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  • 21 Mar '20

Great, two more huge maps most people won't be able to run.

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  • 19 Mar '20

@esturias said:
Yeah. Especially in these hard times, I hope you are all gay.

And now back to "Where is patchy?!"



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  • 11 Apr '19
 Jax — Community Manager

i'm g'not a g'knight

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  • 9 Apr '19
 Jax — Community Manager

hello, wtf

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  • 9 Apr '19

why the fuck did you kill him like that you brainless retard

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  • 17 Mar '20

I mean this in the nicest way possible but would you kindly fuck off with the copy-paste king objectives in every single Invasion map.

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  • 17 Mar '20
 Jax — Community Manager

Want to see what's coming in our next update? Check out our update trailer!

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  • 9 Dec '19

@Jax said:
I'm like 100 emails behind on the account atm, we get a lot of em :| If you need to report a player etc it's best to talk to a moderator though.

Seems like Triternion needs... oh you know...

more people

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  • 19 Jul '19

Sounds pretty good to me, but you haven't mentioned hiring. IMHO you really should consider expanding your team.

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  • 21 Jun '19

I double checked and there are bench marks out there demonstrating low bottleneck like 8% with the i7 4790 paired to Rtx 2080.

And if friggin mordhau with its mediocre graphics can't hold 60 fps, it's optimization issues not the rig. But I'll see for sure after work

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  • 20 Jun '19

I'm at my wits end. My frame rate sits at 50-60 on camp, often dropping to 30-40 in the most jarring way near the river etc. It's the same whether on max settings or runescape potato settings. I lower everything to low or off and my frames don't even improve a bit. It's a bit better on other maps but still poor.

Frontline 64 players. In duels I ofc get 144 solid.


I've spent hours over the last few weeks trying to solve it: please help me before I physically hang myself. I'm used to 144 solid anything I play, chiv, overwatch, cs go, r6 siege, bf4. Can't deal with this.

  • I've twigged that my cpu usage sits around 90-95 % in game, but no other processes hogging except steam. Seems high. Gpu at 40-60% max settings
  • I've lowered body count and body duration to 3 each
  • disabled steam overlay gave me a very slight increase
  • I've changed power settings to max performance
  • I've changed cpu priority to high
  • changed cpu priority to low
  • tried gfx settings to low including res, one at a time
  • tried gfx settings to max
  • I've used nvidia control panel and Roag's guide word for word, max pre rendered frames, threaded optimizations etc.
  • I've tried vsync off, on whatever.

Still wildly fluctuating 50-70 fps with intermittent drops to 40-50 regardless of what I do. I also show as 14-20ms delay on the stat fps counter which doesn't seem good. On menu it's 7ms.

It's driving me nuts. Has anyone got any ideas that can help?

Please :/

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  • 20 Jun '19

@recurf low fps on high player counts is due to a cpu bottleneck, D3D11 doesn't scale as well with a multicore cpu as D3D12 does. i wish they released this game on a more modern api.

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  • 4 Jun '19

Duck help me I'm being attacked by this thing

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  • 4 Jun '19

@ToLazy4Name said:
Why is this guy allowed to be here I demand new legislation making him illegal

Once again you attacking me personal
But enough is enough you son of a bitch
Get cancer and Kill yourself

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  • 4 Jun '19

We have a saying is Sweden: "Vill man vara fin får man lida pin"
It translates to: If you want to look nice, you have to suffer.

Am afraid you have to deal with it. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

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  • 4 Jun '19

Why is this guy allowed to be here I demand new legislation making him illegal

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  • 1 Jun '19
 Spook — UI

The main menu can take a while to load at first (especially if the game's on a HDD), give it a few minutes and the menu should appear.

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  • 26 May '19

It does not matter that we use the palyerlist command and votekick (number).
They reconnect.

The server keeps track of the person's score when they reconnect,
But for some reason, it does not keep track of the ID of the person so he can't join back although the votekick would be successful.
Because they reconnect, the votekick does not finish.

Anyway, to fix this you guys need to make the servers remember the player ID and ban them for that match, instead of thinking they don't exist.

Also, please add a duel gamemode, it's very simple to do. do an emote while looking at someone and you initiate a duel, that way RDM-ers are also nonexistent.

(Also, they farm gold more easily, and end up first place from sneak maul 1hit kill attacks)

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  • 27 May '19

Someone recently wrote an autohotkey script to farm massive amounts of gold utilizing a private server.

I won’t post it here for obvious reasons but if a mod or dev is interested, I will PM them the script so they can see how it works and how people are abusing it.

BTW, please just ban autohotkey. Horde servers are a joke with 10% of people minimum at any time using it to kick or jump every 30 seconds to avoid getting kicked for inactivity.