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  • 31 Jan '19

Please don't let yourcrippledson's extensive track record of low quality feedback and poor ideas cloud your judgement on this. Yes, it would be very nice to see your arms.

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  • 31 Jan '19

you must REALLY think the rayman series is retarded, not only are his hands armless but his feet are legless!!!! there is NOTHING there!!! its just floating hands and FEET!!!!!!!!

and i just checked and his head is neckless!!!! i bet he could swap each of these body parts on a whim, or smell his own butt

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  • 29 Mar '17
 marox — Project Lead

As promised, we've just released a brand new raw gameplay video. Check it out!

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  • 12 Mar '16

Hi guys,

I can't believe I've only just discovered this game! I did stop playing Chivalry about a year or two ago and haven't really kept in the loop with the community.

In fact I only found my way here after Torn Banner's new Mirage trailer popped up on my feed and then -while posting my resulting skepticism over it not being a new and improved Chivalry sequel- saw a few "Mordhau" comments. Had to see what that was all about.

Had a good look through it all and I am impressed! Definitely looking forward to this one!

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  • 11 Mar '16

Unreal Engine 4 for the win! I love it it is so much! More comfortable than the old unreal Engine 3 and the best of all -> it supports the free open source 3d-modelling software Blender! No more super high expensive 3dsMax or Maya. Yiiiihaaaa!

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  • 29 Mar '16

The half-swording, murderstroke and other mechanics looked great. Also got some nice axes there. Is there any alpha or beta going on right now and how to join them?

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  • 29 Mar '16

Excellent video. I especially like how you address the criticism from people saying that things aren't realistic and explain very clearly that you're NOT going for a realistic depiction of medieval combat, you're going for a great video game.

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  • 29 Mar '16
 Neo — Webmaster


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  • 29 Mar '16
 marox — Project Lead

It's been a while since our last development blog! This time around, we're introducing some of the combat mechanics behind Mordhau. It's a game where we pull no punches in terms of skill ceiling, so there's a lot to talk about! Check it out below.

We'll be posting it around some more sites ourselves, but if you'd like to help us out, feel free to share the video anywhere and everywhere that you think people might be interested in it! We're also taking this opportunity to release some new screenshots along with the video. Let us know what you think :)









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  • 31 May '17
 Trevz TheCuz

Selling virginity

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  • 31 May '17


What about a snowy forest map, though?

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  • 31 May '17
 crushed — Art

@Valmirius said:
mordhau forest.png

Seems to be another forest to the one in this dof obscured screenshot. Seems like we're spoilt for choice ;).

This one is merely a test environment, but maybe we will have multiple forest maps :)

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  • 31 May '17

@marox said:

Thanks for the Update marox, i have one question though.

Will there be an On/Off option for the simplifying of models for characters who are not in the center of attentioin?

Also, the runscape model looks great.

Thanks in advance.

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  • 12 Mar '19
 Ser Arthur Dayne

I think I need to call in a sick day for friday :D

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  • 11 Aug '17

Is this some weeb read from bottom to top shit?

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What about SEA and South Africa or South America servers for ranked duels?

We have communities and custom servers in these regions, even official servers but the matchmaking doesnt have the option for us SEA players. We can't play 'east asia' cause its all 120-200 pings, same with oceanic.


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  • 2 Sep '19

Tbh small frequent patches (within reason of course) are gonna be appreciated.
I wish shields would get redesigned rather than tweaked though.

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  • 2 Sep '19
 crushed — Art

Patch 10 has been released, check out the changelog below

Patch #10 Changelog 02/09/2019

Auto kick teamkill amount reduced to 5
Horde - players can no longer be flinched, have 15% faster melee windups, 50% less melee miss recovery and receive 50% less damage from projectiles
Horde health on kill reduced to 10
Fixed remaining server is full error
Global official server ban list is now active

Reverted experimental global timing changes (all releases, parry window and chamber windows increased 25ms) - Chamber window is still nerfed 25ms total
Stamina start regen delay increased 50ms to 1.3 (from 1.25)
Combo feint buff reduced 25ms (75ms total now)
Bound overhead angle change reduced 2.5 degrees
Reduced maximum lower stab angling
Held block shields now have 2 less stamina negation
Held block shields now have stricter blocking turncap
Held block shields can no longer riposte feint using the block - now forces a full parry window & recovery time on the block (915ms)
Certain strikes now have bonus stamina damage against shields, following weapons are affected, starting with the lowest bonus stamina damage - 1H Axe, Poleaxe, Halberd, Heavy Handaxe, Maul, War Axe, Bardiche, Battle Axe

Weapons & Equipment
Eveningstar strike turncaps slightly more strict
Slowed down stab windup by 25ms for following weapons: Bastard sword, Shortspear, Bardiche, Halberd, Poleaxe, Greatsword, Longsword main mode, Messer, Zweihander
Firepot damage adjusted to be more useful
Reverted Halberd alt mode stab turncap buff

Visuals & Misc.
Veteran’s chest color fix

Added MMR display to duel end screen, player menu, and matchmaking screen