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  • 8 Sep '17


Ravioli ravioli, give me the alphaoli!

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  • 7 Sep '17

Looks like some of the mods won't be doing their jobs anytime soon. Shitpost while you still can.

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  • 6 Sep '17

@Jax said:

@Mike Dewar said:
Literally about to storm the devs office, french revolution style and start putting devs on the guillotine until they release the game.

good thing they don't have an office :^)

Another smart move from Triternion 👌

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  • 5 Sep '17

@Alphonse said:

@Void said:
I don't know if it's going to be more mature, but it will surely be less salty.


Hey, I didn't say no salt at all. Just less salt.

This is how I think about it...
If the game is balanced, most of the time, the most skillful combatant will win (at least in a one-on-one situation).
Now, if you get killed by a more skillful player, you don't have anything to be salty about. You might even learn a thing or two that'll help you to git gud some day.

Chivalry is completely different. Being unbalanced and full of exploits, most of the times you die, you get the feeling that you were cheated or defeated by exploits, especially if you don't use them yourself or you don't want to follow the meta.

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  • 3 Sep '17
 Jax — Community Manager

@Void said:

@Ulkenstride said:
Tiny Ass Axe.


wtf how?

tiny blacksmiths

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  • 2 Sep '17

If you can't read, just ctrl + scroll (or right click, open the image and zoom).
One meme a day keeps the delays away !

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  • 1 Sep '17

@crushed said:

@LemonTroutsky said:
I think the most likely scenario is that there's some major flaws with the core mechanics of the game and all they've got is something the devs can make pretty demos with... but once it gets into the hands of actual players, they know it's going to be literally nothing but exploits and cheese spam.

You couldn't be more wrong. We are excited to give the game to the players, it just needs a little bit more time before its ready.

Looks like his arguments were

( •


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  • 1 Sep '17
 Jax — Community Manager

@SandorClegane said:

Marox, I ask your leave to execute the one known as Lazy and his kind.

He's bunned until after he goes to boot camp lel

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  • 1 Sep '17

Marox, I ask your leave to execute the one known as Lazy and his kind. Their insolence has gone too far and their vagrant disregard for the process of developing and releasing a game must be punished. We must cull the weak minded who simply can't understand that no definite date was ever set, and that this is an alpha. Delays are acceptable, especially a mere two weeks.

I can't stand the whining any longer, they must be punished. IMG_2283.JPG

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  • 1 Sep '17

@Alphonse said:
For everyone who's "so disappointed" for this delay, may I ask your ages and what background and experiences do you have in game development or any kind of project?


sir i am 8 and i am appalled by you not having my age and forthwith i will bring a rein of fiery torment upon your soul

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  • 31 Aug '17

my uncle works at nintendo

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  • 31 Aug '17

Just teasing, love you Triternion

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  • 31 Aug '17

What the Steam integration is doing tbh.

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  • 31 Aug '17

For real though we shouldn't be upset about this. With video games, there's only one real launch, and that's the first launch you make, regardless of if it's alpha, beta, or release. If they don't get it right the first time, it would leave a terrible first impression that it likely wouldn't be able to recover from for a significant amount of time.

Plus if this is the last delay we get, you'll forget you even had to wait for two years

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  • 30 Aug '17

@Darkfyre said:

@Ulkenstride said:
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  • 30 Aug '17

One student was enjoying his summer holydays, even though mordhau was coming at the end of them, but he would at least get his hands on it! Instead of a game, he got an update, and realized that he couldn't play before he starts going 80 km every week to study. The student will be come a no-life. The student will mess his exams, and destroy his life. But the student will get mordhau Soon.

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  • 30 Aug '17

@VKingOdin said:
HOW YOU MEAN DELAY?! we have fking paid 55euros, about 30more euros than normaly to play it more early and now you are gonne delay it? that is scam, we paid alot money to get it that date, you have no fking right to delay the release of alpha. THIS IS SCAM

What date