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Even though I am usually on the side of shield having better parry box than normal weapon I do believe if the devs want to keep held block without any stamina drain, making parry box tighter and enabling leg hits are the ways to balance it. As you said give better turn cap and perhaps slight stamina buff for one hander (assuming shield is a lot more penetrable with enough parry box nerf). Giving dropped shield a parry cooldown could add some mind game potential as well. Perhaps even increase the parry box for normal weapon parry. Then weapon parry will be more timing based and shield block will be location based. Different Playstyle.

And just remove kick stun already. Thinking kick stun will balance shield is a delusion.

There is one issue with stamina for shield currently that will still remain. Even though shield stamina is not good right now, shield users tend to use one handed stabbing weapon. Reading stab morph for one hander up close is pretty much impossible. Which means a non shield user will have to almost consistently stab chamber to read the stab morph while the shield user can just chill. This is the main reason why shield win stamina wars and I don't think simply nerfing shield stamina will be a good solution. However, as long as held block exist I am not sure how it can be solved.

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Would be nice to also get UI and menu changes like the ability to fave servers or select the catagories on server browser

Or scroll and rightclick players on scoreboard to use for things like mutes or steam profile or add friend or such

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  • 22 Aug


i would enjoy a setting option to put the crosshair on "appear only, when you have a ranged weapon equipped".

aaaand that is it for this suggestion.

cu on the battlefield... for GLOOOOORYYYY

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  • 22 Aug

Took me a grand total of 15 seconds while using a phone. Stop being stupid.

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Sledgehammers cannot be thrown, you're talking about different Maul skins.

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  • 19 Aug

The last patchie was June 22nd; 58 days ago.

The longer something in Mordhau stays unchanged, the more the frustration it builds up for players. It would be unrealistic to expect a brand new map or big content patch every week, but it's NOT unreasonable to want a few tweaks every now and then to keep things in line. Everyone knows there's a big patch on the way with new maps, ranking, balance changes, fixes, and all sorts of goodies, but it's easy to lose interest altogether in the meantime. It's very unhealthy for the community to let the game go without a patch for so long, it makes players feel like nobody is listening. The consistent negativity and chanting of "dead game" that follows going without a patch for several months at a time scares off potential new players and makes current players just quit and move on.

I said last year during the alpha:

Is releasing a quick patch important?
The main issue with such long periods between patches is that it temporarily nukes the playerbase, turning the game into a ghost town until the next patch. For the small pool of alpha players, it's not a big deal, but if this continues after the game is released it could be a real problem. It would be disastrous to allow the post-release playerbase sit on a broken patch for several months, things like that could really hurt the game's future. If the patch itself doesn't do it, the negativity from the community will. I've already seen it happen: the veterans whining and complaining in chat about how the current patch is shitty and broken, and it really gives the newer players (beta/earlybird wave) a bad impression of the game. Combine that negativity with a long wait for the next patch, and you've got an uninstall.


This is an on-going issue with the development of Mordhau. Something needs to change, or the game's concurrent playerbase will be damaged beyond repair, and somewhere down the line even a huge patchie could fail to bring back more than a few thousand players. 4~5 weeks is the absolute maximum we should go without a patchie, even just a handful of quick tweaks and fixes, and 2~3 weeks is the absolute maximum we should go without some kind of development update / communication from the developers.

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@Jax said:
We obviously care about the game and we're working on updates, if we wanted to jump ship with the money we wouldn't be making big updates and working super hard on content and features.

Everything is true except this part: obviously, which is the crux of the problem. This isn't because you guys aren't working on the game (I understand that new maps and mechanics take forever), but because nothing is being communicated and immense problems that do have a quick or already finished solution aren't implemented in a timely manner (horses, Crossroads temporary removal, the TKing and spawnblocking issue, etc.). To me, this indicates an issue with the development pipeline and someone in the private Discord chat theorized that whatever version control is being used disallows the team from releasing such hotfixes on an older, stable live version.

When people return to the game and give it another try, they want to see change, not just with new maps and skins but with the team's development process and attitude. To see "shields now have bigger kickbox lol" in patch notes and hear that a rework is never coming does the opposite of this.

