.

Additionally we will keep adding new armor pieces and weapon skins here and there, as well as some new character customization options.
Goals further down the line would be to release Modding Tools, as a lot of you seem to be very eager to create some custom content.

We've got lots of ideas for improvements to the maps and gamemodes. There's also been some amazing feedback and suggestions coming from you guys. When it comes to balancing and tweaking of mechanics, we are pretty happy with how things are looking right now, but we will start tweaking some things soon.

In closing we'll take this opportunity to give some shout-outs.

Thank you

  • to all the Kickstarter backers and alpha testers. Without your constant feedback, suggestions and nitpicking the game would not be where it is now.
  • to G-Portal/zeuz and their amazing support. You guys were super helpful and assisted us a bunch to keep up with our launch woes.
  • to all community server hosts. You really saved our asses to provide servers for all these players while we were struggling to spin up our own.
  • to our promotional launch re-stream: You guys knocked it out of the park and delivered some sweet first impressions right on the storefront.
  • to all the content creators out there creating videos and streaming. MORDHAU spread like a wildfire, which wouldn't have been possible without you.
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  • 18 Apr '19
 marox — Project Lead

Mordhau is coming to Steam on April 29th 2019. Wishlist it now
Enjoy the trailer!

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  • 12 Mar '19
 marox — Project Lead

Attention all backers!

NOTE: This is a closed test for Kickstarter backers only. Access to the game is otherwise not possible at the moment, but release is coming soon!

As we approach towards having everything ready for release, we need your help to do some stress testing and identifying any show-stopping issues. Starting on March 15th (Friday) at 5 PM CET (Central European Time), until (including) March 17th (Sunday), we will be running organized tests on the pre-release build, where you'll get a taste of what we've been working on.

This time around, we really need to hit high player counts, so we are going to be limiting the servers to guide the testing phase. We will be doing themed tests each day to focus the population, starting with Friday - Frontline on Camp, Saturday - Battle Royale on Grad, and ending with Sunday - Horde on Taiga. Outside of these dates, the new modes will not be available to play. We are doing this to ensure that all those who wish to try them out show up on the days mentioned, ensuring a high peak. During the testing we will have servers in EU, US, AUS and SA.

After the weekend testing period, we will be rolling back the game to the current test build which will remain up until closer to release. Assuming there are no major issues, we will then proceed with our preparations for release and will announce an exact date shortly after. Good times are coming.

(Sneak peak below of the new armory poses :))


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  • 30 Jan '19
 marox — Project Lead

Mordhau's store page is now listed on Steam!
We've been hard at work wrapping things up for release the past several months, fixing any outstanding bugs and adding the necessary polish and content where needed. This work will continue leading up to release in Q2 2019, which we estimate we will hit somewhere in April (early if all goes to plan). A glance over the Steam page should give you a hint of what to expect on release, but I will elaborate a little more here. We'll be releasing with 3 new modes that we expect to be the main attraction.

Frontline: a flag-capturing conquest-like mode played on large maps with horses, siege engines and chaos all-around. Goal is to capture the enemy's flags in linear order while defending your own, and culminates with an objective to complete in the enemy's base.

Battle Royale: start out with fists on one of our maps, haunted by a circle constantly creeping ever closer. Find loot & armor in chests (or on other players) to deck yourself out and manage your health with scavenged bandages instead of regeneration.

Horde: coop mode to play with friends against waves of AI, where you can purchase equipment & armor in your base obtained from clearing out the more and more difficult waves.

And of course, all the modes we have so far: Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch & the round-based single-life Skirmish mode. We've been working on polishing plenty of stuff such as the AI, the UI, adding unlocks and achievements, tracking skill based on kills/deaths to be able to put players into appropriate servers, improving performance, etc. We also now have a fun tutorial for new players that they can play through to familiarize themselves with the game. Throughout all this time work continued on map work, which led to various reworks and expansions of current maps like Grad and Camp and the introduction of Taiga. We have some maps still in the pipeline and close to completion, but we won't hold the release back if those are not finished, meaning they might come shortly after release.

