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  • 21 Mar '18
 elwebbaro — Art

It's been a while! In fact more than two months.

A lot has happened in this draught of updates and there were various reasons why we couldn't release some of the new features right away in smaller patches.
Mordhau is a game that consists of many different small systems and they all need to run in sync like a well oiled machine. If just one of its "gears" changes a little bit, all of the others have to be tweaked as well, resulting in a lot of headaches for us.
Couple that with some deeper refactoring of some old code, this can become a lenghty but very needed process.

That said we're very happy with the current state of the melee combat, and thus will finally shift more of our focus towards content creation. Granted we will still tweak things here and there as needed, especially since there's been a lot of drastic changes in this patch.

We've also heard your pleas for more transparency and will try to adhere to it, thus we're releasing a small roadmap to give you a rough idea on where the game is headed in the next few weeks and months until beta and release. We'll also shift more of our communication back to the forums so all info can be gathered and archived in one place instead of having to catch glimpses and little tidbits on Discord or Reddit.

To sum things up, here's a list of the biggest changes and improvements in Patch #14:

  • Upgraded the engine, bringing a vast array of improvements in visual quality as well as optimization and significantly improved load times.

  • Fixed long running and infuriating bugs like getting locked out of spawning, or crashes caused by alt-tabbing during loading screens.

  • Polished a lot of animations and visual effects.

  • Tweaked mechanics, balance and timings to create a more unique feel to our arsenal as well as more defined roles.

  • Reworked lighting and post processing to ensure better readability while retaining a high dynamic range and fidelity.

  • Netcode improvements to deliver a smoother experience on a wider ping range than before.

  • A lot of groundwork for the main gamemode Frontline, as well as ranged weaponry, support equipment and vehicles.

  • Some new weapons and gear, who would've thought?

Screenshots of some of the new gear and an alternate male head:

Here's the roadmap (click to zoom in):

View the detailed changelogs.

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  • 7 Dec '17
  • The weapon skins and armours are a delight to my eyes. Phenomenal work.

  • But this may need a tweak. Point & cost display obscures large weapons, even if zoomed out

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  • 14 Oct '17

@DrEpochノಥ益ಥノ said:

@Frise said:
Are you not capable of logical thinking? The hype of alpha release is gone for most people, and they have shit to do and games to play. That doesn't mean the game is dying.

And the combat isn't broken, you just completely fail to understand it, and complain about every fucking thing that kills you. Grow up please.

all i've done is ask a question

No you also said the game is broken (from your factual and totally objective point of view). Every time you post I see nothing but bitching and whining. From the videos you post it's pretty obvious that you are, no offense, pretty awful at the game. That is fine of course, but the reason you're never gonna get good is your whiny attitude. You're the type of guy who goes "that's just bullshit!" instead of "wow, i gotta figure out how to deal with that!" after every death and thus end up never improving.

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  • 13 Oct '17

Your question assumes the issue is an issue without first making a convincing argument to show that the issue is an issue. You just kinda say it is and then imply it is by asking how to fix the implied issue.

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  • 13 Oct '17

Are you not capable of logical thinking? The hype of alpha release is gone for most people, and they have shit to do and games to play. That doesn't mean the game is dying.

And the combat isn't broken, you just completely fail to understand it, and complain about every fucking thing that kills you. Grow up please.

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  • 13 Oct '17

Sensationalist thread tittle tbh. How is it possible that the game is dying, if it isn't even for selling yet?

Most of the testers got bored or got rekt really hard, which tbh was kinda expected imho. These people will get back in later moments, once the game is more flashed out.

As a concept the combat is more then fine, it's genius imho. The execution needs a bit more work, and they are working on it with the new animations and shit. I don't see how this could be dead. Haven't even been born yet.

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  • 10 Oct '17
 Jax — Community Manager

ye but 250ms is a blind reaction test with no external stimuli

in mordy windup anims prepare you for what's about to happen (unless they feint)

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  • 5 Oct '17

@DrEpochノಥ益ಥノ said:
at least shield in chiv worked...

Right, so you want shield to work like in chivalry, where they made you parry box huge so that not only you couldn't delay-drag or feint a shield, user, you also couldn't do any sidedrag against a half-competent shield player. Thus, fighting against shields was literally just riposting them until they ran out of stamina.

Goes to show what kind of game you want.

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  • 5 Oct '17

He did what @Frise said. Look, not everything that kills you that you can't deal with right away is bad for the game.

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  • 5 Oct '17

since that's Boner it was probably intentional.

whether those drags should be possible is another question

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  • 5 Oct '17

Wessex drag. You can clearly see that he dragged it down into you at the last moments of the swing.

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  • 3 Oct '17

We'll take it into consideration.