The current model is not working. And it was frustrating and mindboggling to deal with in alpha too. Jax, I suspect that you're the lightning rod of abuse when it's probably not even your fault. You were admonished by the team for trying to show Frontline to the rest of us in the alpha. When I heard about that, I couldn't help but ask myself, WHY??????? Why was the #1 priority to "not show anything, to build up hype for our alpha players"? Why weren't we allowed to actually see the mode for ourselves and give input months before release so that perhaps the team could be directed into making a more fitting and better gamemode before it was too late? I feel as if the rest of the team is tying your hands and gagging you all the time. When you stream, I'm always hearing "...but I can't talk about that" from you.

Honestly, think of it as a relationship. You don't talk to your girlfriend one day and then just stop texting her for two weeks... that doesn't get people hyped. She's just gonna dump you. People are just gonna quit playing. Absence does NOT make the heart grow fonder... possibly one of the worst trite sayings being passed around as common wisdom. At the very least, it does not foster a healthy relationship.

And that's exactly what it is. The relationship between player and the devs is souring. The biggest problem isn't the melee combat; probably the opposite, that is its greatest strength and it's very obvious to release players that that is what the devs focused on 90% of the alpha. The new maps will alleviate the "lacks content" problem, but it's kind of like buying a new purse for your girlfriend - it's not a permanent solution if the root problems of your relationship aren't fixed and addressed.

The devs need to be able to find a system where they can hotfix and incrementally release smaller patches while simultaneously working on the big loads to come every month or so. That would be communication by showing good and timely acts. In the absence of patches, smaller engagements (text messages saying I love you with the cute smiley faces and shit) are needed. Right now that girlfriend doesn't feel loved, the guy's never texting her, he promises her that he's gonna land this huge deal and they're gonna get so much money and they're gonna move out to a better house and get a dog and it'll all be better, but what that girlfriend is asking for is to feel loved and present.

OP said:
Let's face it - the developers don't care what any of us want, and they never have to again. Mordhau's surprise success made them all millionaires overnight. Why on earth would they want to spend any of that money on a game that's already the overwhelming majority of money's it's ever going to make? If I were in their position, I'd say fuck Mordhau and enjoy early retirement.

Revenue =/= profit. Steam's cut, Unreal's cut, payments to employees around the globe, working with those foreign laws, and taxes. Let's imagine that Mordhau sold 2 million copies at an average cost of $29 (the game's price depends on the region and the means in which it was bought, e.g. first week sale, the 3000 kickstarter buyers, etc.).

2,000,000 x 29 = $58,000,000

Cool, but now Steam takes 30% off of that
58,000,000 * 0.7 = 40,600,000

Then Unreal takes 5% of that
40,600,600 * 0.95 = 38,570,000

Taxes vary immensely across the various countries... but European taxes are generally a lot higher than American taxes. I don't know how corporate vs personal taxes factor into all this, but my guess is that you take that above number and reduce it by the corporate tax rate, then it is again taxed by the personal tax rate.

Corporate Tax of 20% (Slovenia at 19%, but I'm not sure how this works with Triternion having people around the globe)
38,570,000 * 0.8 = 30,856,000

This is assuming 2 million copies sold, which I don't think is the case. Over a million is confirmed, which would be $15,428,000. One and a half million would be at $23,142,000, which is probably closer to reality.

This isn't even factoring in any of the loans and debts that marox and co. almost certainly had to undertake. There was a huge rush before release to push the game out due to "money". The devs had to live somehow with $0 income from Q4 2014- Q2 2019. Mordhau had some very strong guerilla marketing around release, whether they had to pay the big bucks for it or not is unknown cause it's quite literally none of our business.

Then as marox allocates that ~$23,142,000 to the 11 members of the team, each of them is taxed differently based on the bracket. I think that this tax rate can be as high as 50%, so even if you were a relatively huge contributor to the team and were about to receive $1 million, that could be reduced to $500,000 that you actually get to take. This sounds like a lot, but considering you weren't paid for 4.5 years, this averages to an annual income (not gross revenue) of $110,000. Certainly still good by most people's standards, but you weren't able to spend any of that for 4.5 years + this isn't your income anymore unless Mordhau miraculously sells at a static rate of 1.5 million copies per year. Certainly far from being able to retire. If I'm grievously wrong about how taxation in this scenario works, please feel free to call me out on it.

