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What if more than just timing was brought into the rest of the game? Shields need to have a held option to bulwark objectives and passively block arrows BUT this obviously breaks the game when pretty much every offensive option is about timing.

No, making shields stamina whores, clunky or weak to kicks doesn't help balance them at all, just makes them OP in some scenarios and useless in others and still leaves them unfun to fight or use.

The problem isn't that a noob can spam block and be immune to timing deceptions... the problem is that timing deceptions are the only viable options when it comes to offense. Only the top 1% of players can waterfall and maybe 10% of players understand how to sidestab... and of course such attacks are risky, prone to missing and often times get blocked even when misread due to the massive parry size and influence of server side hits---I physically cannot get around a players shield parrybox because I play at 90 ping and even if I hit his flank on my screen, the server will count it as a block.

I think parry needs to be weaker to directional play (normalize locational attacks for everyone,) and shield NEEDS to be very weak to directional deceptions; leg hits need to be brought back for shields and waterfalls/sidestabs need to be more viable for general combat. The tutorial should cover some basic locational deception offense/defense strategies.

If parry is largely immune to locational play but weak to timing deceptions... then something immune to timing deceptions should be very weak to locational deceptions. Git gud or drop the shield if you can't read leg hits, side stabs or waterfalls. Git gud or use a shield if you can't read feints, drags or accels.

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I would love to see defense be less about timing and more about direction/chambering. Blocking where an attack is coming is far more intuitive than blocking when an attack is coming... especially when attacks can be dragged and feinted/morphed but parries cannot be extended/held or are otherwise dynamic in any way. Parry as an arcadey and static forward invincibility aura is an outdated mechanic and should have been left behind in Chivalry.

I would also like to see swing manipulation eased up on so long as the timing is also eased up on. More control.

In chivalry the mouse was your weapon. In Mordhau your feet and hips are your weapon as wasd is what primarily controls dragging/acceling. No feeling of control like what Chivalry had. No need for slow mo drags or reverses but cmon, Mord falls so short when it comes to swing manipulation.

Leg hits, shoulder drags, various waterfall types and directional morphs are what I would love to see combat based on, rather than feint button and delay drags or accels.

Shields are so annoying because they are immune to timing based offense... when that is literally 90% of the game's offense. Shields had to have location removed as a major factor because no one even knows how to use directional play when the rest of the game is timing based. Shields wouldn't be a problem at all if shields specifically were weaker to directional play and the game in general had more directinal options available and displayed directional concepts inthe tutorial.

I refuse to believe team play would greatly suffer from tightening up parry. Chivalry's parries were easier to get past via direction even when looking up blocked almost every direction of attack. And just like double parry currently gives the player a stamina free parry, double parry could be augmented so a double parry is very lax to direction; making it useful for blocking multiple attacks from multiple attackers where he meta is directional based.

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You idea of it being able to combo off a (semi?) hitstop is very interesting and could be a good way to make make the weapon unique. I don't see any big problems with your other ideas either, good post.

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Chinese spam threads?

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I'd love to see some Celtic armor and weaponry, would anyone else?