Finally, there's some things that didn't make it for various reasons and we decided are not worth holding back a release for. Among the Kickstarter stretch goals that won't make it on release are ranked competitive 1v1 matchmaking and the SDK. We will focus on these post-launch. Another feature that won't be there are female characters, as we simply didn't have time to do these justice, so we will be looking at the introduction of the gender option after release.

There's also some Kickstarter rewards we need to wrap up, and we will be sorting these out before release as we go.

We'll be keeping in touch!

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  • 1 Jun '18

@Neo said:

@ÐMontyleGueux said:
So, when will it be done ? :D

Good question. I started on it, have the basic functionality down, but it doesn't look good, so I need to work more on that. It also needs some kind of moderation.

Ideally, it should just hook into the game itself, so you can import/export from the game. It would be cool, but I don't want to bother the other devs with this at this stage.

Oh, I was joking. I didn't expect that there was some actual work on it done already, that's great. I would be honoured if you let be upload/download loadouts from your using my loadout manager until that functionnality is in game.

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  • 31 May '18

@Neo said:

@ÐMontyleGueux said:

Thanks for your feedback. Unfortunately I don't know anything about .bat scripts :(

Here's how the loadout sharing works :
it's possible to import a loadout from either a share code or the loadout code itself, but both are very large strings. The share code is basically the loadout code that I zipped and converted to base64 to prevent data loss. I also check that the loadout code has the same number of '(' and ')', that there's only two " and that it start with the proper header, to make sure that the given loadout code is correct.

If you have a better idea to generate share codes, I will be happy to implement it !

That sounds like a good way of doing it.

My idea was to create a public browsable list of loadouts users could share. Kind of like the "Post your knigga" thread, but with a download button. The .bat file would contain the loadout code, so you could just one-click install another person's loadout without fiddling with config files.

That sounds dope. Do you think you could do a loadout gallerie on the official website ? We could browse and vote for the loadouts people uploaded from the game (or from my loadout manager for the time being) as well as getting the share code of those you like.

Knight 685 1855
  • 31 May '18

@Neo said:
This is great! I thought about doing something similar. I made a very simple .bat script to simplify installing loadouts. It basically just asks you to paste the loadout code and appends it to your Game.ini. Maybe you can use it :)

@echo off
SET /P DATA=Paste the loadout and press ENTER: 
IF /I "%DATA%" == "" GOTO END
ECHO DATA>>"C:\Users\%USERNAME%\AppData\Local\Mordhau\Saved\Config\WindowsClient\Game.ini"
SET /P TMP=Done. :)

Thanks for your feedback. Unfortunately I don't know anything about .bat scripts :(

Here's how the loadout sharing works :
it's possible to import a loadout from either a share code or the loadout code itself, but both are very large strings. The share code is basically the loadout code that I zipped and converted to base64 to prevent data loss. I also check that the loadout code has the same number of '(' and ')', that there's only two " and that it start with the proper header, to make sure that the given loadout code is correct.

If you have a better idea to generate share codes, I will be happy to implement it !

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  • 30 May '18


In the current alpha build of mordhau, there is no way to manage your loadouts. They are sorted in the order you created them, and that's it. The only way you may do it is by manually modifying a .ini file, which is less than ideal.

This is why I created the Mordhau Loadout Manager!

What's the Mordhau Loadout Manager ?

It's a little software that I created which allows you to order, archive, backup and share your Mordhau loadouts !

Here's how it looks :


Most of the functionalities are now accessible through right clicking.

The interface is pretty self explanatory, on the left you see the list of the loadouts that are currently accessible in game, and on the right the list of the loadouts that are archived, meaning that they won't be accessible in game to avoid clogging the loadout selection menu without deleting them.

Main features

Ordering loadouts

The Mordhau Loadout Manager lets you order your loadouts at will with a fancy drag and drop interface. I've even added a button to sort them alphabetically if you're too lazy to do it yourself.

Loadout archiving

You may save certain loadouts in a separate file to clean up your game's loadout selection menu without losing them. For instance in my example, I've archived my "fun" loadouts as I plan to play to go duelling and thus I need my regular loadouts ready. I can easily boot up the software again and add them back to the game later on.

