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@Minion said:
Anything related to the duel/comp side should have been benched to fix the main game. The devs at this point seem like their hitting the whole eyes bigger then their belly point

Duel and comp ARE the main game

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Sounds pretty good to me, but you haven't mentioned hiring. IMHO you really should consider expanding your team.

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  • 19 Jul
 Jax — Community Manager



In this post I’ll be discussing some plans for the future of Mordhau, and what the team has been working on recently. Please note that most, if not all features and content covered are in varying stages of completion; everything is Work-In-Progress and may change prior to its release or be canceled. As for timelines and estimated release of these things, we focus more on ensuring they are up to our standards as opposed to setting hard deadlines, so things will come when they’re ready.


Content / Maps

Our main priority post-release has focused around bringing in additional content to help keep the game feeling fresh - while a handful of weapons, cosmetics, and the map Crossroads were added, our artists have been hard at work on fully-fledged maps that will be playable in all game modes.

Feitoria is a sprawling town and accompanying village that will alternate between crowded streets, chokepoints, and more open areas and will have an emphasis on verticality and interiors as well. Currently, progress is going well on Feitoria, and our level designer is working on optimization, interior/background polish, and configuring the map for game modes.

Castello on the other hand, is a southern-European/ Mediterranean inspired castle keep and walled courtyards. It will have a similar feel to Grad, but with a more involved castle section, including portcullis control and close-quarters fighting. At the moment, Casello has begun its final art pass, along with some fine-tuning of the lighting and post-process effects.

Existing maps aren’t being forgotten, however - while we’re prioritizing new maps over spending all of our time tweaking the existing ones, we’re aware of balance and gameplay issues on existing maps, especially Crossroads, and will be improving them.


Game Modes

Recently, we have been hard at work on implementing ranked modes into Mordhau, as we feel it is a perfect fit for the high-skill gameplay that Mordhau brings to the table. You will earn a distinct rank - here’s a quick preview of them:


In addition to Ranked, we’re also working on a 64-player attack/defend mode which will capture the feeling of a medieval battle, with sieging and progressive objectives. We’re calling this mode “Invasion” in-house, and we’re in the process of designing the mode. It’s important that we’re able to retroactively add this mode to existing maps, as our levels are designed to be usable in all game modes when possible. This mode will not come next patch, but in the future.

We’ve been listening to your feedback, and we’re aware that Frontline is a bit of a polarizing topic - some people love it, others hate it. We’ve been looking into ways to reduce stalemates and make Frontline have more of a back-and-forth “tug of war” feel to it, and increase the player’s feel of involvement with the objectives. Nothing on this front is set in stone, but we’re looking into ways to improve the game mode nonetheless.

Balance & Gameplay Improvements

We’ve been listening to your feedback on game balance and frustrations with the game, and we’ve identified some areas that need a bit of work in this regard. Horses feel a bit too powerful and unfun to fight against and we’re looking into ways to make horses fairer to fight against, adding more risk to the horse riders while keeping them deadly and powerful. These potential changes include things like momentum damage against the rider, a smaller and more accurate horse flinch hitbox, fixing the desynced horse hitboxes causing players to hit through them and making horses more fragile against bigger groups of infantry, and more.

Fire bombs can also be frustrating at the moment, and we’re working on ways to fix these as well. We’re currently re-working the way fire damage is applied - it will start out much less damaging and faster, and standing in the fire will cause the damage to ramp up, making it behave more like one would expect from a fire. This will make the fire bombs less punishing when players only “touch” the fire shortly. In addition to this, the fire will be louder in volume and generally more noticeable. Players will still have to respect the fire as an area denial, but situational awareness will be increased and avoiding them will be much easier.

At higher levels of play, especially in duels, we noticed that the buckler can be overly powerful. We’re looking into removing the 30 stamina gained when the buckler is disarmed, but increasing the usefulness of the buckler when it comes to stamina costs when blocking weapons. We’re also looking into making swing manipulation look better overall without compromising the skill of the game, and adjusting a few weapons turn caps which are a bit too extreme at the moment (For example, Spear in short grip), making the game a bit more grounded. There will be many more adjustments and improvements, including Javelins among other things, to help fine-tune the already amazing combat.


