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  • 3 Sep '19

On ranked contraband there is a spot where people can hide and just create a stalemate. I don't think this was intended but honestly it ruins the experience. Shield user from diamond 2 did it, the salt is justifiable20190904003038_1.jpg

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@Manu said:
The 3/3/3 speed penalty from held block shields is applied even if the shield is in hand but not blocking. There is a noticeable running speed difference when I stow away the shield.

That's intended.

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This is me. I'm wearing workers shorts, no shirt, and had a dagger equipped. When I pressed 0, my dagger would disappear, as well as all my clothes 40da6d9.png

I hope this isn't too NSFW

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  • 2 Sep '19

Sa servers for ranked would be nice!

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  • 2 Sep '19
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Ranked servidores please favor for America del South.
But don't replace the frontline ones though, use battle royale servers, that game mode is absolutely dead over here.

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  • 2 Sep '19

Ranked servers for SA plsssssssss

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at least one SA server for soloq duels would be pretty cool and i dont think we lack people for one br server or something ...

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  • 1 Sep '19

Please add SA servers

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  • 1 Sep '19


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  • 1 Sep '19

Add SA servers!!

It's impossible to play with 170+ ping and it feels like nothing changed for a huge ammount of players

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  • 1 Sep '19

gib server for SA pls

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  • 1 Sep '19

SA servers pls my bros then we can see who has the best gaming sandals

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  • 1 Sep '19

Some servers in South America would be nice.

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  • 1 Sep '19

We need ranked SA servers, how can you let a whole region without one of the main modes? Use one of the horde or battle royale servers ffs

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  • 1 Sep '19

Please, add SA servers. We have been waiting this far too long. Leaving us behind is not cool at all.

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  • 30 Aug '19

Same bug again. Every "Veteran Cuffs". Every "Veteran Gorget".
chainmail color.png
chainmail color 2.png
chainmail color 3.png
chainmail color 4.png
chainmail color 5.png
chainmail color 6.png

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  • 17 May '19
  1. Chainmail coat is not fully affected by metal tint. Rivets and buckles can be changed, but not the chainmail itself.
    chainmail coat metal tint.png
  2. Changing leather's color doesn't color coat's back(probably feature, if so - it's really a bad one).
    chainmail coat leather color.png

edit: i have changed thread's title, it's not only Chainmail Coat now

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  • 20 May '19

So, there is the same problem with Brigandine Arms. As you can see compared to Chainmail Hosen, metal tint doesn't changing color of chainmail for this cosmetic too.
brigandine arms metal tint.png

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  • 31 Aug '19

Please SA servers!