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  • 18 Sep '17

Three patches in six days, and each patch reminds me why I love you so much. Keep it up.

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  • 17 Sep '17

Heavy armor

Zwei or a super spammy 1hander.

Opening with stab morph, getting the first hit and combo feint spam from there

Uppercut strikes

Pretty much tbh

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  • 17 Sep '17

Lol, you do know this is an alpha? That means the game isn't done. The gui isn't finished, they haven't started to work on balance yet. That covers at least half of your complaints. Most of the other half, as others have said, can be covered by telling you to get good.

And really? "lack of dev interaction"? They reply to every post that isn't a shit post, and marox even replied to your topic asking for specifics about what you didn't like. What developers can you get a response from more easily than triternion? Because as far as dev interaction goes, they're the best of any game I've played.

Sounds like you're just whining.

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  • 17 Sep '17

Havoc, literally everything you wrote can be shut down with "It's an alpha," and "Git gud."

That's not even me saying git gud to be sarcastic or insulting, it's just the truth. Even the best Chivalry players aren't very great at the game yet, it has been out for less than a week ffs. The only two things you said I can somewhat agree with are parries maybe being too easy and some of the windup animations looking really wonky and being hard to read. The second one is absolutely true and I'm sure the devs are gonna work on the animations and improve them.

The rest of your post consists of "Wah this is too hard I've played the game for 20 hours and I can't deal with it pls nerf."

Knight 160 996
  • 17 Sep '17

No votekick. everyone must play the game.


You're probably the last one who should give any opinion about that :


Duke 341 974
  • 17 Sep '17
 Ruby Rhoderick

Thanks for letting us know?

Knight 627 2068
  • 17 Sep '17


  • In local play, the "Match starting" message and countdown do not appear.
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  • 17 Sep '17
 marox — Project Lead

@JewJewBinks said:

Here you go, i miss time some because I'm just trying to get in and out as much as possible so the ones that are off due to my timing don't matter but you can clearly see from the distance we are standing i easily should be landing hits, my tracers even go through him sometimes... If i was that far from someone in real life i would be hitting them every time with an extended arm swinging.

most apparent are near the end at 1:14-1:19 then the tracers of the opponent swinging at me at the end as well. Would really love to hear the feedback you have on this please.

Those are all missing I'm afraid, some are close calls, but still misses. Only thing that I could see as a solution in your case is to move the camera further back so that you'd be tricked to overcompensate the range. It's not an uncommon feeling though, and in Slasher we did this camera trick to make it "feel better" (even if incorrect).

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  • 17 Sep '17
 marox — Project Lead

@Ranten said:
This is noticeable on the Halberd

The Halberd has 3 head types, and one head type is quite longer/bigger than the other 2 (I am talking about the one with an exceptionally long tip, almost resembling a spear). What I have noticed is that the model with this head becomes bigger than the weapon's hitboxes are, so a lot of times the tip would go through a character model and deal no damage. I have tried doing it with a tree and had the same result - sometimes a weapon obviously goes through a prop/character but deals no damage. That also may apply to the spear but I have not tested it so I am not sure

Here made a quick screenshot to kinda explain what I am talking about


You can see that the tip is obviously going through wood yet it doesn't actually hit it (the system counts it as a miss and drains my stamina as well). The difference is just a few centimeters, but still it's quite annoying when fighting real players. I had a lot of moments when my strike/kick went through the model but didn't register a hit, and I had a lot of moments when a zweihander went literally through my head yet didn't deal me any damage at all (nor flinch me). I think this occurs most when the target is actually moving, so the hitboxes sometimes are missed and it's impossible to drag your way out on some weapons (although I have been HEAVILY thrust dragged by the longsword at times, so I guess this problem only applies to particular weapons like the halberd or the spear)

Halberd heads are the same length overall in terms of tracers, the example you show is world collision, where tip tracers are ignored so that it is less annoying to the player, actual non-world collision doesn't ignore the tip like that.

Knight 627 2068
  • 16 Sep '17

Spectating / UI

  • When a player being spectated switches to another weapon, the weapon boxes can be seen and are empty
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  • 16 Sep '17
 marox — Project Lead

Please give more details, no need to pull any punches.

Conscript 4564 6302
  • 16 Sep '17

Isnt it a bit too early to say that?

The more I play, the more I am enjoying it

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  • 16 Sep '17

So there is probably some fix i can do on my end but im not sure. During the loading screens on map changes and the like i get over 3000fps and my computer screams at me what can i do to limit the fps that i hit.

Sellsword 792 2352
  • 14 Sep '17

Can we get some training swords?

I'm sure all that would have to be done is a wooden reskin of some swords and a drastically reduced damage output.

Mercenary 4 42
  • 13 Sep '17


literally the first thing I did, look for places to hide.

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  • 15 Sep '17
 Spook — UI

Here's the patch notes:

What do you guys think of the changes? Discuss them here!

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  • 14 Sep '17
 Humble Staff

@CrimsonKing said:
In my opinion it's still too early for this kind of feedback.
Let the alpha run for a few weeks before any "balance" suggestions.

This people, don't be me.
We should wait for a bit, we are all excited to be part of the testing of Mordhau and are very eager to give feedback but we also have to hold our asses to give actual propper feedback.

Baron 1647 5234
  • 14 Sep '17

Yeah, I like skirmish, but it seems to be favored on half the servers and it gets old extremely quickly having to wait for Farmer Duncan and Lord Shitsmutton to finish their honorable 1v1 complete with emotes and generous teabagging.

I'd rather join a skirmish server when I'm in the mood for high stakes, tactical play and a FFA server for mindlessly smacking people and drooling over my character.

Baron 583 973
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  • 14 Sep '17

Please vote.

Would you like the servers to be split and remain on certain gamemode?

If it's easily doable and will have support of the community, next update pls?

Duel servers are pretty much covered by community servers.

Knight 152 100
  • 14 Sep '17

Streamline Servers located in Australia, I have contacted them and have shown interest, They have emailed Developers.

Email: [email protected]