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Full transcript from Crush now:

"shortsword will be cheaper than cleaver and dagger next patch"

"theres been a point system rework"

"48 points instead of 16"

"everything else is bumped up in relation so most things are the same but some things have been made cheaper so more combinatons are possible"

"yes estoc is the same cost as longsword now"

"same with battleaxe"

"eveningstar and bardiche is 7 now, halberd spear and zweihander 8"

User question: Are perks being made cheaper or more expensive in general?


"halberd is a bit faster, zweihander has better drags"

"no armor has same cost"

"zwei halberd and spear now have a movement slowdown if you use them combined with plate armor, so you can go full plate but youll be slower with them, hence why they are cheaper now"

"no changes to t1"

"t2 chest is slightly slower now, but still faster than it used to be before the buff"

"plate helmet is more tanky now and a bunch of weapons had their two shot against it removed"

"and plate chest in general takes a bit less damage (same hit to kills though)"

"team hitstop change is reverted next patch"

"understab will be removed"

"its a temporary solution until stab animation improvements come which take more time"

"fixing missing on purpose and 1vX buffs via easy parry"

"but thats not for next patch"

User question: will there be more than 3 weapon slots


User question: Will there be an xbow skin?

"theres one in the works yeah"

"zwei is 24"

"8 in the current values"

"on the live build"

"4htk would be bad"

"maul is unchanged in damage"

"no changes to GS, messer had its two shot removed against plate head"

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  • 16 Feb

Just watched a 4 minute compilation of you cheating. Ban appeal wont be possible. (tho it looks like you dont care anyways, so good on you).
Buying the game on a new account is classified as ban evasion and if you are found out, that account will be instantly banned aswell.

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@esturias said:
puking some rage into the forum out of boredom


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  • 8 Feb

@lordlemon said:
Mordhau is great fun

It can be fun for a few matches every now and then, but the longer you play, the more you notice all the many issues and the general half-assed'ness of basically every element of the game. So he isn't wrong or anything, it's just that just puking some rage into the forum out of boredom doen't help anyone.

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  • 10 Feb

There's simply no incentive to get into comp Mordhau. As others have said, right now it's a clique of skilled players which most people who didn't play Chiv will have a hard time joining. If there was an actual competitive team mode in the main menu, with ranked rewards, it would be an excellent way for people to get into the scene and be motivated to improve. Until this type of thing is supported by the devs, the comp scene will remain stagnant with the same 10 (if that many) teams fighting each other.

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  • 26 Dec '19

I really don't understand why did you make shields pointless now?
It seems to me that the creators decided to cut an important part of medieval weaponry out of the game because there were players who disliked shields. Because that means an opponent is less skilled in their mind. I really can't believe this decision.
Why did you become such conformist? This is suppose to be a medieval battlefield. Shields are a part of that. Bring them back.

I had a such high opinion about the creators. I am so disappointed.

"Don't be conformist! Fuckin' do what I say!"

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  • 29 Jan

It is bad for the reasons you stated OP

I really don't like it for the sole reason it just encourages people to mindless flail at an enemy, regardless of where they or their team mates are standing, regardless of how much team damage they inflict, and regardless of whether or not they are about to eat a riposte from the 1.

Encourages mindless idiots and noobs to stay mindless idiots and noobs, instead of learning good positioning/footwork/weapon ranges/not LMBing into team fights


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@Atlas-D said:
The maul can't cleave so it has serious weaknesses in 32v32, not to mention it has no range, even on it's stab, and you can't combo to block against longer weapon uses in big group vs group engagements.

If you hit the head it cleaves just fine.

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Updated: Feb 20th 2020

Since this list contains missing features / cosmetic glitches / suggestions etc. I am posting it here in General. It is a compilation of other players observations as well as my own.

Missing Features

  • Held shield custom keybind option

  • Custom keybind options for Upper / Lower stab angles (Once Lower stabs return from being patched out)

  • Rcon

  • Enhanced server browser information (player names in server etc.)