Loadout sharing (experimental)

After selecting a loadout and pressing the Copy Share Code button, a share code will be generated and appear in the text area below. You can copy this code to share it, anyone pasting this code back in the Mordhau Loadout Manager and pressing the Import From Share Code button will get your loadout ! This feature is experimental as the share code is still huge (still smaller than the loadout code itself). Here's what a share code looks like currently :

It's shorter than the actual loadout code, but still pretty awful looking. I will see how I can improve this feature in the future.

Loadout Backups

By using the backups buttons on the center, you can manage backups of your Game.ini file containing all your loadouts.


It is currently uploaded on my google drive, I will post the share links to the different versions here :

Up-to-date version :

Mordhau Loadout Manager V1.5

The interface have been reworked, most of the buttons have been replaced with a right click menu.
You will also be notified if there is a more recent version avaliable.

Additional Notes

Please Make a Manual Backup

While the current version have been extensively tested and should be fine, I recommend saving your Game.ini file somewhere else before you start using Mordhau Loadout Manager. It can be found at C:\Users[username]\AppData\Local\Mordhau\Saved\Config\WindowsClient. You never know...

Steam Cloud Conflicts

Note that the steam cloud isn't too happy about the game's files changing. If the steam cloud report a conflict, always select "upload to the steam cloud".

Bug reports and suggestions

Don't hesitate to report bugs in this thread, I will make sure to take a look at them.
I'm also open to suggestions. What kind of features would you like to see in Mordhau Loadout Manager ?

Special thanks

To triternion. You guys are doing a hell of a job and we love it !

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  • 21 Apr '18

I wouldn't really want 5 hearts, the metabolism would be crazy

Duke 5558 13284
  • 19 Apr '18
 Jax — Community Manager

Hi everyone!

Most of you already know me, but my name's Jax! I've been following Mordhau since before it was called Mordhau, and throughout the years I've been helping out Triternion by spreading all the info I can possibly find about this wonderful game. I've been doing this for quite a while already, so the devs have decided to bring me into the fold as part of the team - as the community manager.

I'm not here to replace the developers from communicating directly with you all - I know that I myself have greatly appreciated them being able and willing to hop on here to answer our questions or address feedback. Instead of replacing them, my goal is to supplement; they're busy working on the game, so I'll be helping to push out some new details when they're ready, read nearly everything you all say, so on and so forth. If you have any questions, complaints, concerns, etc. feel free to tell me (it's my job)! With that being said, it's going to take me a little bit to adjust to the role, so please bear with me as I figure things out.

Two things to wrap up this post:

I want to thank Triternion - Mordhau is truly a special game and I'm honored to be given the opportunity to help in some small way. Not only are you making a stellar game, but you're awesome people. I have nothing but trust and faith in the direction you all are headed. Most importantly, I want to thank you all, the community. Mordhau isn't even out yet and yet here are some awesome people I've met, quite a few of which I consider good friends now. I don't think I would have stuck around for like 3 years if it wasn't for the countless laughs, discussions, excessively long posts, and good times I've had with you all. I'm happy to be a part of this community and I look forward to many more years to come.

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  • 22 Mar '18

This is all I have to say
me face when maulz.jpg

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  • 21 Mar '18
 elwebbaro — Art

It's been a while! In fact more than two months.

A lot has happened in this draught of updates and there were various reasons why we couldn't release some of the new features right away in smaller patches.
Mordhau is a game that consists of many different small systems and they all need to run in sync like a well oiled machine. If just one of its "gears" changes a little bit, all of the others have to be tweaked as well, resulting in a lot of headaches for us.
Couple that with some deeper refactoring of some old code, this can become a lenghty but very needed process.

That said we're very happy with the current state of the melee combat, and thus will finally shift more of our focus towards content creation. Granted we will still tweak things here and there as needed, especially since there's been a lot of drastic changes in this patch.

We've also heard your pleas for more transparency and will try to adhere to it, thus we're releasing a small roadmap to give you a rough idea on where the game is headed in the next few weeks and months until beta and release. We'll also shift more of our communication back to the forums so all info can be gathered and archived in one place instead of having to catch glimpses and little tidbits on Discord or Reddit.

To sum things up, here's a list of the biggest changes and improvements in Patch #14:

  • Upgraded the engine, bringing a vast array of improvements in visual quality as well as optimization and significantly improved load times.

