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  • 13 Feb

Can't be a heretic if you're not even Christian


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Hey fuckers. Prince here. Just did you all a nice fat favor with the help of Ziggylata, Havoc, and most importantly my own brother, THE JACKAL.

We made a spread sheet of all the damage values of all the weapons. What does this mean?

Well, now if you're curious about how much damage the stab of the alt grip of battleaxe does on light chest, you can find it here! You can find EVERYTHING here. This took fucking hours to make, so I hope you all show a little bit of appreciation. No big deal though, I'm humble. ;)

We also color-coded the shit out of this. Red = 1HTK, Yellow = 2HTK, Green = 3HTK

Note: It's not complete. If we want to have an educated, public discussion about balance on these forums, we're going to pretty much just be talking out of our asses until we can finish the spreadsheet.

Currently, it's missing...

-Windup Time
-Release Time
-Turn cap?

Am I missing anything else here? If someone can tell me how to record range/speed of weapons, I'll get right on working on that. I feel like if we have all the raw data on weapons, we can have a more educated debate about how to balance everything. (even though that's not even our jobs and we'd probably just be OVERSTEPPIN)

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  • 13 Feb

I don't see how that caption isn't lawful good

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  • 13 Feb

@Survii said:
It was only moved because you didn't showcase Gauntlet you heartless monster

He better consider himself lawful evil the heartless meanie

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  • 13 Feb

I made this because I have things to procrastinate on.

Key: An orange disc beside a quote means that it's real and taken directly from that forum member. A lack of a disc means that it's memey bullshit or paraphrase by myself.

mordhau alignment chart.jpg

+secret bonus panel of rob_owner's alter ego
bonus panel.jpg

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  • 13 Feb


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I mixed the insult and compliment thread that's all, you are an alright fella Jackass, i'm glad to have you here in the forums.

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  • 10 Feb

100% most definitely yes

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  • 10 Feb

whisper as the end-game boss:


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  • 9 Feb

the state i'd leave your throat in would render your loudest possible vocalization a whisper. you would live up to your name.

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  • 3 Feb

What I’m saying is that whisper is a catfish

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