  • Toggle crosshair keybind option

  • Server browser "Recent" tab not working

  • Toolbox deployable ballista damage values

  • Bear trap damage values

  • Thrown shield damage values

  • Separate keybind options for jump / climb / dodge

  • Grant an "assist counts as kill" for the person dealing the blow that triggers fleshwound

  • Separate sensitivty sliders for melee and ranged (with a checkbox to apply ranged sensitivity only when drawing / aiming down sight)



  • Voice emote spam cooldown

  • "K" mute should apply to lutes in addition to voice

  • Add variations to current Frontline / Invasion maps

  • Correct fire bomb / smoke bomb / rock aiming to be able to throw straight down from walls or windows and/or add a Right Click "short toss" function similar to grenades in a FPS.

  • Additional server config control (disabling weapons, horses, items, etc.)

  • Enhanced scoreboard which includes team damage, player (voice emote) mute function, and the
    ability to right click and initiate a vote kick

  • Change projectile damage to T3 armor to a dynamic range based value. Something like: Below 7 meters damage against T3 is the same as current values, between 7 and 20 meters damage to T3 is 25%, over 20 meters no damage to T3 armor.

  • Allow secondary or tertiary throwable weapons to be held in the left hand while using a 1 handed primary weapon. Any alt mode input automatically defaults to throwing the left hand weapon before initiating the primary weapon alt mode.

  • Fix kill card info to diplay accurate HP and stam (exclude bloodlust and second wind from total)

  • Halberd / Spear brace option (base of shaft on ground) for anti-cavalry defense

  • Make upcoming patch movement slowdown ( Zwei, Halberd, Spear) when using T3 also apply to Maul

  • Add an option to allow 240 input to snap to one of the 6 "angle wedges" resulting in the same strike angle as keybinds

  • Greatly increase damage values against unarmored to reduce the viability of fast high damage meme loadouts (Tier 0 + Maul etc.) in team modes

  • Fix inconsistent toolbox deployables on all maps (especially ballistas and barricades)

  • Rework or remove Bloodlust perk

  • Rework Maul and increase its point cost

  • Balance Club head damage values

  • Reduce horse collision box

  • Increase footstep volume (general QOL improvement + would make Rat perk more relevant)

  • Gate lever cooldown or other fix to prevent teammates trolling

  • Map braziers should cause fire damage / ignite projectiles like the firepit

  • QOL checkbox option to "Remember Grip" so upon respawn weapons default back to alt grip

  • QOL checkbox option to "Return To Grip" when leaving ladders

  • Allow chat at end of the round

  • Add distance in meters for projectiles in killfeed

  • Make enviromental spike sections on maps impale horses like deployable spikes

  • Make smoke and fire bombs able to be held with shield

  • Increase time before dropped ranged weapons disappear

  • Improve ragdoll hitboxes

  • Give an existing perk (such as cat) faster climbing speed

  • Remove point rewards for destroying friendly structures

  • Increase bear trap effectiveness to horses via slowed movement speed and/or increased damage


  • Audio option to disable successful hit bass THUMP

Separate audio volume sliders

What this suggested fix would look like:

  • Master slider

  • Effects slider

  • Music slider

  • Voice slider (optional "Enemies Only" checkbox)

  • Lute slider


  • Sabre - The sabre became widespread in Western Europe in the Thirty Years' War from 1618 - 1648 which to me personally leaves no doubt that it was in active use in the late 1500's, which places it within the same general time period as the rapier. It should have a very high damage multiplier on horseback. A solid 4pt 1 hander similar to bastard sword but with reduced stab damage / increased strike damage and a throwable alt mode.

  • Heavy Quarterstaff - A slower more damaging version of the current "meme" Quarterstaff. The Quarterstaff would sometimes be fitted with metal spikes and ferrules on the tips. This could justify increased stab damage in addition to higher overall damage compared to the current Quarterstaff.

  • Brandistock - A polearm dating back to the 16th century or earlier. Primary mode could be a grip higher on the shaft. Alt mode could retract blades to essentially create a Heavy Staff (Quarterstock?)

  • Lucerne Hammer - Could be treated as a blunt equivalent of the Halberd, and not just a longer version of the maul.