  • Fixed long running and infuriating bugs like getting locked out of spawning, or crashes caused by alt-tabbing during loading screens.

  • Polished a lot of animations and visual effects.

  • Tweaked mechanics, balance and timings to create a more unique feel to our arsenal as well as more defined roles.

  • Reworked lighting and post processing to ensure better readability while retaining a high dynamic range and fidelity.

  • Netcode improvements to deliver a smoother experience on a wider ping range than before.

  • A lot of groundwork for the main gamemode Frontline, as well as ranged weaponry, support equipment and vehicles.

  • Some new weapons and gear, who would've thought?

Screenshots of some of the new gear and an alternate male head:

Here's the roadmap (click to zoom in):

View the detailed changelogs.

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  • 29 Jan '18
 marox — Project Lead

Work continues on Mordhau and we're making good progress towards beta and release, but unfortunately we're not quite there yet. We do not intend to rush things, but since we promised early access to Beta backers by January, we are letting the Beta backers into the melee-focused Mordhau Alpha. If you are a beta backer, you will receive an email from us shortly with instructions on how to get your Steam key. Our actual Beta and Release dates will unfortunately have to shift a bit further into 2018 to make sure we can deliver content with an adequate attention to detail and polish. We will keep you updated on the matter!

We are also releasing some of the backer rewards that can now be claimed, and we have also begun collecting input for the personalized rewards. For those of you who backed at the corresponding tiers, you will see your rewards listed in the account tab on our website, and you will be able to fill out the input for personalized rewards there as well.

And finally, check out some cool Alpha combat footage below, captured by community member Trix:

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  • 7 Dec '17
 Spook — UI

Here's the patch notes:

What do you guys think of the changes? Discuss them here!

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  • 25 Sep '17
 crushed — Art

@afiNity said:
As much as I like the complexity of the mechanics in this game, I think they might become a problem in the long run.
Chiv only worked for noobs/casual players because they ignored many of the mechanics, which led to very different metas between competitive and casual play and this might become true for Mordhau as well.
Ideally a game should be easy to learn (or at least easy to get into) but hard to master, while Mordhau is really hard to get into. 99% of the people in the alpha are ex-chiv-players, so for us it isn't that much of a deal due to our previous experience.
But Mordhau is actually much more complex and harder to learn than Chiv so I'm a bit worried how completely new players to the genre will perform and how many of them will rq cause of frustration.
There are games from the melee genre that are much easier to learn but still have an extremely high skill ceiling. I wish Mordhau was a bit more like that.
I'm not saying that the mechanics should be changed but... what's the point of a super good game if only a couple chiv nerds are going to play it. A high skill ceiliing doesn't necessarily have to come from super many different mechanics. Just some thoughts.

I have to disagree, have you actually seen any new players play the game? For example some of the content creators/streamers, from what i've seen, the basics of attacking, defense (parrying) and flinching is easily learned and understood quickly. It was actually satisfying to watch how quickly they improved within an hour of playing compared to when they started, despite no actual tutorials and such.

There is no doubt that the meta will be different between good players and between noobs. In my experience, a lot of noobs didn't even know you could overhead in Chiv. A tutorial and matchmaking will be needed for Mordhau, regardless, something like chambering is far from the basics. You don't learn about all the advanced stuff in most games with high skill ceilings until you've atleast played for a while.

IMO unless im missing something here, I think youre confusing with easy to get into with whole game being easy to learn

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  • 21 Sep '17
 crushed — Art

@Kaiowa said:
I was hoping they would fix everything that was wrong with Chivalry, that's probably the expectation most people had when backing this, but you can still basically face your opponent backwards and start an attack hiding your hands movements completely and still hit him. That's exactly what was wrong with Chivalry.

Reverse hits (someone hitting you while he's facing you backwards) aren't possible in Mordhau, unless there is a new bug we are not aware of in which case footage would be greatly appreciated. They do no damage and you can parry them. There was a bug which let you still do them in some cases which was fixed in Build 2.

I guess what you probably mean is the edge cases where people can still spin, do a full turnaround and hit with the end of the swing. They are not anywhere near as bad as actual reverse hits, but still bad, as they are annoying/unfun to fight against and look dumb. Currently thinking of a solution to get rid of them without destroying some other aspects of the game, but we will sort them out.