Quality-of-Life / Miscellaneous Improvements

As we’ve discussed in our statement recently, we’re taking toxicity and racism seriously. At the moment we are discussing and experimenting with ways to add more tools to the game to help curb unwanted behavior. One area of focus is on preventing griefing and vote-kick abuse; we’re interested in adding more information to vote selection screen, such as the player in question’s team kill amount and team damage ratio, as well as a reason for the kick. We’d like to add an easier user interface for starting vote kicks, as the current method via the console is functional, but not exactly the easiest or most polished method we could implement.

A client-side chat filter is also in the works; while muting players removes anything they’ve said, you can only do that after they’ve said it. We plan on adding a filter that will automatically remove inappropriate or offensive messages before you have to see them, which will help to curb toxicity quite a bit.

In terms of griefing, we’re looking into ways to easily identify placed structures and their team/owner, so it’s more apparent to see if a teammate is intentionally placing structures to disrupt gameplay, and who exactly is the one doing it. We’re also looking into other ways to prevent griefing with toolboxes and firepots, to prevent players having to rely on votekick to deal with them in the first place.

While the majority of progression/gold issues have been fixed, there are a few persistent bugs remaining with our backend system. We’re looking to switch to a more reliable backend system that will handle player inventory, purchasing items, and player progression to resolve these issues for good. Additionally, we’re looking into server improvements to help reduce ping and latency problems.


Mod Tools / SDK

We are also well aware of the high demand for modding tools, and it is not something we are ignoring. At the moment, development is focused more around our short-term goals of increasing the amount of content that the base game provides and we’ll look into an SDK and mod support in the future.

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So, you admit that it is a prejudiced poll with a loaded question and favoring one specific outcome? Why did you try to deny it before?

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  • 15 Jul

@Alasdair said:
You can't be for equality, against racism, sexism and then say "but I'm not leftist sjw" while you believe everything they do.

this has to be trolling, I can't fathom how someone could be this stupid

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  • 13 Jul

@smug said:
At this point Trit has to make a statement that they infact don’t stand with white nationalists.

Why the hell would they need to make a statement about this when there is zero evidence that they do? You don't humor accusations of this sort. Doing so means that the accusation has any credibility at all, which it doesn't.

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  • 10 Jul

Stuff like this doesn't matter, they just need to give us an option to globally mute all voice emotes.

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  • 14 Sep '17

To my dismay there isn't an official Potato mode checkbox, so I took some initiative and made my own Potato mode.

To install it, download this 'DefaultScalability.ini' file, then overwrite the existing one at 'Steam\steamapps\common\Mordhau\Mordhau\Config'.


If you're really desperate in pumping out every single extra frame you can download this 'DefaultScalability.ini' instead.

If you would like the original file to undo the changes. 'DefaultScalability.ini'
Here are some before and Afters of my Potato Mode
Armory Before/After
Pit 1 Before/After
Pit 2 Before/After
I took these screenshots fairly quickly and wasn't standing in the same spot. Just kinda generally in the same area/direction.
As my knowledge of what the settings in the .ini are, is just from trial and error, testing each one out individually. I encourage someone with more experience than me make a proper Potato settings ini, as they're are probably several mistakes I've made and things I could've made better.

Although what would be the most preferable is if the developers could make a potato mode checkbox that was more optimized than doing it manually. Because so far it seems when you do it manually as I have, the lighting becomes very dark and other things occur as well. Like having foliage set to 0 but still having four leaf clovers on Grad.

TLDR: Potato Mode and some extra details about it like how to install it. I get around 40+fps on the non-desperate ini in solo local play with all 16 bots running on my computer.

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@link_mah_boi said:
There's also probably people who still haven't even heard about female characters and will only find out about it when they open the game one day.

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There was no mention of people cosplaying as Hitler either. Where is the toggle for that?

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@link_mah_boi said:

@Antoniokontos said:

@link_mah_boi said:

@SWSeriousMike said:
I fail to see how it would benefit me.

