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  • 27 Mar

@Gtytttf said:
Faffywaffy reporting!
My main account was permabanned, so you can still call me Faffywaffy if you want.

here is some attention.jpg

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  • 26 May

Potato PC's says "Hello"mord.jpg

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  • 26 May

In vanilla - no
Modding? Hell yes

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  • 26 May
 crushed — Art

Feel free to make videos on Mordhau

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  • 18 Mar

The worst is people hating on "dragging" in Mordhau because they got PTSD from Chivalry ballerinas.

I've literally explained it elaborately over 10 times in the YouTube comment section.

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The main point is that comparing things is alot easier than actually describing them, and so people reach pretty fucking far to compare things that under normal circumstances have no contemporaries.

I mean, how do you describe sight to a blind person? As far as i've been able to ponder, the only meaningful way to do so is to compare it to one of the senses he does have, like hearing. Sort of the same thing here, just less drastic of course.

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@MasterM19 said:
"like For Honor, but better"

I saw that, felt an intense heat within my head, and nearly had a fatal stroke.

Please post responsibly.

Ignore those people. They will serve as our protein in the future wars.

P.S. "people and reviewers".
A very clever observation that reviewers are sub-human.

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  • 18 Mar

Why are so many people and reviewers etc saying, that Mordhau is "like For Honor, but better" I mean, ffs the only similarity is, that both games have knights, THE ONLY. I mean, okay, if they say its like Chiv, I'm okey with that, you can compare both games pretty good (if you ignore the fact, that Mordhau is a good game) But pleassseeee, not For Honor, just no.

P.s.: I love commas
P.p.s: I'm too tired to be funny

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@Xekratos said:

@Rattsknecht said:
Sallet doesnt work too well with animal snouts, youll have to change its distinctive look to fit them.

I made it work with my Lizardman character in D&D. The sallet covers the top jaw and the bevor covers the bottom jaw. It's like it's just the shape of the animals head.

I had something like this, dont like it tbh


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@Cerebral_Harlot said:
Pls don't


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  • 26 May
 Sir Zombie

@FaffyШaffy said:

Fix the stinking bascinet! or at least create another one that is properly constructed and practical!

Mad cus banned?

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Knight 445 917
  • 26 May

I didn't realise this guy looked like Punzy


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  • 25 May
 crushed — Art

All kinds of stuff we do during development, like crazy stuff, art dumps, bugs/glitches etc.

when you time the kick cancel, you can dance

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  • 25 May

moar furfag sketch shite