Chances are that the team members didn't evenly receive $2 mil as their gross income, not all members joined at the same time and some comparatively have easier jobs. People who aren't the CEO tend to get salaries and compensations based on their job.

"So is marox hogging all that gold for himself?"

He can, but I highly doubt he would given that he took the immense risk and trouble of developing Mordhau in the first place and continues to develop it (even though 99% of that process is currently hidden...). The dude has a PhD and several published papers in Computer Science... he could've become a CTO or some big shot elsewhere making a regular $250+k a year without all the stress and risk of developing a massive game.

Why on earth would they want to spend any of that money on a game that's already the overwhelming majority of money's it's ever going to make?

Because investment into a company fosters good will and a stream of revenue for the future. This is what Torn Banner didn't get and what a lot of short-sighted, greedy companies in general don't understand (and unfortunately, companies and politics in America is filled to the brim with that). Mordhau has room to reclaim big playercounts and grow beyond even that. If marox doesn't believe that, then yes, he should just take the money and run. But I feel as if he is motivated by things other than money considering he started Slasher alone, already has the skills to make very steady and good money, refuses to implement microtransactions, refused to find a publisher that would've made this whole process 100x easier, etc.

If I were in their position, I'd say fuck Mordhau and enjoy early retirement.

And that's probably why it is unlikely you (and most people including myself) would ever be in that position in the first place.

"Dude, if marox isn't hogging all the gold and didn't pay each of his employees a gorillion bucks, then that means they just have like ~$20 million lying around! Why aren't they getting more employees?"

As already mentioned, chances are that Mordhau already made of the majority of the amount of money it will ever make (unless it explodes again with some significant patch, which is possible and hopefully what happens - CSGO erupted with the skins update, Blizzard games had expansion packs which are just today's version of 2.0.1 and 3.0.1 patches, Minecraft took a few years to truly explode, Rainbow 6 Siege was more successful quite a bit post-launch than on release). The income of the company isn't $20 mil per year, but probably rather low now that the game has settled down and dried out. Yet, the salaries of all 11 employees must still be paid. In addition to that are server and upkeep costs.

Expanding the team and obtaining a studio has a double whammy in increasing these costs. Even expanding to "just" 20 employees means that those millions will dry up really fast if the team isn't making massive headways. It also doesn't have a guarantee of making processes faster but could potentially make things slower. New coders need to be trained up to speed, which is a long term process and investment. I don't necessarily agree with the team's stance on such matters, but for perspective's sake I mention all this. I do believe this is their general reason for not expanding yet + they still want to keep "the integrity of the game" in tact, so to speak.

But all that being said, I don't really know what I'm talking about. I am very open to being educated and corrected by someone more knowledgeable about such matters. This is all a crapshot.

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You can just 'votekick 7'

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  • 18 Aug

What I find particularly dumb about this whole thing is that it seems like they've dumped the majority of the last 4 months into a ranked mode that they no longer have the playerbase to support.

There's what? 3k average players now? Assume that after the first week hype that 1000 are in Frontline, 500 on duel servers, 200 on Horde, 200 on BR, and another 100 just idling on menu. That leaves maybe 1000 people in the ranked ecosystem. With 30 ranks that's roughly 33 per rank.

Assume that 70% of those people are Diamond+ (since there's no new blood in the game), then that leaves 300 people over the remaining 20 ranks or 15 people per rank below Diamond.

If they do it properly with MMR, each rank will be broken down even further. Hell, in Rocket League which has 60k+ online, I keep playing the same people over and over in ranked a lot of the time.

Even if the update comes out and the population goes up, if the current development cycle continues, we'll just end up where we're at or worse. Basically, it isn't sustainable. I also don't believe that the playerbase will favor ranked duels over the shenanigans, lutebots, and community of duel servers.

