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  • 21 Oct '19

@Dekkers said:

cherdley's is an S tier channel

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  • 12 Sep '19

the best 3/3/3 loadouts should be 0% fat, 50% skinny and between 50-75% strong
and speaking of emaciated knights, here's john de argentine whom i made as an excuse to use brigandine legs in a historical manner


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  • 27 Aug '19

image dump inbound


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  • 27 Aug '19

@LoPan said:
Games like this really die out eventually because ppl can’t handle the skill curve and want to blame other things for their own shortcomings.

Sure we’d all like some more maps/game types and modding. Modding would also extend the lifespan of this game indefinitely imo.

But let’s not pretend those are the reasons half of you whiney backseat devs are rage quitting.

"You fucking noobs can't handle the skill curve of Desert Bus. You blame boredom, but your shortcomings are the real reason. I'm so great nothing was ever able to bore me."

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With all the content being produced by the custom content community, I feel it would be in mordhau's best intrest to elevate the sdk on it's priority list. Not only will it benefit mordhau by bringing new life to it, it shall also alleviate problems current modders face that are working on an unofficial sdk to bring content into the game.

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  • 17 Aug '19

@Budd said:
Anti edgelord.PNG

Yall have like full on edge lords not gonna lie

(start with good intentions) Oh ya ill show you629760_screenshots_20190816140941_1.jpg (hope no one notices the result)

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  • 16 Aug '19

@Jax said:
Mm to clarify, maps may or may not make it with the ranked update, it depends on where the maps are at progress wise and when everything else is ready.

I can see it being 50/50 whether or not it comes in one big update or two smaller ones, but if the latter happens the maps definitely won't have as long of a wait as it's been since the last patch to now.

Essentially, we don't want to hold back an update if it's possible, as there's no real reason to keep ranked from coming if it's ready and the maps aren't, but the maps are very close to being done, so we'll see what happens.

EDIT: Not everything is coming that was in the update, SDK is a long term goal that isn't going to be ready for a while.

what a shitshow

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  • 16 Aug '19

@Jax said:
Mm to clarify, maps may or may not make it with the ranked update, it depends on where the maps are at progress wise and when everything else is ready.

jax idk what the fuck the dev team is doing but please grab a gun and tell them to stop being stupid

that includes you, trust no one not even yourself

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@Dekkers said:
Atleast he doesn't look like practically all other people playing this game, gotta give him that

There's a point where something becomes so hideous I can't tell it apart from all the other hideous builds.

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  • 13 Aug '19

Mah KnibbasBoi1.jpgBoi2.jpgBoi3.jpgBoi4.jpgBoi5.jpgBoi6.jpgBoi7.jpg

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  • 12 Aug '19

Sexy catholic nun. Who said there weren't females in the game?


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  • 7 Aug '19

Thanks to progress made by the community, this includes TDM maps for the first time

Check out these awesome new maps :

Adamant is also being updated to version 1.2, including a new haunted underground room.
DungeonEscape is updated to version 0.48, i recommend you to check this one if you haven't yet, for the moment it's a scenic tour of the map, but it will be a modified horde mode in the future.

Congrats to the map makers for their awesome work !

A new version of the Community Map Installer is available, you will be notified on launch.

If you don't have the Community Map Installer yet, download it here (Click on MCMI1.1.0.3.exe):

Join us on discord to chat with the map creators, get help or test and vote for new maps before their release :

The maps are hosted on this server : Community Maps Only ( and more to come when server owners will have uploaded the files.

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  • 27 Jul '19

A bunch of misc loadouts I got lying around

And this balder knight I forgot about

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  • 18 Jul '19

@Rergato said:
They’re video games... If you’re making commitments to video games you’re doing it wrong.

Most people only play one multiplayer videogame at a time. Time is not infinite and people usually have other things to do.

Look at another niche title. DayZ. When it first released as a cash grabber, it had thousands of players. Couple years later, it struggled to even get 1000. Now, it has 10,000 average again. This is nearly a decade by the way.

DayZ is not niche at all. DayZ has also established what it wants to do and it does it well. Main game mode in mordhau is deeply flawed as well as its maps. The only other game mode worth playing is maintained by the community.

The cool thing about pixels, code, digital information is that it doesn’t wear down or “get old”.

Content however does get old after you experience it for the 1000th time. In the case of Mordhau, map content lacks quality necessary to keep it from getting stale, partly due to the main game mode itself.

People like you love to make these exaggerations about how the game will “die” because you probably feel like it puts pressure on the devs. There’s no need for that. Just wait

People like you love to make assumptions about people. I worry that crossroads is the sign that devs don't know what they are doing. I fear that they will continuously miss the mark with future updates, which can absolutely kill the game. If people come back and its not worth it once, they wont come back again.

Its also impossible to put pressure on Triternion. People have been complaining about a lack of communication since 2015 at least and nothing changed yet. People have also been complaining about frontline since it released in beta and it still got shipped.

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  • 17 Jul '19


Now that I got your attention, Jax me boi, pls start fulfilling your promises (I'm looking at you weekly updates, in-dept explanation of Combat Updates and some Recorded footage you promised along those lines)

Your credibility runs out with each promise not fulfilled or actually get someone else to do these things, I will pass it to Lazy to consider.

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  • 2 Jul '19

It's been said before, but fuck it:

I just want you guys to know that the people actually paying for and playing the game don't buy into the shit that is being posted in crappy articles. Fuck censorship.

Congratulations for not giving into the bullshit culture of being offended by everything.

That's pretty much all.

edit: did what the man said.

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  • 19 Jun '19

MORDHAU Screenshot 2019.06.14 -
You might be wondering why he has 2 axes, tbh I have no idea