Knight 1269 3811
  • 4 Oct '17

I won't take that into consideration because you're rude.

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  • 2 Oct '17
 marox — Project Lead

Here's the patch notes:

What do you guys think of the changes? Discuss them here!

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  • 3 Oct '17
 marox — Project Lead

It's a bug, we're on it.

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  • 28 Sep '17

double ko.jpg

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  • 30 Sep '17

here is a video of it: I hope you devs fix this as soon as possible.

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  • 28 Sep '17
 Jax — Community Manager

analgrinder just because you pledged on kickstarter doesn't mean that the entire game will be changed to fit your desires. A lot more people don't want hit trading and a lot of those people paid more than you did.

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Before i begin, i wanted to thank the Dev's for willing to test higher acceleration rates, i think with just that, light needs no further increases in movement speed.

With that said, i think there are still some big problems with the game. I can't exactly put my finger on it, all i know is that for some reason, i just don't really feel the desire to play. Even when i win, i just don't really care all that much to be honest. It's very different where as in Chivalry, or any other game i truly enjoy. It didn't matter if i won or died, i still felt a deep enjoyment of the process, because i felt myself truly getting better, and i felt what seemed like endless possibilities of play available to me. The latter of which i think is most exciting, and is what keeps me interested in a game.

I'm also busy with real life things that i deeply care about right now, so that could just be it, but at the same time, great games make me want to think about them constantly, even when i am busy.

I believe i have some potential solutions in mind, at least somethings worth testing, and seeing how the community responds.

  • Decrease windup time, increase swing time

Some people have mentioned and complained about this before, but the windup time is considerably long, while the swing time is very short. Now i can see some potential reasons for this. But i also see and feel like it's just overall a worse system.

My reasoning for this is that, it actually feels like, at least for me, like i have less control over where my weapon is going. Which makes sense because the time where my weapon is spent moving is so short, that i don't really have the time to guide my weapon where i want it to go. Of course i could just aim my attack well during the windup and still hit a target, but i think the fun really comes from the feedback loop of seeing your weapon in the air, and moving it around in real time. I'm not entirely sure, but i think there's something to it that is far more immersive and fun than just watching a quick slash go across the screen.

  • Decrease the size of parry box

This is another issue which has been widely mentioned. The parry box is too large, specifically the width, making it very difficult if not impossible to actually reach above and around blocks. Also it's currently far too easy for someone to block an attack towards their legs.

Try testing how a significantly smaller parry box on width and height effects gameplay, and see how the community responds.

  • Implement movement based attack direction

I've first heard this suggestion mentioned by Afinity, and a number of people agreed on this as well. I currently think that the mouse movement based attack direction, is simply too unreliable. Especially when there are easier and more accurate ways to implement something like this.

As mentioned, Jedi Knight academy attack direction is determined by which direction you are moving. A for right swing, D for left swing, AW for right over head, DW for left overhead, AS for right under swing, and DS for left under swing. Stab being its own set as well. With of course the option to invert the attack patterns, if one so desires.

I think this alone could make the combat system feel so much better and more natural than it does now. It honestly doesn't even make much sense to use the mouse, because there are only 8 different cardinal directions to clash or chamber from. Also mouse movement briefly forces you to disrupt your aim to determine which attack you wish to use.

This is a relatively simple option to add to the game, and it would be far more consistent than mouse movement currently is.

This leads me to my next suggestion.

  • Allow one to attack from the same side (no comboing of course).

Currently the game automatically forces you to attack from a different side once you have already done an attack. You can override this just like in Chivalry by simply not initiating the next attack. The problem is, Mordhau's system is kinda wonky when trying to do this. It's as if it saves your past attack history for much longer than it should.

So if i am holding down A to do an attack from the right, the game should continue to attack from the right. And only start to attack from the left, when i specifically tell it to do so.

Of course one cannot combo from the same side, and will only be able to combo and as such skip windup only when you try to attack from different angles. This is of course to stop spamming from one side.

My last suggestion.

  • Fix movement in midair, and increase gravity

Currently when you jump, your character will continue to be able to change its movement fairly fluidly in any direction while in midair. Not only does this not make physical sense, i feel this disrupts gameplay. Just like in chivalry, if i jump, i will maintain movement in that direction, regardless of what i do.

I also suggest that jumps have an increase in gravity, i currently feel one stays in the air for far too long. Now i am not arguing to 'nerf' jumping, i think a person should still be able to jump just as high, and just as far, but they should come back down to the ground faster. This should actually make jumping feel tighter and more controlled.

I think the first three suggestions are of utmost importance to test. The other two are sort of nitpicks that i think would just make the overall experience better.

Hopefully we can get to test these sometime soon, thank you.