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Couldnt a wizardry like this

Be used to gore? Imagine these system of deformation aplyied to a body, hammers would be brutal tbh, armor damage would be fucking amazing, imagine bashing a dead full plate dude with a maul

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 Neo — Webmaster

@SirZombiethe3rd said:
Neo, you're a fucking legend man


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it looks like a bunch of fucking feels guy memes fighting with longswords

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Not as good as Deadliest Warrior.

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But can we cut off the tiny naked man's limbs and break the universe?

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 marox — Project Lead

@Jax said:
I guess I didn't even try to word my original question properly, lol

  1. What's it look like on the technical side? Remove arm/limb/whatever, replace with chopped-off version?

This would be a mountain of work for artists, and an annoyance every time we added armors. So instead, there's little people inside each limb. The actual character's (missing) limb is shrunk down via animation to vanish into a single point. The severed limb is essentially a copy of the whole character, with the parts that shouldn't exist shrunk down via animation trickery, and a gory static mesh is attached to the socket of the limb to hide it. Back in the early days, you could crank FOV really low and zoom into the limb and see a tiny nude man growing out of it. Since then we prune the mesh so only the arms, legs, or head are visible, and not the full shrunk guy. There's some plans to optimize this further eventually and we'll probably lose the little men in the process, but I'll always carry them in my heart.

  1. How many parts can be removed? So is it just 'arm' or is broken into arm/forearm/hand?

Hand, forearm, arm, upper leg, lower leg, foot, head.

  1. Is there any animation support for detached bits? Would be cool to see hands spasming after their removal, etc.

There is animation support, but they normally run ragdoll physics, although things like fingers are not ragdoll controlled, so they're free to animate and we could do something there.

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Because it is shit.

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I've still haven't found the name of the cone point spear these archers are carrying (pic is from the great belgian artist Jean-Leon Huens), but I suspect it's related to the stakes they would place before them to defend themselves against cavalry attacks (maybe to dig the hole to fit the pointy branches with and then used as a weapon itself):
141 Gentse Strijdkrachten.jpg
If flails were not complex enough, note the triple morning star flail and even a 4 slot one in the image below ;)

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Hey guys let's keep it on topic. Post weapons!

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if I could give Jax all of my likes so he'd have the most good boy points i'd do it

I fucking love you Jax and i'm not just saying that because i'm drunk and very very angry due to watching a bunch of Youtube videos about cops being mean

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real men use these weapons




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There was also a mute child that a murderous cultist wanted from some amazons saying he was his son. They got the kid and turned him in and later on they fought this guy and he brought out a giant corpse puppet with the boy's head as the face.

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I'm playing a campaign with some friends and the first time I used the Dragonborn race's fire breath i roasted two children gg

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nope they're feeding the striped boys wild McNuggets

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is that shopped

if not then why the fuck is that chicken there

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when u get on CMW after a year of not playing and run into like 8 Lg. players