As for noobs, you have to keep in mind that this alpha is the worst possible entry point for them, as there is no matchmaking, and no rating system, no ingame tutorial and things are currently unbalanced/with some possible cheese existing. On top of this the vast majority of players ingame are melee veterans. Mordhau is most fun when played against equally skilled opponents, like any other skill based game that uses matchmaking.

As for feints, the game is definitely not balanced yet and in the future it will be a bit easier to defend against feints (currently thinking about possible backpedal changes and chambers being more consistent). As for feints being OP in lower skill levels, keep in mind the noob fights youre describing arent actual noob fights, in actual noob fights, there are no feints. And if there are, they are usually very badly executed.

What you are describing is someone figuring out how to do good feints against people who have no idea how to defend against them or even do them themselves. This is a common thing in skill based games, someone figures out a strategy which works against players of a certain skill level, and they use it to win games, climbing up the rating. But eventually they will hit a cap with this strategy where they are fighting people who can deal with it or do it themselves, where it balances out again.

Except that currently there is no "climbing up" and and its very rough, you have to fight the same people over and over and its an uphill battle right from the start, instead of a natural skill progression as it should be

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  • 13 Sep '17

If you wish to host a dedicated server but don't want to do everything manually, I would highly recommend renting a SimRai server. However, by renting servers yourself you can achieve arguably better performance for a significantly reduced cost, plus greater flexibility for configuration options as and when they become available in the future. This guide acts as a quick tutorial and reference for anybody trying to manually set up a dedicated server for Mordhau. Specifically, I will be focusing on creating an Ubuntu Linux server, but any other distro should work too, perhaps with minor adjustments to the commands shown here.

If you're intent on using Windows for whatever reason then you can find a step-by-step guide here which explains how to do everything. Credit goes to Atropis Orbis for that.

This guide also assumes a basic understanding of how to use the command line. As a prerequisite you should have a capable server to which you have root access (e.g via SSH). If you're unsure about what hardware to choose I would suggest at least 1GB of RAM and at least 6GB of disk space (though memory usage may vary depending on how you configure your game server).

As a general overview, we need to do three things:

  • Install the game server application from steam using SteamCMD
  • Install any dependencies (i.e libraries) that the server needs
  • Configure and run the server

Installing the Game via SteamCMD

Let's start by installing SteamCMD. First, install the dependencies for SteamCMD:

$ sudo apt-get install lib32gcc1

As the root user, create a separate user as follows under which we will run the server. We do this as a security precaution: you should never run the server as root.

$ useradd -m steam

Now, we'll swap to the newly created account:

$ su - steam
# Or if you aren't currently logged in as root, use:
$ sudo -iu steam

Now, we can install SteamCMD. This installs it in the current directory:

$ curl -sqL "" | tar zxvf -

SteamCMD allows us to download and install the server and any updates that we may need at a later date. We'll create a simple SteamCMD script that we can run whenever we want to update our server. Create a file in the current directory with the following contents; I named mine update_mordhau.txt:

@ShutdownOnFailedCommand 1
@NoPromptForPassword 1
force_install_dir ./mordhau
app_update 629800 validate

As you can see, the command app_update 629800 is the one that installs the server executable, with 629800 being the Steam app ID we want to install (Mordhau Dedicated Server). We also ask SteamCMD to install Mordhau to the mordhau folder in the current directory.

Running the script for the first time will cause SteamCMD to download the contents of the server application to your computer entirely. Any subsequent runs of this script will simply check for an update and install it if available. We can run it with:

$ ./ +login <your_username> <your_password> +runscript update_mordhau.txt

Make sure to replace <your_username> and <your_password> with your steam login information (you should omit the angle brackets). Here you may be asked to enter a code from the Steam Mobile Authenticator. Note that if you used a package manager to install SteamCMD, you may need to use simply steamcmd instead of ./

This should initiate a fairly large download, so this may take a few minutes or hours depending on the network bandwidth of the server. Just remember to run the above command when you want to update your server to a new Mordhau patch.

See the SteamCMD documentation for more information on how to use SteamCMD.