TLDR; They just burned 4 months creating a mode that doesn't have the players to support it

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Thing is simple, Triternion's comunication with us has always been like this, maybe it wasn't in the very early days of the forums where there were like 30 active people. The thing is, back then we were a few people devoted to this game and willing to give devs the time and patience to build such a colosal concept from the ground up. I mean there was a point where there were even less devs than there are now, game started with Marox all by himself.
But this comunication issue slowly gained traction as the game itself started to get more people to join this comunity and participate on it. What i'm trying to say here is that this has happened a hundred times already, with the dev blogs, with the snipets of information and art, with the Kickstarter, with most of the alpha patches, with release and now with regular patches. And that's not even mentioning the many shit shows that arised from this deffect like when alpha was first only tested by a select group of Mordhau groupies and when found out the comunity exploded, or when the dev team allowed someone to upgrade their kickstarter backing tier behind the scenes. And that's not even talking about how they have handled moderation.

What i'm trying to get to here, is that now that you guys have a mostly shaped up game, released, with big profits from it, a massively larger player base compared to those early days and someone with the role of comunity manager, the comunity uproar is just understandable. You no longer have excuses to not improve uppon your comunication. Not everyone will and should be expected to be as patient as some of the veterans here, and the veterans that misstreat the people that are not happy with this are being short sighted. Triternion never improved on this and now that they finally have the resources to do it they still fail at it. I have seen some previously passionate and understanding veterans start to give in, me included, and honestly, i have given this game and this dev team a LOT of chances in the 3 and a bit more years i have spent here. Now i'm starting to feel it's their turn to start moving.

I'm not saying game is dead, i'm not saying it's easy as "lol just hire more people", i'm not saying this game is hopelessly doomed to fail if this keeps going. All i'm saying is that Triternion has been postponing this side of game developement throughout all of its existence and if they don't do anything about it this will keep going and will happen again and again like has already happened a hundred times over, and maybe, some day everyone but a few hardcore people will say "that's fucking it" and will turn away to other games with a similar promise. Or the SDK will completely replace the dev team lol.

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@Elko said:
This update IS your 'roadmap'.

Also take a moment to appreciate the time Marox grants his employees for polishing their work to ship only the finest state-of-the-art medieval combat.
You don't see that happen too often nowadays anymore due to... idk, 'want it yesterday' consumer mentality possibly ;)

Keep waiting for SDK...

Good thing that horses, Crossroads, Frontline in general, Horde, BR, matchmaking and server labels haven't been rushed. We are only served the finest and most polished content.

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  • 16 Aug

@Jax said:
Mm to clarify

Why don't you post information like that in the dedicated update thread? There, people are waiting for even just a few words of news...

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Tournament-only or not, it would be an even bigger PR shitstorm if he was allowed to pub lol. Good official riddance of him I say, even if he technically can still play on a new account anonymously.

Chiv 2 looking better and better lads

Chivalry 2's art direction (though not necessarily graphic fidelity) looks nice. But everything else surrounding Chivalry 2 still looks way worse. If you think Triternion's bad, well, Torn Banner is doing almost everything else worse lol. What they've shown (and refuse to show) indicates an even huger disconnect and a lack of learning from the past, whether it's the weird choppy animations shown in what's supposed to be their huge big hype reveal or everything they refuse to comment about. "We won't show you or talk about anything of substance, but please believe our outrageous claim that this will be the most hype melee game ever!" The same arrogance preceded Diablo 3's launch, Lawbreakers, Artifact. Luckily for Blizzard, they sold so many copies straight out of the gate (because... pre-2010's Blizzard) that it was a commercial success and they were able to salvage the situation later on. If you think Triternion is arrogant... TBS is on another level.

But back on topic.

To be honest I'm not even sure we can give them props on this aspect of the game's development. Most of the hard work involved in the conception of a melee system was done by the foundations of the system Torn Banner had already created.

Fair point. I was mostly referring to the meticulous coding behind the mechanics. The melee design itself is indeed imperfect in some regards.

TO confirmed to not exist in the first place during alpha/development was tolerated by us because this mysterious Frontline mode absent from alpha was supposed to be superior. The criticisms they gave of TO were fair and correct, which were centered around the fact that it is not the best mode for competitive play or spectatorship. Yet, that is completely irrelevant for public play, and it's not as if we've got a proper competitive mode now lol - now we're lacking both a good casual and comp mode. Release players often say "I get the feeling that the maps were just made willy-nilly and then objectives slapped on last minute as an afterthought". Well... we did get to see Grad being developed in just that manner. Funny that it ended up being the best FL map though.

