The Mordhau Alpha is out!

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  • 23 Sep

They should add double KO because 1v1 without this chance is boring.

You are going to love this.

Today I fought someone and the fight ended in a double KO.

I swung at him, he threw his weapon toward me, and the timing was such that we both died.

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Feinters HATE Him!

Duke's weird trick reveals secret to timing blocks correctly!

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Faffy/ranten irl



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All those walltexts yet nobody is demanding... double k.o... is saves game..

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  • 16 Oct

@UnderPepeGrillosControlΦ said:
Well a lot of people said it.

A lot of people do not like Chivalry.

A lot of people expected somehitng better than Chivalry, not a remastered edition with better movements, adding morphs and some new weapons.

What about all the features that are to come like horses and shit? Isn't it a bit to early for you to say this?

This game was made for Chivalry competitive players and a lot of people did not know only watching kickstarter webpage.

At this moment I understand that it appeals more to chiv veterans indeed. But see my previous point.

A lot of people said it at forums and all the competitive players (most active at forum) just insult them, and devs only says that they are not going to change anything from the base (combat system, morphs, feints, etc).

Why would they change the base of the system in the first place?

People are blunt on the internet tbh don't be so sensitive. If you are clueless on the game Mechanics and why things are the way they are, and still you make suggestions about changing the whole combat, people will throw shit at your face, it's nothing but the expected.

Go to Arma 3 forums, ask for call of duty mechanics and see the results lmao.

There are plenty of good suggestions though, and people do recognize them tbh you gotta be fair as well man, it's not all hate.

And, like me, a lot of people is done playing Mordhau.

Maybe you shouldn't play the alpha or beta, but I do believe that the final product is going to please you more imho.

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  • 15 Oct

Erus the teapots

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Runs gates

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  • 15 Oct


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  • 6 Oct

sees this


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  • 3 Oct

The hounskull bascinet is easily the most overrated bascinet in the last millennium.

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  • 15 Oct

@Monkeytoes said:
Oh the wonders of capitalism!

images (1).jpg


Truly wonderful!

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  • 1 Oct

add rape

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  • 14 Oct

@Grator said:
future plants

Plants confirmed

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  • 14 Oct
 Grator — Art

It's part of the future plans, thanks

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  • 14 Oct

@Frise said:
Parry and chamber window really did not need an increase...

What? Chambers were completely fucked man.

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  • 13 Oct

@Sir Zombie said:
I think I am the father tbch

you belong in the meme trinity with sammy and lazy

too bad the last two are banned forever

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niggest on the forums