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I'd rather enjoy the affordable and family friendly atmosphere of my local Red Lobster™.

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Here is some country (not that modern pop crap with a twang) and folk music. Give it a chance. This is coming from someone who used to actively dislike country music.

Easily one of the most beautiful perfomances I have ever heard:

Good thumpage:

A nice old fashioned track:

A beautiful piece from an artist I only recently discovered:

A very nicely arranged piece:

Hawaiian with a slight country twinge. Well worth including:

Probably one of the best Beatles covers ever TBH:

Some nice vocal harmony on this dark old track:

Just think of this one as redneck trance:

Wonderful performance from good old John Fahey:

One of the most soulful songs I have ever heard:

And finally this piece with some extra info. Taken from wikipedia:

"Be Thou My Vision" (Old Irish: Rop tú mo baile or Rob tú mo bhoile) is a traditional hymn from Ireland. The most well known English version, with some minor variations, was translated by Eleanor Hull and published in 1912. In 1919, the lyrics were set to the tune of the Irish folk tune "Slane", to which the song is sung to this day, both in English and Irish. The song has often been attributed to the sixth-century Irish Christian poet Saint Dallan,[1] though some scholars cite an eighth-century date.[2]

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ikr and @King Peasant the Ruthless

we need these people back!

ps. how do att someone with spaces in name?

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I was checking my Mordhau Meme folder for some Profile Pics and noticed...


@Smeelio ?!?!

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@Survii said:

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@ohshitsorry said:

@Survii said:

nigga didn't invite me

what am I even to you survii

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yes but you are me, me

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Worlds most resistent crotch

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"i showed you a picture of my car answer me"

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