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  • 13 Sep '17

That would be nice yeah.

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  • 13 Sep '17

And while you are at it, add options to change the crosshair. Make it smaller/ bigger etc...

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  • 13 Sep '17

It resets every time I launch the game

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  • 13 Sep '17

Can someone please fix the sensitivity bar in the near future? people like myself are playing on 2 to 1 sensitivity. I personally had to change my dpi to meet my personal settings.

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  • 13 Sep '17
 marox — Project Lead

@das said:
once they add in the pre-set angle + dynamic direction control scheme.

It's there, it's confusingly called mouse x axis flips attack side, it basically makes mouse X act like the alt key for your bound attacks.

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  • 13 Sep '17

@Kill3rCat said:

@Naleaus said:
People seem to have the same problem as in Chivalry. They see feinting as a bad thing an purposely don't use it. The skill level is pretty low right now, once people are better at chambering and the defensive mentality goes away, feints are pretty nerfed.

Morphs are really fucking powerful at the moment, much more so than feints. Drags are still doable, but require much more precision.

Feinting is bad. It's a ridiculously easy thing to do, which has a disproportionately high payoff in a timing-based combat system. It's a crutch, like drags, and nobody wants to be that guy.

If you stab feint me, I'm going to end up stabbing you due to how easy chambering stabs are. I'm rubbish at other angles due to only playing 2 days, but feints are pretty well countered by chambers, and turn them into medium risk, high reward.

Wait till the playerbase gets better at the mechanics that nerfs feinting before considering it bad. I'd also suggest using EVERYTHING available at the moment, because the game shouldn't be balanced by gut reactions based on biases from other games.

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  • 13 Sep '17

I believe typing "m.AutoFTP 0" in the console and then binding feint and parry to your RMB should work.

Edit: corrected the command. Thanks @Mittsies for pointing that out.

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  • 13 Sep '17

It's not that enemy attacks are too fast, the main issue is where you yourself or an opponent can just zoom in with an attack. The acceleration is a tad unpredictable in terms of forward momentum.

In terms of parrying or chambering, mordhau is stupidly easier than slasher. The parry window is quite large and so is the hitbox. I guess they wanted it to be a lot more accessible for users.

I've also noticed in Mordhau this weird hang-up pause on attacks right after being winded up which is a bit odd. I'm guessing it's for opponent feedback, but it creates this issue of an opponent's attack will hang in the air for a second then the actual attack will be lighting fast.

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  • 13 Sep '17

Turn cap is fine. It prevents me from doing baboon drags. However, I wish they made the movement feel a bit more fluid with the lunging, backpedal speed and sprint acceleration.

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  • 13 Sep '17

I created some chambering footage in slowmotion to better understand the timing and direction etc. It's not perfect but maybe it helps.

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  • 13 Sep '17

Hey all, just wanted to make everyone aware of some console commands I found useful.

  • Stat FPS - Shows the FPS counter
  • Slomo x - Chuck a number after this one, it will change the speed of the game. (Slomo 2 for double speed, slomo .5 for half speed). Useful for practicing chambers/drags against bots, but obviously it won't work in multiplayer.
  • PlayersOnly - Freezes all the bots, but lets you keep walking around. This one is a toggle, so enter it again to unfreeze everyone. Again, singleplayer only.
  • ChangeSize x - Another singleplayer only command for obvious reasons, this one changes the size of your character. Yes, you can set it to 100, but I wouldn't recommend it. Also goes both ways, so ChangeSize .5 will put you at half height.

These only the basic ones that I found when messing around there are plenty more, feel free to post anything else that you found useful/interesting.
P.S: I couldn't get godmode, ghost, or fly to work, so if anyone does manage to figure out how, then please do tell (I could just be stupid).

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  • 12 Sep '17

This guide is intended to teach people the very basics of the Mordhau Alpha. It includes a brief mechanical overview, as well as some other information regarding customization and settings.

Note that the key bindings found here are the default ones (on a UK or US keyboard) but you can easily change the bindings through the settings menu if you wish. See Settings for further details.

Table of Contents

Movement and Combat

Standard FPS controls: WASD to move, mouse to look, space to jump, control to crouch. Press P to toggle between first and third person camera view (note that third person might be disabled on some servers). When you spawn in, your character will start with a weapon in hand.

As for executing attacks, there are two general approaches to controlling your strikes. The first and also the default way uses your mouse movement to determine the angle of your strike. Put simply, if you move your mouse to the upper left before pressing your slash button (LMB) then your character will start a slash from the upper left. The same is true for stabs, except there are only two possible stab angles that you can use - left and right. In this system, to perform a stab, you move the mouse left or right (depending on how you want to angle the stab) before pressing the stab key. This system is colloquially known as "the 240 system" since there are roughly 240 degrees of space within which you can manipulate your attacks. Here is a GIF demonstrating the 240 system:

240 System Demo

The other system is the one which may be more familiar to ex-chivalry players; namely preset binds for certain attacks. This generally involves binding the upper-right slash, right horizontal slash, lower-right slash and right stab to separate key bindings of your choice. In order to execute an attack from the left you can hold the alt key which will invert the direction.

