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  • 21 May '19
 Ryse Slade

After playing some more games I have to admit - it helps quite a bit - but there are still some problems on full 64 player frontline servers in close combat.

So right now these changes helped me a lot...

  • Change game process priority to "high"
  • Disable Steam Overlay
  • Change all graphics options to off/low

Actually I play with textures "ultra" and antialiasing "FXAA" so the game looks at least a little bit better.

What makes me wonder... according to task manager CPU and GPU usage hardly ever increase past 50% but the FPS still suffer heavily the more players are on the battlefield. I guess we will have to wait for the developers to improve performance.

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  • 19 May '19
 Ryse Slade

I don't know if this will help with your problem but maybe other people with low fps or performance issues in frontline mode will find this information useful.

My computer isn't that good and the CPU is actually slightly below the minimum requirements (i5 4570) but I can play Horde mode with most settings on/ultra without any problem with 6 players and 60 enemies on screen. Frontline mode on the other hand... felt like a picture show (probably very low fps) everywhere all the time no matter where I look (even without any players visible). I changed all settings to off/low - still the same. Nothing changed. Exactly as bad as everything on/ultra. It got slightly better when I changed the game process priority to "high" in windows. So it might actually be the CPU usage. But what finally "fixed" my problem: I disabled Steam Overlay and Streaming options. With everything off/low and Steam Overlay disabled the game runs perfectly smooth. As my graphics card is pretty good (compared to the other hardware) I started enabling graphic options to find a decent balance and avoid all settings that use too much CPU power.

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  • 27 Mar '17

@Whisper said:
Is this what family bonding is like?
Faffy can be the rebellious teen
Crush can be the father and the rest of us can be dysfunctional siblings

Morhau is just a big game of "House".
Can I be the brother that endlessly talks about medieval stuff that everybody doesn't want to listen to? Oh. Oh wait.

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  • 27 Mar '17

@Whisper said:



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  • 18 Mar '17

Just as Havoc is about to silence his lover with a kiss, their combined passion drowning out the loud shitposting occurring in the Founder's Guild thread, Lazy crashes through the wall.

Covered in a fine, golden powder of cheeto dust and wall plaster, Lazy appears to be having an autistic episode. His massive, rotund body capers though Havoc's bedroom without restraint, accidentally crushing Sammy in the process.

As Havoc cries out in shock and anguish at the sudden loss of his lover, he is cut off brutally by Lazy, who vomits sticky globs of cheetos all over his head, blocking his airways. As Havoc collapses to the ground, Lazy begins to emit a high pitched keening.

Gaymer can be seen in the distance, vigorously masturbating over the grisly scene as he watches through the hole in the wall.

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  • 18 Mar '17

Sammy leans over the back of Havoc's chair, wrapping his arms around his lover's neck possessively.

"Whatr'ya doing with the Founder's Guild?" he asks in a sultry, playful whisper, gently stirring the hairs on the back of Havoc's thick, masculine neck. Havoc reflexively shivered at the touch and the raw Britishness of Sammy's voice.

uhh im too lazy to finish this tbh

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  • 11 Mar '17

@Sammy said:
And Ranten.

The contest was derailed, thanks to you, so I just gave out first prize to Emerald who didn't want it due to privacy, so I offered him credit if he ever wanted a steam game under $30.

But ever since then you've been shitposting about the second contest. Fuck off.

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  • 9 Mar '17

Bazuso would greatly help with historical accuracy and immersion in the time period of the game. Please help to make these dreams of ours a reality.

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  • 9 Mar '17


Baron 2358 3392
  • 9 Mar '17

I agree. Bazuso is a very key person in history and should be added to the game.

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  • 4 Feb '17
 crushed — Art

Stop the offtopic posts in this thread, keep that to the off topic section

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Update: Removed information that can be learned from the kickstarter page

First let me get this out of the way.
Kickstarter - March 8th-April 7th 2017
Alpha - Around August 2017
Beta - Around January 2018
Release - Around March 2018

Feel free to post things you've gotten from devs.
Note: unless I remember hearing it from a dev, or am linked the dev post about it, I will not post it in here.

We're not here to spread misinformation. (unless the devs do it to meme us)

Dev input for this thread would also be great. Especially if there is something incorrect stated here. Absolutely speak up about it being outdated or wrong.

Info videos and posts.


Devblog 1 - Basics

Devblog 2 - Combat

Devblog 3 - Customization

Teripper Interview

The move to Unreal Engine 4

IndieDB awards, update on our kickstarter & what we've been up to

Mordhau Combat Mechanics Writeup


Kickstarter Trailer

Second Interview

Second Teripper Interview

Below this line I will try to refrain from posting things already stated in the videos / main post of the posts above.

Info told in private will not have the dev's name revealed because secrecy is fun. (if a dev tells me that the info should not be public, it will not be posted here)
Dev names also won't appear if I forgot who the info was from.

A permalink to the dev comments on the forums that confirm the info below would be nice to have.

Info without a link was either stated on discord, told to me in private, or I couldn't find the dev post about it but am 100% positive about it.

General info from devs.


Time to kill and weapon attacks are generally faster than in Chivalry.