What really worried me is when one of the devs mentioned that the objectives in TO... well, "they're basically just fancy circles you stand in to fight". So by that logic, the experience of standing in literal circles to fight in Frontline will be the same, he predicted. This really highlighted a disconnect from players to me, that the video portion of video games which is so crucial to immersing players is not being taken into consideration. Frontline was revealed in beta and lacked penultimate objectives (it was just circles until the finale). Objectives were added due to criticism, but their origin as an afterthought is obvious: they don't mesh well with the gamemode itself, the risk/reward is skewed because you are punished for pushing hard rather than turtling the tickets out, and the difference in difficulty was pretty harsh (Taiga barrels vs barricades, Camp bomb towers vs cart, etc.), and they don't do their job of galvanizing players into swarming or working as a team due to a combination of aforementioned FL problems + lack of storytelling.

You know what that reminded me of? Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite. The game didn't have the fucking X-Men. As a response to the shitstorm from fans that this decision ensued, a dev responded with: 'If you were to actually think about it, these characters are just functions. They're just doing things. Magneto, case and point, is a favorite because he has eight-way dash and he's really fast, right? Well guess what, Nova can do the same thing, Captain Marvel can do the same thing. Ultron can do the same thing.' Dude, we want to play as fucking Cyclops just like we were able to in MvC and MvC2! We want to play as fucking Magneto because, well, he's fucking Magneto! Likewise, I want to pillage towns and raid peasants, siege castles as a knight, and slay the king! I don't want to play as some bootleg Nontondo characters even if they are "the same function", I want to play as Fox McCloud and Mario!


The interesting thing about MvC:Infinite is that it's often lauded as having excellent core game mechanics, but the bad graphics, art direction, and the really poor decision to omit a huge part of why people loved the franchise in the first place (X-Men characters) had the game end up as a flop. Though not a one-to-one analogue, I do see a similar thing with Mordhau where the devs didn't understand why TO was beloved in the first place: story, immersion, clear objectives and flow, attack/defend dynamics.

What I'm hoping these criticisms are NOT being taken as is this: "wow the devs won't listen to me in #private_feedback". You'll see that my criticisms aren't generally grounded in the melee mechanics (the most often talked about topic in the channel) or weapon balance but rather the more macro aspects and decision making/direction of the game. And to their credit, private_feedback does have people identifying the correct problems, but often offering pretty bad solutions in return. It's not that devs have the final say that's troubling, it's what they're not budging on and the reasons provided that are worrisome.

"Will good TO maps shut you up?"

Well, there's still other big things to address: BR, Horde, health regen, a proper competitive mode, the points system, the perks system, melee mechanics, etc. And this isn't addressing the lack of communication.

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  • 16 Aug

If the devs are at all interested in this game's longevity, they'll remove the quick connect matchmaking menu and make the server browser the main method of joining games. At the very least, the option to queue for a random server should just be an option on the server browser menu. It's hampering the ability of privately run servers to be seen and subsequently soiling this game's potential.

Some friends and I run a community server - it's a continuation of one that we had on chivalry that ran for years. Our goal is to offer a quality, appropriately-moderated, and somewhat unique experience for Mordhau players that would rather not deal with the default wild west frontline experience (or horses, we took those abominations out).

Server browsers are not standard these days so most new players will just click on the big button that promises to put them in a game - a janky, unmoderated, equine-laden, 60-tick-at-best game. Meanwhile community servers are nearly empty. My server community attempts to kickstart our server each evening by getting a handful of players and a dozen bots together in hopes that players will find us and join. Most nights though (and this has been exacerbated by the current update drought and resultant lower player count) the server is a complete non-starter. We'll try to seed the server for over an hour only to give up due to almost no interest. This was far less of an issue in chivalry where the server browser was the default option.

Also, there is no option to favorite a server and access said favorites from the server browser. I understand the dev cycle was hectic and I don't know the first thing about programming, but I feel like this is an industry standard feature and would help immensely in establishing a regular playerbase for community servers.

