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@OceanSause said:
I understand if earrape spam is a problem but jesus christ try to have some fun

I had fun once its over rated

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  • 9 Nov

@OceanSause said:
People dont seem to really agree with this.

Please take your time and look up "Holdfast nations at war funny moments"on youtube. You'll have a good laugh. This is what proxi chat can turn a community into. Pure gold. Heres one of my favs btw. I promise you'll get at least a smile out of it.

Those "funny moments" happen maybe 1% of the time though, and the rest 99% is absolute earrape or people yelling random shit at everyone. And if thats what happens in Holdfast can you imagine Mordhau?

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  • 31 Oct

This is a low grade Greenwich armory armor, altough this was still one of the finest armors a person could have.
We need stuff like this in Mordhau, for once the red metal, we have the black/bluish metal in Mordhau but we dont have this red version so it would be awesome if we get this red as a metal, red was lower grade then black back then so it should be fitting at lvl 60, also we need decoration like this, we dont have armets, arms, legs or footarmor that's in any way customizable to this extent, the elizabethan cuirass is also a joke since this picture basiclly depicts the lowest grade elizabethan armor possible and Mordhau armor looks like peasent stuff in comparison, so it would be nice if we get a full set of elizabethan armor with matching ornamentation like on this picture, the armor here isnt't of any high personality so it's not individual, multiple people had this armor not just one so it's fitting for the game, we have armor looking similiar to it but we lack leg armor and of course the existing doesn't have any sort of ornamentation and even the stuff that has doesn't come close to this.
In conclusion, please add red metal at about lvl 60
A elizabethan leg armor
Add ornamentation to footsoldier gorget, footsoldier arms and to closed helm aka gothic armet, would be really cool to have this and it's not that much work, ornamentations tripes already exist on elizabethan cuirass, just copy and paste em on said pieces and make a version with the stripes and a version with the more ornamented ones ( The two versions from elizabethan cuirass ) also please extent the lines on the cuirass to the bottom
This high grade armor is the only thing that Mordhau is really lacking in customization in my opinion, feel free to share you thoughts!

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  • 31 Oct

Meanwhile, I’m here with a problem quite the opposite. Voice lines are mad annoying, can we please get a mute all button? LOL srsly if I come home from work the last thing I want to hear is CONSTANT meme voice lines and screaming. All I really want to hear is grunts from attacks and landed hits.

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  • 1 Nov

Your toenails frighten me D:

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@Lord Commander Guts said:
and to be fair, this is just shy of a months work. I'm sure the Mordhau devs might have other jobs too.

If they had other work then they'd have even more money to hire someone. If they had other work then there would be no reason for this early release.
I'm tired of the excuses. Small dev team, no money, unreal engine, steam, niche game, biased media, free speech, no politics... I wonder if there is any excuse that wasn't used now. This is just ridiculous.

I don't see any room for growth as long as they can't admit to their mistakes.

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  • 24 Oct

They just need to hire one experienced guy for level design and contract a sound guy to flesh out the sound like chiv did with all its unique weapon parry and hit sounds and background atmosphere. That's it. No massive hires and structure changes or making a big AAA team. Just key hires that boost the game in the areas it is lacking. I guarantee you even if Feitoria is detailed and cool it still won't be fun for long as it will feel 'empty'. If you want to compare and see how much abit of sound can make a map better go stand in battlegrounds in chiv then go stand in ANY map in mordhau.

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  • 23 Oct

As you can see, the deficiency can affect even the developers. This is a telltale sign that a patch is required immediately.

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I have a feeling OP was already aware of that thread considering he put a link to it in his post.

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  • 23 Oct

Why not just hire freelancers to make new maps? The current maps aren't aesthetically pleasing or balanced. There are hundreds of people in the modding and mapping discord with 10x the talent any of the Triternion mappers and artists have doing shit for free.

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  • 22 Oct

I'm afraid you devs are entering that communication shutdown that many people denounced against Torn Banner back in the day. We need Jax and game developers to be less enigmatic and more honest about things and entering into normal conversations with people.

Those sporadic messages are killing the confidence or the necessary chemistry that aligns players with the dev team.

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Call me old fashion but I like my women without a penis.

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When occasionally pressing lmb between scrolling up takes up so much brainpower that you forget about the existence of periods and capital letters.

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  • 15 Oct

We had projectile flinch on throwables in the alpha, luckily it was removed before bows were added because it was quite aids.

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  • 12 Oct

I don't know if this is intentional or not, but the Chainmail Coat doesn't seem to change with the metal tint selected. However it does change the tint of the studs and the belt buckle.

Chainmail Coat.png

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If you attempt to react based on the grunt, you are going to get hit. Latency + accels mean that you can't rely on it at all.

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  • 5 Oct

@esturias said:
The idea of smokebombs killing fire is just silly to begin with and the firebomb itself started with the same dumb balancing like most other things in the game: "Just give it high damage, the rest is irrelevant."

What's funny is they were MUCH stronger in alpha, single retard with firebombs could shut down the only populated server whenever he pleased. Damage was higher and ammo crates had no cooldown.

Overall they are fucking awful, mostly used by trolls and idiots who throw them exactly where their team is supposed to go, thinking they are helping. They bring nothing positive to the game and are a staple of terrible decision making devs have been employing around gameplay since forever. But, wait, you can counter them with smoke so it's fine, BECAUSE FIGHTING 100% BLIND IS AWESOME. Pinnacle game design.

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Posting on the forum doesn't get us anywhere, day one issues are still in the game. It's just a habit to come here.

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unless the alternate routes are 5 meters wide with flashing signposts people will not see them and continue following the big crowd to their death slowly chipping away at the objective and beating their heads against the enemy respawn timer until the next objective appears. for a game with such a deep combat system ive never seen such a disregard for basic positioning and battle tactics in all my life. watching the overhead map actually looks like something from a .io game

24p servers are needed, to force people in to a tactical mindset, aswell as stable performance for everyone

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  • 1 Oct

Hello, so i wanted to ask if a feature could be implemented that allows me to set the weapon stance in the character creation menu. i main the bastard sword and i like to use it with two hands, so i always have to click R when i spawn in. it would be nice if i could set it so that i spawn in with the alternate stance. shouldn't be to hard to implement, so if it is, i'd be grateful.