As for which scheme you should choose, that's very much a matter of preference. You can even mix control schemes if you so wish. See this post by Monsteri for a good explanation of some of the pros and cons of using each system.

Right mouse button can be used to block incoming attacks. This causes your character to hold up your weapon for a short period of time, during which the parry is "active" and any incoming attacks will not deal damage. For fists or shields, you are able to hold up your parry for as long as you hold the button. It is very important to remember to look as far as possible into the tip of the blade as you can - this is something that catches many ex-chivalry players out, because parrying is significantly less lenient in Mordhau - for example, if somebody stabs your feet and you aren't looking down then you'll most likely take a hit. Trying to initiate an attack just before or during a successful parry will cause your player to start a quick attack known as a riposte.

Note that you can combo attacks by starting a second attack in the middle of your first attack. Another mechanic is clashing, which is similar to a chamber but both players are allowed to combo off a clash, and it only happens when the player's swords collide in mid-air.

Now onto more advanced mechanics, the first of which is the chamber. This involves starting an attack which mirrors the opponent's strike just before their weapon is about to hit you. For example, if the opponent does a lower strike to your right hand side, you must execute a lower-right attack just before the weapon hits you in order to chamber. Note that stab directions are always irrelevant while chambering - any stab can chamber any other stab (if timed and aimed correctly). Also note that the window within which a chamber is possible is very small, and as such if your opponent delays their strike slightly (i.e uses a "drag") then you are most likely going to get hit. For more information about chambering, refer to this video.

Next, onto feinting. Many players will be familiar with this from Chivalry. This simply involves pressing Q during the windup of your attack. Note that there is a point during the windup at which you can no longer feint. A feint can be used to bait your opponent's parry and then score a hit afterwards. Note that you can feint almost all types of attacks, including ripostes (unlike in Chivalry). There is also another mechanic called the "feint-to-parry" button which essentially simulates pressing feint and then parry in an instant which can be used to stop and parry an incoming attack during the middle of your own strike (this is bound to RMB by default).

The final advanced mechanic is morphing. Morphs allow the player to start winding up an attack and quickly switch into a different type of strike. Currently you can morph stabs into slashes, or slashes into stabs, but you cannot morph a slash into a slash or a stab into a stab. To execute a morph, simply press the key of the first attack and then quickly press the key of the second attack. Note that ripostes cannot be morphed; however chambers can be morphed.


Mordhau has a wide variety of settings which you can take advantage of. To access the settings tab, click the "Settings" button in the main menu, or press escape and click the "Settings" button if you're in-game. Here you should be able to see different tabs which allow you to control different aspects of your game. For example, in the Video tab, you find all the video settings that you'd usually expect from a 3D game. If you're looking to squeeze the best performance out of a slightly old computer, you should consider turning down the resolution since this greatly reduces the load on your GPU. In the Controls tab you can set key bindings and mouse sensitivities. The menu is relatively intuitive and self-explanatory. More information may be added to this section at a later date.


In Mordhau, there are no classes. Instead, you can make your own loadouts consisting of whatever equipment and armour you wish, and then select it when you play. There are four default loadouts: Heavy, Medium, Light and Templar. These are all pretty arbitrary, and like I mentioned before, you can easily change these to suit your own preferences (I will explain how to do that in a second). When you join a game you will be met with a screen asking you which loadout you want to select. You can access this panel at any time using the "B" button to change to a different loadout.

In the escape menu you can find all the options pertaining to loadout customization. You can select a loadout using the dropdown box and create a new loadout using the green button to the right. In this menu you can select your primary, secondary and tertiary weapons, change your armour, or sculpt your character's face. Note that loadouts can be shared between people fairly easily: on Windows, you can find the information for each loadout in "\AppData\Local\Mordhau\Saved\Config\WindowsClient\Game.ini" which can then be sent to your friends (just make sure to only send them the relevant parts and not the entire file).

Thanks for reading the guide. If you have any information you want to add, or any questions about the information contained within, then you should comment here.

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(EDIT8: 17-june-2019): I updated this guide but it may not be perfect. The original post (up to EDIT6) can be found here.

1) Add port forwarding rules for the required ports

You'll need access to your router/modem control panel to add some port forwarding entries.