Install Game Server Dependencies

At this point you should have all the required files to run the server in the mordhau folder. Unfortunately, we still need to install a few more things before we can start the server. If you try and run the server at this point, you'll get some errors relating to libraries not being found. We need to install these dependencies manually, so let's go ahead and do that. Note that the following is very distro-specific: you'll have to use your own intuition for which package is correct if you aren't using a distro that uses apt (or maybe search the comments for a list of library names for your specific package manager).

Using apt, you can run the following (you'll need root access for this, temporarily):

$ sudo apt-get install -y libfontconfig1 libpangocairo-1.0-0 libnss3 libgconf2-4 libxi6 libxcursor1 libxss1 libxcomposite1 libasound2 libxdamage1 libxtst6 libatk1.0-0 libxrandr2

Configuring and Running the Server

Finally, we can now start thinking about how we want to configure the server. First, navigate to the folder where Mordhau is installed. If you've been following along, this will mean simply running cd mordhau.

If you type ls, you will see a few folders. The server configuration files are stored in Mordhau/Saved/Config/LinuxServer. If you navigate there and see what files are there (cd Mordhau/Saved/Config/LinuxServer && ls) you will see a few .ini files. The one we will want to edit the most is Game.ini. So let's open up that file in your favourite command line text editor (you could also download the file, edit it on your host machine and upload it back - but editing it in place is much simpler). nano is one such simple text editor, so simply run: nano Game.ini.

You should see something like this:



Most fields here are self explanatory, but I'll explain them anyway. MaxSlots is the maximum number of players the server can facilitate. ServerName is the name of the server as it appears to players in the server browser. ServerPassword is the password you need to enter to join the server - if left blank then no password restrictions are imposed. AdminPassword is a password that can be used by players to log in as admin and do certain things such as change the map. Although it is currently left blank I would highly suggest adding one (even if you don't use it) since if somebody wants to use your server temporarily you can just give them the admin password and not have to do everything yourself. Admins is a list of SteamIDs of players that are to be permanent administrators. You can find a user's SteamID using a website such as - you're looking for the 'steamID64' field. For example, to add me and GIRU as admins on your server, just write:


And no, that's not a mistake: you need to repeat the line if you want multiple users as permanent admininstrators. Using this, the players don't have to login with the admin password, as they are logged in automatically upon joining the server.

BannedPlayers is a list of blacklisted players that cannot join your server. You can add entries manually (with a similar syntax to the way you add admins).

Next, we see the MapRotation fields. When one map ends, the server loads the next entry in the MapRotation field. For example, if I just wanted Contraband Skirmish and Camp FFA (in that order), I'd write:


The map prefixes should be self-explanatory: SKM is Skirmish, FFA is FFA/Deathmatch, TDM is Team Deathmatch, etc.

Note that some people have reported issues with the Admins and MapRotation fields on the Windows dedicated server, saying that they simply don't work. If this is the case for you, try putting a '+' before each line that starts with Admins= or MapRotation= - this has fixed the issue for many. If you have any more information regarding this bug and how to fix it, please contact me so I can update the information here.

If you want to change the tickrate of your server (default is 30, 60 or 120 may improve gameplay), you need to edit the Engine.ini file in the same folder. Add the following:


Having configured everything we want to configure, we can finally run the server. In the root of the mordhau folder, there should be a file called - this is the script that actually runs the server. We can execute it with:


After 15s or so, your server should be up and running. Make sure that port 15000 is reachable (as of patch #4) otherwise you won't be able to connect.

We've just run the shell script directly, but the problem with this is that it's tied to the current command line session - as soon as you close your SSH connection, the server will close too. We need to run it in the background, using this command:

nohup ./ &

Instead of displaying the output directly to your screen, this will write the server log to a file in the current directory named nohup.out. Type man nohup for more details on this behaviour. Alternatively you can use systemd to run your server in the background. See this link for more information.

When you want to shut down the server, you'll need to type ps -a (or ps -ax if you don't see it) and look for the process ID of the game server. Then, close it with kill <pid> where you replace <pid> with the process ID you just found.

Thanks for reading this guide. If you have any questions pertaining to information in this guide, you can ask in the comments here.