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Knight 52 50
  • 3 Jul '19

I guess server admins will just have to ban players who play as women/minorities to enforce realism....

Duchess 806 3550
  • 3 Jul '19

@dustytretch said:
What about crush responding to a post on the steam forums post-release citing realism as a reason for a client-side toggle for female models?

What about it? I don't personally agree with implementing this but it's an interesting approach to a large number of complaints. Funnily enough this toggle would have worked both ways so you could play with only women in game as well, obviously the journos went straight at the white male gamer attack and decided to throw in race as well for maximum outrage

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  • 1 May '19

Fmai2123 Please try to refresh the serverlist and wait for around 15-60 seconds, they should load faster after the first reload of the Session :)