Lastly, there is no option for a message of the day splash screen on servers. Chivalry didn't get this feature to work until the game was almost dead, but it helped immensely to have a way to show players an admin list, discord link, and the server rules. Being able to communicate with our players in a general way prevents open disputes about rules in chat which we prefer to avoid due to the trolling that usually follows. We also encourage our players to reach out to the admins through steam or discord if they need an admin to address issues on one of our servers.

The devs openly stated when the game was released on Steam that the launch would have been a complete failure if it weren't for the community servers picking up the slack. The cohesiveness of game communities keeps players interested and coming back despite sparse updates. I believe that through this simple UI choice the devs have ruined the opportunity for people to establish any privately run frontline servers that aren't backed by enormous, existing communities like CHG or the like. There's no point in going through the legal and coding trouble of setting up a modding SDK if there aren't going to be any private servers left.

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  • 15 Aug

@CocyxTheGaySkeleton said:

@ToLazy4Name said:

@CocyxTheGaySkeleton said:
i still really like the mechanics (mostly because i've never played a "competitive" first person slasher before) but yeah it's still a very very "indie" game and all the problems i had with it at the start turned out to be universally complained about by everyone else later instead of it going away with playtime (just kick shields lol!), which confirms my theory that the really really good beta players are just insanely stockholm syndromed.

the vast majority of alpha players thought shields were shit and have always been shit lmao what are you on about

what da fuck. why didn't they change it then. isn't that the point of an alpha. lol

Every big problem in this game you can think of now, was beaten to death in alpha - shields, animations, instas, frontline, horses, firepots, spawnblocking, you name it. They remained like that because of devs decisions to keep them in such state, not because nobody had noticed for year and a half in alpha.

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What irks me the most is that they’ve made probably close to 50 million from sales, yet we haven’t seen any of it put back into the game; the development speed if anything seems slower than it had been during the alpha. I do not believe that the devs ever intended to truly commit to the game’s development: Mordhau is simply a side project for them, a hobby. The lack of communication is pathetic, and honestly, quite lazy. Rust, one of my favorite games, despite being in development for several years held a consistent playerbase because they provided WEEKLY updates and consistent communication. Sure, the updates were often small, but it was enough to keep the players excited about what was coming. It’s not hard to do and it goes a long way to keeping your playerbase content and excited about the future of the game. Providing a wimpy “devblog” one every couple months isn’t good enough. Where did all that money go? I understand if Triternion pocketed it, that’s their right, but maybe you all could chip in a little bit and hire a couple new devs?

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Shields staying the fucking same??
Now that takes hope out.
I really hope this is some missunderstanding. Otherwise i just slowly see a torn banner-chivalry situation growing up all over again, where the SDK is our best chance of getting the game we are dreaming of.

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  • 15 Aug

My optimism has faded.

Recently, an interest in a shield rework was expressed, then decided against because devs believe it would do more harm than good to the game's playerbase with shield crutchers being deprived of hold-RMB. When the playerbase has shrunk so much, it's really strange to me that they are so afraid of taking a risk when by their own admission they say held-shields will never be fun and forever be fundamentally broken and clunky.

The stance on BR is unmoving. When I try to explain that the reason BR feels bad for the average player is because they wait minutes for a game to start, only to have it end in seconds, and that even a victory lasts just four minutes, the reply I get is - "if BR was any longer, no one would play it", missing the point of the criticism. Suggest a team-focused BR and you get replies of "that's not a Battle Royale like the book" or "we don't want to be like every other BR." ...The social aspect is 90% of the reason we even played games like PUBG, that we can squad up with our friends vs the world. Shows a disconnect with the casual players who don't just want a loner solo repeated random-weapon duel simulator.

I foresee a similar phenomenon for ranked 1v1 with the planned BO5/FT3 format for it. "The point is to have fast matches." Trying to explain the lack of time to adapt to cheese, and that the perception of not having enough time to adapt (whether it's a valid belief is NOT the most important factor here) to such things, falls on deaf ears. Their fear is that "losing 0 - 5 is going to feel slow and terrible for noobs". Isn't that what ELO is for? "No one wants to play a 9-round game". Except plenty of people would be glad to play a neck-to-neck bo9/ft5 that goes to 5 - 4... people of all skill levels love close matches... I really don't understand this part.