  • Flails - Both 1 and 2 handed versions

  • Glaive - Similar to a Bardiche but shorter and faster. Taken from Wikipedia: "According to the 1599 treatise Paradoxes of Defence by the English gentleman George Silver, the glaive is used in the same general manner as the * quarterstaff, half pike, bill, halberd, voulge, or partisan. Silver rated this class of polearms above all other individual hand-to-hand combat weapons."

  • Sling and Staff Sling

  • Club - 1 and 2 handed versions

  • Caltrops - An area denial weapon used before and during the medieval period. Good for slowing down troops, but they were especially useful against cavalry. Could function to damage infantry and to ragdoll horses.

  • Parry Dagger / Sword Breaker - As functional left hand defensive weapons (similar to a buckler?)

  • Brass knuckles

Toolbox Deployable:

  • Trou de loup trap - A defensive obstacle used before and during the medieval period. It was a pit approx. 2 meters in width and depth with a sharpened wooden stake at the bottom. Only deployable on bare ground.

  • Tripwire - Similar to bear trap but ragdolls enemies or groups of enemies causing low to no damage. (could perhaps instead cause stamina loss) - Could also slow down horses

  • Rock baskets - The same as we currently have only deployable on ledges

  • Oil Kettle - The same as we currently have only deployable on ledges


  • Point emote - So we no longer have to fake it by feinting out of the "Throat Cut" emote


  • Kilt and Great Kilt - The Great kilt dates back to at least the 16th century. Both should have a set generic tartan and 2 color customization options

  • Bandana - Face mask style (works with or without hood) and a pirate "skullcap" style.

  • Add more Tier 1 leg cosmetics

Cosmetic Clipping

I went through various combinations to find clipping issues. Here are the results for just the 0 tier leg + waist combinations. If the list below proves useful to the devs, and these clipping conflicts are actually fixed, I'll consider going through and compiling T1 T2 and T3 leg / torso / head etc. combinations for easy repair.

PANTS clip when paired with:

  • Leather Skirt

  • Gambeson Skirt No Belt

  • Leather Lamellar Skirt

  • Chainmail Skirt

  • Longskirt Single

  • Lamellar Skirt

WORKERS SHORTS clip when paired with:

  • Crude Plate Skirt

  • Leather Skirt

  • Gambeson Skirt No Belt

BAGGY PANTS clip when paired with:

  • Leather Skirt

  • Nordic Skirt

  • Gambeson Skirt No Belt

  • Longskirt Single

WANDERERS SHORTS clip when paired with:

  • Crude Plate Skirt

  • Leather Skirt

  • Nordic Skirt

  • Gambeson Skirt No Belt

WANDERERS PANTS clip when paired with:

  • Crude Plate Skirt

  • Leather Skirt

  • Gambeson Skirt No Belt

  • Nordic Skirt

If anyone posts missing features / suggestions / etc. that I feel should be included or were overlooked I may edit them in.

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  • 21 Jan

@Quenquentthebabysitter said:
But seeing the toxicity in the forums and hostility towards the devs about how doing change X and not doing change Y is stupidity belong relief, I can understand why.

That's no excuse. Not at all. First of all, it's their forum, so they could simply ban all those unconstructive brats and turn this into a nicer place. Would require some more basic moderation, though.
Besides that, there is tons of helpful feedback and ideas spread all across this forum. And there is a lot more of that stuff around here than there is toxic stuff.

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  • 21 Jan

@Galaxy said:
I think Triternion could do a better job at communicating with the community [...] If you are on discord, which you should be, there's a lot more going on than here on the forums. They are working hard to add more, but it's not going to happen over night.

Whenever people here complains about the lack of communication from the devs, it's more that there's no communication on this forum. The devs are much more active on Discord and Reddit than here, maybe even on the Steam forums too. But seeing the toxicity in the forums and hostility towards the devs about how doing change X and not doing change Y is stupidity belong relief, I can understand why.

However, it's complicated to see what they are up to. Infos are all over the place and, even if it's good that Jax is going toward people asking questions, it's hard for others to find answers. Centralizing infos with tools like Trello would go a long way.