The playerbase not dropping off by an unknown quantity, meaning you have more people to play it with for years to come. It's only two months after release, and right now, there are only 5,000 people playing. It would be unwise to risk alienating players and dropping the playerbase even further, when you can just give people an option that keeps everyone happy.

this player base like chivalry is not casual friendly that's why the numbers are down its not the politics its the community those who remain will be the true fans the others where just on to see what the hype was all about

You're not getting my point. I'm not saying politics are why the playerbase is low. I'm saying, since the playerbase is low and this is a niche genre, adding controversial elements people can't disable will make the playerbase drop even further.

True players only care for being good in the game not petty settings

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@Der_Ruehrer said:

@Deadmode said:

"Don't call me racist. It's natural to be racist!"

You do realism that racism doesn't necessarily involve hatred, right? You also realise that this isn't the 1800's anymore and that many races coexist in many cultures throughout the world now? You realise that race isn't the societal boundary you seem to imply it is anymore, right? I suggest you are the one who needs a 'reality check'.

There is nothing wrong with identifying with your heritage, but that is a very different thing from segregating yourself from other races, which is a racist ideology.

I'm sorry, but someone saying "I don't want black people in this game because I only want to see white people, like me" is definitely a racist comment, which is what @Slouchmeister was saying. It's a shame you can't understand that.

So even back in the 1970 the majority of the population in germany for example was still the overwhelming majority white. And what good did these changes brought for the countries? Its a bad thing obviously, and unnatural. But that is another topic.

About the segregation, ever thought this is only a necessity in a modern multicultural society, where a certain race might feel his heritage and culture threatened, so they feel the need to segregate themselves to preserve their culture? Ever thought about it this way?

The your last point, no i really dont understand why there is a problem, when some says he prefers to play with his own race, even in a videogame setting. Whats wrong about this? The game's setting does after all fit such a statement...

let people be who they want to be i say add everything genders Races all of it who really cares if your slashing down a White man with a axe or a Asian woman in full plate with a fucked up face the games about skill not politics

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"True fans of Mordhau-"
im gonna stop you right there.jpg

So I am lying to myself that I love this game, even though i enjoy making silly builds, edgy/serious builds, and joking around as much as I like trying hard to win?

Get over yourself, play the game if you like it, and don't whine about features that many people do want.

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  • 8 Jul

This topic is so fucking over cooked.

Look at it this way dude. Nothing you say or do at this point is going to change triterions mind on females or ethnic models. You will not get a refund. Period.

Quit the game. Or don’t. No one cares.

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There is no reason to feel bad. By pointing out things you dislike about the game, and making suggestions on how to improve them - even if you lack a deep understanding of the mechanics - you are still being a much better contributor than:

  • people who post about how much they hate the game, how much they want a refund, or how much they dislike the developers.
  • people who are only here to argue about politics and have zero constructive posts about the actual game.

Sometimes a naive post about a mechanic can start a discussion that eventually comes to hold a lot of valuable feedback, and good ideas for improving the game. It can result in the participants learning something new, about the game or otherwise. Simply sparking such a discussion is enough to make your post valuable.

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the kickstarter even said that you could chose gender and that was years ago so the fact it doesent have females is False Advertising

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why the fuck am I arguing with this weirdo it's a fucking fictional world this entire argument is pointless i'm leaving now is your chance to make a witty remark about how i'm a libtard SJW and own me Ben Shapiro epic style >:^ (

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@freygeist said:

@freygeist said:

@ToLazy4Name said:

@freygeist said:

@ToLazy4Name said:
They didn't launch with females because the models aren't complete and the voice acting still needs to be done lmfao

Or because they realized its not a priority for making this game successful at launch?
Now just think for a minute, if they would have launched with females, do you think the game would be this popular? Remember the great For Honor? Oh wait....

Yes it would still be as popular lmao no one bought this game for a lack of females.

Either you are really that naive or you are a troll...

I forgot of course, perhaps you are just an idiot. Your choice ^^

The vast majority of people bought this game because they thought it looked fun or they thought the gameplay looked deep and interesting. If you truly believe any meaningful amount of people bought this game because they thought it wouldn't have women in it, then you are delusional.

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when u a die-hard conservative but too stupid for any real politics so you bring your political agendas to a video game instead

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imagine getting this mad about women in a video game