Frontline's story, map designs, and black ops development as a whole... this has been covered extensively by release players enough already.

I had high hopes Horde's potential and enjoyed its flow in Taiga in alpha (well, beta). But releasing it as is, especially with ladders and all, really struck me as odd. This and the fact that minute-job player clip brushes on Taiga trees were never added despite doing a rework on the bridges (which takes more than just a few minutes) also really strikes me as odd.

Weapon balance is the smallest offender imo. Everything's generally useable. Things like unreadable accels, broken stabs, and stamina warfare duels are problems with other systems, not the weapons and their values themselves. Even the purportedly overly safe low risk high reward weapons like Zweis and Halberds and Spears would be balanced if they were highly compelled to wear mail torso or forced to give up helmet + lvl 2 legs entirely if they wanted plate torso (so that even a BS/LS can one or two shot them with precision).

Even the expectations for their own game feels low. "It was naturally going to fall to a regular 5k, the genre is too niche." At the same time, they are so undermanned that that may be a realistic assessment rather than a sabotaging self-fulfilling prophecy. It's hard to say though. But what I do know is that, beyond just the core melee mechanics, there is some unrealized potential gestalt of a game that so many of my IRL friends who have never touched Chivalry (or have sub-10 hours) were really hyped for. We played a boatload of Mordhau, were disappointed by things like lack of team BR and the FL maps, but had a blast with dueling, farming pubs, seeing people get ballista'd and catapulted while yelling, etc. It used to just be the lack of manpower that, while saddening, made me understanding of the devs' limitations and timelines. However, I can no longer be naively optimistic about decisions irrespective of time that being made. There seems to be some sort of disconnect with players both current and prospective, as evidenced by the level designs, modes being released in their state, comments on game modes, etc. Mordhau is a strange experience where extreme love and detail is evident in things like the melee system, and then utter detachment and lack of direction is palpable in other aspects. Highly detailed and beautiful maps outfitted with boring lighting and horrendous, worse-than-Team Fortress Classic early maps' chokepoints and design choices.

Maybe these two new maps and 1v1 ranked mode will be awesome. I won't be around to try myself for their release assuming it's coming this quarter. Mordhau has a base that can take it back to 30k+ concurrent players on the regular imo. Whether or not that can be realized before SDK, and whether or not it ever will, I guess I'll see when I randomly check up steamdb a couple years later.

tbh a "Laserswords" mode would be able to circumvent a lot of the problems even the combat system of this game is bound to.

Wall jumps, as an advanced analog movement option, which helps immensely in not getting surrounded in 1vX and adds enormous dynamics and verticality. It was one thing Mirage did really right: constant movement and outmaneuvering. Force play in general just has high potential if it's analog, highly controllable, and most importantly, not too floaty.

Stormtrooper projectiles, slower than arrows and much noisier both visually and aurally, making them much easier to react to and thus parry so they feel less cheap. In return, these are blasters you can repeatedly shoot (unless sniper), and shooting against other blaster bros is more akin to traditional FPS. Basically, a lasersword guy is untouchable if you're using a blaster in a 1v1, but have two blasters from different angles and he has to be much more tactical about his positioning now. Adds actual strategy and tactics rather than just being ranged annoyance.

part 2:

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Anyone with a brain doesn't think they're overpowered, they think that they are horribly designed and completely ruin the flow of combat.

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If you are constantly at 1 fps you should check graphic drivers and make sure you are not using your integrated graphics card.

AFAIK there was no update in the last two days. It's quite bold to blame Mordhau for this.

I’m not using integrated graphics card. And since so many other players are/were getting the same problem as me its sensible to assume the problem is with game. And even if not, I was just wondering if anyone else has had this problem and found a fix that works for them.

He is not trying to help, he is just being an arrogant prick, like always. Just ignore this twat. He is the scum of the forum.

There is literally nothing arrogant about his post. OP seems to have come to complain rather than provide useful info that the community could use to try and help.