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I've wondered before why they couldn't just implement a simple mandatory team sash which is clearly visible from the front and back and limit it to a color spectrum.

Similar to the one below, but with different designs instead of a scottish tartan. They could include a large variety of pattern options (Stripes , Checkers, etc.) and a minimum 2 color requirement, perhaps with a set base color.


Then you could have maximum freedom of loadout options. If you wanted to be perverse you could even join the "Red Team" and make a character that is blue from head to toe, but because you have your big bright "Red Team" sash identifying you it would still clearly indicate your alignment at a glance.

Something like:

Black / Red / Orange / Yellow for one team.

Dark Blue / Pale Blue / Purple / White for the other.

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It's been one hell of a ride thus far, and it's only been 7 days. None of us would've expected this reception in our wildest dreams.
As of today MORDHAU has sold just shy of 500.000 copies and we have reached a peak of 60.000 concurrent players yesterday. These are just mindblowing numbers to us, and we still haven't fully realized that MORDHAU is currently among the top played games on Steam.

Unfortunately the launch wasn't as smooth as we had hoped. Server performance was abysmal and reward drops such as Gold and XP, as well as unlocks were not functioning properly. We are still in the process of seting up new servers in regions that need them and as a result the Matchmaking can still be spotty. There's also some other Matchmaking related bugs that prevent parties from joining the same game, or BR lobbies to populate very slowly, but we're on top of that. All things considered, the majority of launch issues have been resolved. As for compensation of the lost Gold and XP. We have not forgotten about it and will be shipping it via the next patch.

Right now we are addressing some of the more frequent and critical issues, like the "Ghost Bug" among others, as well as some map exploits. These past few days had been very hectic for us, but things are starting to somewhat get back in order.

Looking ahead for future updates, we've got a couple new maps in mid-production: Castello and Feitoria. Here's a few impressions on the latter.

On top of that we will start looking into Ranked/Competitive modes, starting with duels. However we cannot give an exact timeframe on when you can expect these updates to be rolled out yet. We are terrible when it comes to estimating things, I'm sure our alpha players can attest to that.

Additionally we will keep adding new armor pieces and weapon skins here and there, as well as some new character customization options.
Goals further down the line would be to release Modding Tools, as a lot of you seem to be very eager to create some custom content.

We've got lots of ideas for improvements to the maps and gamemodes. There's also been some amazing feedback and suggestions coming from you guys. When it comes to balancing and tweaking of mechanics, we are pretty happy with how things are looking right now, but we will start tweaking some things soon.

In closing we'll take this opportunity to give some shout-outs.

Thank you

  • to all the Kickstarter backers and alpha testers. Without your constant feedback, suggestions and nitpicking the game would not be where it is now.
  • to G-Portal/zeuz and their amazing support. You guys were super helpful and assisted us a bunch to keep up with our launch woes.
  • to all community server hosts. You really saved our asses to provide servers for all these players while we were struggling to spin up our own.
  • to our promotional launch re-stream: You guys knocked it out of the park and delivered some sweet first impressions right on the storefront.
  • to all the content creators out there creating videos and streaming. MORDHAU spread like a wildfire, which wouldn't have been possible without you.
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Let us give you more money tbh


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Open the commands and type reconnect. I'll reload you back into the server. It's worked for me so far.

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I mean TKing is part of the genre imo, it happens.

Since they are mercenary companies, I feel like couple more companies could join the roster.

Randomly match companies with each other on maps aaaand boom, variety goes over the roof. Secretly tag them based on cold/hot color ranges (blue-cold/red-hot) and avoid matching companies with same color range say; Golden Boiz(Yellow) vs Noble Orange Dudes(You guessed it, orange) don't get put vs each other on a map.