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  • 21 Jan

The devs will revert this. They will surely have some kind of statistic tracking in place to see that there has been a substantial rise in team damage and team kills.

The biggest problem really (besides hitting 3 team mates at once) is that whilst an enemy is behind the enemy you are fighting, you are unable to see and anticipate their swing, making it unfair on 1vX gameplay.

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  • 20 Jan

@Galaxy said:
[...], but I disagree that Triternion is too small to handle it.

There are several things they are pretty much overchallenged with, the major thing probably being mapmaking and fixing the existing maps. They need help with that.

Like I said the numbers are trending upwards, the game is growing again.

It's still the Christmas/winter influx. Wait a few months.

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i said it before it came out but disabling hitstop was, is and will be one of the most retarded decisions the devs have made. with all the reasons mentioned above you guys forget the worst thing: Now people have no reason to worry about hitting teammates since the disabled hitstop makes it seem like a normal thing to do. Noobs and new players will play like this and get used to the idea that swinging through 3 teammates in order to kill 1 guy is normal and acceptable. I don't understand how anyone would see this feature useful. I really hope they revert it to the original state.

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  • 20 Jan

@Deadmode said:

@PC_Principal said:
I think it's a good feature, haven't seen it in action tho. I always hated hitstop and teammates running into my swing to steal a kill and get us both killed because of hitstop.

That was the problem they saw previously which, in my opinion, isn't a problem with the game but with players' ability to read situations and position themselves/choose targets correctly. They then added this feature without even thinking about the consequences.

As I said, the biggest issues with this feature come from being the 1, not the X.

I agree. Another thing is that when you are the X, a lot of the times the most optimal thing you can do is to hide your strike behind a healthy teammate and swing through him to finish off a bloodied enemy. And thats not fun for everyone involved. If they keep the swing-through, at least give it a drastic damage decrease, but i think they should just rollback to hitstop.

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  • 21 Jan

I disliked spears before the update, now they are even scarier with no hitstop

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@Lionheart Chevalier said:
Would love it if we got a 240 input system that, instead of using 240 attack animations, just used the 6 attack directions.

Absolutely. Some kind of "Snap to angle wedges" checkbox. I'll add this suggestion to my compilation list. I think realistically there is no chance it will replace the existing 240 system with all it's superfluous degree angles, but it could at least be an additional option that is "on" by default.

And I really want upper/lower stab binds if possible.

Myself and others have been suggesting this over and over since the early alpha/beta days and it is baffling that such a simple and useful feature is STILL not an option.

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  • 17 Jan

@CazzyVR said:
Devs are a Smol Team, they don't have the Numbers of bigger Companies to be able to push out Weekly Updates.

But they definitely have the option to change that by spending some money on 1-2 additional employees. Or even just freelancers for some certain tasks.

yes, their Communication Skills could improve, but they are trying.

Show me how they are "trying".

What's wrong with a Game getting Delayed? Really? So you want them to release a Broken Game early then wait a few extra Months for it to be Polished Up and Working? I'm glad CD ProjectRed Delayed CyberPunk 2077 as only good can come of it. It'll be far more Polished, Working and might even include Content that wasn't there a few Months ago. I really hate people who think a Delayed Game will be shit.

Yupp. Those spoiled brats are annoying. Parents should really try to motivate their brats to have some other hobbies...

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As a shield user.

I couldn't disagree more with all 3 of your points.

I think shield needs to have the same parry window as a regular parry. Because it now parries and such things should be the same across the board. Shields should not be noob crutches, but tools for players of all levels. You don't learn about drags by being hardened against them... and have you seen high level duels with Bastard sword?

God they're so disgusting, I could only imagine how much cancerous it would be with Bastard sword, medium armor, second wind and a shield that even slightly buffers drags. Look up Stouty's last tournament upload for total body cancer.

I think shields should have better stam negation than a one hander alone and should be equal or almost equal to a two handers stam negation. A shield has to be worth the points after all.

I also think shields need a better active parry or whatever. The latest gimick they added is lack luster and rarely seems to work. It feel like a surprise when it does. If it stays it should work on more than just ripostes but on combos and maybe on all attacks too.