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  • 29 Oct

Archers in chiv were goddamn retarded and antifun as fuck, what the hell are u guys on about tbh everyone knows this

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  • 31 Oct

Honestly I don't support Survii in this. Most people want shields to be solely a tool for noobs who cannot block. I want to see the shield in the game as something that would change the playstyle but still remain a high-level weapon, just different and with different pros/cons

Probably the first time in my life I actually agree with King regarding that shields should not be nerfed to the ground like they were in Chivalry, because then they will turn out to be useless or SOLELY an anti-archery weapon. The 2H meta needs to remain in Chivalry, Mordhau is a whole different game. I want shields to be something high levels would also use

After playing with the shield for around 15-20 hours I've realised that shields are only OP in duels, because in LTS/TDM shields suck honestly - your reach is 3-4 times shorter than everyone else, you do less damage and sometimes are actually slower (the shield recovery time being the main culprit here) and the tradeoff is that you can hold parry. This results in a shieldman simply being a sturdy meatshield that cannot fight back due to its inferior attacking force

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  • 31 Oct

@Maci said:

I posted this somewhere on here ages ago you sick fuck
Shrek Kills Rogue One Episode IV Rebel Troopers.jpg

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  • 31 Oct

I'd like to see a triple A video game where you play as a blonde-haired blue eyed Aryan barbarian who rises up against an international Jewish world order, where everyone is an enslaved mixed race gay microchipped atheist communist, and fights his way through hordes of technologically enhanced rabbis and bankers until he confronts and defeats the transgender Anti-Christ, and then steals the Samson launch codes to detonate Israel's entire nuclear arsenal

the fact that some company can even make such blatant anti-white anti-german propaganda and get away with it should tell you who is in control right now

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@Survii said:
Shields are a good introductory tool for noobs. Pros with a sword will ALWAYS be better than a guy with a shield.

shield bro.jpg


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  • 29 Oct

This has probably already been done but here's my take on it:


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  • 22 Oct

The idea is mostly self-explanatory. Jedi Outcast had a combat system using WASD keys to determine swing angles. If you pressed LMB while moving in a certain direction, the attack would also come from that direction, so for example holding the 'A' key and attacking would make an attack come from right-to-left, while the 'D' key would be from left to right. Diagonal attacks were created by combining the 'A' and 'D' keys with either the 'W' or 'S' keys.

I think this system is very intuitive. I have a huge amount of muscle memory from Jedi Outcast/Academy, and I'm sure there's a good number of people who'd enjoy seeing a similar system.

However, there needs to be some changes for it to work perfectly given the expanded number of angles. Here's how it would work:

W = Straight Overhead (with the last input direction key, either A or S, determining which direction the attack comes from)
A = Right to Left swing
S = Straight Underhand (with the last input direction key, either A or S, determining which direction the attack comes from)
D = Left to Right swing
W+D = Diagonal Overhead Left to Right swing
W+A = Diagonal Overhead Right to Left swing
S+D = Diagonal Underhand Left to Right swing
S+A = Diagonal underhand Right to Left swing

And then the stabs follow the same rules, so even stab angles can be determined by key movement.

If you won't do it for me, do it for him:


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@Punzybobo said:

@Maci said:

real art

My favorite piece by this guy was called "Lebensraum." He was inspired by his travels in Russia and had a fascination of travelling without a coat or fuel for his car for some reason.

Some telegraph trolls told him to kys for some reason.

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  • 29 Oct

Waaaaah my feintfagging isn't working because people can use a shield sometimes so I don't get 100% win rate

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real art

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  • 29 Oct

postmodernism makes me want to die

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@TheDankestMeme said:

@King Sinclair The FluffyDragon said:
Wonder how long until people get tired of the chad meme?

longer than the time they will still tolerate you i presume

Just for that I'm gonna hire monkeytoes to repost every single meme you make and farm away your likes

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  • 29 Oct

"HEY BOB let's play Lego and then call that an architectural style!!"