Add ports 7777, 27015 (UDP) and 15000 and forward them to the LAN IP of the computer running the dedicated server files. UE3 also needed an open 7778 port, and one of the .inis in Mordhau server files also has this 7778 port (listed as PeerPort) so you may want to add that one as well just in case.

15000 is the beacon port (Patch 4). You can override it with a different open port on the server start-up command line: -BeaconPort=<port>.

If you have any weird firewalls you may need to add exceptions or tweak them accordingly.

(Short) Connection troubleshooting:

Most issues are caused by faulty port forwarding. There are multiple websites for checking if ports are open on your network so use them ( or the netstat command.

If your server is not appearing on the server browser, make sure 27015 and the beacon port (default: 15000) are properly forwarded.

The server may be running on your LAN but not accessible to external players.

You can test this by opening up the console in-game and typing:

  • open <local_IP>:port

  • open <external_IP>:<port> (the external IP can be found inside your modem/router Control Panel or through

2) Install Mordhau Dedicated Server files


EDIT: According to Crushed, it's advisable to host this server on a PC different to the one where you'll be running the game itself. Some bugs may occur but basic server functionality can be achieved just fine.

3) Edit the server's Game.ini

If this is the first time you're setting up the server:

You'll need to run the server at least once for it to generate some config files. Run MordhauServer.exe in
<unit>:\SteamLibrary\SteamApps\common\Mordhau Dedicated Server\

Wait a minute or so, then kill the application in the Task Manager. It's usually listed as "Mordhau" (the process actually points to MordhauServer-Win64-Shipping.exe in \Mordhau Dedicated Server\Mordhau\Binaries\Win64\)

Next, let's edit Game.ini. You'll want to make a backup in case you change something incorrectly.

This file is located in

  • <unit>:\SteamLibrary\SteamApps\common\Mordhau Dedicated Server\Mordhau\Saved\Config\WindowsServer\

Basic Setup:

This is what your server lines should look like. Most of them are self explanatory.


MaxSlots=<number of slots. Default: 16>
ServerName=<Your server name>
ServerPassword=<OPTIONAL. Only players with this password may join your server.>
AdminPassword=<Password required to log-in as admin.>
Admins=<STEAMID64 of your user> (add multiple Admins=xxxx lines for multiple admins).
BannedPlayers=()**Not sure how this works, but it may be a list of banned users, set up by listing their STEAMID64s.

Some other settings can be customized as well. Check Patch#3 notes for further info (new .ini lines)

Map and Game Mode Rotation:

You can change the default map rotation by modifying the MapRotation lines, adding new entries or whatever.

Game Mode prefix codes:

  • FL = Frontline
  • BR = Battle Royale
  • HRD = Horde
  • SKM = Skirmish
  • FFA = FFA/Deathmatch
  • TDM = Team Deathmatch

Current map names (29/04/2019)

Contraband; ThePit; Grad; Camp; Taiga; MountainPeak; Tourney. Note that Frontline maps have 48p and 64 players variants. (Some maps do not support certain game modes).

For example, if you want a Skirmish mode only server, your file should look like this:


Changing the server's default map:

Inside the same folder where you changed the DefaultGame.ini file, there's also a DefaultEngine.ini file. Inside it you'll find a bunch of complicated looking lines, like ConfiguredNetworkSpeed, MaxInternetClientRate, NetServerMaxTickRate. These will affect the server performance, and you may want to check Vin¢'s thread for more info. Alternatively, you may want to check how other UE4 engine games are set-up.

The only thing we'll be changing now is the ServerDefaultMap line.

By default it's:


If, for example, you want a map "SKM_Contraband" to be the default map, change it to this:


4) Run the server executable through a shortcut

You may want to see the server console log window while the server is running. To do this:

  1. Make a shortcut to "MordhauServer.exe" (this file is in the root folder of the Mordhau Dedicated sv files)
  2. Go to properties on the newly created shortcut
  3. Under the target field you should have a path that starts and ends with a qoute symbol"
  4. After the last one add -log

    "D:\Programs\Steam\steamapps\common\Mordhau Dedicated Server\MordhauServer.exe" -log

You may want to add more parameters to that line. Here's a full list of arguments supported by UE4.

These are all useful parameters to add, esp. if you're not sure if you've set up the proper ports or you want to override them without tweaking the .ini files.

-USEALLAVAILABLECORES -log -port=7778 -queryport=27015 -peerport=4778 -Beaconport=15000

ALTERNATIVELY: Just double-click the MordhauServer-Win64-Shipping.exe executable in <unit>:\SteamLibrary\SteamApps\common\Mordhau Dedicated Server\Mordhau\Binaries\Win64\.

Btw, if you need to report a bug or server crash, these server logs are stored in \Mordhau Dedicated Server\Mordhau\Saved\Logs\.