Spears get combos and low damage swings. - Crushed

Facehugging supposedly more difficult in Mordhau.

Deflected projectiles do not do damage. - Crushed

Deflected or disarmed weapons can be picked up before they hit the ground. - Crushed

You can interrupt emotes by attacking. - Crushed

Joke weapons strewn about maps.

Unarmed stance by pressing 0. - Marox

Lute alternate grip

Players will slide, not bounce, off of each other

Ragdolls do not prevent stamina loss

General mordhau info

AI bots intended to fill empty player slots in the main gamemode to retain large playercounts.

Bots can do objectives

No mocap animations

High damage weapons have a lower chance to induce death animations

No gameplay altering microtransactions


Quivers are mounted on the hip

Weapons are mounted where there is space and where they are allowed

Plenty of hairstyles and beards. - Crushed

Video settings

1st person FOV cap of 130 - Crushed

3rd person FOV cap of 100 - Crushed

Possible/Not Possible/Confirmed/Denied features and content

"We HOPE to have" = Possible
"We will PROBABLY have" = Possible (welcome to game development)
"We WILL have" = Confirmed
"We DON'T have" is not a denial of possibility
"We WON'T have" is a denial of possibility


Serverside hit registration - Confirmed

Invert attack axis controls - Confirmed

Fist chambers and clashes against fists - Confirmed

Multi-User siege engines - Possible

Rapiers - Possible


Helmet visor customization - Confirmed

Long hair - Confirmed
Long hair physics - Possible

Spear Banners/Pennons - Possible - Marox, Elwebbaro

Pre-made asymmetrical armor pieces - Possible
Asymmetrical armor customization - Denied

Emblem Builder - Possible
Emblem Builder - Not Currently

Left handed option - Not Currently

Armor Mittens - Not Possible (they don't work well with finger bones) - Crushed

Game Settings

SMAA - Confirmed

High Refresh rate support - Confirmed

Potato mode - Confirmed

Colorblind correction options - Possible

UI Info

Tips / Lore on loading screens - Confirmed

Numerical health and stamina bar options - Confirmed

Toggleable UI - Confirmed

Optional helmet view - Possible

Minimalistic UI option - Possible

Optional Crosshair (melee) - Possible

static/dynamic crosshair options - Possible

UI Scale option - Possible

Scaling objective icons (get smaller farther away) - Possible

(Toggleable) Score Popups - Possible

(Toggleable) Teammate/Friend icons - Possible

Placeable UI elements - No.

General Info

Mordhau runs VAC - Confirmed - Crushed

Weapon inspection animations - Confirmed

Mordhau Steam integration - Confirmed

Random Dungeon mode - Possible (he says PROBABLY)

Locational Wound visuals - Possible

Mac / Linux builds of Mordhau - Possible

Mod Support - Possible

Workshop Support - Possible

Automated tournaments - Possible

Dynamic player weathering (run through mud and the bottom of your outfit gets muddy, snow falls onto the top of your armor, etc) - Possible

Dynamic Weather - Not Currently planned.

Current Weapons

From left to right
Firepot (Throwable)
Smokepot (Throwable)
Throwing Axe (Throwable)
Throwing Knife (Throwable)
Buckler Shield
Kite Shield
Heater Shield
Lute - (Pickup weapon)
Pitchfork/rake - (Pickup weapon)
Sledgehammer - (Pickup weapon)
Sickle - (Pickup weapon)
Scythe - (Pickup weapon)
Hoe - (Pickup weapon)
Pick - (Pickup weapon)
Self Bow
Recurve Bow
Short Spear
Pole Axe
Battle Axe
Hand Axe
Arming Sword
Bastard Sword

Not shown above


Now gibe me likes

Consider everything below this line to be unconfirmed unless posted by a dev or linked to an explicit dev post about it.

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  • 30 Jan '17

The Mordhau forums has emerged from the dark ages. A new era now sets forth.

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@Carlo_Mano said:

insta ban tbh

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  • 30 Jan '17

@Steve Pigeon said:
I feel kind of sorry for Lazy...
This was possibly the only place he could live out his political autism and speak his mind and it was taken from him.
He put so much time into his posts, all of it wasted.

sad reacts only

Nah, he said we can bend the rules for comedic purposes. Now he just needs to add a bits of lol's and emojis whenever he yells niggers and it'll be alright :p

Sellsword 172 430
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  • 30 Jan '17

I joined this forum to shitpost.
Two days later shitposting is banned.

shiggy diggy doo

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  • 30 Jan '17

I feel kind of sorry for Lazy...
This was possibly the only place he could live out his political autism and speak his mind and it was taken from him.
He put so much time into his posts, all of it wasted.

sad reacts only

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  • 30 Jan '17

@Grator said:

  • You shall be welcoming to the new members of our community.

  • You shall not display any sort of racism, homophobia nor sexism.

  • You shall avoid witch hunting.

  • You shall not spam.

I think to some people, this rule can be simplified as "do not post at all" XD

Duchess 6897 9885
  • 30 Jan '17
 Sir Zombie

Are there rules for private threads?

Knight 936 952
  • 30 Jan '17

The kickstarter better starts soon or the forums will be dead in no time with these rules