5) Join the server in Mordhau

To log-in as admin, you'll need to open up the console and type "adminlogin YOUR_PASSWORD" (w/o quotes). Now you can restart the current map, kick players, change the map to something else, etc.

NOTE: If you can't get the console to open in the client (default key is Tilde) it's probably due to having a different keyboard layout.

To fix this:

1. Go to Mordhau's client location: <unit>:\SteamLibrary\SteamApps\common\Mordhau\Engine\Config\ and open the BaseInput.ini file (notice it's the folder where Mordhau was installed, and not the server files).
2. Locate this line:


3. Change "Tilde" to a different key, for example "J" (a key which does nothing in-game iirc), and save the file.
4. Restart Mordhau.

Admin Command list:

  • adminlogin <password> // required to perform any other admin command

  • adminlist // lists current admins

  • addadmin <STEAMID64> // adds a new admin to the adminlist (I believe this id is saved in %appdata%/Mordhau/.../Game.ini)

  • removeadmin <STEAMID64> // removes specified admin from the admin list

  • changelevel <map name> // Changes the map

  • restartlevel // restarts the current map

  • addbots <integer> // adds desired number of bots

  • removebots <integer> // kills desired number of bots

  • kick

  • ban

  • unban

  • banlist

  • slomo // slow motion (added as an admin command in Alpha build #2). slomo .5 will get you 50% speed. slomo 2 will get you 200% speed.

  • exit // exits Mordhau game program

Here are additional console commands that probably work on single player only. And here's how to change the game gravity on your server.

6) In the future...

I hope Triternion adds RCON Admin Tools to remote admin your server.

It would also be great if more command-line arguments were supported. For example, a basic one, -DEFGAMEINI=<customini> would make switching server name and rotations a lot more convenient (you'd just have to save and modify different ini files which would act as a preset)

Here's a somewhat outdated video to walk you through the process made by [InX] Atropos Orbis

EDIT: Added a little more info. Thx to Meph for finding out how to keybind the console properly.

EDIT2: Thanks to Vinc for helping me while I was figuring out how to get the rotation to work.

EDIT3: Fixed grammar and some corrections to the default map part.

EDIT4: Potential fix for when your rotation gets stuck: Add a "+" sign at the beginning of each MapRotation entry. If you have multiple admins or banned users, also add a + at the beginning of each line as well.

EDIT5: Fixes and additions.

EDIT6: Added some further info. Not entirely up to date.

EDIT7: Changed some things for the current version (from release date) of the dedicated server files. Some stuff may not be entirely correct.

EDIT8: Added some new info, parameters, etc.

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  • 13 Sep '17

Even at the very lowest setting of 0.01 the mouse speed is still very fast compared to most games. It would be good to have a much lower limit or change the turning values so they are lower.

For example 0.01 sensitivity at 800 dpi is only about 12 inches for a full 360 degree spin. Most games allow you to set the turning speed much lower than this. Like 100 or even 1000 times slower. This allows more precise movement with lower in-game sensitivity and higher mouse DPI.

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  • 13 Sep '17


There are hosts for Mordhau in Aust, but no available server hosting available just yet, other countries have this ability, I have a dedicated server company interested in starting to host for Mordhau. They will require access to the game to do this. any way of achieving this at all ?

When it becomes available!

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  • 12 Sep '17

Ok I just pressed "play"!

Deep breath

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  • 12 Sep '17

@Void said:

@Smokingbobs said:
So few comments. All captivated by the game. Soon no more.

Not enough bandwidth for anything else lol

I just saw Jax's guide. Very cool stuff!
Jax, thanks for the effort man!

I'm so happy right now!
Can't wait to play!

Yo I'm gonna shill for Jax of my own volition, he's currently streaming and I'm currently watching, so if you want a taste...

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  • 12 Sep '17

Guys....this game already feels more polished than chivalry ever did. I am in heaven now.

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Trying to sit still at work...

giphy (22).gif
7.5 Hours until Mordhau.

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  • 12 Sep '17
 marox — Project Lead

It's here! The purpose of this Alpha is to ensure the stability of the game and its server infrastructure, as well as testing the functionality and synergies between all the game mechanics. Balancing is not a big concern to us at the moment and will be addressed once we have finalized our proficiency and perk system, which will follow in a future update, along with other features that we're currently holding back while they're being worked on. Please keep in mind that this is an early alpha version of the game, bugs and broken things are to be expected.

To compensate for the lack of an ingame tutorial in this early stage, it's highly recommended that you read carefully through the controls menu and try things out in a local match before jumping into multiplayer -- there are some extremely skilled players with thousands of hours in melee games who are eager to fight and won't hold back.

Also, check out this great tutorial made by community member Jax: